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In England, the Yeovil District Hospital National Health Service Trust has admitted that a patient was not properly anesthetized during gynecological surgery. The woman, who wasn't named in press reports, says she has "recurring nightmares" after the incident. Her attorney says the surgeon was surprised the patient had been given a spinal anesthesia rather than general anesthesia and was awake but proceeded with the surgery anyway. "We are sorry if this patient suffered any distress," the trust said in a statement. While the trust has accepted liability, no settlement has been reached in the case.

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  1. I figured NHS just poured ether over a handkerchief .

    1. “Sorry, love, it’s all we can afford. Now lie back and think of England.”

  2. Did the doctor at least offer the patient tea when he saw she was awake? If not, what a maniac.

  3. Well, what choice did she really have? Can’t just go to a different provider, can she?
    But go ahead and vote for democrats here, it will surely be different, because they will do socialism right this time.

  4. The average American doctor can be expected to be sued about once for every seven years of practice.

    About half of American doctors have faced malpractice lawsuits.

    By specialty

    The percent of physicians in each specialty that have faced lawsuits:

    1. General surgery: 85 percent
    2. Urology: 84 percent
    3. ENT: 83 percent
    4. OB-GYN and women’s health: 83 percent
    5. Specialized surgery: 80 percent
    6. Radiology: 76 percent
    7. Emergency medicine: 76 percent
    8. Cardiology: 65 percent
    9. Gastroenterology: 63 percent
    10. Anesthesiology: 62 percent

    Good life for the lawyers.

  5. And this is what those who supports Medicare for All are trying to bring to the US. In the US that hospital and the anesthesiologists would be facing millions in liability. But then when the voters realize that the budget for Medicare for All will cost more per year than the whole budget the government has today. But that does not matter to the supporters as long as they get what they WANT.

    1. Does Medicare for all protect American doctors from lawsuits?

      Not even in the slightest way.

      If you work for VA, military or other government agency they cover the malpractice insurance. So does any private or University group.

      I have no information other than this crap article about this case.

      The lawyers win here. Both sides. The doctors lose even if the lawsuit is bogus which it most often is.

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