Gary Johnson

Exclusive: Gary Johnson Likes Tulsi Gabbard but Is Not Endorsing Her, Says 'My Guy Is Bill Weld'

"I like a lot of what she has to say," the former Libertarian Party presidential candidate tells Reason.


Gary Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico and 2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidate, is not endorsing Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D–Hawaii) for president.

On Sunday evening, Johnson told Reason that while he admires the Democratic presidential aspirant's foreign policy views, he is ultimately supporting former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, his 2016 running mate. Weld is currently seeking the Republican Party's nomination for president, though he is extremely unlikely to defeat incumbent President Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee.

"I like a lot of what she has to say," says Johnson. But "my guy is Bill Weld."

On Sunday, Business Insider reported that Johnson had called a Gabbard staffer and left a voicemail message in which he offered her his support.

"Hey, I was asked a long time ago to endorse Tulsi, and I did, and you know, whatever I can do—I'm not active on social media—but I did endorse her, and you know, whatever quote you wanna attribute to me to say vote for her, you got it," said Johnson, according to Business Insider.

Johnson clarified to Reason that while he appreciates Gabbard's fierce opposition to military interventionism and regime change, he did not intend to formally endorse Gabbard. He would have explained this, he said, if the campaign had returned his call.

"If it had been returned I don't think this article would have been written," he says, referencing the Business Insider report.

It's not really surprising that Johnson would harbor some pro-Gabbard sentiments. By making a non-interventionist foreign policy the centerpiece of her campaign and courting independent-minded voters, Gabbard has attracted some libertarian interest. Former Rep. Ron Paul (R–Texas), a libertarian Republican who sought the presidency in 1988, 2008, and 2012, recently interviewed her on his YouTube channel.

In any case, Johnson is firmly in the Weld camp, despite the confusion.

"If I have misled anyone I profusely apologize," Johnson says.

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  1. What a total leppo this guy is.

    1. what’s a leppo

      1. The world will never know.

      2. Cross between a leopard and a hippo. A really big spotted furry animal.

        If you ever see one run away.

        1. LOL….funny

      3. A chronic masturbator. In other words, what are you guaranteed to find respite from in this comment section? Not a leppo.

  2. $180 a day and $17K per month? Those 90 day months are a real bitch.

  3. If Tulsi Gabbard has no future in the Democratic party, then the Democratic party has lurched so far to the left she might be better off without them. Unfortunately for her, she’s coming from a state that’s so far to the left, there is no hope of her running as a Republican.

    I guess the good news for the American people is that we don’t need a Democrat in order to repudiate the policies of the neocons anymore since Trump is already so realist and pragmatic, it drives the neocons crazy. In fact, the main reason neocons like Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democratic party establishment hate her is because she’s opposed to the neocons.

    They hate her for the same reasons neocons like Hillary and McCain hated Donald Trump.

    1. Unfortunately for her, she’s coming from a state that’s so far to the left, there is no hope of her running as a Republican.

      *She’s* so far left that there’s not hope of her running as a Republican.

      She may be the most sane of the lot and, IMO, their best candidate, but she’s all about the government taking care of people.

      1. I meant there’s no hope of her winning as a Republican.

        They vote more Democrat in Hawaii than they do in California or New York City!

        When she came out of the military, she probably could have gone to any state she wanted. I guess there’s no safer seat if you want to be a Democrat.

        The party will need to completely change before she becomes a legitimate contender. You’re right, of course. The reason she can’t win the Democrat nomination and the reason the Democrats will fail in 2020 are the same. If the Democrats can’t tolerate someone in their own party like Tulsi Gabbard, how will they appeal to blue collar swing voters in the swing state rust belt?

        1. I’ll take “Reasons they want to do away with the Electoral College for $300” Alex.

      2. Which makes her a mainstream democrat. Also she is anti war and a vet which is good. There is no way the party is going to give her a chance. She is an actual threat in many ways.

        I think she is another example of the drawback of the two party system. In a multi party parliamentary system she might get enough votes for a cabinet seat in a coalition and have a say.

        I tend to be right in the middle on the left right axis depending on how you draw it. She doesn’t get many lib points but better than the others.

        Either way this time I would vote for a Labrador Retriever (L) over any of them. Look this is like a high school basketball team vs. the LA Lakers. Just pick someone who can raise some money and look good.

        1. the (L)s would improve their chances in the general election considerably by running a Lab

          1. I suspect they would double their vote count.

          2. Yellow Lab or Black Lab?

            Black Lab might get more of the Black American votes. Yellow Lab would assuredly get Asian voters on board.

