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The Chance of Your Uber Ride Ending in a Rape Is .00002%

Plus: Free trade and free speech, a teen's death in detention, and more...


99.9 percent of Uber rides are safe, according to the latest U.S. safety report from the ridesharing company. Nonetheless, the report—which covers 2017–2018—has been raising a lot of concern, fear, and outrage, thanks to a section on sexual assault.

Over the two-year period, the company says, around 6,000 sexual assaults took place during Uber rides. Some people seem to be taking this as meaning 6,000 Uber passengers were physically assaulted by their drivers. But according to the company's calculations, "drivers report assaults at roughly the same rate as riders across the 5 most serious categories of sexual assault."

In addition, the "most serious categories of sexual assault" includes such acts as non-sexual kissing on the head or cheek.

Needless to say, neither riders nor drivers should have to deal with unwanted physical contact of any sort. But when we think about how to make services like Uber safer, it's important to keep in mind that contractors for these companies need protection too. Right now, the narrative about ridesharing services and sexual assault in popular culture has been almost entirely focused on the threat Uber drivers might pose to customers.

It's also important to keep a sense of perspective. Uber facilitated nearly 4 million U.S. trips every day last year, according to the company. In 2017 and 2018, it averaged 3.1 million trips per day. Uber drivers completed a total of 2.3 billion trips over those two years.

Of these billions of trips, only 0.0003 percent included a report of a "critical safety incident," defined as a lethal accident, a physical assault resulting in death, or any sort of sexual assault.

The company defines "sexual assault" as "any physical or attempted physical contact that is reported to be sexual in nature and without the consent of the user. This can include incidents within the taxonomy ranging from Attempted Touching of a Non-Sexual Body Part (e.g., a user trying to touch a person's shoulder in a sexual/romantic way) to Non-Consensual Sexual Penetration."

In 2017–2018, Uber trips with critical safety incidents resulted in 126 fatalities, including:

  • 107 deaths from motor vehicle accidents (across 97 crashes), with about one fifth of the fatalities being Uber riders, one fifth Uber drivers, and the rest third parties, and
  • 19 deaths from physical assaults, including the deaths of eight riders, seven drivers, and four third parties.

Sexual assaults were reported in by category, with 45 percent of reported incidents involving riders as the accused party and 54 percent involving drivers. Reports were made by riders in 56 percent of alleged sexual assault incidents and by drivers 42 percent of the time.

To be classified as an Uber-related assault, the company required it to have occured during an active Uber-facilitated trip ("not necessarily with parties paired by the Uber app"), or between parties paired by the app within 48 hours of the trip's completion.

Over the two-year period, Uber saw around 4,792 incidents of unwanted kissing or touching reported, including:

  • 1,164 reports of non-consensual kissing of a non-sexual body part
  • 766 reports of non-consensual kissing of a sexual body part
  • 3,000 reports of non-consensual touching of a sexual body part

More than half—54 percent—of reports of unwanted non-sexual kissing attempts came from drivers. "The majority (roughly 60%) of reports in this category involved a person kissing another person's cheek or neck," the report says.

The company had 464 reports of rape (or "non-consensual sexual penetration," as Uber puts it) and 587 additional reports of attempted rape. Seventy-two percent of reports in these categories were made by riders. Any attempts to remove a person's clothes "to access a sexual body part" were classified in the attempted rape category. "For example, an incident report stating that a rider tried to pull up a female driver's shirt would be classified as Attempted Non-Consensual Sexual Penetration, despite the lack of further details of the incident, since there was an attempt to remove clothing to access the breasts," Uber states.

Across all of the five categories, assaults were down 16 percent in 2018 from 2017.


Video undermines official account of detainee death. Video from the night of migrant teen Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez's death seems "to contradict the government's assurances about how Mr. Hernandez Vasquez was cared for," The New York Times reports:

Following Mr. Hernandez Vasquez's death, a news release stated that he was discovered by federal agents during a welfare check. But a video recording provided by the Police Department in Weslaco, Texas, which initially investigated the case, shows that his death was flagged by his cellmate. Customs and Border Protection officials have not explained why the recording—in which the teenager vomits blood on the floor, his body crumpling and squirming in apparent distress—has a four-hour gap or why the nurse practitioner's advice was ignored.


Read Eric Boehm on Pelosi's bad ideas for our trade deal with Canada and Mexico.


  • The sex-trafficking law FOSTA "hasn't actually prevented child trafficking," says U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna. "If anything, it's had websites turning a blind eye to it and forced it underground." 
  • Documentary filmmakers are suing over the Trump administration's social-media disclosure law for foreign travelers.
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is considering a massive spike in genealogy record fees.



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  1. 99.9 percent of Uber rides are safe…

    But if it saves just one person!

    1. Hello.

    2. I’ve encountered more crazy shit in a cab than I ever have in an Uber. Every Uber ride I’ve taken has been rather boring.

      1. The worst thing that ever happened to me with Uber was the driver handing me a religious proselytizing pamphlet at the end of the ride.

        1. My worst experience was a crazy Asian driving us back from Yankee stadium back to Manhattan.

          I’m still woozy from the ride. Dude thought he was Goggles Paisano.

        2. I had a gun pulled on me by a cab driver in New Orleans. I once had a cab ride and the driver was drunk. I once had to split a fare with a hooker who was also the cab driver’s girlfriend when he dropped her off at an “appointment”. I could write a book on the crazy shit I’ve seen riding cabs.

        3. I had a cab driver in Houston offer to buy by two young girls. I’ve used Uber all over the world and never had an issue.

        4. “worst thing that ever happened to me with Uber was the driver handing me a religious proselytizing pamphlet”

          I’m so sorry for you. Are you okay?

    3. What’s particularly infuriating about all of the stupid reporting around this, over and above all of the factual numbers that ENB gave, is that there isn’t even the slightest attempt to compare this to the rest of the taxi industry. As if somehow all Government regulated/licensed cabs have zero problems.

      1. I saw this story covered on both NBC and CNN this morning.

        Both covered it as alarming. Both covered it as “almost 6,000 sexual assaults” **over the last 2 years.

        Neither offered any real context in terms of the number of rides, the comparison to other forms of transportation or even the factual basis. This was simply “number of reported events”

        Among those, there were less than 500 reported rapes – equally divided between drivers and riders being the victims. And of those, less than a third were reported to police. An effort was made to lay blame on Uber for this as well.

        No mention was made of the taxi industry, the efforts of the taxi industry to smear ride sharing, or the dangers of the taxi industry.

        1. The other thing is that your chances of being injured in an auto accident on a given trip is much lower than even that. Yet, despite the risk being even lower, Reason is totally sure we need robotic cars to do something about the horrible risks of people driving their cars.

        2. In fairness to both NBC and CNN, their journalists and producers are complete blithering idiots incapable of either doing math or applying reason and logic to a story topic.

      2. Not just taxis but buses, subways, trains, car pools, ride shares, and random hitchhikers.

    4. This is why we should ban computers.

  2. Kentucky judge accused of frat-house antics, threesomes with staffers

    A Kentucky judge has been accused of turning her chambers into a glorified frat house, having a threesome with staffers and allowing employees to get drunk on the job — all while abusing her power to win re-election, according to reports.

    The judge, Dawn Gentry, was hit with nine charges by the state’s Judicial Conduct Commission on Wednesday related to the Animal House antics, reported.

    The trouble started when Gentry hired her band’s guitar player, Stephen Penrose.

