Sen. Rand Paul Tests Positive for the Coronavirus

He is asymptomatic and in quarantine.


Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. While he's asymptomatic, he is nevertheless quarantining himself. His office tweeted today:

Paul has put forth his own recommendations for fighting the coronavirus so that Congress would resist the urge "to lard up the response with their pet projects, from tax breaks to pet social issues." He's calling for increasing the supply of masks and ventilators and is introducing legislation to speed up testing and production of vaccines.

He's also proposed a temporary halt to payroll taxes and an expansion of the federal unemployment program to cover people who need to take medical leaves due to the coronavirus, rather than requiring business owners to cover the costs at a time when many of them are losing huge amounts of money as commerce comes to a near halt. Read more of his plan here.

Paul appears to be the first U.S. senator diagnosed with the virus. Two members of the House tested positive last week.

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  1. Of all the rotten luck. At least he's asymptomatic.

    1. Oh no! Who is gonna hand-deliver messages to Putin for Trump now? Seriously though, stay free of symptoms Rand and test negative soon!

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  2. Oh for crying out loud. Quarantine, for a cold. Let's shut the whole damn world down because nobody wants to catch a cold.

    1. But people over than 70 may die within the noise of the rates they already die at.

      1. People over seventy can die from being over seventy.

        1. But they are immune to dying from being younger than 70.

      2. My grandmother is 90 years old and had a number of visitors a few weeks ago. She's fine. Most of the healthy senior population are probably not in danger. You'd have to be old AND have serious underlying condition to be vulnerable.

        1. Tell that to all the dead people in their 50s and under who died in Italy. Anyway, it’s not about the death rate over a year or 2. The problem is the death rate over a few weeks or months being so concentrated that it overwhelms the hospitals and ICUs so that nobody who is sick from anything else can get a bed.

          1. The average age of the people who have died in Italy is 78.5, you moron.

          2. "We're scared of overwhelming our healthcare system, so instead we'll overwhelm and tank our economy"

            1. Anything to get rid of Trump.

              We have all been saying that the only thing that might give a Democrat a chance to beat Trump during Election 2020 is a economic drop in the next 6 months.

              So by-God, Lefties are gonna make hysteria into a reality and deep-six the US economy.

              1. "Anything to get rid of Trump."


                1. I hope your coder sticks around after Trump gets reelected.

                  It will be fun to collect your tears to clean my vehicles.

    2. He has a cold too? Is it more dangerous to have a cold at the same time as having the cordoba fever thing?

      1. You're not allowed to name things after places. Cordoba Spain is very angry at you now.

        1. At least he didn't call it something genuinely racist like ching chong Chinaman flu. Anyone who even thinks about saying that is a monster.

            1. That was crazy.....

            2. I wonder if Hindus have the same visceral revulsion and feelings of, "Kill every last one of those motherfuckers!", from seeing beef ads, that I felt watching a snippet of the 'live dog-frying' video?

              1. I should have read your comment before clicking the link. I'm feeling homicidal now.

              2. Wokking the Dog.

                You'd have to have a helluva sized wok to fry a live cow.

            3. you did not warn us enough, you sonofabitch

        2. Fortunately they have a brisk trade in fine Corinthian leather.

        3. I'm sorry. I confuse it with the car. My great grandfather had an old car named cordoba when I was growing up in the 90s.

        4. And you, sir, have offended those of Cordoba, Argentina by leaving them out. I expect you’ll send a heartfelt apology letter.

        5. Leaders are expected to use the medical names for viruses and bacteria. Not use their own convention to put blame on others and away from your own failings.

      2. Coronaviruses are part of the bucket of viruses we call the cold, about 15%. The flu is influenza, a completely different animal. Wuflu is a new addition to the bucket of common cold, and is evolving into a less lethal form every day, because that how viral evolution works.

    3. Being a "Patient under investigation" due to lack of testing, the symptoms for this aren't cold like, at least for me. Really hit with difficulty breathing for being not that sick.

      1. I hope for your full and speedy recovery. But you don't even know if you have the Wuflu, so how does that refute my comment?

      2. The URIs that we call "common cold" can be caused by many different viruses, and depending on which particular one you get, you get a wide variety of secondary symptoms. I've had bad "colds" with fever followed by weeks of coughing and wheezing; this was before COVID-19, but I'm sure that could also have killed someone with a preexisting condition.

    4. I'm not normally into all this zoomer leftist bullshit but . . . think of all the old fucks in that building that, instead of being a bulwark against nonsense because of their age, have spent their lives trying to destroy other people.

      1. Yeah, Rand Paul is the one guy there I'd feel bad for. The rest of them on either side of the aisle? I wouldn't shed a tear.

    5. It is not the cold.

      Anything else you have to say is worthless.

      1. Yeah, it is. And that's also why we won't find a vacine- because we've never been able to find a vaccine for the common cold.

