Hate crimes

Are We Experiencing a Nationwide 'Anti-Semitism Crisis'?

Hate crime data suggest that claim is overblown.


"We're facing an anti-Semitism crisis, and not just in this city," New York Mayor Bill de Blasio declared on Sunday. "It's happening across our country and planet."

De Blasio's warning, which came on the same day that thousands of people responded to recent anti-Jewish crimes in the New York area by joining a solidarity march in Manhattan, was more sweeping than the evidence justifies. While New York City has seen a substantial increase in reports of anti-Semitic crimes during the last two years, the story in the rest of the country is more complicated and less alarming.

According to the New York Police Department, reports of hate crimes against Jews in that city rose 26 percent last year, from 186 in 2018 to 234 in 2019, after rising nearly as much (23 percent) in the previous year. According to Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, the 2019 total was the highest seen in New York City since the FBI began reporting hate crime data in 1992.

Nationwide, however, the FBI's tally indicates that the number of anti-Jewish criminal incidents (each of which may include more than one offense) fell from 938 in 2017 to 835 in 2018—an 11 percent drop. The total in 2018, the most recent year for which national data are available, was lower than the totals in 21 out of the previous 26 years.

The number of anti-Jewish incidents counted by the FBI has fallen by 18 percent since 1992. That drop is especially striking because both the number of law enforcement agencies participating in the FBI's program and the population served by them more than doubled between 1992 and 2018.

Furthermore, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, based on data from its National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), says the share of hate crimes reported to police—the ones that potentially would be counted by the FBI—was 55 percent in 2017, up from 40 percent in 2009. The reporting rates in the 1990s, when the FBI's annual count of anti-Jewish incidents exceeded 1,000 in every year but one, may have been even lower.

The NCVS, which covers unreported offenses as well as offenses that police may not have classified as bias-motivated even though the victims perceived them that way, generates much higher estimates of hate crimes than the FBI's tallies. That survey nevertheless shows a 30 percent decline in all hate crimes from 2004 to 2017.

In addition to reporting rates, the information collected by the FBI is affected by local policies and practices. Los Angeles, for instance, saw a startling 100 percent increase in anti-Jewish crimes between 2018 and 2019, 83 percent of which was caused by a change in the way police classified hate symbols in public places.

It is also important to keep in mind the typical nature of the hate crimes reported to the FBI. While deadly or life-threatening crimes such as last month's machete attack on Hasidim in Monsey, New York, understandably get the most attention, the vast majority of hate crime incidents in 2018 involved vandalism (26 percent), intimidation (29 percent), or simple assault (23 percent), while 12 percent involved aggravated assault or homicide.

Similarly, the Anti-Defamation League's annual audit of "anti-Semitic incidents," which is based mainly on direct reports to the organization and includes noncriminal conduct, consists almost entirely of "harassment," which accounted for 57 percent of the incidents in 2018, and vandalism, which accounted for 41 percent. The ADL says the 2018 total (1,879) was the third-highest since 1979, although it was down 5 percent from 2017.

Like the FBI's numbers, the ADL tally is influenced by the likelihood that people will report anti-Jewish incidents, which may in turn be influenced by publicity regarding anti-Semitism, including the audit itself. In trying to figure out whether we are actually experiencing a nationwide "anti-Semitism crisis," we should not conflate that concern with the underlying reality.

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69 responses to “Are We Experiencing a Nationwide 'Anti-Semitism Crisis'?

  1. The open support of Leftists for Iran’s theocratic regime can’t be a good sign

    1. Who exactly is openly supporting Iran’s theocratic regime?

      Is this where you confuse criticism of the wisdom of Trump’s actions, with support for Iranian mullahs?

      1. Who exactly is openly supporting Iran’s theocratic regime?

        Rose McGowan.

        1. So, failing to be appropriately tough and patriotic is now support for Iran’s government?

          1. She actually supported Iran and tweeted condolences for the killing of a known terrorist. Did you miss that?

            1. Michael Moore directly apologized for the terrorist killing to the supreme leader.

        2. I would put Pedo Jeffy in that list too, in his usual passive aggressive way. Just like his support for child rapists.

    2. Which one of you guys is Samuel James Gulick?

  2. The constant, juvenile disruption efforts of Neoconservative Hasbara-wannabe trolls can’t be a good sign, either.

    December.17.2019 at 7:23 pm

    And you’re no man, eunuch.
    Neither are you a woman though.
    Nope, just a bitch

    It doesn’t get any more convincing than that!

    1. Lol.
      Keep crying, antisemite

      1. Does SQRLSY think we don’t know it’s him?

        Lol how pathetic.

    2. I’m Jewish, and all I have to say about this is, go wash my car.

  3. I don’t think so.

    But I’m pretty sure that Zionists are experiencing a global lying crisis.

    Caused by the fact that they haven’t been able to censor the truth from the internet.

    Karma’s a bitch.

    1. When someone is caught lying, they are “busted”, persecuted. That is justice.

      Jews all have the misfortune of belonging to a religion that advocates lying.