    Gentry and Penrose, a former pastor, proceeded to use the courthouse like a swingers’ club, investigators allege.

    1. What was the punishment for contempt?

    2. She’s hot. What laws were broken again?

      1. I had to follow the rabbit trail down 4 links, but I found the 9 charges.

        1. Coercion to participate in judicial campaign.
        2. Retaliation for failure to support judicial campaign.
        3. Facilities and timesheet falsification.
        4. Retaliation against school employees.
        5. Ex Part Communication with GAL panel members.
        6. Harassment and Retaliation Against Katherine Schulz
        7. Inappropriate hiring and relationship with Mr. Penrose.
        8. Hiring and appointing court staff not based on merit.
        9. Failure to be candid and honest with the commission.

        Some of these sound like nothing, but it also sounds like she was an authoritarian nightmare to people she didn’t like.

    3. Bang the Judge Slowly.

      1. Hehehe

    4. Here cums the Judge.

    5. I would definitely want to see her in her chambers.

    6. Putting the party back in politics.

    7. Here cum the judge!

  3. …drivers report assaults at roughly the same rate as riders across the 5 most serious categories of sexual assault.

    Sounds like we have to put drivers out of work to save them, too.


    Women against gun violence calls a convicted felon a good guy with a gun after he shoots his girlfriends kids.

    Bonus. This is the second guy in the womans life to kill himself since 2016.

    1. I would say that even if you’re not a convicted felon, if you’re murdering people you’re not one of those ‘good guys with a gun’. If the *Pope* takes a gun and shoots someone in the face, he’s not part of the good guy group.

      1. Well, their comment about him being a ‘good guy with a gun’ was sarcasm on their part. The issue with that being, obviously, that the guy was a felon who legally couldn’t own a firearm so all the laws on the books that they advocate for literally didn’t work.


  5. The Chance of Your Uber Ride Ending in a Rape Is .00002%

    But your chance of American’s immigration policy undermined by reason is 100%.

    NO means “no” except when it comes to reason staff supporting illegal immigrant violation US law.

  6. Pelosi pivots back to russia on impeachment.

    Her primary complaint is trump holding up weapons to Ukraine to help Russia. Problem… the Javelin system was never held up under review. Second problem…. obama refused to do any arm deals with Ukraine.


      Isn’ her son a real piece of shit asshole?

      Nice clan them Pelosi. Not quite as murdery as the Clintons but corrupted as sin.

      1. But remember, if you dint criticize everything trump does you’re a trump cultist.

      2. The same people who have a fainting fit is a judge wears a crucifix are forever appealing to Jesus when it suits them.

      3. Hey now, the Pelosi clan has made Baltimore the prosperous, glamorous locale it is today. Nancy is spreading that to CA.

        1. What Baltimore has, you don’t want to spread.

    2. The guy who over the opposition of the Democrats has continued to allow fracking to make the US a net exporter of fossil fuels, is in the process of putting the screws to Russia’s ally Iran, and sent arms to one of Russia’s hostile neighbors is an agent of Putin. But the party who promise to stop fracking and whose last President refused to send arms to Ukraine and did send several hundred billion dollars in cash to Iran is going save the country by taking back the Presidency from Putin’s agent.

      Did I die and turned out that God contracted the creation of Purgatory to Phillip K. Dick and Kafka?

      1. Obama dod way more than that. He sent technology to Russia with the Skolkovo deal which is now used in their weapons program. He also delayed development of tactical nukes despite russia already violating that treaty. He refused to put interceptors in Poland. He actually helped Russia with pipelines of LNG to eastern Europe. He gave Russia a foothold into Syria with the chem weapons disposal that never happened.

        Obama was the friendliest most pro Russia president in memory until Hillary lost.

        1. Trump walked away from the intermediate range nuclear missile treaty, that as you point out the Russians had been violating for years. Yet, every day I see some smug Prog claiming that he is a Russian agent.

          I am really at a loss to explain that level of stupid. I am open for suggestions how you do.

          1. Look…. Obama had a lot more flexibility after the elections. Elections have consequences. Everyone knows this.

            1. Obama had a lot more flexibility after the election but making US foreign policy decisions for domestic political benefit is the most impeachable thing EVER!!!

              Sadly he has long blocked me on Twitter for kicking him around and won’t answer my emails but I really want to hear Jonah Goldberg or any Never Trump neocon explain how they square their outrage over Trump allegedly withholding aid to get Ukraine to do something that would benefit him politically with George W. Bush giving hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to any country that would take it in return for some nominal support for the Iraq war all for the singular purpose of allowing him to tell the American public there was a broad international coalition in Iraq.

              What Bush did was so transparent and shameless and done for no other purpose than political benefit. And understand I don’t think that was impeachable. It was a political matter that was properly settled by the 04 election. But for the same people who thought that was great to now claim that Trump is the most corrupt President ever for asking the Ukrainians to look into Biden is pretty damned appalling. How do these people sleep at night? Like babies I know but I don’t see how.

          2. You cant explain it. You can not become exasperated trying to explain it and eventually just start calling the Jeff’s of the world morons.

            1. I makes me wonder if perhaps I died without knowing it and my Phillip K Dick and Kafka explanation is true.

        2. He sent technology to Russia with the Skolkovo deal which is now used in their weapons program.

          Funny how the Democrats seem to have made a habit in the last 25 years of providing American military technology to nations that are inherently hostile to our own interests.

    3. I’m patiently waiting for Nick’s article on impeaching Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler for abusing their powers. According to Reason we should be doing a lot more impeaching.

      Any day now, surely.

    4. You still sound confused. The hearings are not about impeachment. The hearings are government-funded campaign ads.


    US trade deficit falls 7.6% to 16 month low, primarily due to fall in imports from China. Reason has repeatedly assured me that tariffs will never reduce the trade deficit and gloated for months when they didn’t. I am sure they will be reconsidering things in light of this new development, right?

    1. Wait.. you mean market swill do market shifts based on various impetus and the economy isnt completely static?!? It is almost like you cant claim fortune cookie economic absolutes if you want to come across as economically literate.

      But any day now that inflation data will prove he raised costs to consumers.

      1. I am still at a loss to explain why inflation has not come roaring in after trillions in stimulus spending and trillions more in quantitative easing. That makes no sense at all.

        1. I have been puzzling over that one too. And it makes me think that our current understanding of inflation is deeply flawed in some way. Clearly something is going on that we don’t understand, because by everything I ever learned, inflation should be through the roof right now, but it is not.

          1. I think (this is sort of a guess) that the demand side of the dollar market is unaccounted for in a lot of libertarian inflation doomsaying. Yes, the supply of dollars is expanding enormously and without bound; however, as long as the US is a dominant force in commerce, there will be robust demand for dollars. Likewise with Euros. This demand for dollars holds up the price of a dollar. If you take a look at some other countries where such demand does not really exist, like Argentina, their incessant money printing really does result in hyperinflation.

            Just my 2cents, not an expert on this by any means.

    2. Hmm, I remember reading multiple times how the trade deficit is a relatively useless metric and it doesn’t really matter. What Reason authors are fighting about the trade deficit?

      1. Boehm has spoken to exact numbers on import costs and even tied direct job losses to the tariffs. I’m guessing you didnt actually read any Boehm articles.