      2. It is not the cold.

        And in what objective way is it "not the cold"? By what objective criteria is it different from the typical, corona virus-caused common cold?

        1. False claim: The new coronavirus (COVID-19) is a common cold

          "The common cold is usually mild, lasts between 1-2 weeks and includes a sore throat followed by runny nose and congestion, and finally a cough. COVID-19 causes symptoms including difficulty breathing, fever and a dry cough. Some patients develop pneumonia and require hospitalization. If the pneumonia becomes more severe, it may be fatal."

          "A novel coronavirus is a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified. The virus causing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), is not the same as the coronaviruses that commonly circulate among humans and cause mild illness, like the common cold.​"

          1. Those are not, actually, distinguishing characteristics.

            “The common cold is usually mild, lasts between 1-2 weeks

            Yes, but it can also be not mild and last much longer. Furthermore, COVID-19 is, in fact, usually mild and lasts between 1-2 weeks. It happens to kill elderly and sick people, but so do common colds, and we don't know how often, since the historical data is limited.

            “A novel coronavirus is a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified.

            Most viruses that can cause the common cold have never been identified. The set of viruses that causes "the common cold" is simply not well-defined.

            My point is not to prove that COVID-19 "is the common cold", my point is that the distinction is arbitrary and ill-defined based on our limited knowledge. COVID-19 is clearly different that the most common cold viruses, but it may still be within the range of viruses that we historically lump together under "the common cold".

          2. Here, let me,

            “The common cold is usually mild, lasts between 1-2 weeks and includes cough, runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, and a sore throat, sometimes accompanied by muscle ache, fatigue, headache, and loss of appetite and finally a cough. COVID-19 causes symptoms including cough, runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, and a sore throat, sometimes accompanied by muscle ache, fatigue, headache, and loss of appetite and finally a dry cough. Some patients develop pneumonia and require hospitalization. If the pneumonia becomes more severe, it may be fatal.”

            The symptoms are identical, the prevention is identical, and the course of the illness is identical.

            1. The symptoms are identical

              No, not identical. The shortness of breath is something you don't typically see with a common cold. The frequency and intensity of the other symptoms differs quite a bit too.

              the prevention is identical

              How so?

              the course of the illness is identical

              If you have a source for that, I'd be happy to read it.

    6. The fatality rate for the common cold is far lower than for Covid 19. Jesus!

      1. Actually, it's exactly the same.


        People are generally said to die of COMPLICATIONS from a cold.

        And people are dying from COMPLICATIONS of C19.

        1. It's not the COVID-19 that kills you. It's the respiratory failure.

        2. And that distinction is relevant because?

        3. 1% fatality rate means if 100 million Americans catch the virus, one million will die. Shutting down the economy makes sense in this situation, even from a libertarian perspective. There's no "right" to infect other people.

      2. Your link fell off....again.

        1. Yeah, fuck off, dildo.

    7. The insane thing is he doesn't even have a cold! I'm going to keep saying it over and over and over again: most people who get this virus show no symptoms or ill effects from it whatsoever. It's actually an extremely mild virus, except for those over 70 and those who have compromised immune systems.

  3. This is why we need government: when things go horribly wrong and we have to shut down the world as fast as possible.

    Otherwise, we'd have market failure.

  4. I'll raise a bottle of Corona in his honor tonight.

    Or I would, if I guzzled swill like that.

  5. Incidentally, I just realized my handle links to an extinct webpage. I am taking suggestions for a new link.

    1. Pornhub?

    2. Reason archives; invent time travel - - - - - -


    4. You know who else asked for new links.

      1. Abe Froman.

  6. How many other people have gotten this without knowing it? We'll probably never know because the CDC botched our ability to get widespread testing and reliable data for weeks.

    1. "Luckily", government sure didn't waste those weeks of uncertainty. They were able to crash they economy, hand a couple trillion to the banks and the corporate cocksuckers, and they found out exactly how meek the American people are.

      1. Yep. I suspect this will become "the day the constitution died".

    2. We still wouldnt know even if they hadn't botched it. Most people will not exhibit symptoms.

      1. Yeah but with the panic, people would be buying up home tests, and at least we would have data about what % of people aren't even getting sick.

        1. I think this info is important to have too.

          I’m sure the number of actual infected is AT LEAST 6-7x higher than the number who will test positive.

          We’ll need these numbers to have a reasonably solid death rate, because the ONLY way we don’t get fucked even harder next time is if we can definitively show that shutting down the economy over a fucking cold isn’t a great idea at all.

          Every governor and mayor who’s shut their economies down needs to be voted out. They will never feel the consequences of destroying the world economy.

          1. Yep. The the politicians well never been held accountable for people who die because of the economic consequences of this. And without widespread testing, we'll never have enough information to prove they were always full of shit. They'll go around saying they saved millions of lives because of their actions.

