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'Active Disinformation' or 'Honest Mistake'? Story Shifts on Leaked Letter Saying U.S. Will Leave Iraq

Plus: More charges against Harvey Weinstein, Puerto Rico without power, and more...


Iraq memo was a "mistake," said top general. The Trump administration's handling of things in Iraq and Iran continues to be an incredible mix of stunning incompetence and potentially monumental consequences. The latest involves a leaked letter about U.S. troops leaving Iraq that the Pentagon suggested was part of a propaganda campaign—only to later say it was a real draft letter but delivered to Iraqi military officials by mistake.

The Iraqi parliament voted over the weekend that the U.S. military and all foreign troops must go, saying in a resolution: "The Iraqi government must work to end the presence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil and prohibit them from using its land, airspace or water for any reason." The move came in response to America's execution of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, and "in anticipation of a reaction from the mostly pro-Iran groups which demand such a move," said Baghdad-based analyst Tareq Harb.

On Monday, a leaked document suggested that the U.S. would withdraw its troops—about 5,000 remain in the region—in accordance with the Iraqi leadership's wishes. The document appeared to be from the U.S. Command in Baghdad and was dated January 6.

An unsigned letter from William Seely III, commanding general of U.S. operations in Iraq, it said that "in due deference to the sovereignty of the Republic of Iraq," the U.S.-led coalition there would "be repositioning forces over the course of the coming days and weeks to prepare for onward movement."

The letter hadn't just been leaked to U.S. media but delivered to Iraqi military officials, and the Iraqi prime minister's office had done the leaking, according to Liz Sly of The Washington Post. She added that the U.S. military had "confirmed [the letter's] authenticity."

Not long later, the official story would change. According to Annie Dreazen in the Pentagon's policy office, the letter wasn't a draft but a deliberate fake, meant as "active disinformation."

Who had created the letter was unknown, but Dreazen suggested it was a U.S. adversary.

"It'd be a big deal if the letter had been fabricated by Iran or another malign actor and humiliating if the U.S. fell for such misdirection," writes Steve Hayes at The Dispatch.

But the story would soon shift again. When reporters asked Defense Secretary Mark Esper about the memo, he agreed that the information it contained was wrong, or at least "inconsistent of where we are right now." But he couldn't offer much information about its origins.

"I don't know what that letter is. We're trying to find out where that's coming from, what that is," Esper said.

Almost immediately thereafter, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said the letter was not an Iranian propaganda missive at all but a real draft letter, released in error. "It was unsigned," said Milley. The letter "implies withdrawal," but "that is not what's happening."

He called the release of the letter an "honest mistake."

What the hell just happened? No one is quite sure. Milley's mistake narrative certainly squares with what we know about the Trump administration more generally, which is that the Keystone Cops' most inept descendants are basically running the show. But it's also the kind of thing folks might "admit" to if the truth were a lot like more embarrassing…

More from The Dispatch:

A mistake? Why was it transmitted to the Iraqis? The United States had given Iraqi security forces formal notice that U.S. troops would be leaving the country … by accident? Apparently so. Esper explained that drafts are circulated all the time and this one just happened to get circulated to the wrong folks. (Dreazen referred inquiries from The Dispatch to the Pentagon press shop, where officials pointed us to the public statements from Milley and Esper but otherwise declined to comment on the "active disinformation" assessment provided Capitol Hill or the broader matter.)

The bottom line, for now: the U.S. is not withdrawing troops.

So, is America now violating an Iraqi government order?

Not yet. "Parliament resolutions, unlike laws, are non-binding and the move would require new legislation to cancel the existing agreement" between Iraq and the U.S.-led coalition still present there, Al Jazeera explains.

Esper told reporters yesterday: "It is being reported as a non binding vote…So it's nonbinding right now. Wethis has to play out. I think there's some more action that has to happen."


  • A powerful earthquake in Puerto Rico left much of the island without electricity.
  • Already on trial for sex crimes in New York, movie producer Harvey Weinstein was also just charged in California with four counts of rape and sexual battery.
  • Fox News host Tucker Carlson isn't buying his colleagues' conversion on the intelligence community:

  • Trump-cheerleading TV personality Geraldo Rivera isn't on board with the administration's Iran plans:

  • Federal Judge Stefan Underhill called this a "a shocking case…that calls for jury nullification."
  • Thread:

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  1. A powerful earthquake in Puerto Rico left much of the island without electricity.