      2. You miss the point. They claimed over and over again that tariffs would never reduce the deficit and thus wouldn’t accomplish the goal they claim to accomplish. That they claim that goal is meaningless is a separate issue. They still were wrong in claiming it wouldn’t happen. And the fact that they were wrong about that brings all of their claims regarding the trade deficit into question.

      3. Economists are just Psychologists who focus on one specific type of behavior.

  8. Never go full woke. White man steals microphone from black guest at Buttgieg minority event to tell Buttgeig he isnt concerned enough about minorities.

  9. Naval Air Station Pensacola shooting leaves two dead, several injured; gunman dead

    Where are the calls from Lefties for “common sense gun control” of our military?

    1. “Pensacola shooter was Saudi aviation student”
      I wonder if he finished his course on landing?

  10. “New Zealand prime minister aims to limit spread of hate”

    I also read she thinks people should have ponies.

  11. Customs and Border Protection officials have not explained why the recording—in which the teenager vomits blood on the floor, his body crumpling and squirming in apparent distress—has a four-hour gap or why the nurse practitioner’s advice was ignored.

    They are scrambling internally to explain why that video gap wasn’t all-encompassing.

    1. Epstein didnt kill himself.

    2. Law enforcement in particular needs to alter their systems such that all video is immediately streamed to an off-site cloud service. Users should have no direct access to any of it.

  12. Any stats to compare to taxi rides? Or riding public transit? Or being alone with someone in the Oval Office?

  13. But what are the chances of it starting with rape?

  14. More bad economic news.

    BREAKING: US economy added 266,000 jobs in November, blowing away expectations. US unemployment rate fell back down to 3.5% — lowest in 50 years. **Wages grew 3.1%, a bit better than last month but still not as high as expected for unemployment this low**

    Clueless Drumpf supporters will try to tell you low unemployment is a good thing. Don’t believe them. As AOC has explained, unemployment is low because the economy is so terrible, people need 2 or 3 jobs to survive. (Note the poor wage growth.)

    Only the Koch / Reason open borders policy can rescue us from this economic disaster.


      1. Never stop.

        1. I won’t.

          And when a Democrat is back in the White House in 2021, I’ll post daily updates detailing how well Mr. Koch’s fortune is doing. Because Drumpf’s economically ruinous high-tariff / low-immigration policies will be scrapped.

  15. 4 Killed in Shootout After Police Chase Outside Miami, F.B.I. Says

    Dollars to a dozen doughnuts that the cops actually shot the UPS dead during the hostage standoff.

    Samuel L. Jackson was not available to negotiate release of the UPS driver, so he was murdered by cops to stop the robbers from getting away.

    1. Yeah…. that was our take as well.

      It dovetails with our discussion here the other day about the school shooting…. even trained police have a very hard time in the heat of the moment. This also includes just doing the basics like identifying your target.

      My example from the other day was the UNC shooting where the only hit scored by police was the guy who tackled the shooter while he was reloading.

  16. Foreigners mocking President Trump is a sign he’s doing something right

    Haha. Finally Propagandists are understanding why Trump is the best President in over 80 years.

    1. why stop at 80 years? I heard he’s better than Abraham Lincoln

      1. I heard he’s better than Jesus Christ.

      2. True. Trump has not suspended habeus corpus.

    2. I love how Macron had to go back to France and hide from the public because of the Pension protests there. Hes not a leader that should mock anybody.

  17. Chicago Tribune has an article today blaming Trump for Democrats not nominating Harris. You cant make this shit up.

    1. Yesterday, Newsom blamed Trump for Oakland’s bum “crisis”.

    2. Well, somebody has to make the shit up.

  18. “Klobuchar Returns to Iowa With Plan for a Changing Economy”
    “The Minnesota senator’s plan, which she will discuss during a three-day swing that include forums with the Teamsters and the Iowa Farmers Union, includes tax credits to help retrain workers who lose their jobs to automation and support for workers and communities that have relied on the fossil fuel industry. It also calls for more investment in cybersecurity, encouraging small manufacturers to innovate and several measures to help the growing number of “gig” workers, such as Uber drivers, including by allowing them to form unions and by making it easier to file their taxes….”

    So it’s a brand new plan having to do with throwing more tax money at something! How innovative!
    I’ll bet it’s about a 5-year duration, too.

    1. The economy is at full employment and real wages are growing for the first time since the 80s. Clearly it needs to be destroyed in order to save it.

      1. When you’re running against a lot of loonies already giving the store away, you grasp at any straw you can.

        1. We are seeing the benefits of energy independence and reducing the regulatory state. Cheap energy and not having to send hundreds of billions of dollars a year in wealth to the Middle East to obtain it has been the dream of every Administration since Nixon. And the fact that we are as rich as we are despite the regulatory state spending every day trying to strangle the economy is a tribute to just how productive Americans are. Combine energy independence and taking the regulatory state’s foot off the economy’s neck just a little bit and this is what you get.

          The current economy must be a very tough pill for the people who want to destroy our energy independence and let the regulatory state stomp harder but make up for it by importing cheap shit from China to swallow.

          Trump’s Presidency is one giant counterfactual. The way people hold onto beliefs even after those beliefs are shown to be failures is they convince themselves “it would have been worse had we not done it”. Since you can’t live the counterfactual, reality never can debase them of that belief. And that is what the internationalist, corporatist, left has been doing for a long time now. Their policies have been failing for 30 years now and they have excused those failures by saying some variation of “you can’t do anything else or it would have been worse”.

          Trump by some miracle won and we now are doing that something else. And we are finding out that it is better not worse. So, they no longer can cling to their belief and ignore the failures of their beliefs. They are not dealing with it well. Mostly, they are just becoming delusional and pretending reality isn’t what it is.

          1. Cheep energy is destroying the planet. It is known.

            1. Only idiots like Sarah Palin think we can drill our way to energy independence. Smart people know that the future is windmills and solar power not an effectively endless supply of natural gas and oil.

      2. But there are too many gender studies majors working at coffee shops and feeling left out!

  19. Documentary filmmakers are suing over the Trump administration’s social-media disclosure law for foreign travelers.

    What cousin’s tweets are they hiding???

  20. US job growth roars back in November, with 266,000 added

    Where’s that hack Boehm to write some lies?

    Markets IMPLODING!

    1. We have been assured for three years that the Trade Gods are going to take vengeance upon our enemies. Clearly, the Reasonites have displeased the Trade Gods in some way. More sacrifices must be made.

    2. Only negative signals are proof of economic activity related to Trump. Dont you listen to OBL?

  21. “California rent control advocates try again on 2020 ballot”
    “The group behind a failed 2018 rent control measure is trying again for a ballot initiative next year, even after California lawmakers limited rent increases as one attempt to blunt the state’s housing affordability crisis….”

    “Blunt” it by reducing supply in huge amounts.
    Bernie and AOC voters get exactly what they deserve and never what they want.

    1. It never occurs to them to build more rental units.

  22. Customs and Border Protection officials have not explained why the recording—in which the teenager vomits blood on the floor, his body crumpling and squirming in apparent distress—has a four-hour gap or why the nurse practitioner’s advice was ignored.

    That’s easily explained. When your job is to initiate violence upon others, you quickly dehumanize your victims. Why the four hour gap? Why was the LPN’s advice ignored? Because it wasn’t a human being that was suffering. It was an animal. A toy. Something to be kicked and laughed at and tortured and ultimately killed.