      Here is the Kol Nidre text. The holiest Jewish prayer on the holiest Jewish day.

      “All vows, obligations, oaths, and anathemas [curses]which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect: they shall not bind us nor have any power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligations; nor the oaths be oaths.

      1. Dude, really?

        1. The concept of divine clemency, or the fact that man cannot make a binding contract with God, is lost on him.

          Of course, he also wants to throw out the 1A.

      2. Rob Misek, meet Zack Midik.

      3. Rob won’t be happy until the Jooooooossssss are exterminated, but of course, no holocaust ever took place.

        Rob is with the terrorists.

      4. I’m Catholic and go to confession to be absolved of my sins. That doesn’t mean I have card blanche to sin with impunity.

        Trust me…I asked.

        1. Hey dipshit, tell me what your priest says when you tell him that from now on, your sins are not sins.

    2. Go back to whatever anti-Semitic fever swamp you shambled out of.

      1. Unfortunately, he lurks waiting to inject his batshit crazy, Zionist conspiracy theory brand of anti-Semitism. When he can’t, he somehow ties whatever subject is being discussed to his pet form of hatred. Tom Brady retiring from the NFL, must be part of a larger Zionist global conspiracy, don’t you know?

      2. chem….thank you for that comment. I appreciate it when people stand up to this sickening shit. And Misek is spouting some sick shit.

    3. I’ll keep sharing the truth.

      You can keep demonstrating your bigotry.

      1. Yeah Misek…bigotry.

      2. Rob Misek
        January.8.2020 at 5:57 pm
        “I’ll keep sharing the truth.”

        This is code for “I’m a scumbag bigot”.
        We got it Misek; those people who are always doing better than you? Must be jooooooze!

    4. Karma’s a bitch.

      Is that what your buddy Hitler said when he blew his syphilitic brain to bits?


    5. After all the evidence of science and logic that I have provided to demonstrate the truth not one of you bigots have ever refuted any of it.

      What the fuck is wrong with you?

      1. You provide no evidence of anything. You’re an evil nutcase who is obsessed with exterminating a tiny minority of peaceful civilized people.

      2. Rob Misek
        January.9.2020 at 4:58 am
        “After all the evidence of science and logic that I have provided to demonstrate the truth not one of you bigots have ever refuted any of it.”

        You can’t even spell; must be the joooooze!
        Here. let me help you: it’s spelled “b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t”. That’s what you ‘provide’ you scumbag bigot.

  4. “Never let a crisis go to waste”

  5. Sullum, I think you miss an important aspect of what we are seeing. That is, the lethality of recent attacks on Jews. There is no other point in American history I can think of where Jews ever had to worry about being murdered during services in America. This is unprecedented, and that needs to be stated plainly (which notably, you fail to do).

    1. Maybe it is somewhere between “nothing to see here” and “OMG CRISIS”.

      I do feel bad for our Jewish colleagues. I would hate to think about having to worry about armed security just for going to synagogue.

      1. chem, in my shul, we have had armed security for some time now. That is literally from 0630 to 2100. Every member pays a security fee of several hundred dollars annually for this. It is absolutely ludicrous that in 2020 I have to worry about some asshole killing me simply because I am Jewish and praying to God. And for the high holidays, our local police are everywhere….augmented by extra-heavy (and expensive) private armed security.

        Can you imagine if Catholic Churches needed armed guards because of anti-Catholic violence? That is not what we are about.

        1. “Can you imagine if Catholic Churches needed armed guards because of anti-Catholic violence? That is not what we are about.”

          An American history course might help.

        2. America has confronted successive waves of intolerance and ignorance — customarily associated with skin color, religion, immigration, and/or perceived economic pressure — throughout its existence, along the line we currently are experiencing.

          Those targeted by American bigots have included Italians, blacks, Jews, Asians, gays, Catholics, the Irish, women, agnostics, eastern Europeans, Muslims, Hispanics, other Asians, atheists, other Hispanics, and others — most of America, at one time or another.

          Here is a head start on the Catholic part.

          What makes America great is that the bigots don’t win here, at least not over time. What is curious is that some members of formerly targeted groups later join the lesser element that demonizes other Americans.

          I am optimistic that our current eruption of downscale bigotry will end much as its predessors did. This current batch of bigots seems nothing special, its reliance on the charms, insights, and integrity of Donald J. Trump notwithstanding.

          1. Denounces bigotry by being a bigot himself. Rev Kirkland everyone, give him a hand.

            1. He needs a visit from his alter ego…Rev. Arthur I Kuckland.

          2. What about other other Asians and Hispanics?

            When you have to mention Asians and Hispanics twice, you might be addicted to grievance.

            Everything is so terrible and unfair.

          3. “America has confronted successive waves of intolerance and ignorance”

            Yep, you’re still here.

        3. XY,

          At the shul I attended when I had no choice, we had a display case of Judaica, as I’m sure your temple also has.

          Ours contained, among other things, menorahs made of spent brass (seriously). There’s something to be said of that.

          1. There is, indeed. = Ours contained, among other things, menorahs made of spent brass (seriously). There’s something to be said of that.

