Pete Buttigieg

White Protester Steals Mic from Black Supporter of Pete Buttigieg

Activists disrupt a talk by Sharon McBride, a South Bend City Council member who is backing Buttigieg.


Backers of Mayor Pete Buttigieg's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination held an event yesterday in the candidate's hometown of South Bend, Indiana. Sharon McBride, a black member of city council and who supports Buttigieg's bid, was there to push back against the notion that black people disapprove of the mayor.

Her remarks were interrupted by protesters affiliated with Black Lives Matter. One of the protesters, who appeared to be a white man, marched to the front of the room, seized the microphone from McBride, and started haranguing the audience.

"Who chose these people as black leaders?" the activist asked. "Who organized this? Why are we talking about Pete Buttigieg? What kind of nonsense is this?"

He then led protesters in a chant of "this is a farce."

One event attendee who did not appreciate the activist's antics raised her cane as if to strike him but was restrained by others. A local reporter captured the interaction on video:

Several of the Black Lives Matter activists were black. But since the main player was white, the irony was not lost on Twitter observers:

According to BuzzFeed:

Many of the roughly 60 people who attended—many of them black—cheered or nodded along at positive mentions of Buttigieg. They also rolled their eyes or voiced their displeasure with each interruption from the dozen Black Lives Matter protesters who lined the back wall.

Afterward, McBride told BuzzFeed News the confrontation was "disheartening" and "disrespectful." She said she hadn't realized the man was wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt.

"You respect people's opinions, and we respect theirs," she said.

The episode highlights the hypocrisy of many intersectional activists (a major theme of my book Panic Attack). They often claim that the marginalized are the sole experts on their own oppression and thus are the only people allowed to speak on issues related to it; white people, they say, should step back and let black people talk about racism. But in practice, few activists can keep quiet while someone else is touting a candidate the activist perceives to be insufficiently radical.

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  1. Call me stupid, it’s OK with me…

    Butt… WHO is the Buttigieg of the joke here, Black Lives Matter, white people, black people, South Bend City Council, or… WHO!?!? Who didn’t get to first base, and What’s on second base?

    1. I don’t know – – – –

    2. Call me stupid

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        25 more hours of self-esteem therapy

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        And more! All told, it will cost the taxpayers and insurance buyers about $55,000 or more!

        So don’t come pissing and moaning, whining and crying, about how your taxes and insurance premiums go up-up-up! It is heartless, humorless, self-righteous, smug, pointless cruel and EVIL bastards like YOU, who have themselves to thank!

        Seriously, advocating that humans less worthy than yourself should off themselves? You need to read this book! M. Scott Peck, the People of the Lie, The Hope for Healing Human Evil.

    3. Without community outreach Buttigieg will never call the WH home.

    4. They are all Jokes

  2. One event attendee who did not appreciate the activist’s antics raised her cane as if to strike him but was restrained by others.

    No fucks to give – you keep allowing these assholes and bullies to shout down your right to free speech in the name of their right to free speech and you deserve to be silenced. 60 people there to hear her speak and a dozen protesters there to keep her from speaking? Where do they get the balls to confront such odds? Because they know from experience that nobody there has the balls to stop them. 12 wolves against 60 sheep isn’t a fair fight unless and until the sheep start stomping the shit out of a few wolves.

    1. There is only one way to deal with these disruptive assholes. You gotta be louder. Bring a loudspeaker, maybe some high capacity speakers, an airhorn, or an out-of-work opera singer. When these idiots starts chanting, drown them out with your talking points.

      1. When they snatch your microphone out of your hand, that’s assault and you have the right to defend yourself – and “I feared for my life” seems to be a perfectly cromulent excuse for defending yourself with lethal force.

    2. The lady with the cane made my day.

      1. She’s more man than eunuch^ is

        1. Fuck it
          We all know who the ^ references

    3. No kidding. Guarantee that soy vacuum would have dropped like he was shot and started whining like a bitch if she had actually hit him.

      “Outshouting” these fuckheads won’t make nearly as much of an impression as a left hook to the temple.

      1. Note that the guy who grabbed the mic wasn’t white, but Hispanic.

        1. Yes, tally yet one more data point PROVING that whites are ALL pure and innocent, and Hispanics (as our Dear Leader has instructed us) are mostly rapists, drug dealers, child molestors, and assorted, diseased psychopaths (but some few here and there might be good people).

          Thanks for keeping us on the straight and narrow!

          1. and Hispanics (as our Dear Leader has instructed us) are mostly rapists, drug dealers, child molestors, and assorted, diseased psychopaths (but some few here and there might be good people).

            Literally no one is saying this kind of stuff here except for you.

            1. But your Dear Leaders says those kinds of things!

              Trump just referred to one of his most infamous campaign comments: calling Mexicans ‘rapists’

              AND we NEVER hear apologies from the Trumptatorship, because The Chosen One makes NO errors!

              1. Thanks for the link to the article. I ran across the following paragraphs about people from Central American who cross Mexico on the way to the US border:

                “A Doctors Without Borders report last year found that 70% of those entering Mexico reported experiencing violence during their trek and that nearly one-third of women said they were sexually abused.”

