School Choice

Trump: 'No Parent Should Be Forced To Send Their Child to a Failing Government School'

In his State of the Union address, the president promised to give an opportunity scholarship to a specific child who needed one.


In his State of the Union remarks Tuesday night, President Donald Trump expressed his desire to expand school choice options for all American children.

"No parent should be forced to send their child to a failing government school," he said.

Trump singled out a fourth grader, Janiyah Davis, who was trapped in a low-performing school in Philadelphia. Davis and her mother were among the audience in the House chamber and were thrilled when Trump announced that she would receive a scholarship to attend a school of her choice. (Further details were not immediately available, noted Philly Voice.)

This change in Davis' educational situation comes in spite of efforts by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf to kill school choice in his state. The governor recently vetoed legislation that would have expanded the state's voucher program.

The Trump administration has recently made an increased effort to support nationwide school choice reforms. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, for example, wants to make billions of dollars in tax credits available to people who give money to education opportunity funds.

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  1. Holy shit, the Democrats came across as a bunch of insufferable, passive-aggressive scolds tonight.

    1. What a thoroughly unlikable, impolite, disrespectful passel of nags.

    2. Just tonight?

    3. Of course, Trump gets to act like a nasty petulant third grader because he's a Republican president. Everyone else has to behave with dignity and decorum at all times.

      1. Lol. What a fucking stupid take. You should feel bad.

    4. They looked as miserable as they hope to make everyone else.

  2. Democrats want to indoctrinate your kids in day prisons. But remember, both sides

    1. Does science work different where you are?

      1. Science? Libertarians tend to understand more about science than the average educated person does. I think Ryan may have been referring to instilling the young with blind obedience to authority.

        Critical thinking isn’t just not taught in most schools, like geography, it is actively forbidden.

      2. Yes. Where I am, it's a system for solving problems based on rational analysis, rather than the politics that you think are science.

      3. Be specific. What are you talking about? Or are you another liberal who thinks "science" is what AOC is all about.

  3. This is nothing more than a ploy to give a tax deduction to those who can afford to send their kids to private schools. Middle and lower income people who generally can't afford many of these private schools even with the tax deduction do not benefit. This crap is mostly pushed by those who send their kids to "Christian" private schools - a Republican handout to them.

    1. I know, right? I can't imagine anything worse than parents being able to decide how their children are educated!


      1. That is pretty over the top, isn't it? Why can't people just shut up and do as their betters tell them to?

    2. All schools should be private, and charge tuition. Churches and charities could help low income parents afford them. Kids do better in school when the parents care about education. Make them spend their own money and they will care more.

      1. It used to be the case, way back in the 1800s. Then the WASP bigots freaked out at Irish and Italian Catholic immigrants not being indoctrinated in Protestant ethics, worried that the papists would follow Rome instead of Washington DC, and voila! government schools.

        1. Actually, the push for public schools was fueled by the move towards manufacturing and the need for factory workers. Employers were finding the the rubes coming in to the cities for work were not suitable for factory work.

          Farmers get up with the animals. They take breaks when they need them. They work on different things in different locations. They eat their meals when they want. They do not follow a clock. They do not need to read and follow instructions.

          So the push for government schools. The primary focus? Show up before the bell. Be in your seat on time. Take breaks for bathroom by the whistle. Stop for lunch by the whistle. Go home on the whistle. Read and obey safety signs.

          That is what they needed. 100 years later when I was in school, the school board in North Carolina told my father that the schools were still designed for this purpose. They needed workers for the textile mills and furniture factories. Not management. The owners sent their kids to private school for that. So he ran for the school board to change that.

          But even today, that remains an objective... One that has become intertwined with the teacher's union's objective of increasing membership and pay. None of them are on board with the idea of having each kid reach their full potential in order to make society as a whole better.

          1. No. The push for government schools was indoctrination. They may have used your argument, but indoctrination was their goal.

            1. You're all 3 right, and I don't see any contradiction between what you're each saying.

      2. Well, technically, they are already spending their own money, along with everyone else. The greatest trick the government ever pulled was the Current Tax Payment Act of 1943...

    3. Did you miss this part "wants to make billions of dollars in tax credits available to people who give money to education opportunity funds"? This giving credits to those who donate so lower class kids can go to private schools. Oh the horror of letting people donate their own money to help out the less fortunate, only the government is allowed to do that.

      1. Meh, a tax credit (instead of a deduction) is a 1 to 1 offset. So you are basically just spending money that you would have to give to the US government and it will reduce government revenues by the same amount.

        So, I wouldn't classify it as spending your own money, but instead choosing diverting money from the US government to an education fund. Which, granted, may be a better choice, but isn't the same as actual charitable giving.

        1. should be: "but instead choosing to divert money from the"...