            Crazy Cat ladies would fucking hate it!

      3. ” she’s all about the government taking care of people.”

        Yep. Which certainly explains Gary Johnson’s approval.

      4. “She may be the most sane of the lot and, IMO, their best candidate”

        Maybe, but the point is to defeat Trump. I think Sanders would be better at picking up votes from Trump’s diaper wearing, boner pill popping base, and get the votes democrats have traditionally relied on.

        1. God knows he spouts the same retarded trade policies as Trump, so he might be able to peel some of the blue collar vote.

    2. I think it is more personal for Hillary. Tulsi didn’t support her and it was her turn. I don’t think Hillary cares about policy other then how it will advance her.

    3. “I guess the good news for the American people ….”

      More interestingly though, is that the good news for people like Gabbard and Sanders is that they can run campaigns against the Democratic party as much as the Republican party. They may not have to carry water for the party establishment and will appear to be more independent and more attractive.

    4. >>there is no hope of her running as a Republican

      bad idea to give some chick from Hawaii the keys to the free world just because she was military

    5. neocons like Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democratic party establishment hate her is because she’s opposed to the neocons.

      The way I first read that, it seemed to say that neocons like Hillary because she opposes them.

  4. What exactly is libertarian about Tulsi Gabbard besides the fact that she is currently, because it’s politically expedient in the democratic nomination but not out of any actual real conviction, supporting dude weed lmao and freedom in the bedroom? Over her career she has seemed to vacillate between “line toting lefty” and “hippie born too late” with all the economic illiteracy and foreign policy positions so shallow she couldn’t get her toenails wet that would entail.

    1. “What exactly is libertarian about Tulsi Gabbard”

      Nothing at all.

      1. Exactly correct.

      2. Though there is nothing libertarian about Weld either.

        1. That’s one of the problems with the LP: Its operation tends to distort the general public’s ideas of what “libertarian” is.

          Over most of its history, many Libertarian Party operatives have been so desperate to find anyone who’s been politically successful or prominent and can be labeled “libertarian” that from time to time they seize on the slightest indication of such, and then become mentally committed to that identification. So it was with William Weld when he became outre with the Republicans during the Clinton administration. Just display some independence from your major party, have some unpopular stance that’s good with libertarians, and you’re in — possibly for life.

          Why not definitely for life? Because you can still blow it with the libertarian establishment by having enough political success subsequently. Such has been Trump’s fate. Trump was seized on by libertarians (and not only in LP) even before Weld as a great libertarian hope. The hell of it is, Trump has actually turned out to be mostly such, but now he’s spurned by the libertarian establishment because he’s too successful and, like Howard Stern (one of his early libertarian promoters), too down to Earth! Not a sophisticate as they imagine themselves to be.

          1. This is the problem, at least in America, with the LP, and to some extent with any self-identifying libertarian tendency: It’s self-destructive. Divided we stand, united we fall. As soon as we look around and see ourselves as a non-null set, with the possibility of criteria for setting us off from those outside the set, we set about reducing it to a null set, saving oneself for last to be fatally stabbed.

          2. Actual Libertarians are busy with their lives and are not fond of how politics really work.

            So, the LP gets a bunch of weirdos, LINOs, Democrat operatives, and GOP operatives to sabotage the Libertarian movement. It’s every Libertarian’s fault for letting this happen.

            You have to get your hands dirty and get into politics or politics will strangle you with its dirty hands.

    2. What’s libertarian about Gary Johnson?

      1. Nothing at all.

        1. The way he acted before he, and others, realized he was libertarian, and especially “a libertarian” (noun).

      2. The way he governed New Mexico.

        1. As I point out below. Its kind of easy to veto every bill coming from a Purple legislature.

          Looking back now, Johnson was more concerned about buttsex and drugs.

        2. Have to disagree Robert.
          Johnson was too Progressive for the Republican Party and not Progressive enough for the Democratic Party. So he went to the Libertarian Party where he was Progressive enough; at least in the short term.

    3. I heard her on Joe Rogan a few months ago, and I liked a lot of what she had to say, honestly. I think I mostly just like her personality. She has a more libertarian demeanor or something than most politicians. I know that doesn’t make any sense.

      She did have some unkind words for cancel culture, which I really enjoyed. But she immediately followed it with “Facebook and Twitter are monopolies, etc.” which I did not like.