    1. I’m sure this rant sounds good in a coffee shop.

      1. That’s a rant? If complaining about our law enforcement dehumanizing and effectively killing people is a “rant”, what do you call it when you and the boys go on for multiple paragraphs and comments about whatever thing aoc said recently?

        I hope to help you reach a level of self awareness at least equal to a hamster.

        1. It is exactly on point. Here’s a relevant link:

          Executive summary: Lefty SJW reporter dude goes under cover as a prison guard. Finds himself becoming a sadistic overlord.

        2. I honestly dont care what you hope baby jeffrey. Your comments are useless and of no value.

          1. The assumptions you make about other people is hilarious. What have you done that make your comments so valuable compared to mine? Other than make bad faith assumptions and engage in masturbatory solipsism?

            1. De Oppresso Liber
              December.6.2019 at 12:01 pm
              “The assumptions you make about other people is hilarious…”

              Yours OTOH are fucking imbecilic.


    The video of the woke white guy taking the mic from the black people at the Buttigeig rally makes me think that there maybe hating woke white people is something that could really bring the country together and heal a lot of racial and religious and political divisions. Even the most hard core racist biker watching that video has to think “I hope they kick his ass” and would high five them if they did.

    The reality is everyone I know who is not one of them hates woke white people, especially woke white people under 30. I really think we may have found a way to bring the country together.

    1. Fuck it. If Rachel Dolezal got a pass, so should this guy.

      1. It is like that Stanford Law Professor at the Impeachment Hearings. I defy any normal human being to say they could stand spending more than two minutes with her. I don’t care what your politics are. That woman was awful. And so is the douche bag in the video. I really think we can come together in some way telling these idiots to shut the fuck up for a while.

    2. The plot twist is that the dude isn’t even white, he’s a Hispanic named Igor Rodriguez.

      1. It is a wonder that old lady didn’t kick his ass.

      2. No, he’s a “white hispanic,” or something like that.

  24. The Chance of Your Uber Ride Ending in a Rape Is .00002%

    Bullshit – the chance of your Uber ride ending in rape is 100%. The fuckers rape you every time they demand that you pay for the ride because the evil, heartless bastards refuse to recognize that travel is a basic human right and nobody should be forced to pay to exercise a basic human right. I can assure you, when Bernie Sanders gets elected he’ll put an end to this sort of nonsense where only the rich get Uber rides and the rest of us just have to fucking die.

    1. The interesting thing about Uber is that their prices vary based on the time of day and demand. Taxis on the other hand charge the same amount at all times. The Uber way is a more efficient way to price in many ways.

      What is really going on with Taxis is those people who ride Taxis at non peak times are paying above market rates which then subsidize those who ride at peak times who are paying below market rates. It all works out to a market price but not every rider is paying the exact market price for their ride for the demand at that time.

      Neither system is “better” than the other. It just depends on what you value. But, Reason forever talking about how Uber is so great for poor people. I have never believed that. The poor people I know only take cabs when they have no other choice. Poor people walk or take the subway or ride the bus. Rich people take cabs. When poor people take cabs it is because they are going to the grocery store and can’t bring their groceries on the bus or are traveling at a time where they can’t take the bus or something else. They take them because they have to.

      Just a guess, but I imagine poor people, since they take cabs out of necessity and thus have to take them at peak times benefit the most from the fixed rate system of taxis. Meanwhile, rich people, students, and urban hipsters who want a ride home after drinking and at other odd times probably are the ones paying in the fixed rate system.

      That doesn’t make the uber system better. It does, however, make the reason claims that it benefits the poor very dubious and self serving.

      1. The difference for me is that the taxis almost always smell like shit and are unkempt whereas the Uber drivers, for the most part, keep their vehicles in good condition.

        1. It is because it is a privately owned car with Uber. And you are right, that is a big advantage. If you don’t like the way cabs are now, think about what they would be like if they were robo taxis and there wasn’t a driver there to at least try and keep people in line.

          There will never be robo taxis if for no other reason than if there was they would be the most disgusting things imaginable after about a day of use.

          1. Meh… .they’d just drive themselves to the cleaning station every few hours. Which creates jobs for illegal immigrants…

            ….until people complain about that and they are forced to pay a $25 per hour “living wage”, at which point they replace the cleaning crew with cleaning robots.

            1. But cleaning them that much takes away a lot of the economic advantage of it being robotic.

      2. That taxi system is also based on crony capitalism and a monopolistic relationship protected by government. This keeps owner-operated cabs off the streets.

        Only giant corporations like Uber and Lyft can afford to fight the taxi monopoly and they are barely hanging on.

        I carry a gun, so having some taxi or Uber driver try to rape me will never happen. That news piece about Uber rape stats was a hit piece because it does not discuss the crime perpetrated by cab drivers.

        1. Sure they are monopolies. But that is a different issue. The point is that Uber doesn’t help the poor like is claimed. That doesn’t mean it is bad. It just means the claims that Uber helps the poor are likely wrong. In fact, if you ever do have a system where there are no regulated cabs and just Uber, chances are the poor are worse off under that system even though society as a whole may be better off.

          There are winners and losers with any policy. No policy or economic result helps everyone even no matter how beneficial it is in the aggregate.

          1. Sure it helps the poor. It helps everybody.

            It doesn’t help the extremely poor who can neither afford an uber ride nor afford a car to drive for Uber. But just because it doesn’t help every single person is no reason to dismiss it as unhelpful.

            I know someone who is way down on the “poor” list. She works at the supermarket deli and her husband drives his limo (town car). He’s got no ambition or initiative, so he doesn’t work that much. She uses his car to drive for Uber when he’s “too busy” to work.

            Uber helps her. They still barely have a pot to piss in, but the money from her extra driving definitely helps.

            1. If you have a nice enough car, Uber is a good way to pick up money. But, if you are too poor for that, then Uber is wiping out one of the better entry level jobs out there. That is why so many cab drivers are immigrants. All you need to drive a cab is a license and a willingness to work. Take away cabs and there is one less job like that out there.

              1. Which is why Koch funded think-tanks are pushing so hard for legalizing prostitution.

    1. I’ll be interested to learn what “illegal gold” is.

      1. Just ask FDR.

    1. “if you don’t like it here, you can leave”

      1. When are YOU leaving?

        1. As soon as AOC sets up the efficient clean trains to take me to the free border.

          1. Ah, but the ‘open border’ of America is only intended to flow one way. Sure, Indian and Mexican nationals can cross our border without any issue and start up a food truck but as soon as you try and leave the U.S. suddenly borders still matter.

            Turns out, dual citizenship is the right of every American. Don’t think too hard about it, your ears will start to bleed.

    2. That got ink in the Chron yesterday with the obligatory dose of ‘this is horrible ’cause Trump’ and not much else.

      1. I think the Propagandists are torn because they need to put up the Batshitcrazy Signal but these kind of Trump government rollbacks are very popular.

    3. AOC got smacked down yesterday hard when she cried about how her mom needed food stamps after her dad died. People quickly pointed put the reforms are only for able bodied adults without kids who live in regions with unemployment below 6%. In other words lazy artistic liberals.

  25. Where’s Sullum?

    I posted this late yesterday, figured Sullum would be on it – turns out Chief Acevedo knew almost from the start that Officer Goines was making up a confidential informant to justify the warrant that wound up with the murder of that innocent couple in Houston.