            Hopefully the low death total in the rest of the world will prove them wrong and they will be held to account politically, but I have seen an alarming number of people on social media not only accepting this, but actively berating anybody who thinks otherwise. These people will gladly lap up the bullshit that staying home for two weeks saved the world.

            1. Yep. I’ve been berated for it. Several times.

              And there are absolutely those who are not only berating people, but clamoring for even more restrictions.

              None of them will see the consequences until we’re out of the fog, but, as you noted, they’re just going to claim how killing the economy saved the world.

              1. The stock market took a shit in your mouth because they knew one way or another the economy was going to slow down. Every country on this planet is shutting things down. Surely you've noticed that? No matter the politics the govts of the world are reacting relatively similarly. There was no escaping economic disruption.

                1. Yeah, because the media and governmental elite across western civilization aren't all controlled by the same group of socialists that applaud the likes of Greta Thornberg and enable nations like Communist China to join international institutions.

                2. Economies always go from increasing boom with no end in sight to the Greatest Depression the World has ever seen.

                  There is no gradual slowdown of business where the signs of a market correction are there. I mean besides the media saying the "Trump" Recession is coming any day now.

    3. The antibodies persist for years. You can get tested on whether you have had it any time. Of course, it seems rather pointless.

  7. I wonder if Senator Rand Paul dies from KungFlu, will they will charge his neighbor with murder?

    1. Rand could probably rake a big pile of leaves on to his neighbor's lawn today and he wouldn't be bothered.

  8. If Paul is asymptomatic, what were they testing him for when they accidentally discovered the coronavirus? I'm pretty sure the tests are in short supply and we've been told nobody gets a test unless and until they pass some sort of 5-point check indicating they've got the coronavirus and not just something like the regular flu. Surely our humble public servants don't get special treatment, do they?

    1. These are desperate times; I read the article.
      "He is asymptomatic and was tested out of an abundance of caution due to his extensive travel and events. He was not aware of any direct contact with any infected person."

      1. I travel a lot too. Bet that wouldn’t allow me to be tested without symptoms.


          1. I think Jerry is important.... so does his cat....

            1. Well then, test him. And for toxoplasmosis, too.

      2. So since he was positive during those travel and events, clearly there's a wake of dead bodies in the wake of Paul's travels, right?

        1. So, are you saying he was in Italy?

    2. That is one test wasted on a Sen which wasn't given to a nurse or someone who is actually worth something right now.

      This sort of thing - along with the likelihood that Congress will 'meet online' (gotta save the gerontocracy) - is making me think this may be the right time to elevate both expansion of Congress and sortition instead of election.

      If they can find it possible to 'work-from-home' with 535 critters, then they can certainly scale that up to 5000 or 10,000 critters - and eliminate most of them unaccountable staffers at the same time.

      And if 'meeting constituents' (or more likely lobbyists) constitutes a 'threat', then maybe we can change the nature of representation to make it more representative and less corruptible.

      1. Haha, you really think any of these dedicated public servants are going to miss a paycheck? Hell no, that's for the peasant service sector employees across the country who tend to already be on the margins financially.

        Yep, totally worth putting a bullet in the economy's head to panic-monger about millions dying. Totally worth it.

        1. Not only will they not miss a paycheck, they wont be forced to use any sick time or days off for the shut down.

        2. How else were they going to eliminate all non-transnational businesses?

      2. BTW, rumor coming out of the Front Range is that Polis is going to go full fascist and force "non-essential" businesses to close starting this week, a la Pennsylvania and California. I'd like to think he's not that dumb, but American politicians haven't exactly covered themselves in glory the past couple of weeks.

        1. I'm pretty sure Polis just does what California does, but a week later.

        2. Polis looks like Jerry Brown who looks like Ronald Reagan compared to Gavin Newsom and the other Democrats. Its all scale compared to the leftists, teachers unions, gov't unions and the gimme free medical care and childcare..(aka k-12) illegals who have taken control of Denver and Colorado. I can't stand the guy, but then again, we could have one of the other democrats that do not believe in private property rights. I hope you're wrong.

        3. Abbott is thinking about doing something similar for Texas next week.

          I swear these fucks are like middle school girls: "Mom!!! I need a green Adidas sweatshirt with sparkles! Tammy's mom let her wear one today and everyone wanted to talk to her!"

          "Pennsylvania and New York get to do it!!! I wanna do it!"

          1. And now I see the Dallas County Judge (think CEO of all emergency stuff for the county) has issued a shelter-in-place order starting at midnight tomorrow, and lasting until 3 April. Which means that idiot kid the straight ticket Dems elected in Harris County will follow suit.

            Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

            1. I saw the same thing. I vow to do everything in my power to get that cock sucking piece of shit removed from office come election time (if we even have elections).

              1. It's happening people. I don't even have a gun. Yet. I'm starting to really think that one doesn't need tinfoil headware to see what's going on.

