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Illinois state Sen. Laura Fine, a Democrat, has introduced a bill that would ban the sale and operation of gasoline-powered leaf blowers in the state. Those who violate the law could face fines of up to $500. The bill states that leaf blowers produce emissions that contribute to smog and acid rain.

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  1. I’m sure Senator Fine will be happy to show up and rake any leaves in your yard, should that be necessary.

    1. She’s a brave, strong, fierce female Senator of the great state of Illinois. Hasn’t she done enough. If she can pass the laws to protect you, the least you can do in gratitude is rake your own leaves and those of her most organized constituents.

    2. I’m sure Senator Fine will be happy to show up and rake any leaves in your yard, should that be necessary.

      If she shows up with Senator Howard and Senator Howard make sure the pies are hidden away.

  2. Acid rain? What century is that from?

    Of course such small engines are an insignificant source of smog, but because they’re in such little demand, the people who want them can be blown off, eh?

  3. oh man, one of my favorite pastimes is to watch lazy assholes make noise pushing leaves around…especially when it’s windy

    1. There is something tragic-comic about watching the lawn crew on one side of the street blow grass clippings and leaves away from their side, only to watch another (or even the same) crew move across the street, and blow the stuff back.

      1. comedy gold

        1. Except when it’s 7:00 on a Saturday morning. The grumpy old man in me wants to call the cops to report the noise code violation (can’t do it before 9:00 on weekends), but the libertarian in me shudders at the thought of getting the cops involved in anything. So, seeing as how it’s almost spring, I’d better dust off the whompin’ stick.

          1. 7:00? Be glad you don’t live in Phoenix. In summer (about half the year there), people start before six and are finishing up their lawn mowing/leaf blowing well before seven because it’s already ungodly hot by then.

            1. But it’s a dry heat, lol.

  4. Looks like all the big problems have been solved already.

    1. the golden age is upon us

    2. Time to disband the Senate.

  5. The gas-powered ones work the best. I would never stop using one so in order to help the environment I’d just cut down all of my trees.

  6. Who uses a gas-powered leaf blower? I rake my leaves into a big pile, toss on some gas and set the pile on fire. A bonfire like that makes a great way to get rid of any old tires I’ve got laying around.

    1. Outstanding snark

    2. There must be a lot of drinking at your HOA meetings.

  7. Those marvelous inventions consume fossil fuels, create noise pollution, and create air pollution. How can anyone be opposed to them?
    And they are so effective; after they are used, the leaves are still around.
    Does no one care that God (or maybe Darwin?) puts the leaves on the trees to cool and shade us in the summer, and has them fall to the ground when the ground needs a layer to keep it warmer in the winter? Why should we offend by removing this natural cover? If the leaves need to be elsewhere, God (or maybe Darwin?) will send a breeze to move them.

    1. Try that our in practice in your neighborhood, and get back to us when you get fined $$$ for creating a nuisance out of your pasture lawn.

      1. In my neighborhood, No one gets fined for their own behavior.
        True, refusing to cede my property rights reduced the available homes, but it is still possible.
        (Unless the democrats win in 2020)

  8. lived in Illinois my whole life. never seen acid rain. or does she mean in other parts of the world

  9. 1978 called. wants its acid rain back.

  10. I don’t get the suburban lawn thing, but if it’s not too early or late, have fun.

    Besides, they’re handy for blowing the car dry after washing it, and blowing the snow off (if it’s not too dense). Also good for gutter clean outs.

    Handy tool!

    1. Can they be converted into flame throwers?

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  12. For that much noise, I think I’d rather have the leaves.
    What’s the point of raking leaves, anyway, other than to prevent forest fires?

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