    1. Here’s hoping that fuckhead Acevedo gets perp walked out the front of his office.

    2. I always assume that the police chief who comes out and says that his boys did nothing wrong …. but we are going to have a full investigation! already knows what his boys did wrong and is hoping it will blow over before they have to actually produce the results of the investigation. He might not know exactly how much proof there is, but he generally knows what really happens…. at least that’s my bias when I hear those press conferences after a police shooting.

  26. Musk tells jury he’s worth $20 billion, but is short on cash

    Civil Court system is the great equalizer. What other system can an average person haul a rich person with a “posse” into a tribunal and have a 3rd party decide the injury?

    1. I know some people who are rich but their money is tied up in investments not cash. They often have to move things around or sell to get money for emergencies

      1. Musk would definitely be that dude. I’m sure he still has millions in the bank from his salary – but he spent nearly every nickel he had getting Tesla and SpaceX going. He was famously just days away from completely going bust when both Tesla and SpaceX hit big successes – both of which involved getting a little cheddar from the Feds.

        I have no doubt that he’d have trouble coming up with even 10% of that net worth.

      2. Anyone who has millions in cash under a mattress or sitting in a near 0% bank account dont know how to make money or dont care to.

        Many rich people have all their money tied up in investments that rotate in and out every so often. Laddered CDs, money in stock trading accounts, etc.

  27. Biden is campaigning in Iowa with Obama’s ex agriculture secretary who is now making 1 million a year from a group that laws require dairy farmers to support with a tax. Dairy farmers, if you pay attention, are currently struggling due to an over supply of milk, many going bankrupt. But Obama’s buddy is getting 1 million a year to ease their pain.

    Iowa has many dairy farms.

    1. Iowa wants these Democrats all up in their farming businesses so they will get Socialism GOOD AND HARD!

    2. Pretty much as soon as Vilsack left Iowa put governor for life Terry Brandstad back in office.

    1. Biden is a national treasure. Make him Czar of campaigning and never let him stop being off the cuff. The hilarity wouldnt be allowed in an SNL skit as it would be considered unbelievable.

    2. Surprisingly, the left’s talking heads have not been harping on this story.

    3. When does he replace “No Malarkey” with “Vote For Me, You Fatass”?

  28. Needless to say, neither riders nor drivers should have to deal with unwanted physical contact of any sort.

    This is why I don’t pick up hitchhikers.

    1. They object to the unwanted physical contact? This is why I duct-tape their mouths shut after I zip-tie their hands behind their back and put them in the trunk – I don’t have to listen to the whining and complaining about the unwanted physical contact.

  29. Bernie Sanders may have committed the sin of criticizing Charles Koch’s immigration agenda, but he is excellent on abortion.

    Abortion is a constitutional right – not a privilege for those who can afford it.

    Precisely. That’s why libertarians should support publicly funded access to abortion care for poor people.

    1. Look… you can’t have an abortion if you didn’t get pregnant.

      And you can’t get pregnant if you didn’t have sex.

      Ergo, having sex is a constitutional right. I’m looking forward to a Sanders administration enforcing my constitutional right to get laid.

  30. So Biden keeps challenging people to do pushups. That got me to thinking, maybe we should settle elections by the candidates performing various feats of strength. I still would prefer settling them by trial by combat. But, feats of strength would be less shocking to the delicate sensibility of many and it might give us a better political class. It is not like we have anything to lose.

    1. I still would prefer settling them by trial by combat.

      How about by spelling bee? We’d *finally* get an Indian-American president.

      1. It would be the Indians and the Chinese head to head to see who would rule America.

    2. You raging sexist!
      Trial by physical condition would eliminate all the strong self sufficient equal to men in every way unless we want help persons who think they may be women.

      1. Why do you think there is such a strong push to let transwomen into everything. Now the sexes really are equal.

      2. Women can have penis’s dude. Didn’t you hear?

    3. Only if mortal combat. We need to discourage and thin out the politician class.

    4. I think thats how teh president Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in Idocracy won. maybe old Joe has been watching that movie

    5. Feats of Strength, along with Airing of Grievances.

    6. Didn’t south park handle this with shoving large things up people’s butts?

      1. Say hello to President Buttigieg.

  31. “The Chance of Your Uber Ride Ending in a Rape Is .00002%”

    Does this mean all of the flirting I have been doing with my driver has been a futile effort to indulge in my sordid fantasies? I was viewing the app as Grindr on wheels. Here I was thinking it was my personality or my intimidating stature. It never occurred to me it was the fault of the kindness and/or general good will of human beings.

    I’m going to try my luck with Lyft.

  32. “Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 266,000 in November, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 3.5 percent . . . . Over the last 12 months, average hourly earnings have increased by 3.1 percent.

    —-Department of Labor, December 6, 2019

    3.5% matches a 50-year low for unemployment.

    3.1% is above the rate of inflation.

    It President Trump makes a deal with China, these numbers will get even better OTBE. If Trump makes a deal with China, the NAFTA revision goes through, and President Trump can point to those accomplishments plus his deregulation and tax cuts as reasons he deserves another term, he’ll probably be unbeatable come November of 2020–unlike Biden, Buttplug, Sanders, and Warren, who will remain entirely beatable.

    1. They don’t care Ken, don’t you understand? Trump made a phone call.

      1. Trump is inviting foreign interference into the mechanism by which we change governments peacefully. Again. The foundation of the whole house of cards. Quit playing dumb.

        1. Just because you’re going hyper in your diaper doesn’t mean the American people give a shit about a phone call.

          1. Still playing dumb… “just a phone call”. You and I both know it’s not just a phone call. Come prepared to engage honestly with the facts or stay home.

            1. De Oppresso Liber
              December.6.2019 at 12:02 pm
              “Still playing dumb…”

              That’s not “playing” on your part, you fucking ignoramus.

            2. Are you still crying about that phone call?

        2. Peacefully? Hillary still thinks Russia got Trump elected. Stacy Abrams thinks white supremacists made her lose. You are complaining about the wrong people.

          If only Trump would have offered Russia more flexibility after an election, you know, like a real patriot.

          1. Expressing political realities is a crime in your book but not:

            1. having your son and campaign manager take a meeting with actual Russian agents to discuss “getting dirt on Hillary”.

            2. Going on TV and asking both Russia and China for help getting elected.

            3. Sending your personal fixer, in an obvious attempt to avoid incriminating yourself and avoiding records preservation laws, to a country that the US is waging a proxy war against a nuclear armed power to manufacture a fake investigation in order to cheat in the next election too.

            4. Lying to the American people and investigators, provably, about all the above.

            Yeah, you seem rational.

            1. PERSONAL!!!!


            2. do you check for russians under your bed? All you’ve done in your post is spout corporate press drivel.

              Keep clinging to those consiracy theories though, Rachel Maddow needs people like you

            3. The 1980s called. They want their foreign policy back.

              1. It never gets old shoving that quote in the face of Democrats. They’ve done such a magnificent 180 on Russia that I’m surprised they don’t have collective whiplash.

        3. You never cared until trump oddly. And for some reason you think only exposing democratic corruption is interference. You ignore the 2016 ukraine elections. You ignore multiple foreign news agencies involving themselves with endorsements. You seem ignorant to the 13 countries working with Mueller.

          You’re an idiot baby jeffrey.

          1. “Russia, if you’re listening…” When you chose to support that criminal after that press conference, you betrayed American sovereign. All of you.

            1. Oh fuck off, you hysterical drama queen. Hillary is not the state and her personal, unauthorized email server is fair fucking game.