            2. because two people died. Clay Jenkins now owns Dallas County, Texas. Christ what an asshole.

    3. I would say that NBA players getting tested is even worse.

    4. "Surely our humble public servants don’t get special treatment, do they?"

      Neither do athletes or Hollywood types... LOL at stories of the hoi polloi, exhibiting symptoms, begging to get tested, and getting told, "Nope!", while some douchebag athlete gets a case of the sniffles after accidentally posting a blowjob video on his Instagram feed, and voila! Instant test!

      1. Refusing to test the seemingly healthy continues the panic as long as possible. Discovering only the "top of the pyramid" (most severe) cases will make all the numbers seem a lot worse than they are. Doing a random sampling and discovering "bottom up" numbers would show this thing is just a cold. I'm not saying it's a CONSPIRACY to only test the sick, only declaring the result of this approach.

        You can't get meaningful data without random testing, but the people in charge aren't interested in meaningful data.

        1. This virus came in via airplane. The spread therefore started in those places with lots of international airplane connections and among those who travel a lot and other higher-income.

          In Italy, it came in via a couple Chinese tourists who went to a few tourist places before they developed symptoms.

          In Iran it came in via a merchant from China - bypassing sanctions. So it first hit the elites who can always avoid sanctions

          In Wuhan it started very working class and older. People who still eat bat bile or whatever was cheap comfort food.

          In Korea it came in through that cult - and pretty much stayed there until the last few weeks

          In every country, it has taken time to cross the 'normal' social/class barriers of people who associate with other. Which then also takes time to spread via that new groups social connections.

          Which is also evidence that it spreads via droplets not aerosol. Among people who unknowingly didn't/don't recoil from someone sneezing or cough because they knew the person. Not in a cloud of air around people just walking on the street spreading it to complete strangers.

  9. De Blasio asks Trump to send military to New York

    Sorry, De Blasio, according to your statements during the US-Mexico border Propaganda stunt, Trump should not be using the US Military to help Americans.

    1. Like the CIA, the US Military cannot be deployed domestically, except by Republican Presidents in Little Rock.

    2. Why would they need the military? All good citizens do as they are asked. Especially in NY.

      1. Cuomo went off on people going to parks today and not staying 6 feet apart. "Respect mah authoriah!!!!"

        1. "Most libertarian administration ever?" A question someone asked yesterday.

          1. Definitely not Cuomo. Guy's a statist through and through.

  10. A third of coronavirus cases may be ‘silent carriers’, classified Chinese data suggests

    It pisses me off that the media and some medical experts are focusing on hysteria rather than facts like this.

    Potentially almost everyone in the World has been infected with COVID19. Some are asymptomatic carriers, some people exhibits symptoms, and some people die.

    If this is the case, a self-quarantine is worthless and will destroy economies for no reason. Let the asymptomatic people help the sick people by going back to work.


    1. The economy is being destroyed for a reason.
      It is to allow the fascists to take over without the bother of an election.
      Once this 'emergency' legislation gets passed, they will keep passing 'correction' legislation to 'fix' the 'minor errors'. And then fix the fixes until the feds finally run the whole damn economy, just like the fascists want.

      1. This is why they keep throwing out "18 months" as a recovery time.

        China "recovered" in 5 months and South Korea "recovered" in less than 3 months. China used Communist methods of force. Korea didnt.

        Americans are not going to stay home after this week. Old people will but most adults will go back to work.

        1. Old people aren't even staying at home right now. Their kids and grandkids are trying to guilt-trip them into staying at home because they're the most at risk.

          As someone else here asked a couple days ago, if they don't give a shit, why should the rest of us?

          1. All of what Red Rocks said. Seeing the grocery store filled with devil-may-care old farts, during my one trip that week, really pissed me off. At least pretend to care that we're killing ourselves to keep you safe, you selfish old fucks.

            Re, the asymptomatic carrier bit, yes I know asymptomatic people have passed the virus, but what is the likelihood of that happening? How much virus is shed by the 'asymptomatic'? How many viral particles does it take to get infected, 50 percent of the time? And a bunch of other questions...


              1. He must be quarantined immediately.

                For the children. Who are over 70.

            2. Re, the asymptomatic carrier bit, yes I know asymptomatic people have passed the virus, but what is the likelihood of that happening?

              Nobody knows for certain, but it's probably very high. That is, many people, perhaps even most, who get the virus shed for a week or two, infect others, and then get over it, without ever noticing it.

        2. To be fair... if you click past the media repetition of Chinese propaganda... the only reason Wuhan has no new cases is they have stopped all testing.

    2. Yeah, "classified" Chinese data.

      The US's ChiCom media pimps are playing their part to keep the free-floating anxiety rolling so no one pushes back against these dictatorial lockdowns.

      Where's "Antifa" in all of this? Dead fucking silent as no-shit fascist measures are implemented.

