Brickbat: Waving Goodbye


West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice says an entire class of correctional officer cadets, some 30 people, will be fired after they posed for a class photo giving a Nazi salute. A report found the class began using the salute as a sign of respect for someone identified as "Inspector Byrd." Byrd told investigators she was unaware of the "historical or racial implications of the gesture" and reported it was "simply a greeting," But others contradicted that, including a secretary who says Byrd told her the students use the salute "because I'm a hard-ass like Hitler" and instructed her to caption the picture "Hail Byrd." Two corrections academy staff members have also been fired and the report calls for the termination or suspension of additional staff members who were aware of the photo and did not report it.

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  1. Why are they all so fuzzy-headed? Are they THAT buzzed? Is THIS what “buzz haircuts” does to you? I got a “buzz haircut” in my first days in the military, as did all of my buddies, and I don’t recall any of them EVER looking fuzzy-headed like this!

    Times, they are just a-changin’ so rapidly anymore, I just don’t know any more! These young people…

    Here’s an idea! I have heard crazy people saying crazy stuff about there secretly being disguised space aliens among us. I am NOT going for THAT! But… Suppose there are people among us who are secretly BEARS!!! “Fuzzy Wuzzy, was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy, had no hair…” We all know THAT, right?

    Well all these disguised Fuzzy Wuzzies (supposedly humans, but actually bears) got their buzz cuts, they had no hair, and so now, they’ve gone all fuzzy-wuzzy!

    1. “January 8, 4:36 AM”

      1. Take your lithium and other meds as your psychiatrist has prescribed
      2. Get a life

  2. At least West Virginia wasn’t buying them Hugo Boss.

    1. They could only afford Paolo Garretto.

  3. At least they didn’t make the “OK” sign. That would have been bad.

  4. What is the status of the cadets in the photo giving the black power salute? It also looks like one is giving a boy scout salute.

    1. Thats a good question. One boy scouts oath, 3 forward fists, one half fist karate chop type thing, one black power and what appears to be a black hand giving the actual heil salute…

    2. Possibly because in 2020, and what with Social Media, giving a Nazi salute, even in jest probably doesn’t quite feel right.

  5. “their conduct, without question, has also resulted in the far-reaching and harmful perceptions that are the antithesis of the values we strive to attain”

    This is what happens when you try to use big words – someone obviously doesn’t know the difference between “antithesis” and “epitome”.

    Also, I’m being told this site has an expired or otherwise invalid security certificate and it is not safe to be here. If they think an invalid security certificate is dangerous, they obviously have never seen the commentariat here.

    1. this site has an expired or otherwise invalid security certificate..
      It’s no longer a safe space.

      1. All is well now – – – – –

    2. Works for me. Talk to your network admin. Possibly proxy server inline cert has expired.

  6. OK, I see several problems here.
    1. 5 of the 30 are actually giving the black power salute. This exceeds the black percentage of the national population, so this is not Nazis, but racists.
    2. There is actually one Boy Scout salute, so this is child abuse, not Nazis.
    3. Firing anyone for using a fascist salute is culturally insensitive.

    1. And if the cadets (who normally don’t have much power to begin with) were requested to gesture as instructed, then why should they be punished more than the individual making the instruction.

      This sounds like cancel/fire culture before the facts are in without much in the way of due process.

      1. Don’t worry; they’ll lawyer up and settle for a wrist-slap.

    2. What if they say it’s not “facsist” but a symbol of their Axis-nation heritage? That worked for South Carolina for a long time.

  7. They were probably just reciting the pledge of allegiance.

  8. A report found the class began using the salute as a sign of respect for someone identified as “Inspector Byrd.”

    I haven’t read the story but I am going to go out on a limb and guess she’s the granddaughter of Robert Byrd, in which case the salutation is probably warranted, since that State worshipped the ground that former KKK Grand Dragon walked on.

    1. Considering Robert Byrd died 10 years ago at the age of 93, I would suggest great granddaughter as a possibility.

  9. Salve, Caesar.

  10. is the heil sign historically limited to Adolf? asking bc i don’t care enough to googles and one of you smart guys will know

    1. See eyeroller’s link. Related, the New Mexico National Guard had a swastika on its unit patch into the 30’s.

      1. NMSU yearbook used Swastika up through the 1980s.

        A contest was held among students to name the yearbook, and the name Swastika was selected, in part because the swastika is an ancient symbol of fortune and good luck used by Native Americans in the Southwest. As the years passed, and the symbol was adopted by the Nazi Party in Germany, the meaning behind the symbol changed. Attempting to maintain a long tradition, New Mexico A&M, and later New Mexico State University, held on to the name Swastika until 1983, when it was renamed The Phoenix, again through a student contest.

      2. exactly. gracias.

    2. There’s the Klingons.

  11. You know who else…oh…nevermind.

  12. They were probably all major assholes, so no loss.

    Unfortunately, every class before and after is probably the same except for being stupid enough to be photographed demonstrating that they were assholes.

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