It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The show's abundant laughs lie in the space between the way this group of Philly pubkeepers see themselves and how the world sees them.


The irreverent FX comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is now in its 14th season, tying Ozzie and Harriet as the longest-running live-action sitcom—a practically miraculous feat in our outrage-addicted times.

Season 14 starts with the usual gang—as depraved and absurd a bunch as ever hit the screen—trying to scam sex from Airbnb guests, break up a couple grieving their dead son, and terrorize a city councilwoman into missing a vote on a public urination bill. The show's abundant laughs lie in the space between the way this group of Philly pubkeepers see themselves and how the world sees them, their hypocrisy, their pretensions, and their inevitable self-induced downfalls.

To the extent there's some social commentary here, it does not flatter the character's painfully self-centered worldview. But people these days seldom take time to discern what jokes mean if they have the surface ability to offend. So why hasn't "cancel culture" come for Paddy's Pub?

Maybe It's Always Sunny has stayed just low-profile enough to avoid it. Maybe enough media tastemakers and Twitter-mob leaders grew up on the show. Maybe it just walks the taboo comedy line exceptionally well. Whatever the reason, we should raise a glass to it. Fourteen seasons in, the gang is still as creepy, as deplorable, and as hilarious as ever.

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  1. So why hasn’t “cancel culture” come for Paddy’s Pub?

    Gee that would be a great topic for an empty headed clickbait article.

    Maybe it’s because the show has been nothing but incessant non-stop left wing propaganda since the 3rd season?

    1. I disagree.

      I think it’s been like that since the 12th season.

      Also, has anyone watched the latest season?
      If they have, any good episodes? Nothing too cringe-y?

      1. Season 14, episode 5 “The Gang Texts”.

        Funny and not too disgusting. Makes fun of people and the need to text everything.

        1. *social media too.

        2. Epsiodes 6 and 7 were good (The Janitor Always Mops Twice & The Gang Solves Global Warming)

        3. And Paddy’s has a Jumper is libertarian in a seriously messed up way.

          1. I liked the first episode last season with the Dennis sex doll. Plus ‘Time’s up for the Gang’. Which had an interesting take on #metoo.

  2. How anyone can sit through this pretentious, boring, unfunny tripe is beyond me. I guess no one ever goes broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people after all.

  3. Guess the character:
    “You’re telling me that you believe that Christ comes back to life every Sunday in the form of a bowl of crackers and you proceed to just eat the man?”

    “I will eat your babies, bitch.”

    “Science is a liar… sometimes.”

    “Some cocks can’t be unsucked.”

    “I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds”

    1. Decade plus lurker making my first post….trying to answer from mem’ry.

      1. Charlie
      2. Dee
      3. Mac
      4. Dee
      5. D.E.N.N.I.S.

      1. Close. #4 is Frank.

  4. ” tying Ozzie and Harriet as the longest-running live-action sitcom”

    What is a ‘live-action sitcom’? Do you mean not animated?

    1. It’s not The Simpsons.

  5. They’ll probably never top that musical. (No, not Nightman Cometh. The other one.)

    1. The episode that combined The Whiz and Quantum Leap?

  6. When they had Mac come out, that was the end.

    It was pretty obvious all through the series that Mac was gay and didn’t know it.

    And that joke was central to his character.

    Without it, his crush on Dennis becomes obvious and Dennis discomfort with it (which underides their entire relationship) alters beyond repair.

    Mac’s odd touchy-feelyness is now revealed to have been something different. Something that isn’t funny.

    It the same kind of mistake Family Guy made when some genius decided to make Peter ACTUALLY retarded.

    1. Mac is something but its not just Gay.

      They have Mac bang Chicks with dicks, a Dennis doll, The Waitress, his own butt with the Fistcycle, two Paddy’s Top Models, sloppy seconds from Dennis…

      Glenn Howerton says:
      “He’s out. It’s definitely a big deal for us. I never thought we would do that. … I was against it at first, and the reason I was against it was his character has always been an opportunity to satirize a particular attitude, that still sadly exists, that there’s something wrong with being gay.

      And I think that it was important to me at least to maintain that level of social satire which is such a big part of the show to me: taking an attitude, taking a point of view that exists in our society, and giving it to one of our characters and sort of blowing it out of proportion. Watching the inevitable outcome of the most extreme version of that point of view.

      That’s always been my M.O. in terms of the writing of the characters. And to me there was always such a darkly comical and sad element to having this character continue to deny his own sexuality because of the societal pressures that he put on himself… that he had internalized.

      So I never wanted him to come out of the closet because I thought that to me is… showing just how deep that mentality goes. And despite all the evidence and despite all the support of his friends, the man will still continue to deny his sexual orientation.

      But then I got to a point where I realized, I’m holding too hard and fast to that rule. And I think we have made plenty of jokes in that arena. We’ve satirized that to death. What sort of possibilities does it open up when that character finally does come out of the closet? Which is why we decided to have him come out once and for all.
      Glenn Howerton Explains Why ‘Always Sunny’ Outed Mac as Gay

      1. This is a good example of a writer not understanding how the character they’re writing comes off.

        Mac was never satirizing the attitude that there’s something wrong with being gay.

        He was satirizing the idea of the homophobic guy who’s obviously gay to everyone around him. HE has no clue. Even his idiot friends don’t know, really, though he says things from time to time….

        Mac wasn’t denying his sexuality–he REALLY thought he was straight.

        Mac not knowing that he was gay was one of the most brilliant things on TV. Now he’s just another gay guy in the throngs.

        Soon, Dennis and Dee will get diagnosed. They’ll quantify Charlie’s mental retardation, Frank will be revealed to have had dementia and the last episode will be–

        The Gang is a group of disabled people that you shouldn’t have been laughing at, Fascist”

        1. “The Gang is a group of disabled people that you shouldn’t have been laughing at, Fascist””

          Which could be really fucking funny if done right.

    2. That’s where they lost me. Mostly funny, with diminishing returns over time, but that plot move was unfunny and unnecessary.

    3. Bear in mind, the most obvious first example is him having sex with a m2f transsexual. Which would get them canceled today.

      1. Theres a dick in those pants!

  7. The commercials always look funny, but then when I watch the show, it’s not funny.

    1. Depends on what you are in to.

      Depraved dark humor is what the show is about.

      1. WAS about. WAS

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