        2. What a happy day that would be if this can be put into place.

          The sooner public schools die off the better.

      2. Why should we care who gets tax credits? As long as somebody gets to keep more of their money, we should be glad.

    4. Over40VictimOfFate

      It's a real shame you didn't grow up and become a moral agent rather than remain an adolescent piece of shit.
      Did mommy not give you a big enough allowance?

    5. I mean, other than the fact they can be used to simply send your kid to a better public school thats not in a shitty neighborhood...

      They aren't exclusively useable at ritzy private schools you Muppet.

    6. This is nothing more than a ploy to give a tax deduction to

      Stop right there and bring on all the ploys we can get!

    7. The liberal left and teacher's unions are trying to squelch charter schools. Are you even paying attention? Hey, this is presumably a libertarian site. You have a problem with tax deductions?

  4. For the life of my I don't know why the GOP doesn't pound quality of life issues all day long. I live in the Bay Area and unless you are rich to move into a fancy area, good luck with all the petty crime, literal crap in the streets, horrible schools, etc.

    School choice is an excellent example. Even the libtards know that to be a good thing, because they pay to have their kids go to private schools.

    1. Why not move to a clinger paradise such as Mississippi, Wyoming, Alabama, or Oklahoma?

      1. As he walks through the valley of communist left
        Just take a look at the Rev and realize there's not much left
        'Coz he's been listenin' to his handlers so long, that
        Even his mama thinks that his mind is gone

        Been spendin' most his life,
        Livin' in the clinger's paradise
        Been spendin' most his life,
        Livin' in the clinger's paradise

        1. Oh-ooh why is he
          Too blind to see
          That the ones who cling
          Are the Ds and he

          1. Great job guys.

            Coolio just nailed it.

            “You gotta face responsibility one day, my brother
            So wrap up your pity and turn it to ambition
            And put your vehicle in 'drive' and stop by my side”

            CU when U get there.

            Love old school.

            1. Weird Al did a superb version of this, too.

      2. Wyoming sounds pretty good -- low taxes, scenery, not many socialists.

      3. Why don't you move to l.a. Where you can get hepatitis just by sitting on the sidewalk. You don't even need your ward-mate to fling his poo at you to get it again hihn

  5. in a low-performing school in Philadelphia

    Can you narrow that down a little bit?

    1. Pelosi tearing up Trump's speech in a petulant frenzy is the most work she's done in decades. i hope she didn't sprain anything.

      1. the fact she did that speaks volumes. Her face the entire time just screamed "please let this day end already"

        1. It's not just the day, it's been a bad week for Democrats. The Senate trial failed to convict, the Democratic Iowa caucus was a disaster, Sanders is doing well and Trump was able to get national TV coverage in her House.

          1. I know, right? He probably raked in another $5 million in campaign contributions using "her" house. It's enough to make her eyes bug out, umm...even more!

  6. That's fine. The money will come with strings. And by the way it's not a private school if the govt is paying for it.

    1. There's no such thing as private charities, either, since charitable contributions are tax-deductible.

    2. "wants to make billions of dollars in tax credits available to people who give money to education opportunity funds." The government will allow others to donate to pay for it.

    3. A leftist

      Let's get real:
      A fucking ignoramus.

    4. The money will come with strings.

      This is a problem for a leftist? You dance like a marionette every time your handlers tell you to.

    5. All money is the state's, since they deign to let us keep it. Nothing is private!

      1. The real reason progressives changed to the Democratic Party: It contained all of the people that missed slavery, and progressives want to enslave everyone (except the elite), only to the government instead of individual owners.

  7. Or forced to pay for one.

  8. I didn't watch, nor did wife who came home from a meeting.
    Did Trump, simply and properly, blow off any reference to the D attempt at impeachment for winning that election?

    1. He didn't allude to the impeachment a single time, not even obliquely or by implication.

      1. Not exactly.. when he said “the only victories in this house that matter are for the American people” I took that as a swipe at Democrats endless investigations/impeachment attempts. So did the cameraman who panned to Schiff and Nadler.

        1. Nadler looked like a partially deflated parade float wafted down from the rafters.

      2. smooth move.

  9. If only we had some model of success we could base our schools on we wouldn't have all this uncertainty...

    Oh wait, there are many successful examples of government schools around the world whose students are kicking our students' asses! Why don't we just do what they are doing? Oh right, we can't, because some Americans think science works differently in their red state than it does in the rest of the world.

    1. is this the same science that says i can wake up tomorrow and identify as a female?

    2. How fucking stupid are you? Those other schools you praise are based on weeding put poor performers the opposite of modern democratic based schools who weed out high performers. Under obama we literally reduced graduating requirements, moved algebra up a higher grade, etc.

      You are a product of democrat controlled schools producing dumbfucks

      1. I think he's blissfully unaware that France and Germany (as two large examples) segregate kids out by ability in schools by high school.