      1. “But she immediately followed it with “Facebook and Twitter are monopolies, etc.” which I did not like.”

        Not sure about Twitter, but Facebook and Google in social networking and search respectively are about as close to monopolistic as you can get. Why don’t you like Gabbard saying this?

        1. Why don’t you like Gabbard saying this?

          Hey dummy, how about the fact that she felt that it would be her job as President to do something about those monopolies?

          Tell me again why you hang out on a “libertarian” website?

          1. “how about the fact that she felt”

            So it’s about what she feels rather than what she says…

            Too faggy for my tastes, Freddy the Jerk.

            1. You didn’t answer either of my questions.

              1. I don’t answer faggy questions. You are welcome to try again without the gratuitous insults.

            2. So you’re an idiot and a homophobe. Duly noted.

    4. “What exactly is libertarian about Tulsi Gabbard”

      I think the article covers this. It’s her anti-interventionism. Perhaps only Ron Paul can rival her in this area.

    5. IMHO Tulsi is a Liberal not Progressive and the Democratic Party is working hard to remove all Liberals from their party.

  5. “ Weld is currently seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for president, though he is extremely unlikely to defeat incumbent President Donald Trump[.]”

    Is this shit necessary? Why are you pretending that Weld has ANY CHANCE AT ALL to win the “primary”? There is no race. It’s virtue signaling and nothing more.

    1. When you’re baked out of your gourd 24/7, a universe exists where Weld can beat Trump

    2. That is not the point.

      Lib is never going to win the presidency in my lifetime anyway.

      Libertarian ideas are still a sound and understandable basis for government, you may agree or not. It is my political philosophy it may not be yours.

      The party is a voice to get the message out. You can’t do that without participating in the process, flawed as it is. That is not virtue signaling it is expressing your view in a democratic process where you can freely do that. Otherwise the system is just an autocratic nightmare.

      That has nothing to do with Tulsi. She is a democrat.

      Truth is we all can safely assume Trump will be re-elected. See how that works? Your choices are all made for you. No chance to be an outlier who does not agree.

      1. I think a viable long term strategy is the “we really mean it, but we are willing to be pragmatic about doing it” approach.

        As opposed to the Johnson/Weld approach “we don’t mean a bit of it, and sure as Hell don’t intend any of it.”

      2. It takes winning some more races at the state level,house and senate. Afterwards maybe a 3rd party run for president won’t win but enough to influence the vote which gets libertarian ideas a place at the table.
        Unfortunately the more I read articles on this site it is much like taking easy shots from the peanut gallery at the 2 parties and being fine with having no influence.

      3. You’re giving too much credit to the libertarian party.

        I agree with nick. The libertarian parties biggest issue is its leadership focusing any energy at all on the fucking stooges like weld and Johnson. Our convention is a complete fucking joke, the national candidates are a complete fucking joke, and now our publications are mostly fucking jokes. All of it embarrassingly so.

        As many of us here say, the libertarian party and its candidates are too rooted in ideology that they don’t understand the concept of an imperfect, or negotiated, deal. the same way leftys don’t.

        Too many libertarians are more worried about the “purity” of their ideals than they are about actually moving the political needle slowly our way. It’s quite telling that Amash didn’t join the party when he left the Rs. Because claiming he was a libertarian party member would make him look less serious than claiming independent, and probably lose him votes.

        So while Johnson and welds bumbling stoogery and reason reporting on it may not be classic virtue signaling, it’s certainly a futile and moronic thing to do. The libertarianparty should be focusing on real people in local elections, seeking out young and intelligent small candidates to promote and put money behind. Groom some fresh blood. Even in liberal Pennsylvania well get a young libertarian running for something, and i dont get or see a single bit of literature or advertising from the state or national party.

        So instead we keep recycling complete ass-whipes like Johnson, weld, and half the other fuckfaces running for the party nomination. All the while remaining so juvenile and immature people like Amash and the Pauls realize theyll have more success working outside the party than within it.

        I dont think the national libertarian party realizes how many libertarians there are that think libertarian but hate the national party. And its one of our greatest inhibitors to success.

        1. I first joined the LP back in 1977, and was active in it until the mid 90’s.

          We always understood that the LP would have to succeed rapidly, or else the major parties, which were already in a position to wield the government’s power, would react by legally and institutionally entrenching themselves against any plausible challenge.

          Well, we didn’t grow fast enough, they did entrench themselves, and 3rd party politics are now a fool’s game in the US.

