Brickbat: Just a Girl Who Can't Say No


Alicia Hobson says her daughter Azlyn came home from a middle school dance in Laketown, Utah, excited that she got to dance with a boy she liked. But she was also upset that she had to dance with a boy she hates. Azlyn, 11, tried to politely turn the boy she doesn't like down, but her mother says the principal came over and reminded the girl that school policy is to dance with anyone who asks. Principal Kip Motta told a TV station that no one is forced to dance with anyone they don't want to, but he said the school requests that students dance with anyone who asks. In an email to Hobson, Motta said Azlyn should tell him before a dance whom she does not want to dance with and he'll try to stop any embarrassing situations or, he added, Azlyn could just stay home on dance days. School officials say the policy is aimed at making sure everyone feels included at a dance.

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  1. Since when does Reason have a problem with a little state-mandated forced association? It’s good practice in case she grows up to own a cake shop.

    1. Winner!

    2. Do you have nightmares at night about Gary Johnson? Do you wake up in a cold sweat? Do you think we should bomb Rakka rather than Aleppo?

  2. Just say No.

    1. I can relate to this as I could never say no to huren innsbruck ladies

  3. …excited that she got to dance with a boy she liked. But she was also upset that she had to dance with a boy she hates.

    The boy she liked could have similarly complained to his mother that he had to dance with a girl he hates.

  4. No means no—except at school dances. It’s tantamount to rape, really. Hasn’t this principal ever heard of the concept of consent? Consent is sexy, don’tcha know.

    1. There we have the Left in full blossom. Girls are taught early that it’s their privilege to “hate” certain boys, and if they are forced to be polite to them, if god forbid they have to spend two minutes dancing with them in a school lesson, that is “tantamount to rape, really”.

      Girls are taught early that they have only to sit back and boys will come to them and ask, whereupon the girl can blow them off or not, on a whim. Boys, learn this lesson well, girls are not worth the trouble.

      Feminist prima donnas are taught early.

      1. Yeah us boys have to stick together, girls are icky anyway.

        But consider your self lucky, in some species the female forces the males to fight to exhaustion or death in selecting a mate, i’d say being turned down by a selective female at a dance is a little better than being gored by an antler.

        1. The females of some species EAT their mate after copulation. So it’s not just getting gored in the gut before you can mate, but you only get one shot at it. Hope you don’t ejaculate prematurely.

          I bet there’s a shitload of gay mantises…

      2. There we have the Left in full blossom.

        Laketown, Utah is (A) in Utah, (B) has a population of ~250, and (C) is part of Rich county, which in 2016 supported Trump at about 70%, Clinton at less then 10% and McMullin at ~19%.

        This isn’t “the Left in full blossom”.

  5. This happened in Utah? Wasn’t that where the Reverend John Lithgow put a stop to dancing entirely? And as for this “boy she likes” — it’s Kevin Bacon, isn’t it?

    1. Kevin Bacon was in season 4 of Dexter?

      1. Yes. And so was Tom Hanks’ “son” (actually a clone) and the police lieutenant from Miami Vice and Bladerunner.

    2. Steve Jobs is Dead
      Johnny Cash is Dead
      Bob Hope is Dead.

      We have no jobs, no cash and no hope.

      All pray for the continued good health of Kevin Bacon.

    3. You guys mock the whole forced association thing but the next time a social outcast winds up covered in blood, slaughters everyone with his/her telekinetic powers, and then burns down the school, suddenly ‘no dances refused’ won’t seem like such a terrible concept.

    4. How do you think Brigham Young got 55 wives, they couldn’t say no.

  6. Alicia Hobson says her daughter Azlyn came home from a middle school dance in Laketown, Utah, excited that she got to dance with a boy she liked. But she was also upset that she had to dance with a boy she hates.

    Little Azlyn should have been smacked for assuming their gender. And then she should have smacked the shit out of her mother for naming her Azlyn. “It’s cute for about 5 fucking minutes, Mom.”