              1. But you do have to admit that colluding with Russia to get dirt on your opponent and then using the dossier produced by that very collusion to get your opponent investigated for colluding with Russia is a pretty damn awesome display of evil geniusosity. I mean, c’mon, you gotta admit Hillary pulled off one of the most incredible stunts since the Greeks got the Trojans to take that horse and I don’t care who you are, you have to admire the sheer brazen gall there.

                1. It would be impressive if she didn’t have the entire media on her side, slandering and doxxing anyone in her path.

                  Oh, and most of the federal bureaucracy. Liber up there loves him some unelected elitists running the show

            2. “Can you find the 30,000 emails Clinton deleted”

              “Find” – not get, not obtain, not hack.
              Can you find them, as one might find their keys or wallet – something already located within reach.
              “Deleted” – the subpoenaed emails had been destroyed by Clinton already. Hacking her email after those in question have been destroyed doesn’t yield them. But had her system been previously hacked, which was the clear implication and basis of the joke, the Russians would have their own copies already, copies that would’ve escaped deletion by Clinton.

              It’s a facially stupid talking point that only exposes the typical progressive lack in sense of humor

    2. I don’t think he even needs a deal with China. The handwriting is on the wall about China. Companies are relocating to other low wage countries not just to avoid the tarriffs but also out of fears of instability and to get out from under the influence of the Chinese government.

      It is not so much one thing but all of them put together. If you were running a multinational right now, given what is going on in Hong Kong, given the Chinese government’s penchant for bulling and controlling companies that do business with it, would you think it was worth it to keep your operations there on the bet that China and Trump work out a deal? Or would you use the tariffs as an excuse to leave altogether? I think in many cases the answer is the later and that is only going to happen more often as time goes on regardless of whether there is a deal.

      1. “Manufacturing employment rose by 54,000 in November, following a decline of 43,000 in the prior month. Within manufacturing, employment in motor vehicles and parts was up by 41,000 in November, reflecting the return of workers who were on strike in October.”

        —-DoL report linked above

        That means U.S. manufacturing created 2,000 jobs last month, which is lagging the other sectors in the report. The uncertainty about the ability to export to places like China is a major reason why manufacturers are reluctant to add jobs at the moment. Exporters to China are presumably the least likely to hire right now.

        If Trump makes an agreement before the next round of tariffs are set to go into effect on December 15th, that will give him three quarters of clear direction to those manufacturers, and they are likely to hire going forward. That hiring is most likely to happen in the rust belt battleground states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the states he needs to win the most.

        It may be that he doesn’t need that in order to win, but that’s why I’m saying that if he comes through with an agreement with China, he may become unbeatable. I think he knows that. I think China knows that, too. If I had to bet on whether Trump makes a deal with China before December 15th, I’d take the under.

        1. “That means U.S. manufacturing created [13,000) jobs last month”.


          Everything else still applies.

        2. I think that is true of the Mexico deal but I do not think it is true with China. China’s economy is grinding to a standstill. I doubt many companies are planning their growth based on exports to China given the current climate.

          1. More people watch NBA fans in China than there are people in the United States. Of course exporters want to export to China. Under the current climate, they don’t want to hire people to export to China if China is just going to hit them with retaliatory tariffs the next time President Trump erupts with another tariff of his own. If and when, Trump and China come to an agreement, that won’t be as much of a concern anymore.

            1. Again, their economy is likely contracting. So, the market for additional exports just isn’t there. And as I point out below, the entire world economy is pretty stagnant right now and China represents only 13.% of total us exports. So this is likely about the world economy not China.

        3. I would also point out that the US economy is one of the few economies in the world that is doing well. World Wide the economic outlook is not that great. So, to the extent lack of exports are affecting US manufacturing, it is more the world economic outlook as a whole than it is China.

          1. If that’s so, it’s a concern for Trump’s reelection bid.

            The world economy could easily drag us down with it, and recessions sometimes come like a thief in the night. See the dot com bust and the real estate/debt crash for examples. If we go into a recession, whether or not it’s Trump’s fault, his chances of getting reelected grow slim.

            1. Not really. One of the great myths the media and economists put out is that the US economy is dependent on world trade to succeed. The US exports represent only about 12% of GNP. So if the world economy were to contract by say 2% (which would be a big recession) and that directly translated into lost exports, that would create a drag on the US economy of about .24%, which is not even close to enough to create a recession.

              1. That’s not the way recessions happen.

                If Americans get spooked by the headlines and decide not to shop much for Christmas this year, that could spark a recession. If oil prices popped, or if foreign buyers of our debt stopped buying–and interest rates went up, that could spook businesses and consumers and spark a recession. Unemployment snowballs into people defaulting on their home loans. People stop buying cars like they used to, etc., etc.

                Fires can start anywhere, and capital flows in and out of the country freely. If you want to sell U.S. stocks and buy a negative interest rate bond in Germany instead, you can, and there are plenty of people who will do that for all sorts of reasons. It isn’t just about exports. All of our markets are interrelated. The future is uncertain, and in the future, we will have a recession, and it will come from something unexpected.

                If the world economy takes a deep enough hit, the chances of the U.S. being completely insulated from that are slim. Usually, since the Asian Flu of the 1990s, anyway, when the rest of the world is risky, the rest of the world puts their money into U.S. dollar denominated assets because we’re often the prettiest horse in the glue factory. Just because we’re pretty, however, doesn’t mean we aren’t in the glue factory, and if things get bad enough, we’ll slide into recession, too.

                China will someday slide into a recession. The easy low hanging fruit growth has already been had. Their GDP is growing at lower and lower rates all the time. At some point, as their economy matures, they will slide into recession, and it’s anybody’s bet what happens then. If all of China turned into a Hong Kong protest and it disrupted the world’s supply chains, not to mention the government stopped buying our debt, do you not think that would have a massive negative impact on the U.S. economy?

                1. What you are saying makes no sense Ken. That is how recession happen. Recessions happen because price or demand shocks. And the exports do not make up enough of the economy to create enough of a demand shock to cause a recession.

                  And your example of the 1990s just proves my point even more. The rest of the world went into recession and the US had a boom. We were not the prettiest horse in the glue factory. The US had a boom in the 1990s. If anything a world recession might help the US.

                  1. “And your example of the 1990s just proves my point even more. The rest of the world went into recession and the US had a boom.”

                    Right. We were the prettiest horse in the glue factory, and we avoided a recession. Once instance of us accelerating as the rest of the world falters doesn’t mean the rest of the world can’t drag us into a recession. Were you planning making the PC a mass market device and invent the internet, like we did in the 90s, to avoid the next recession, too? That might be a once in history kind of thing.

                    Recessions happen for a variety of reasons. For instance, whatever else Keynes was wrong about, he was right about the liquidity trap.

                    “A liquidity trap is caused when people hoard cash because they expect an adverse event such as deflation, insufficient aggregate demand, or war. According to mainstream theory, among the characteristics of a liquidity trap are interest rates that are close to zero and changes in the money supply that fail to translate into changes in the price level.[2]”


                    Did you miss the inverted yield curve after last summer and why it was inverted? That wasn’t all about exports, but the yield curve was inverted. You don’t think the market was wrong in real time, do you? I mean, not a market as big as the treasury market! They’re wrong about the future, but not about what the future looks like from a single point in time–given the information that’s currently available.

                    You know the price of oil doesn’t fluctuate on supply concerns as much anymore–not after the fracking revolution. Nowadays, it mostly fluctuates on speculation on future demand. If people think the economy is headed for more growth, oil rallies. If people think think the economy is slowing down, it falls–and not just the U.S. economy.