  6. The crisis of the anti-Semitism crisis is that it can do longer be plausibly be laid at the feet of hard-core neo-Nazi white supremacist KKK’ers. You know, Republicans. Too many people can clearly see it’s laughable to continue to insist that Donald Trump is the head of the anti-Semitic crowd when it’s all leftists who support BDS while insisting that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are two completely different things and vowing to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth doesn’t mean they don’t love Jews. Why, in fact, they just love Jews to death! Love dead Jews, whatever. The real crisis of anti-Semitism is how do they keep calling for the death of all Jews while still being able to claim it’s their opponents who are the real anti-Semites.

    1. But anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism *are* two different things.

      1. Strictly speaking, they are two different things. Pragmatically speaking, this is open to interpretation and debate. MLK thought they were essentially indistinguishable. Maybe not everyone agrees. I’m sure there is room for compromise.

      2. Let me guess: you are an avowed anti-Zionist … but not an anti-Semite. Right?

        1. I’m neither. But thanks for asking.

        2. Pedo Jeffy is terrible in all sorts of other ways.

      3. True, they are not one and the same. But there is a lot of overlap. Non-anti-semitic anti-zionists should probably move on. Israel has been a thing for 70 years and it’s not going away. At some point you need to let the past go and deal with the world we actually live in.

        1. If you had been alive in 1940, would you have said the same about Germany? I don’t know what world you live in, but in MY world Israel is CURRENTLY engaged in genocide. They’re the ones who need to let go of the past. They’re the ones collectively punishing people for crimes committed before most of them were even born, copying the tactics of the Big Evil that our grandparents died to save their grandparents from. And no, I won’t “move on.”

          1. Israel has given us Gal Gadot. She is an international treasure. Which of itself proves Israel is an awesome country.

          2. “…in MY world Israel is CURRENTLY engaged in genocide…”

      4. Criticism of certain policies of any nation’s government is absolutely legitimate. We can have legitimate and heated debates over those and still be of goodwill.
        Denying the very right of Israel to exist is anti-Semitic.

  7. It is not a crisis yet, but wide publicity, and the democrats openly renouncing their past and current anti-semitism would help to prevent a crisis.
    Some where between Kristallnacht and the camps lies the reason for the slogan “NEVER AGAIN”.
    And yet, we are here again.
    A vote for a democrat is a vote for a fascist. (see national socialism)

  8. Jews have consistently been the group most targeted for hate crimes since such records have been maintained by law enforcement.

    This is nothing new.


    But, nowadays, people are waking up to the reality that your average black Democrat from Crown Heights is far more likely to bash a Jewish woman carrying groceries in the face than an enraged Trump supporter is to even mutter the word “kike” under his breath.

    And, now it’s an uncomfortable situation. The rainbow coalition of illiberal socialists has the difficult job of trying to explain why their exotic pets from the hierarchy of victimhood hate Jews. Good luck.

    1. Arutz Sheva had an interesting video report done out of Brooklyn. The reporter asked Brooklyn residents why they thought these attacks were happening.


      1. Before I watch, I already know the answer.

        “These Jewish motherfuckers own all the land, and have all the money, and be oppressing the black community.”

        Now, let me watch.

        1. Yup, same old shit.

          My advice. Carry a gun and learn to use it. These games end real quick when someone takes a bullet to the face and gets acquitted.

          1. Ok, now that was funny = your two stage comment. LOL.

        2. The NAACP leader in New Jersey was forced out (for 6 months?) after an open, on video anti-Jewish rant.

  9. The violent black on white crime attacks in Minneapolis and St. Paul are exploding, not reported on MSM. The democrats/left (Jacobin) calls the violence a reaction to late stage capitalism.

  10. Isn’t it funny how anti-Jewish crime is steadily dropping on average, but the only places it manages to increase are the places run by leftists who keep importing Muslims? Really makes me think…

  11. It’s mostly aimed at Hassidic Jews, who are a rarity in everywhere but NY

    1. Because the hassidic are easily identifiable.

      You could walk right by me or know me casually and not know I am one.

  12. Omg, the world is showing the end of the Hour ^_^

  13. It’s not anti-Semitism that’s on the rise, but anti-Zionism. Time to get that straight.

  14. It’s worth noting that anti-Semitism doesn’t mean anti-Jewish. Judaism is a religion, not a race. People can’t change their race but they can convert to other religions — such as the many, many Palestinians whose ancestors converted to Islam.

    Supporting Palestinians over Israelis makes you no more and no less anti-Semitic than supporting Israelis over Palestinians does.

    1. Anti-Jewish then. Don’t try and eliminate the problem with wordplay.

      And there is a decided difference between discussion about the wisest course of action for a foreign country to take or even anger against a foreign country, and active discrimination against people here because of actions taken by a foreign country.

      I’ve seen a lot of people justify active hate and discrimination against Jews in America and Europe because of the actions of Israel. That’s madness.

  15. So you’re saying the issue is Billy Wilhelm and Boss Fredo’s peculiar brands of administrative negligence that are responsible – got it.

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