                Two paragraphs later:

                “There is no evidence to suggest that any of the travelers [in the caravan] have reported being raped on their journey.”

                Watch the slippery words. He is claiming no evidence of people “reporting” being raped, rather than of people *actually* being raped. To determine the reporting part, he would need to check with lots of Mexican authorities in various places along the route? Did he do that?

                To determine whether people were actually being raped, it would be best to talk to the people in the caravan. Did he do that? Obviously, they could have been raped or sexually assaulted without reporting it. It is easy to imagine them not wanting to get involved with authorities in a foreign country that they are crossing (illegally?) and getting left behind by the caravan.

                Given the numbers from Doctors Without Borders that the reporter cites, it seems odd to simply assume no rapes or sexual assaults because you haven’t heard of any such reports to the authorities.

                1. Oops! The slack reporter is a “she” (as far as I can tell by her name; maybe he or she is a xi.)

              2. I’m not a Trump supporter but you kind of remind me of him.

          2. You seem upset.

        2. George Zimmerman Hispanic?

  3. Maybe a poor article to have when your publication is asking for donations. How stupid.

    1. Especially considering that if they didn’ get to mention Mayor Pete, who wasn’t even there, the story clearly falls well into ‘too local’ territory.

      It’s seems like the real reason the story is up because Robby wouldn’t mind being Mayor Pete’s cockholster.

      1. “It’s seems like the real reason the story is up because Robby wouldn’t mind being Mayor Pete’s cockholster.”

        Yep, there’s no other explanation.

  4. He then led protesters in a chant of “this is a farce.”


  5. I blame the marijuana.

  6. “They also rolled their eyes”


  7. One event attendee who did not appreciate the activist’s antics raised her cane as if to strike him but was restrained by others.

    She should have cracked that wipper snapper over his damn head.

    White Black Lives Matter protestor disrupts black speaker is a very 2020 Democratic primary mood.

    Speaking of people who need to sit down and shut the hell up…

  8. I love the weasel words “appears to be white”.
    Do your damn due diligence!
    Check the assumption.
    Have a few experts punch him in the mouth to collect a DNA sample.
    Interview him to see if he identifies as white.
    Maybe check the assumption they are a man.
    Shoddy journalism while begging for free money is not a good look.
    Maybe if articles were properly investigated and cited multiple named verifiable sources Reason could actually charge for their work.

    1. The point of the story isn’t to convey facts. The point of the story is that Robby likes Pete.

  9. Sad, empty, aimless people these activists.

  10. How will Blacks know what their opinions are if there isn’t a White Liberal around to tell them what they are?

    Zero surprise from me over this fracas.

    1. + White Man’s Burden

    2. Not so sure its a White / Black symptom more than a Democratic one.

      How will Democratic Voters know what their opinions are if there isn’t a Democratic Leader/Mobster/Activist/Progressive around to tell them what they are?

  11. Rico, have Matt take you to an old fashioned barber-type and get a haircut.

  12. So the BLM types may not all have brown *skins,* but they certainly deserve honorary brown *shirts.*

  13. cute when they eat their own.

    1. Cute in a Jacobin vs. Girondin, Bolshevik vs. Menshevik sort of way?

  14. Not sure if this was a genuine BLM attack on Buttplug or a move by one of his rivals to weaken any potential prog support for him. Biden or Bloomberg could even have sent them. A buddy of mine volunteered for Wesley Clark’s campaign in 2004 (Christ I feel old now!) and helped put together a flash mob outside of one of Howard Dean’s events to draw attention to the fact that he avoided the draft during Vietnam.

    1. Your buddy will always have that story to look back upon fondly when he is retired and in his rocking chair. Nice!

  15. “Who chose these people as black leaders?” the activist asked.

    He says this about a city councilwoman, elected by a majority of voters.

    1. Yeah in a racist election in which the black vote was disfranchised by racist Republicans.

  16. At the very least it’s nice to see that they wrestled the mike back from the BLM mike-snatcher.

  17. One of the many reasons not to donate a penny to Reason: to this day they’ve never said a word about the cop who shot the black guy in South Bend, for the sole reason that they really like this Buttplug character and have thus decided they’re not going to talk about any news that could possibly make him look bad. We all know that if it had happened just about anywhere else they would have been foaming at the mouth about it for days. Does it get anymore hypocritical and disgusting than that?

  18. When I read of something like this, I only see more votes for Trump in 2020. As Napoleon put it, never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.

    As for Trump, it is enough that FEDSOC and The Murder Turtle would have an opportunity to finish remaking the federal judiciary. And replace Ginsberg when it becomes inarguably apparent that she is being preserved with formaldehyde.

  19. New level of wokeness: feeling black over-rules being black.

  20. The take-away:

    Black lives matter – unless they disagree with Black Lives Matters.

  21. oh it is unfair.. i think…. hazard perception test sa

  22. Pete Buttigieg is African American. I haven’t seen this pointed out anywhere, but he claims Maltese ancestry, and Malta is part of Africa.

  23. I can’t remember another instance where, in a room full of blacks, hispanics, and a homosexual, the white guy is the most unlikeable.

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