                    Consumer confidence remains key to gauging likely recessions, too. This is why Wall Street has been so obsessive over data like that coming from Macy’s. What happens on Black Friday and Cyber Monday tells us a lot about consumer psychology. We obsess over the Beige Book for that kind of data. God only knows what makes consumers tick at any given moment, but their fears and concerns have an impact economic growth just as surely as it has an impact on their marginal propensity to save.

                    And we haven’t even started talking about misinvestment and easy monetary policy as a cause of recessions yet–and that one’s my personal favorite. That’s what the crash circa 2008 was all about.

                    Point is, GDP starts falling a lot more often than once every eight years, on average, in this country, and whatever it is that causes the next recession, it won’t wait if Donald Trump isn’t finished being reelected yet. If a recession were to start sometimes over the next three quarters–before Trump is reelected–it would hurt his chances of being reelected. If President Trump comes to terms with China before December 15, he makes it more likely that there will be more economic growth in November 2020 than there would have been otherwise.

            2. The world economy could easily drag us down with it

              Maybe, but it’s more likely that any US recession would have global ramifications than the other world economies dragging us down. We’re probably the primary nation that’s actually keeping the global economy from doing a total dive right now.

  33. Congress has an approval rating of 24 percent. I have seen zero articles about impeaching members of congress. Why is that? Nick told us yesterday that impeachments are a good thing, so why are we only talking about one guy?

    Is it because orange man bad?

    1. 24% is shockingly high. Last time I looked it was about 10%.

    2. We definitely need a special prosecutor to jam up the collective ass of the Pelosi clan.

  34. Karl Rove makes a pretty good case that the Democratic convention is likely to come without anyone winning the nomination outright.

    Basically, it boils down to Biden, Sanders, Warren, and company having more than enough of a base to win more than 15% of the vote in any district, you split the delegates with whomever else gets more than 15% of the vote. Rove breaks down each state with their current polling through Super Tuesday, and it looks like no one wins the nomination just by the elected delegates.

    It’ll be about the unelected super delegates.

    If you thought the Democrats were whiny about the electoral college in the aftermath of Trump beating Hillary, wait ’til they get a load of the super delegates picking their nominee for them.

    Do Bernie Bros turn out for Warren if she’s picked at the convention by super delegates over Sanders? I can’t imagine that kind of outcome would hurt Trump’s reelection chances any.

    1. And I am sure a bunch of old rich, white people having a death match on the floor of the convention over who is going to be the nominee is going to do wonders for black turnout.

      Watch them pick Hillary as a unity candidate. People keep thinking Michelle Obama is going to run but I think the Obamas are waiting for 2024. They figure Trump is going to be hard to beat. So, they are going to wait and run in 2024 when it won’t involve running against an incumbent and it is unclear who if anyone is going to be able to reassemble Trump’s coalition.

      That leaves Hillary. Remember, after the first vote, the delegates can vote for anyone they want to. If the convention ends up brokered, unless the rules have changed, the nominee doesn’t have to be someone who had campaigned for delegates before the convention.

      1. “Watch them pick Hillary as a unity candidate.”

        I don’t think they realize that’s a real possibility.

        This is how Adlai Stevenson won the Democratic nomination in 1952. He wasn’t even a candidate. Never stood in a single primary!

        I suspect they’ll line up behind Warren if anyone, but if Hillary thought she could get the nomination by paying off the delegates, she’d do so in a heartbeat.

        1. I’m lik 60% certain this is what ultimatley happens. Biden is going to be destroyed by this Ukraine thing. People are underselling Sanders potential to actually win states. Also no way the establishment and money gets behind Sanders or Warren. The smart play to me if I was running the leaderless dems would be to take the L purge the party of the socialists by giving one of them the nom and build Buttgiegs resume for 2024 election.

          1. I think Warren is the pick of the superdelegates.

            She has the backing of Obama.

          2. Remember, too, the Ukraine thing only matters to outsiders. Democrat super delegates don’t give a shit about what Biden did in Ukraine. We’re not talking about average people making these decisions in a contested convention. We’re talking about insiders making backroom deals. We’re talking Hillary Clinton getting to be the Secretary of State if she backs Obama * a million. A convention like that is where we get to find out that our next ambassador to Fiji is going to be someone from the convention floor who had a particularly important vote at a particularly important time.

            They don’t care about electability over stuff like Biden openly doing what Trump is accused of doing. The media isn’t likely to cover any of that anyway.

          3. I can almost guarantee Buttigieg runs for a Senate seat in 2022, presuming the Dem candidate doesn’t win and give him a Cabinet seat (say, DoD or HUD) for being a good soldier. But yeah, there’s not way in hell he’s staying out of the 2024 race. He’s young enough and his profile is high enough now that he’s going to be in some upper echelon executive or legislative position, probably for years, as long as he keeps his nose clean. The MSM like him way too much for them not to give him the Obama Treatment.

            Same with O’Rourke. Thanks to his wife’s money, that fucking twerp doesn’t need to have anything else going on in his life other than running for office. So expect him to make another Senate run against Cruz in 2024 with an eye to running for President again in 2028, if the Republican nominee happens to win in 2024.

            1. The problem with the Senate idea is I don’t think he stands a chance in hell of winning a Senate seat in Indiana. So he would have to carpetbag to another state.

              1. I don’t know what he does. It will be interesting as he’s not even in the top 5 for worst options from the dems. He ain’t ready for primetime now but he’s already a fundraising juggernaut due to the gayz.

              2. Maybe, but I wouldn’t underestimate him. Like I said, he’s got a massive public profile now and the MSM will be pimping him hard. A governor run wouldn’t be out of the question, either, since it’s a bit easier to win as an opposite-color candidate if you run a good campaign.

            2. God I loathe Beto what a mediocrity. He might be the guy I hate the most. Say what you want about Warren, Hillary, Sanders, Buttgieg and others but they all actually put in at least an ounce of work and years into being and carving out political roles. Beto was born into his class and married well and that entitles him to political office. I fucking hate him so much. America’s Trudeau. fuck Beto.

          4. I don’t know that it will be Ukraine specifically that takes Biden down – he’s just an idiot.
            Just watch the Cornpop/kids rubbing his legs/children sitting in his lap video. He can barely formulate a sentence, and when he does it’s creepy and weird.
            He just called a voter fat in a midwestern town. Has even Trump ever directly told a voter “you fat”?
            Dude is a disaster regardless of his corruption

        2. Too many people hate Warren and a lot of the people who do would go for Hillary because they know she would pay them off where Warren might not.

          If I had to bet, I would bet on it being Warren or Hillary. The question is which side gets 50%, the anyone but Warren or the anyone but Hillary side?

          1. I don’t think the progressives care if people hate Warren.

            They’re hoping that someone people hate wins.

            Too many people hated Hillary, too. If they can’t get someone average people hate in, what’s the point of being a social justice warrior or a progressive? They want to force you to sacrifice your standard of living for climate change. Of course they want someone average Americans hate. Elitism is all about total contempt for the opinions of average Americans, and the Democrats are rife with that contempt. It’s their defining feature.

            Ask a random progressive why so many people in the white, blue collar, middle class think Democrats hate them, and the conversation will quickly morph into a discussion about why the progressive in question thinks the white, blue collar, middle class should be hated. It’s because their racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobes! Hell, half of Warren’s appeal to the party faithful is that average people hate her more than they do the other candidates.