    3. Speaking of flu, up to 23k Flu related deaths

      1. Hey asshole, don't you think the dog eaters in Chinese would have kept the factories open if this shit was just like the flu?

        1. Hey fuckhead, considering we now know that it kills mostly the elderly, who tend get killed by respiratory illnesses anyway, why the fuck should we give a shit why China shut the factories down?

        2. Who the fuck cares if China nuked their economy. That doesn’t mean we have to do so as well.

          1. In fact, it might have just been a ploy. "Look how we stopped the virus! You just gotta crash your economy............."

    4. Potentially almost everyone in the World has been infected with COVID19.

      This is delusional nonsense with the only purpose being to pretend that it can't possibly get worse. Exponential growth is MATH. It doesn't proceed 1 2 4 8 'everybody'

      I understand that it becomes extremely difficult for you morons to follow along when the numbers get to be higher than 3 or the numbers of fingers on your hand. But the reality is that a lot lot less than 0.3% of the population has been infected symptomatic or asymptomatic. The confirmed cases would only be 1/40 of that 0.3%. The number of infected - symptomatic or asymptomatic - in China would probably be less than that 0.3% and we are six weeks or so behind China. And everyone who understands that many/most infected don't go to doctor/hospital are very well aware that half or more of infected are asymptomatic and will never show up in confirmed cases.

      Stop trying to delude yourself and deceive everyone else. The exponential growth has just STARTED. It is not 'nearly over'.

      1. There is no purely exponential growth in any outbreak. It always diminishes at some point.

        Maybe you're not the best one to talk to people about math and science.

        1. It always diminishes at some point.

          Yeah it diminishes when the population is getting full of the infected and the immune. Absent the sort of 'lowering curve' measures that have barely started, exponential growth gets to that point in the US in two MONTHS from now. It doesn't diminish merely because you want to change the subject and hold on to your binky.

          Maybe you’re not the best one to talk to people about math and science

          Says the commenter who has been wrong about every fucking thing to date - to a commenter who has been close to 100% right about every number posted for the last couple months.

          1. So you think every year the flu ends up infecting 100% of the population? It has an R0 of 1.3. Again. You're not the best to talk of math or science.

            1. Says the commenter who apparently doesn't even realize that most Americans already have some remaining immunity from previous 5 or so years of flu seasons - and tens of millions get a flu vaccine before flu season. And RO of 1.3 ain't RO of 2.7 - which means a much much lower 'herd immunity' % is needed before the virus can't grow anymore

              You are simply a chimp pounding on a keyboard with not the remotest comprehension of what any of this means.

              1. No they dont you fucking dumbass. Nobody has immunity from strains A and B. That is why you get a flu shot every year. Your previous year's shot doesnt help. And likewise, not even half the population gets a flu shot you ignorant fuck.

                But let's say in your idiotic makennelieve world. When H1N1 hit and nobody had immunity you think everyone on the planet was either magically imminent or was infected. That is what you are saying.

                This is this dumbest thing I've ever read on Reason and there is a poster who doesnt believe the Holocaust happened.

                And you should read up on what an R0 is. It is the exponential factor for initial growth. Anything greater than one is an exponential growth. The problem is this only occurs for a relatively short time which is why infections are largely seasonal.

                So I'm order to shut you up... based on the "science" you've posited here... everyone on the planet was either infected with H1N1, the swine flu, and H1N1... or they were magical super heroes who already had immunity to those new strains of virus.

                Youd be better off reading the CDC link I already provided than continuing down this argument.

                By the way dummy, the R0 of Covid 19 has already been revised down to 2.

                1. "everyone on the planet was either infected with H1N1, the swine flu, and H1N1… or they were magical super heroes who already had immunity to those new strains of virus."

                  I only became a magical super hero after getting h1n1.
                  I am now, however, invincible.

                  1. JFree blesses your logic.

                  2. Could you send me a link to the Swineman theme song please?

              2. "Early results of an antibody study conducted by CDC indicated that children had no existing cross-reactive antibody to the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus"

                This means every kid globally was infected at some point based on your assertion. Lol.

              3. And latest testing shows only 10% which exhibit symptoms have actually had covid so far.


              4. 16000 people died of the flu this year, you dumbass. And here you are, panic-mongering about infections some more.

                Why don't you and the rest of the Chicken Littles sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up so the rest of us can resume our normal lives again?

          2. And you havent been right on one thing dumbfuck. If we listened to you we'd be up to 2 million deaths and not just over 200.

            You're a panicking dumbfuck.

          3. I honestly cant get over how stupid this statement by you is. I even linked to the CDC site that shows a standard seasonal infection curve for both strains of influenza earlier. But you actually think 100% of the population either gets infected or is immune. That is so fucking mind numbingly stupid o have to wonder if you even graduated high school. Thank god 99.9999% of the world was immune to Ebola then! But no, you think people either get infected or immune and that is the only way a virus stops. I just feel sad for you.