          As the serious people in the LP came to the realization this had happened, and that the LP was now a waste of time, they jumped ship, found other things to do with their time. But that didn’t mean the LP vanished. It just meant that it ended up under the control of people who were unserious, or who viewed it as a means to power and/or profit, not as a means to achieve libertarian ends.

          And that’s where we are now. There are still real libertarians in America, but they mostly don’t bother having anything to do with the LP. The people who do run the LP are a combination of grifters, loons, and folks who just haven’t figured out yet they’re wasting their time.

          1. I’m not that old to know how it used to be..but god would i love to see some grassroots work being done.

            It does astound me that when a libertarian candidate pops up here in Pennsylvania/Allegheny County I get no information from the state or national party informing me about them or asking for support. And i know they have my address because i still get their donation request form once a year (which i stopped filling out in 2015 when knew i was leaning at trump).

            And then whats more astounding is that in a “libertarian” magazine like reason who portends to be fighting for the smallest of libertarian voices…we continuously get word vomit articles bashing trump or feigning praise at uber liberals in congress, who are actually our antithesis, but never get breakdowns on who the best “up and coming” libertarians are. Never get reporting on the libertarians stirring it up or making positive impacts in local elections.

            I’d rather read ten articles about a libertarian joe blow giving the finger to his local school board, or winning a county seat, or a secondary state election like treasurer or something, than i would all these articles trying to rationalize how socialism or these stooge libertarians might not be a bad option because trump hurt someone’s feelings at some point.

            1. I recall the Jon Coon Senate race, in 1994. Coon got 4% of the vote. I wore out a pair of shoes that year, going door to door, and putting up campaign signs. If memory serves, he got about 24% of the vote in my county.

              In ’96, he decided to capitalize on the name recognition he’d gotten, and ran for state Rep. Wore out another pair of shoes that year. He got more resources thrown into that state rep race than the LP usually spends on whole states for the Presidential contest.

              We volunteers went into election night thinking things were looking pretty good. The Republican candidate was just a token on the ballot to fill the space, didn’t campaign. We’d outspent the Democrat, gotten key endorsements.

              We got slaughtered. 15.4%.

              Well, as a LP activist, I was used to being slaughtered. I wasn’t used to being surprised by it. Coon’s campaign had told us things were looking good. That night I asked how we’d done so badly, hadn’t the polling been good?

              I found out we’d polled for name recognition, but never to find out who people were planning on voting for. All those resources wasted, and the campaign hadn’t done the most basic things, had deliberately refrained from knowing how they were doing. Compounding that was choosing to run in totally uncompetitive district where Coon had done unusually badly in his Senate run.

              I walked out the door, turned my back on Coon and the LP. I was totally burnt out on politics.

              Such a horrific waste of resources, that could have led to a successful state Rep campaign if the candidate had been as committed as his volunteers, and run someplace he’d had a chance. Grassroots effort doesn’t help you if the party itself is incompetent.

            2. “I get no information from the state or national party informing me about them or asking for support.”

              They probably are short of volunteers. But the real problem is that the system is rigged against third parties.

        2. Correct comment. Agree totally.

  6. Y’all know Weld will endorse Bloomberg any day now. Hell, he might even be the first of the country club republicans to jump in (soon to be followed by members of the Bush family). So will Gary follow suit, go with Tulsi, or join the Bernie Bros, who he kinda endorsed last time.

    1. Maybe. Loomberg will switch back to being a republican again at the last minute and challenge Trump at the convention.

      That would be hilarious. Lil’ Mike would be destroyed.

      1. This sounds like a joke, but it could happen if Lil Mike bombs the dem primaries. More likely though that he goes indy

      2. Trump should have entered the Democrat primaries. He could have been the nominee of both parties.

        1. You make an interesting point. Nonsensical, but interesting. I would really, really like to have seen the Trump / Trump Debates.

          1. We used to see Obama/Obama debates all the time. Although they were about as fair and honest as a WWE match.

  7. She is not bereft of positions libertarians hope for. Unfortunately, she’s also not lacking in lefty bullshit.
    Trump seems the better alternative; we get actions which really do promote libertarianism, and few lefty proposals.
    BTW, it is a measure of Reason’s commitment to libertarianism that the software Welch chooses (yes, Welsh, it’s YOUR job) flags libertarianism as a misspelled word.

    1. Trump is the better alternative in a general election against anyone likely to be the Dem nominee. I only vote major party candidates in presidential preference primaries so this cycle I’m all in for Tulsi.

