Purple Haze

Arizonans were treated to an aurora stoneralis this past January.


Early risers in Snowflake, Arizona, this past January were treated to an aurora stoneralis courtesy of the purple LED lights used by Copperstate Farms, a medical marijuana grower. The farm's lights reflecting off snow clouds lit up the sky, creating a color scheme reminiscent of the popular marijuana strain (and Jimi Hendrix song) "Purple Haze."

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  1. marijuana strain? and all this time I assumed it was one of Owsley’s products.

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s what Hendrix was referring to.

    2. long live Bear.

  2. If in fact that picture is real, it’s pretty damn cool.

    But frankly, I’m extremely skeptical that it’s real.

    1. It could be fake, or at least enhanced, but last weekend my local ski resort had a 24 hr charity race and those lights had the same effect at night. It was pretty damn cool.

    2. SpaceWeather has shown photos of colored “light pillars” produced similarly by terrestrial lighting, given appropriate conditions in the lower atmosphere.

  3. Link! Need more than just a paragraph and a bad picture! I want the source article! I want the whole photo slideshow!

    Link or it didn’t happen!

  4. This is evidence of the light pollution feared by locals here in NJ’s Green Township if a medical marijuana growing facility is built on the soon-to-be-former site of Trinca Airport in southern Sussex County. This area was excellent for astronomy when I moved here in 2016, but the garden supply store and tree nursery across the street added outdoor lighting in 2018 after a truck crashed into a utility pole (in daylight).

    1. That’s not the only pollution in NJ.

  5. Snowflake, Arizona

    Must be right across the border from Safe Space, New Mexico.

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