            1. I have based nothing on 100%. My worst-case scenario - which happens to be about 10% less than the worst-case scenarios by both Imperial College and WHO - was based on 28% (same as Oct 1918) but with no 'social adaptation' or lowering curve because it happens so fast.

              You are going to be so gobsmacked in a couple weeks. Until then - I'm done with you

              1. And by year-end after the real wave starts - hopefully you'll be dead.

              2. You are going to be so gobsmacked in a couple weeks. Until then – I’m done with you

                You are going to be so disappointed when your bloody end time fantasies don't come true. But you'll move right on to the next delusional "the world will end tomorrow" belief.

          4. Yeah it diminishes when the population is getting full of the infected and the immune.

            No, it diminshes when the subpopulation of susceptible individuals has an R0 of substantially less than 1.

            to a commenter who has been close to 100% right about every number posted for the last couple months.

            You can't even get a basic statement about epidemiology right.

  11. Americans Drop Kale and Quinoa to Lock Down With Chips and Oreos

    Who wants to starve to death with Kale in their bellies?

    1. Fake news. It's beer and ice cream (not necessarily together) in my household.

  12. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

    328,275 confirmed infected. 14,366 deaths. 95.656 recovered as of 1530, March 22, 2020.

    1. Which really means probably over 2 million infected, and just under that recovered.

  13. 'It's going to cost lives': Maddow says networks shouldn't air Trump coronavirus briefings 'misinformation'

    Poor Maddow. She needs ratings bad. She really thinks Americans give a shit about her lying and the lying of Lefties.

    1. I'm waiting for Cuomo to throw his hat into the Democrat primary based on all the coverage he seems to be getting. There's still time to convince the super delegates governor.

    2. This is no time for hope and optimism. Everyone panic.

      The other narrative msnbc is pushing is how bad this pandemic is for Joe Biden who isnt allowed put on the campaign trail. Not a joke. They are claiming Joe is one of the biggest victims here.

      1. This whole thing is a GODSEND for Biden. It reduces the amount of time that people are thinking about Joe Biden.

        1. MSNBC sees the +10 the last 2 weeks for Trump and are panicking more from that than from the virus.

          1. That's because they know it's their fault in the first place. They pumped the fear to 10000%, lost control when wine moms started demanding schools shut down, and now the fearmongering projections are going to be a couple million deaths short EVERYWHERE, not just where they shut down gatherings. Trump has, once again, handled this extremely well by allowing local control with federal backup. They've demanded he act like the dictator they claimed he was for three years, but he refuses.

            1. It’s a good political move.

              Push the choice of closing the economy on to someone else. And it’s insane, though not surprising, how many have made that choice. May every single one of those fuckers burn in an electrical fire from the wood chipper overheating.

            2. And in their attempt to push him to look like that dictator, they keep asking him about nationalizing various industries, and got him to say...
              That he won't nationalize industries because look how that worked out for Venezuela.
              They're so stupid that they forced him to appropriately and directly contradict their preferred portrayal

              1. +100000

    3. Rachel Maddow is under the mistaken impression that anyone cares if she lives or dies.

    4. At least the bitch is being more honest about her view of "free" speech, and what we could expect under a Maddow-endorsed regime.

  14. Rebels defy mandates with coughs, 'corona parties'

    After days of noncompliance by people refusing to stay home and venture out only for essential tasks, France on Friday sent security forces into train stations to prevent people from traveling to their vacation homes, potentially carrying the virus to the countryside or beaches where medical facilities are less robust.

    1. Businesses staying open and people continuing their lives despite government induced hysteria is, perhaps, a sign that there's still hope for liberty.

    1. Just "Maryland governor crazy" would have been enough.

    2. Here's the Cherry Blossom Cam! You can go crazy too!

  15. For the first time in 228 years, the New York Stock Exchange will open without its trading floor

    Trading will be fully electronic when the bell rings and buying and selling starts at 9:30am New York time

    1. Some more non-essential jobs being eliminated, then?

    2. Great.
      The fn algorithms panic worse than the dudes jumping out windows

  16. We were in the car driving to get food, and one of my roommates (far left one) says "Oh this is great news, Rand Paul has Coronavirus! Fuck him, I hope he dies"

    Yeah underneath every progressive is a murderous tyrant waiting to come up. There's a reason 100 million people died last century from leftist governments. They really do just want all of their opposition dead.

    Oh and he's the one who is non-stop talking about the word "empathy" and what not. Funny those that use that word are usually the least empathetic

    1. When you analyse emotional intelligence training objectively, you come to realize that EQ is simply emulating the mindset and mental patterns of a psychopath to manipulate others into doing what you want. It's a little creepy when you think about it that way.