            America hates me the most, so nominate me!

            1. I am talking about Democrats Ken. You miss the point. A whole lot of Democrats, especially in Wall Street and Silicon Valley hate Warren. And they vote, donate and will have a lot of sway over who is the nominee.

      2. Michelle Obama is not going to run. that’s a fever dream. I don’t think she has the slightest bit of political ambition at all. When it was all said and done she didn’t ever try to steer policy or say she was some kind of self proclaimed expert like Hilary did. She basically followed Laura Bush’s framework except she took on healthy lunches as opposed to reading. Michelle Obama’s never had a bit of political ambition you can tell from her career choices, she settled for a no show job after marrying Barrack at a Chicago hospital which position ceased to exist after Barrack moved on to run for president. The people clamoring for Michelle Obama are going to be disappointed.

        1. Well, she was never proud of her country until we elected her husband president, so I doubt she’s proud to be an American right now either.

          1. She wanted a life of royalty and privilege.
            She has that now.
            Running for president, let alone actually being president, would ruin the fun of it.
            Though she does seem vindictive and malicious enough to do it for revenge

    2. The media will not let this happen. They will settle on a winner and make it happen. Talk to 2008 Clinton about that. Then talk to 2016 Sanders about the same thing.

      1. The media is much more fragmented and has much less power even over the Democrats than it did in 2008. Hillary won in 2016 because of the Super Delegates and the DNC fixing the nomination. I don’t think the media had much to do with that.

        The problem is that thanks to the DNC emails, everyone knows the DNC fixed it in 2016. So I don’t think they will be able to get away with fixing it again. And I don’t think the media has the power to anoint a winner.

        1. Yeah, I noticed how the media and the public obsessed over the DNC fixing the primary and colluding with the media to do so. You couldn’t avoid it over the last 3 years. There’s also no way that any democrat will ever pay to get dirt on an opponent from the FSB again. Whoo, boy! The way CNN and MSNBC killed Hillary for colluding with the Russians and a British spy to dig up fake dirt on Trump…. yeah, they won’t be trying that again!

          1. Democratic voters know what happened. Just because the media won’t talk about it doesn’t mean people don’t know what happened. I can’t imagine the Bernie supporters or the Warren supporters taking their guy getting screwed the way Bernie did in 16 lying down.

            Can the DNC fix the nomination again? Sure they can. But they won’t be able to do so with the rest of the party just taking it the way they did in 2016. Doing that again would split the party and probably create a third party run. I think they know that and would be loath to try it again because of it.

            The other thing to remember is that Hillary and Bernie were really close. It didn’t take much work to tip things in favor of Hillary. This time there may not be a candidate close enough to winning that the DNC likes for them to fix the nomination for at all. They all may splinter the vote that no amount of cheating will get any of them to 50%.

  35. The sex-trafficking law FOSTA “hasn’t actually prevented child trafficking,” says U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna. “If anything, it’s had websites turning a blind eye to it and forced it underground.”

    Wait. Was it legal or something before FOSTA? I don’t get it.

    1. Having a website where someone might post something about being a prostitute was legal before. Now it can get you tossed in a federal prison for sex trafficking. That is what has changed.

      1. But child trafficking was never even remotely condoned.

        1. Which is why they had to redefine both trafficking and child so that they could include people who allow classified ads, like Specifically, Backpage did not allow ads for underage sex, and policed words that were being used as work-around cues to let people know. Which was proof that they were helping people traffic children.

          It is all highly technical. The important thing is, now they can put people in jail if someone advertises on their website for either prostitution or not prostitution with either cues about being young or not having cues about being young….

          1. The thing that no one will say or wants to say is that some teenage girls are happy to be hookers. I am not condoning that or saying it is okay to go to a teenage hooker. But the truth is what it is. But we can’t say the truth. So, we have to pretend that anyone who is a hooker under the age of 18 is in the exact same situation as a 8 year old who is kidnapped and held as a sex slave. Whenever the conversation is based on a lie, it is not going to result in anything approaching a fair or rational decision.

            It is like the woman who says she had sex with Prince Andrew. Yes, Prince Andrew is a dirtbag but she was 17 years old. That is above the age of consent in most nations. Unless Epstein put a gun to her head or beat the hell out of her if she didn’t comply, I am having a hard time seeing how she was a victim of trafficking. I think it is reasonable to say that she couldn’t legally consent to being a hooker because of her age because we don’t want young girls selling themselves. But I do not think it is reasonable to say that she didn’t factually consent or that she was a victim of “trafficking” as the word is ordinarily understood. She just wasn’t. She knew what she was doing and wanted to do it.

        2. No, but criminals aren’t necessarily all that smart. And some were advertising underage prostitutes on these sex-worker websites.

          Which were then being reported by people who weren’t complete human scum, pointing the cops in the direction of a real crime.

          Now all that’s gone.

          To say that its been ‘driven underground’ though is . . . kinda weird, I’ll admit. All it really is is a return to the status quo ante.

  36. So the odds of actual rape after an Uber ride are similar to the odds of an Uber ride after an actual rape (or maybe smaller).

  37. I guess I’m switching to Lyft, then.

  38. Needless to say, neither riders nor drivers should have to deal with unwanted physical contact of any sort.

    Oh, until I read this I thought maybe unwanted physical contact during an Uber ride was ok. This made me rethink that.

    1. There should be like a blanket disclaimer at the end of every article these days.

      We’re used to seeing things like:

      “The view, thoughts, and opinions of [insert whomever] are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of this station or its management.”

      “This show contains graphic content and may not be suitable for all audiences. Parent discretion is advised”.

      We need blanket disclaimers that journalists can use when they talk about race, religion, immigration, LGBTQI+, sexual assault, etc.

      You put it at the bottom of every article, and maybe it goes something like:

      “Any discussion of bigotry or sexual assault should not be misconstrued as support for bigotry or sexual assault”.

      1. Only a flaming racist would suggest such a thing. Get thee to a re-education camp!

    2. This is why we need to stop victim blaming and telling women to not drink to excess and remain aware of their surroundings. You, Diane, are a case study on why we need to fight rape culture by telling men not to rape and ensuring that they understand that rape is bad, m’kay.

  39. The Chance of Your Uber Ride Ending in a Rape Is .00002%

    But if you take one Uber ride a day for 10 years then your chance of being raped at least once during that time is .07%1!@!!!111

    Would *you* eat those M&M’s?

  40. For all you open borders, “demographics aren’t destiny” clowns with your heads in the sand, here’s proof that leftists are actively seeking to replace people.

    Keep pretending that libertopia will include you

  41. The Chance of Your Uber Ride Ending in a Rape Is .00002%

    *cancels Uber ride.*

  42. The single taxi driving serial rapist and killer in Charlottesville probably brought the average for taxi drivers as high as Ubers. I am sure that there’s a risk of this either way, but it seems a lot more likely to be deterred or caught in an Uber.

  43. “The Chance of Your Uber Ride Ending in a Rape Is .00002%”

    So you’re saying there’s a chance?

    *crosses fingers*

  44. Those are slim odds of getting raped but I’m gonna keep on trying!

  45. The millions of successful, uneventful rides don’t count, you see. Only the significantly small number ambiguously-defined sexual assuaults count, because people need something to hate on.
    Never mind that traditional taxicab rides have similar numbers.

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