        1. And heaven forbid that we allow kids to pursue their own best interest. Why should we have advanced classes for students who want to pursue an academic path? And why should we offer vocationally targeted education with welding, plumbing, electrical or carpentry careers in mind? Everyone should attend a 4 year college! Nobody should be able to get educated in the skills needed to run a small business like a tree trimming service. Let 'em learn that crap on the fly!

        2. Same in Japan and China.

    3. Do you mean fill them exclusively with whites and Asians?

      1. I'd send my kid to that school.

    4. Oh wait, there are many successful examples of government schools around the world whose students are kicking our students’ asses!

      There are.

      Why don’t we just do what they are doing?

      We can. We have. Because they're doing what WE used to do.

      Oh right, we can’t, because some Americans think science is racist. sexist and homophobic. They believe math is a devilment created by white pipo. They think no child should ever fail, or be corrected, or get in trouble for assaulting/robbing or just general screwing with other children.

      There, fixed that for you. Our school system is fucked up because of people like you.

    5. Don't be a moron. You really think that's why? You can't possibly think that's why.

    6. Because schools are controlled by unions for their own leadership's benefit, not the kids.

      And get up off of your damn knees.

    7. Most European schools have school choice. I don't know why Democrats pretend that's not the case. Finland, which progressives love to tout as a socialist model for education, fully funds all schools, whether they are state-run, parochial, or independent (charter). The majority of Fins send their children to public schools (because they like/trust them) but they are not forced to. They also can send their children to any public school. They aren't assigned a school. Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, South Korea, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom all fund private schools to some extent with public funds and/or allow tax deductions. Many Asian countries don't tend to have school choice, but they are extremely equitable. The state schools that poor kids attend are very similar to the state schools rich kids attend. Who is served by the traditional U.S. school system, which is more authoritarian, less equitable, and more expensive than the systems in other countries?

      1. Who do I talk to about getting an "edit" option? First sentence should be "Most European COUNTRIES" have school choice, not most European schools. sigh.

      2. There are government schools, mystical schools, and schools operated as a business which every political soft machine seeks to crush and strangle with taxes.

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  12. 'No Parent Should Be Forced To Send Their Child to a Failing Government School' -- Amen President Trump...

    No Parent should be FORCED to send their child to ANY specific school in a country founded upon the ideas of Individual Freedom.

    If local governments want to mandate that all the populace has basic reading, writing, and math skills then great - they can vote to implement a test for basic competency just like a drivers test (locally implemented). One thing is for sure though; the 'national' level of government should NEVER have anything to do with dictating something as personal as one's own education.

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  14. Tax credits can easily become pass-through federal funding of private schools.

    Be very careful what you wish for.

    1. And? This is bad how?

      1. Because step 2 is a suite of mandates in order to get that funding. Along with a "you must accept all payment vouchers from the government" for a 1-2 punch of forcing all schools to follow the federal curriculum.

        1. But we haven't been seeing that in states with similar programs.

          The same political pressure that exists to allow people more control of their education will work against the mandates you fear. Why would the people who want more control of their education tax money turn around once they achieve it and ask to be subject to more controls?

          1. it is certainly a valid concern.

    2. removing money from the federal funnel is always a good thing and especially good when it comes to education.

  15. I'm pretty sure Donald Trump just became the first president ever to use the term "government school" instead of the Orwellian euphemism "public school."

    That's a big deal, and more clear evidence that one party is much closer to libertarian thinking than the other.

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  19. Boy oh boy did the Democrats come across really poorly. I didn't think they could do any worse than they have in the last three years but the dishonourable and disrespectful body language was pretty obvious capped off by Pelosi's little tear up tantrum at the end.

    I wanted to smack that paper from her hands throughout the speech. I would have been all 'Hey ma! Knock it off and show some respect!'

    Even when that soldier surprised his family at the end she couldn't muster the class and respect choosing instead to look down on those stupid notes.

    These people are pathetically driven by empty politics. They're driven by a hate of one stupid guy. They're willing to drop their sense of humanity ('when they go low we go high!' my ass) or rational bearings just to stick it to Trump.

    It's a stupid party, run by stupid and for stupid people.

    But watching them not applaud stuff all Americans should be happy about really said a lot about where they are as a party.

    And boy oh boy the comments about Limbaugh. I see AOC is her usual idiotic, illiberal, ignorant self.

  20. That's not fair. How is a kid supposed to build character if he can't even gun down some classmates or take a sacrificial bullet for the initiation of force? When was the last time you heard of a someone at a private school gunning down teachers and classmates? This is not equal opportunity for private school students.

    1. There was at least one school shooting at a private school, but the shooter was an adult who had never been a student at that school, or any other Amish school.

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