      1. No it isnt. Its breaking through emotional barriers to think rationally, not losing any and all empathy. It requires recognizing your emotions, not ignoring them.

    2. You must have missed the post where most of the folks on here said Pinochet was right to kill those people cause they voted wrong. Shut your mouth useful idiot.

      1. what the hell are you talking about?

        1. Mikey Hihn makes things up as he goes.

      2. Progressives aren't people

      3. Fuck off, liar.

      4. Go eat a bag of dicks you mass murdering apologists piece of shit.

    3. Just for fun ask him to define "liberal".

    4. Stick around here a while. Not only will you see the right and far righties vaguely wish ill on the progs, you will see a couple of them literally wanting to death march them into an unmarked grave. Seriously just go back like a couple days and see where shitty had one too many vodkas, it shouldnt be hard to find.

      Aside from that, there is a tangible bloodlust when the prospects of "civil war 2.0" get brought up about how badly they are going to give it to the deserving progs.

      Make no mistake, this doesnt go one way, this is out there everywhere.

      Progs do hold the record though with socialism, but the sentiment of wishing ill/death on those that think opposite of you is alive and well with our conservative commentariat here.

      1. "right and far righties... literally wanting to death march them (progs) into an unmarked grave"

        Just like this?

        Oops, sorry. That's a left-wing Reason writer wishing he could butcher conservatives.

        "Seriously just go back like a couple days and see where shitty had one too many vodkas, it shouldnt be hard to find"
        Well maybe you can do just that, because I think you're full of shit. And don't just weasel out and post Sevo or Jesse saying "Fuck off and die" to some psychotic Hihnsanity. Someone really "wishing ill/death".

      2. Yeah, no shit. Also, Trumpalos here regularly wish death to Hillary and other leftist politicians. But when lefties behave the same way by being happy about Rand getting coronavirus, "progressives aren't people," to quote one of these assholes up above. Complete lack of self-reflection and self-awareness. Both sides are equally guilty of this nonsense. Fuck partisanship.

        1. "Projection"

          Libertarians arn't mass murdering assholes like leftists are

        2. Said the guy using a screenname that literally hearkens back to the "woodchipper" free speech incident that got Reason on hot water with Preeti.

        3. but when lefties behave the same way by being happy about Rand getting coronavirus

          Lefties who are happy that Rand has tested positive for corona virus don't understand how the fact that he is healthy undercuts their narrative.

      3. I mention civil war 2.0 on here a bit.

        Because Lefties refuse to follow the supreme law...the US Constitution...and want to send government agents to murder me and my family in order to red flag my gun ownership.

        So in self defense, I am fine with them starting a civil war and me being okay with eminent domain and banishment from the USA for those anti-American Lefty fucks.

        There argument for wanting to gulag me or murder me is because Im a poopy head gun lover who refuses to be a socialist.

      4. I look forward to your proof of anyone talking about death marching progressives into unmarked graves.

    5. > They really do just want all of their opposition dead.

      actually this is projection and it is you guys who are the violent weirdos.

      1. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  17. Let's hope Schumer and Pelosi get it. You'll see the walls of regulations fall harder and faster than the walls of Jericho.

    1. Exhibit one

      1. An exhibit of your inability to read, we assume.

        1. Sevo regularly wishes death on those with whom he disagrees.

      2. Where did he say he hoped they died? That would be the comparative statement.

      3. You don’t know how to read, do you, shitforbrains?

  18. How did Randy test positive for a hoax?

    The Dotard wouldn't lie about it being a hoax, would he?

    1. He never said it was a hoax. So why are you pushing the hoax that he did?

      1. Indeed. He claimed the Democratic response was overblown for the severity of the threat............

        And at this point it's hard to say he's wrong.

      2. "One of my people came up to me and said, 'Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia.' That did not work out too well." Trump told the crowd. "They could not do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. ... They tried anything. ... And this is their new hoax."

        When criticism of his administration's response ramped up, he tried to compare the coronavirus to the flu.

        As recently as March 9, Trump continued to say the flu was more dangerous than the coronavirus and that Democrats and the press were inflaming the public reaction to the coronavirus. But his own top infectious-disease expert, Anthony Fauci, said in congressional testimony that the coronavirus is 10 times more lethal than the flu. Trump's administration is now taking "unprecedented" steps to curb the spread of the virus, he said.

        1. OMG! We are going to die!

        2. Okay. No where did he call the virus a hoax. You're simply alerting everyone that you have the reading comprehension of those pictures you like.

          Even politifact called this bullshit out.

          All you're proving here is you're a moron who cant understand what they read.

        3. As of now, yes, the influenza strain does kill more every single damn year.

          They're playing up the fact this strain of the coronavirus (THE PAY ME NOW VIRUS) is a new version and know, panic.

          Do what the authorities tell you and don't make it more than it is.