    2. Flagging libertarianism as a misspelled word? Do you mean when you type it in the text box for posting here?

      Because that’s your browser, not Probably a service provided by Google or Microsoft, depending on your browser settings.

    3. From a Libertarian perspective Trump will at least get judicial nominees that lean towards the libertarian/constitutional viewpoint. Tax and regulation cuts also are a fit. Sentencing reform also. Take shots at the wall, the rhetoric but those judicial nominees will be a welcome advancement to Libertarian principles for a generation.

  8. JFC

    Tulsi is by far the best not-Trump candidate this presidential election season. Best not-Trump candidate since Ron Paul.

    1. “Tulsi is by far the best not-Trump candidate this presidential election season”

      Maybe, but I think Sanders would stand a better chance at chipping away at Trump’s angry old white man base while winning traditional democrat voters.

  9. You ever been to a caucus?

    No you haven’t, You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.

    1. “You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

      I only wish.

    2. Tulpa better claim that name quickly.

  10. Ah, she lost the coveted Gary Johnson endorsement.

    1. Yes. “He would have explained this, he said, if the campaign had returned his call.”, made me laugh more than it should have.

      1. Because the point of voicemails is to make them as obtuse as possible and convey your message in a confusing and incoherent way, obviously intending for a call-back so you can explain what you actually meant…

        Is there anything, I mean ANYTHING, this fucking clown WONT bumble his way through?

        Like fuck, this guy can’t even leave a voicemail coherently and the national libertarian apparatus thinks it’s a good idea to keep him in the limelight? Fuckin a

  11. My Johnson certainly harbors some pro- Gabbard sentiments.

    1. Gabbard-Johnson or Johnson-Gabbard?

  12. So he endorsed her but doesn’t want to formally endorse her. Whatever, man. Weld is shit and his primary campaign is irrelevant.
    Tulsi is the only Democrat running right now who I don’t despise. That said, the majority of her policies are strongly progressive. Her war and weed stances are fine and her personality is better, but she’d still lead straight to socialism

    1. “but she’d still lead straight to socialism”

      I think she’d be stymied by Wall street and the financial sector. Don’t let your fear of socialism cloud your judgement.

    2. She’ll have more flexibility after her election.

  13. Didn’t Weld say he was fully committed to being Libertarian and had abandoned the duopoly for good? What an asshole.

    Johnson backing him causes me to lose respect for him far more than flubbing a trick question ever could.

    1. Weld is a dud and always has been. He’s been looking for relevance ever since he left Mass governor, and he was a pretty ineffective one-signing every bloated budget the dems sent him and juicing the Big Dig project. He has no right to call himself a small government guy, never mind a libertarian

  14. It would be nice if “Libertarians” like Johnson actually supported Libertarian ideas and people who believed in them. Instead we get bake that cake Johnson supporting a statist. But don’t worry Reason and fellow Libertarians, the Libertarian moment is upon us. I’m sure Gillespie will write the article soon.

    1. This. Rather than shining some of that spotlight on lesser knows with actual libertarian principles he’d rather lend credence to a committed statist.

      Because, for them, it’s all about being in the club.

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    1. Reason can you afford a web crew to axe the bot spam accounts? Or did your national fundraising drive… that pulled in less money nationally in 2 weeks than a Pittsburgh Hospital did locally in 2 days… Not get enough donations to cover your I.T. Department?

      1. How do you know the spam bots aren’t the new and improved fundraising drive?

  18. Well, GayJay was going downhill as of Election Day 2016, I’m done with that dude.

    Backing Bill Weld to actually win just exposes that you are not a Libertarian but just care more about Buttsex and drugs.

    Remember boys and girls, there is more to being a Libertarian than vetoing bills from the New Mexico Legislature, Buttsex, and drugs.

    1. There’s also Messicans, amirite?

  19. Weld supports gun control, The Patriot Act, Hillary Clinton and eminent domain. He’s not criticized for being successful. He’s criticized because actual libertarians expect the LP to nominate actual libertarians. What’s the point of having a Libertarian Party if the end goal is diluting the party to become just like the Dems or GOP? Just work within the established framework if that’s what you want.

    1. What’s the point of having a Libertarian Party if the end goal is diluting the party….

      That is the end goal. Help the Democrat or Republican Parties keep large majorities and reduce chances of third parties diluting the money making machine of two-party politics.