    We shouldn’t get involved. Leave it to whatever country owns Puerto Rico!

    1. The people are US citizens even if PR isn’t part of the US.

      You don’t want to help fellow citizens in a crisis?

      1. How many state and local power outages do we expend federal resources on?

        1. Of course it depends on how bad the situation is and if they really need our help.

          But FoE just blindly dismissed them regardless of the situation.

          1. One of us is out-parodying the other here.

            1. A ped ad bot probably doesn’t get sarcasm.

              1. Oops, sorry, that was meant as a reply to the comment below.

      2. “The people are US citizens”

        Who don’t pay federal taxes.

        1. No taxation without representation.

          1. It works the other way too.

      3. You haven’t met Fist

      4. ” PR isn’t part of the US.”

        PR is US Territory, it’s just not a State.

        1. We need to dig up McKinley and shoot him again.

    2. Spain has been neglecting them for more than a century.

    3. Hedge funds and public employee pension plans are not a country.

  2. Can’t trust anybody or anything.

  3. We were just denouncing them as the deep state! In my case it was heartfelt…

    His tin foil has a chin strap.

    1. Tucker Carlson is obviously an unpatriotic America-hater if he doesn’t trust our intelligence services to hold themselves to a higher loyalty and move to eliminate existential threats to this great nation when they see one, regardless of the law or the Constitution. Donald Trump certainly trusts them, he appointed Gina Haspel head of the CIA knowing she was Brennan’s pick and came highly recommended by Brennan, Clapper and Comey and those guys all have a well-documented history of being willing to do whatever is necessary to neutralize threats to our country. I’d go so far as to say that these guys act as a sort of insurance policy to make sure the bad guys don’t win. Now, I don’t actually know what Trump knows that makes him certain they are correctly identifying the bad guys that need to be eliminated as threats to our nation, but I trust that Trump knows.

  4. Supporters of @realDonaldTrump have to have the guts to tell him this war is a stupid idea.

    Then they weren’t really the president’s friends in the first place.

    1. How is this more of a war than killing bin laden?

      1. Apparently the uniform is the difference.

      2. Killing the enemy while a Democrat is President = good thing
        Killing the enemy while a Republican is President = bad thing

        Com on, get with the program.

        1. Notice this Lefty outrage does not include advocating repeal of the AUMF.

      3. Gaddafi was a bigger war and almost nothing happened there.

        1. Well, a vid or something!

        2. What difference, at this point, does it make?

          1. You’re human garbage.

    2. “Supporters of @realDonaldTrump have to have the guts to tell him this war is a stupid idea.”

      What war?

      1. The resistance to the “Resistance”, probably.

    3. “The Iraqi parliament voted over the weekend that the U.S. military and all foreign troops must go.”. Must be a President’s day sale. Iranian Generals half off.

  5. Federal Judge Stefan Underhill called this a “a shocking case…that calls for jury nullification.”

    Judges and jurors better stay in their lanes.

  6. GDPR is working exactly as everyone who knew the first thing about ads thought it would.

    Regulatory capture is extremely lucrative.

    1. It’s a good thing Reason hasnt been promoting extra legal protections for social media companies then.

  7. Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy: A closer look: 60 Minutes has obtained the photographs from inside the convicted sex offender’s cell and during his autopsy. They shed new light on —and possibly raise more questions about — his death.

    Based on the sheets at the crime scene and the numerous fixtures to hang from this could easily have been a suicide. But who knows and I will wait for the dust to settle.

    I do know that Bill Clinton is sad Lolita Express is not flying anymore.

    1. Hilary isn’t.

      1. Actually…she is.

        1. Never underestimate the spouse death poll bump!

          Hillary would have almost won Election 2016 with that bump.


    Antifa guy turns out to be a racist and predatory sexist and generally broken stupid asshole. Let me get my surprised face.