        4. Even after Maddow gave up on the "Trump called the virus a Hoax" lie, this idiot still keeps plumping.

          1. Shriek can’t help himself, he’s never met a Dem talking point he couldn’t lodge in his ass like a spiked dildo.

    2. The Dotard wouldn’t lie about it being a hoax, would he?

      He didn't. You on the other hand welch on your bets, renege on your mortgage, and like to fuck little kids, so.

      1. Yes, we should definitely listen to this pederast deadbeat slime, because he is as credible as all the religiously dishonest marxists who spew their venom here, routinely.

    3. "How did Randy test positive for a hoax?"

      Turd NEVER posts without lying.

    4. He didn't say that the virus was a hoax, he was saying that the hair-on-fire panic over it was a media and leftist hoax.

      And the fact that he tested positive without any symptoms illustrates his point.

  19. We're all gonna die aren't we?

    1. Eventually.

  20. I heard that one can only get this virus if they share needles or have unprotected sex with a flaming gay man. This is true, right?

    1. Personally, I would want protection against the flames.

      1. Normal gays are cool. You can rawdog with them and use their needles.

        Just not the flamers.

    2. Magic Johnson agrees.

  21. He's got a good chance of dying too because of the damage sustained to his lung in the attack by his psychotic Democratic Party domestic terrorist neighbor earnestly trying to kill him, for which Reason placed all the blame on Rand for having failed to perform adequately in the Two Minutes Hate.

  22. Just FYI, this site doesn’t have a good track record on being right.

    1. I disagree. is always right on the most important issue — open borders.


    2. "Just FYI, this site doesn’t have a good track record on being right."

      Just FYI, you're a fucking lefty ignoramus who is right not quite as often as a stopped clock.
      Fuck off and die; make the world a better place.

    3. Neither does the NY Times.

    4. Yes it does. At least according to, Reason leans right.

      1. *golf clap*

      2. Right of communists is still socialist.

    5. Just FYI, Mikey Hihn is a senile old piece of worthless subhuman shit dying in a nursing home of senile dementia and panicking like a pathetic little bitch because he thinks he's gonna die of Kung Flu. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  23. Paul has put forth his own recommendations for fighting the coronavirus so that Congress would resist the urge "to lard up the response with their pet projects, from tax breaks to pet social issues."

    That's the cause of the raucous laughter I hear coming from D.C.

  24. Boy, all these GOP crack ups sure are getting a kick in the ass from the hard knocks of science, hunh?

    Listen, I don’t want anything really bad to happen to the guy, but maybe a few days gasping for breath on a ventilator will give this douche a taste of what it’s like to get health care in the United States and make him a little wiser for the wear. And a tad more sympathetic to those who don’t have his privilege or wealth. That would be a good thing, no?

    1. He's a physician who gave free health care in Central America while socialists were starving people to death.

    2. Haha, the guy isn't even in the danger zone for getting that far. Meanwhile, the Dems are keeping Biden on lockdown so he doesn't keel over and die before Election Day.

    3. Awww, look guys, somebody decided to dust off American Shithead and post under it. Poor little fella.

    4. AMSOC, you're back! I guess your letter to Stalin got through in time!

    5. If he was a real humanitarian he would just murder 50 million people so that a bunch of decrepit old shits could have free health care amirite?

  25. Hey guys,

    How’s your 401k doing? Where’s my 5% growth?

    1. Pay your mortgage yet?

      1. According to my calculations the return on an index fund during the OBama administration would have yielded you 11% per year. What’s it like now that Trump is running things. The problem with you fucking GOP ding dongs is that simple empiricism ( gee, how much money is in my bank account) keeps saying bad things about Dear Leader and the fuck-ups in his administration. This COVID thing is probably some Democratic plot to get at Dear Leader. Democrats are such meanies!

        1. Haha, yeah, it's Trump's fault that the Chinks created a new form of the flu and the international media had a meltdown about it, even though the reality is that this is primarily affecting the elderly and people with compromised immune systems, just like every other upper respiratory illness.

        2. According to my calculations the return on an index fund during the OBama administration would have yielded you 11% per year.

          That's not surprisingly since you're mathematically illiterate and the return on an index fund during Obama's presidency was never that high in any given year

          1. Obama's presidency also lasted 8 years, not 3.

    2. If you are not buying stocks right now or in the near future, youre a fool.

      American markets always go up. Buy buy BUY.

      1. Still a bit too soon. Panic hasn’t subsided, and won’t until the death rate drops significantly.

    3. "Where’s my 5% growth?"

      That's what she said.

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  32. He is lucky he has government-funded health care, that may save his life, but not the lives of ordinary citizens. He shows his evil nature by wanting the poor to remain without health care, and wanting the middle class to go bankrupt to get health care. As long as the money keeps flowing to the corporate masters, he is fine with it.

  33. test edit. does Reason allow tables within comments?


    1. apparently not... at least, not using standard HTML.

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