  20. This is the “I endorsed Hillary Clinton while running as an LP” Weld right? I am sure he will endorse whoever the Democrat is as soon as he is finishing getting his three votes this time.

    What a tool Gary Johnson turned out to be.

  21. I am voting for the most Libertarian-ish candidate and that is TRUMP.

    1. I’m going to see who the LP party goes with and then decide which way to vote. But honestly Trump gets people so crazy it’s definitely worth 4 more years just to watch him tweet people to insanity.

  22. >>Libertarian-ish

    Liberty-arian? Seems to truly want all boats lifted.

  23. She’s getting libertarian attention based on one issue?

    Tulsi is by far the most digestible of the entire nut job Democrat brigade (Klobuchar closest to the centre but she screams establishment Democrat) but she’s gonna have to have much more than ‘non-interventionism’ in her (political) intellectual arsenal.

    How about ‘non-interventionism’ in free markets and stuff like that?

    But she isn’t.

    So whoever these libertarians are, they ain’t looking at the full picture of her policies.

    1. “So whoever these libertarians are, they ain’t looking at the full picture of her policies.”

      P. J. O’Rourke had a good look at Hillary Clinton’s policies, including her non-existent non-interventionist policy, and voted for her instead of Trump or Johnson when given the chance.

      1. I know. Even great minds can trip up.

  24. Tulsi Gabbard is the sort of pre-Trump Democrat who pretends to be sane while being socialist, as opposed to the mainstream post-Trump Democrat who openly embraces socialism.

    She’s probably to the left of Barack Obama, who was to the left of every other president in history. That libertarians are even glancing in her direction is not evidence that she has libertarian appeal; it’s a sign of how crazy the Democratic Party’s other options are coupled with the libertarian aversion towards admitting that the two parties are not remotely equal in their distance from libertarianism today.

    1. In any event, Trump is non-interventionist (or at least by instinct) so why aren’t they looking at him too then?

    2. Gabbard was the dangerous one. So glad the Dems were too dumb to bite.

      All the cancerous policies of Bernie, in a pleasing package who credibly loves the country.

  25. So she’s Bernie Sanders and Fidel Castro rolled into a neat little ball… apparently Gary Johnson is a fan of the Venezuelan model.
    Who knew?

  26. When you read pieces like this–and/or dwell in the comments section at Reason, you see very quickly that there are two, very different versions of Libertarian.

    Way back in the mists of time the phrase ‘socially liberal, fiscally conservative’ was coined as quick shorthand for what libertarians believe.

    Along with this–possibly because of it–the idea that libertarianism was a ‘third way’ started to catch on.

    Because it was half one thing and half another, it must be some type of central thing, right? It’s not left or right. It’s something else.

    And this opened the door to social ‘libertarians’. The side of the party that really help on to that ‘socially liberal’ idea, sometimes having to twist ‘fiscally conservative’ into knots to keep their ideas anywhere near libertarian concepts.

    But that phrase wasn’t meant as definition. It was shorthand. It was an easy way to try to describe something different.

    The ideas that are to the right of Republican, of Conservative. The ideas fueled by liberty. Individual, personal liberty.

    Ideas like gay marriage that spring from the notion that the government’s job is to enforce contracts individuals enter with each other–not to define what those contracts can be. So anyone can contract anything with any other consenting individual or individuals–be it marriage, business, even sex.

    Or the odd fiscal notion that individuals should be able to spend the money they earn or inherit as they choose–without government oversight except in the notion that contracts are fulfilled.

    But there is such fear of the idea of ‘the right’–because the only ‘right’ ever described is racist, sexist, evil. No one wants to be that.

    Despite this, part of the Libertarian movement still holds to these ideas, some not caring what the left (and if you hold to these ideas, most of the political spectrum is to your left) says.

    The other part has held to that third way concept and has long since succumbed to Conquest’s Second Law.

    But we’re all still here, in this malignant ‘libertarian’ lump. Each side trying to put forth their version of what it means to be libertarian.

    The only hope the LP has is that the left libertarians will accept liberty based social ideas even if their fiscal ideas have been twisted into ersatz leftism.

    1. Socially conservative, fiscally spend and spend is the dominant position in the US today.

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  28. Klobuchrer is now the media/beltway neoliberal hero…defacto front runner by tomorrow morning…a deluge of “Amy” puff pieces from NBC to Slate as the woke neoliberal slayer of Trump and all things “white male.”

    As for Nick Sawark still saying Weld is a libertarian? Or Johnson for that matter?

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