    1. Thanks for sharing John.

    2. I read that entire article and, while I do think that this guy is a broken and angry person, there’s not really a whole lot of evidence for the whole “he’s into underage girls” angle. Someone just simply noted that he “seemed excited” that an underage girl flirted with him. Pretty thin if you ask me. Same with the accusations from “Sora MC”… all anonymous accusations. I shouldn’t trash the media for reporting unsubstantiated stuff like this about people I like or believe are innocent while simultaneously jumping on the bandwagon when they do the same thing to people that I vehemently disagree with.

      But he is a predator in terms of his online doxxing behavior.

      1. You’re not wrong, but fuck him, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. This shits gonna keep coming down on regular folks up until people start pushing back, and he’s someone who needs to be pushed back.

    3. The hunter becomes the hunted.

  9. …the letter wasn’t a draft but a deliberate fake, meant as “active disinformation.”

    Can you imagine the egg on deployed U.S. combat personnel’s faces when they got home only to find they’d been duped.

  10. Local news story alert:

    Maduro uses military to perform a legislative coup fully cementing his authoritarian regime.

    Not on front page of wapo or NYT, so reason is silent.

  11. “Parliament resolutions, unlike laws, are non-binding and the move would require new legislation to cancel the existing agreement” between Iraq and the U.S.-led coalition still present there…

    The United States of America has successfully brought legislative circlejerks to Iraq. Mission accomplished.

  12. Schiff is still refusing to release the ICIG testimony because apparently it has nothing to do with the Ukraine… oh and it probably shows collusion between democrats and the ICIG.

    1. Man, you are easily distracted.

      you must have missed the document dump that shows, without any doubt, that the Pentagon knew the hold up was illegal, confirmed it was Trump’s order to withhold aid that caused the delay, and shows an active coverup? You should vary your news sources more.

      1. Except that article doesn’t say what you say it says

      2. Except over already discussed that argument when the idiot neutral money brought it up. You probably misses this document was released over a month ago and the OMB already released a memo that showed the email was a continuation of an action that started weeks prior.

        For you to be right you have to believe that trump got off the phone with the Ukraine and then phoned over to OMB Low level staffers immediately to start a process that had already started a few weeks prior. Youd also have to ignore that similar emails were sent for almost every country receiving aid as it had been normal policy. This was testified to and if you weren’t an ignorant dumbass you would read the OMB official testimony that was released.

        Basically you’re nothing more than a useful idiot falling for DNC talking points.

  13. Deadnaming on Instagram? Immediate ban. Threatening to murder the president and family? Meh.

  14. “The Trump administration’s handling of things in Iraq and Iran continues to be an incredible mix of stunning incompetence and potentially monumental consequences.”

    And a reminder why I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. She was literally the most qualified candidate ever, with an undeniable record of foreign policy wisdom.


    1. She saw, He died, She came.

    1. I still say that Trump winning reelection in 2020 is gonna send the remaining Lefty lunatics, barely keeping it together, on a violent rampage.

    2. …and that she should have known…

      I’ve heard that line before.

    3. You could have left off the “Asian” part and it would still apply.

      1. Or just called her a resbian.

    4. “Crazy Asian Lesbians” sounds like the name of a punk band. Or a porn movie, I’m not sure which.

    5. She took the scissoring thing too literally.

  15. “The Iraqi parliament voted over the weekend that the U.S. military and all foreign troops must go,”

    No they didn’t, as your excerpt sates. It says they need to form regulation to get people to leave. It was a non actionable vote. Stop getting the little things wrong ENB. Makes you look dumb.

    1. She’s not getting it wrong. She’s lying. She’s deliberately lying.

    2. -er

    3. Grasping at straws there, Jesse. Understandable, as your chosen god and idol has no consistent strategy or policy.

      1. By straws do you mean an understanding of language dummy? The quote is literally in the roundup. Everyone of any intelligence (ie not you or the media) agrees it was non actionable.

  16. “”•Trump-cheerleading TV personality Geraldo Rivera””

    I thought I typed the address for Reason magazine but all I got was the Huffington Post.

    1. Nope. HuffPo and Reason are quite similar, but Reason is more likely to call for abolishing the minimum wage.

    1. Hollywood has about as much moral standing these days as the Catholic Church did in the wake of the child abuse scandals.

      1. The best part was when the chick thanked her abortion for her ability to win an award

  17. ‘Trump-cheerleading TV personality Geraldo Rivera isn’t on board with the administration’s Iran plans:’

    Must have missed Reason discussing the obama loving creative writer Ben Rhodes epitaph.