    1. Had she been a boy, her mom would have probably gone with Aslan, after the noble lion who watches over Narnia.

      1. I knew someone named Aslan. He was born before the era of stupid names, he just happened to be Turkish. His mother had never heard of Narnia.

    2. Principal Kip Motta

      Napoleon’s brother??

  7. Just you wait till Little Azlyn grows up, and see, just WHAT is the state of “forced association” by then!

    Here, let me portray for you, my idealistic utopia where we all have “freedom from sexual want”, or, the right to demand your fair share of free sex from the pretty passers-by. An ideal redistributionist society, if you will… As I put on my tin-foil hat, I foresee a future USA where you will have the right to have intercourse (social and/or sexual) with any passer-by that you demand it from, except, of course, the “public servants” who are too busy enforcing your rights, to have intercourse with you. AKA, they are too busy fucking you over, to let you fuck them! And we will have to sneak, under cover of darkness or fog or smog, from house to house, to have any kind of voluntary social or sexual intercourse, for fear of having “freedom” foisted upon us, if we walk about openly… Or maybe we put on a REALLY ugly, slime-dripping disguise, and take our chances… … This LOVERLY idea brought to you for FREE by the Church of Scienfoology. To learn more about Scienfoology, please see

    1. Except this is in the right wing utopia of Utah, nice try tho

    2. Inspired by the most logical race in the galaxy, the Vulcans, breeding will be permitted once every seven years. For many of you, this will mean much less breeding. For me, much, much, more!

      1. You can control the pon farr…it’s biology!

        Oh…biology doesn’t matter anymore, carry on!

  8. Azlyn could just stay home on dance days. School officials say the policy is aimed at making sure everyone feels included at a dance.

    Does this clown even listen to himself?

    1. I think the MSN article this is based on is a “little” disingenuous to push a narrative…. it appears this is part of GYM class. That changes everything in my opinion. No different if they were picking teams for dodge-ball… I guess you COULD say no to the team picker that you refuse to be on their team… but that is odd to say the least and likely the teacher/principal would say that is inappropriate as well and to stay home that day if you refuse to be part of the team. This is definitely NOT an after school/weekend extracurricular dance social event.

  9. It’s your standard one size fits all policy. Great to show that you’re doing something, but not so good when put into practice.

    Or is it?

    I’m willing to bet that the school has a bigger issue that centers around social outcasts and kids who are bullied than it does around kids who rape on the dance floor at a school dance.

  10. I love when the mask slips and we see that “inclusiveness” must be coerced.

  11. So…..when she gets into the workplace, she can decline to work with males? Or only work with those she likes? Would that work for male employees too, who don’t want to work with women because of the high risks to their jobs because of an unguarded or misinterpreted word?

    A dance is not “association”. This is a school and learning to dance and learning polite deportment is a lesson, not a date.

    1. when she gets into the workplace, she can decline to work with males?

      Sure, and get fired. Unless she’s a Muslim, of course.

      1. She doesn’t actually have to decline; just accuse any male who speaks to her of sexual misconduct.

    2. I mean, Mike Pence follows the “Billy Graham Rule”, so sure.

  12. She shouldn’t have been forced to dance with him, but it would be poor manners to turn him down just because she doesn’t like him.

    Proper dance etiquette only permits declining a request for a dance under two circumstances: you already have a partner for the next dance, or you’re going to sit the next dance out.

    She is of course free to be boorish and rude, but she should be aware that she is being so.

    1. One thing I’d like to know – going to one of Reason’s causes – is whether the kid was just assigned to this school or whether the parents picked it for her (or moved to an area because this school was there). Even for a public school this is relevant.

      If it’s part of the culture you chose, deal with it or pick another school. If you were just sent there because the government wants you there, then by all means kick up a fuss about the stuff that bothers you – maybe they’ll let you find a better school.

  13. This is pretty basic etiquette. One should always say yes with both words and body language to someone who asks for a dance.

  14. >>Azlyn could just stay home on dance days … making sure everyone feels included at a dance.

    bake that dosi-do!

  15. Story’s been up since 4 AM and nobody’s made a joke yet about Hobson’s choice?

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