    1. ‘Trump-cheerleading TV personality Geraldo Rivera isn’t on board with the administration’s Iran plans:’

      I know when I want guidance on international affairs, Geraldo is my first and best option!
      Well, right after HRC that is.

      1. I mean… Reason realizes they were quoting David Frum and Matt Yglesias just this weekend right?

  18. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $61.3 billion

    One week into 2020 and’s benefactor is already struggling financially. Keep in mind, this is following an absolutely brutal 2019, in which he only increased his wealth by a pathetic $2,650,000,000.


  19. Ikea to pay family $46m after child killed by falling drawers

    Not sure if y’all have seen this story? People are getting huge settlements from furniture manufacturers for kids.

    Cheap furniture is what many customers want. The parents dont follow the instructions to mount the dressers to the wall. The kids are unsupervised and stupid, so they open all the drawers and the dressers tips over on them.

    These customers have turned a safe product by itself into a target for big paydays and remove their own personal responsibility.

    Product liability can be an important tool to keep manufacturers from selling de facto unsafe products. Exploding furniture would be an example of that. Guns are designed to be dangerous, so they would not be included unless they blew up in your hand or something where you could not operate them as designed.

    There is a whole other aspect to this story about Ikea’s claim of using sustainable wood when they are using particle board from protected virgin forests. You will see that some of the customers want all customers to pay for huge blocks of heavy wood at the back of dressers to keep them from tipping over. But then Ikea is harassed for trying to keep price points down with other wood suppliers.

    1. The parents dont follow the instructions

      Does this mean that Ikea’s instructions with the bubble dude with the smiley face and the Allen wrench putting the dresser together isn’t sufficient anymore?

      1. The “documentary” that I saw tried to imply that customers who had to put their furniture together at home were not capable of attaching said furniture to the wall.

        1. Drywall screws are difficult…

          1. Um, drywall screws for a dresser, mounted to the wall?

            No guy. Just no.

            1. The dresser would be mounted to the studs behind the wall if the wall is drywall. Any wood screw could be used.

            2. I dont buy IKEA furniture because I have standards. But any dresser with decent depth would be fine with just a drywall mount.

  20. California, where discredited commie bullshit gets resurrected:

    “California Democrat Rolls Out Green New Deal to Fight Climate Change, Poverty”

    Yep, free money and purple unicorns for all!

    1. They’re really counting on that eventual bail out, and sadly, I see no way in hell the fed won’t give it to them.

      1. I suspect you’re correct.

  21. Martin Scorsese Gets Hilariously Trolled About His Marvel Comments By This Surprising Person

    Poor Scorsese. He has obviously lost his touch with “cinema” and really needs to stop with the Double Dog Dare You schtick to get press for The Irishman.

    De Niro had old man body and it was 100% unbelievable with the curb stomp scene in The Irishman. One of many things to make that movie unwatchable. I love old Scorsese films too but he’s finito!

    1. The Irishman would have been so much better if they just got younger actors. It wouldn’t have been that much better, but it would have been better.

      That movie would have been pretty good if it wasn’t 3.5 hours long.

      1. Scorsese’s last good movie was Wolf of Wall Street, and that’s mainly because the whole thing was so gonzo.

        1. I thought it was Margot Robbie’s full frontal scene. BTW, she must wax to be that smooth, no razor could do that.

  22. “The Iraqi government must work to end the presence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil and prohibit them from using its land, airspace or water for any reason.”

    I mentioned this yesterday, but did Iraq just vote to boot Iranians off of their soil?

    1. They voted too talk about maybe doing it

      1. Stay or go? Won’t matter. You’ll find a way to love it either way.

        1. Poor pod. Always projecting his limitations on others.

        2. And you’ll find a way to hate it either way, so don’t pretend like you’re operating from principle here, you waste of life.

      2. Most Sunni and Kurds boycotted the meeting. They barely had quorum and the resolution doesn’t say much.

  23. Sounds like one of the mainstream medias ‘sources’ is about to lose their job. Dropping this sort of juicy detail is exactly how you sniff out a rat.

    1. Early on Dec. 28, police found Bacon’s body in 50-year-old Mark Latunski’s Morrice-area home

      Of course everyone knows that Bacon goes well with sausage.

      1. Did he cure and smoke him before eating him?

        1. It was a Grindr date.

          Of course.

  24. “The Iraqi parliament voted over the weekend that the U.S. military and all foreign troops must go, saying in a resolution: “The Iraqi government must work to end the presence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil and prohibit them from using its land, airspace or water for any reason.”

    The reality is more complicated.

    1) Yeas, it was a non-binding resolution.

    2) About half of Iraqi parliament didn’t show up for the vote.

    The only politicians who voted to demand the U.S. leave were members of parties that are affiliated with militias that are pro-Iran. The Kurdish parties and the Sunni parties didn’t vote, and if the U.S. leaving means the region will be dominated by Iran, the reason they didn’t vote may be because they want the U.S. to stay.

    3) Pro-Iranian militias threatened to murder any politicians who voted against the resolution expelling the United States.

    4) The parties that voted for the resolution, as well as Iraq’s prime minister, resigned from everything except as a caretaker government, pending the outcome of upcoming elections.
    These promises were made in response to massive popular protests against interference by Iran in Iraqi politics two months ago. These politicians and their prime minister will almost certainly be ousted from government in the upcoming elections and they presently have no legitimacy.

    Conclusion: This resolution was initiated, sponsored, paid for, and voting on by Iran and no one else but Iran.


    “The Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, topped his personal best election performance by securing 100% of the vote in yesterday’s referendum, election officials said today.

    Voters awarded the 65-year-old president another seven year term of office, some marking their yes-or-no ballots with bloody fingerprints as a sign of loyalty.

    —-The Guardian, October 16, 2002

    It’s important to remember that elections don’t necessarily bestow legitimacy. Sometimes, they’re used by dictators to project legitimacy when they have none, and in those cases, it’s important not to fall for it. Otherwise, we can end up carrying water for vicious dictators.

  25. WRT the letter. One phone call will sort this out. Much ado about nothing. Pfffffft!

    I would not be sorry to leave Iraq, though.

  26. Incidentally, if the Iraqi people want us to leave Iraq, we should absolutely do so.

    Considering recent protests that erupted all over Iraq in October, 2019, I think that is unlikely. For those people, seeing the United States leave Iraq is probably about as popular as seeing the United States leave south Vietnam was popular with the hordes who stormed our embassy as the last helicopter was leaving Saigon–not to mention the millions of boat people who fled Vietnam in anything that would float.

    Meanwhile, just because we should leave if the Iraqi people really want us to leave doesn’t mean we should stay just because they want us to stay. We should stay in Iraq so long as it’s the USA’s best interests to do so–and I would argue that it hasn’t been in the best interests of the United States to stay in Iraq for a very long time.

    Quagmires are a function of a sunk costs fallacy permeating the thinking of our policy makers and the American people. You do not lose money the day you sell a money-losing stock. You lost that money the day you bought it–not the day you sold it.

    Iraq’s political system has been under effective Iranian political control since the first election was held in 2005 under President George W. Bush. In that election, the party that won was the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq. It was formed, paid for, and dominated by Iran–before the United States invaded Iraq in 2003. It is a heartbreaking fact that our soldiers suffered and died so that the people of Iraq could vote for a government that is enthusiastically subservient to Iran, but that is exactly what happened.

    If the United States withdraws from Iraq, and the Iraqi government formally makes an alliance with or becomes one with Iran, it will not be the fault of Donald Trump. It will not be the fault of Barack Obama. It will be the fault of George W. Bush for invading and occupying Iraq in the first place.

    One of the biggest reasons why George H. W. Bush decided not to topple the Saddam Hussein government and install another government was because they assumed Iraq would fall into Iran’s orbit eventually, and they sought to withhold Iraq from Iran’s influence–in the interests of American security. This is to say that Iranian domination of Iraq was not only foreseeable but also foreseen. Iranian domination of Iraq isn’t George H. W. Bush’s fault either!

    Point being, we made this mistake the moment we invaded Iraq, occupied it, and installed a new government, and that has been obvious since the first Iraqi elections were held in 2005. Sooner or later, we’ll need to face reality, and if Trump’s strike on Sulemaini proves to be the reason we finally leave Iraq to reality, and start thinking about our own interests rather than everyone else’s, then that will be a good thing.

    1. P.P.S. I give you people gold.

      1. No, you give us 10 tons of gold bearing ore and expect us to bother refining it.

      2. always a good read.

      3. Spot on Ken.

        1. Although you did leave off the US support of Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War.

          Not that Iran could have or wanted to take over Iraq at that time since Iraq attacked Iran. The USA not assisting Saddam Hussein might have changed history drastically.

    2. I doubt the people directing these actions give two fucks about your high-minded opinions.

      1. My comments weren’t directed at them. They were directed at thinking people.

        Are you someone who can’t be persuaded?

        I can be persuaded. All rational people can be persuaded with reason. That’s what makes them rational.

        And my objective is to persuade people. I think it was Doherty who wrote that the ultimate purpose of libertarians has always been to make more libertarians, and that’s what I’m doing here.

        If that’s not what you’re doing here, Pod, then why are you here–day after day, year after year? What are doing here?

        1. Pod is the self appointed irritant.

          1. His post, there, seems to speak to the argument that plenty of trolls don’t know they’re trolls. They think what they’re doing is normal.

            Why I interact with other people and try to persuade them? that doesn’t make any sense to a troll–and it doesn’t make any sense to Pod.

            In the mind of a troll like that, they think the rest of us are the weird ones. They have no clue as to why the rest of us are here or what we’re doing. Rather, they think we’re all trolls like they are–and that trolling is normal.

        2. Honestly, I think Pod and some of the more trollish commenters here are just lonely.

          1. When you did it for years and year, every day, getting ridiculed over and over . . . there’s something masochistic about it.

            I think Shrike comes for the abuse.

            1. Would certainly explain why Arthur L. Hicklib has done so, first at Volokh and now here, and why he just repeats the same five or six stock phrases over and over.

              Someone with that level of deep insecurity always requires validation, even if it’s negative.

              1. These people are very angry. The root of most anger is sadness.

      2. Pod
        January.7.2020 at 11:08 am
        “I doubt…”

        Nobody gives a shit about your asinine comments.
        Fuck off.

    3. Another really good post.

    4. ” will not be the fault of Barack Obama”

      Eh, Obama will share in the fault.

    5. Well said.

    6. Ken, what do you think of the idea that we still need a strong presence int he ME influence if only to influence the export avenues of ME resources, otherwise they are controlled by China and Russia? Can we afford to let that happen? I know you’re not making an argument about the entire ME here, but I am very interested in your thoughts.

    7. We should stay in Iraq so long as it’s the USA’s best interests to do so–and I would argue that it hasn’t been in the best interests of the United States to stay in Iraq for a very long time.

      Yeah, but that’s not your decision to make. Given how many foreign embassies and consulates in hostile areas are actually nothing more than CIA listening posts and clandestine operations centers, it’s the Intelligence Community that’s calling the shots. And we all know how critical those guy’s work is to staying on top of things. From warning us the Soviet Union collapsed last month to warning us that some people did some things this morning in New York to warning us about various revolutions that happened last week, how else would we know these things if it weren’t for the careful data collection and analysis of our spooks? I mean, how would we have known about this Qasem Soleimani guy being behind the attacks on the Iraqi Embassy if we didn’t have an Iraqi Embassy to attack?

  27. >>What the hell happened?

    you got trolled. again.

  28. “More from The Dispatch:”

    Need to cite MORE neocons?

  29. Discuss this article on Quora:

    Quora is a vibrant community where everyone must use their real names and a “be nice, be respectful” policy is strictly enforced.

    1. Fuck off, impotent spammer

      1. Looks like it got jeff to leave or at least switch over fill time to his troll account.

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    1. You’re screwing up dude. The all-caps first line means that people will just ignore this whole post. No one will read it.

      Which is good because the ‘all one paragraph’ and ‘no spaces after punctuation’ means its unreadable anyway.


  31. which is that the Keystone Cops’ most inept descendants are basically running the show.

    Unless you think that somehow Trump has managed to replace everyone in every department of the government down to that level – and he’s kind of low-down when you consider how much brass and civilians are above him in both his own service and the DoD in general – then, no, this is not a ‘Drump’s administration, amirite’ thing.

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