Brickbat: Netflix and Chill


It took four calls to 911 and a little over 30 minutes before a Coral Springs, Fla., dispatcher sent police to a report of a shooting. Guadalupe Herrera reported that a bullet had pierced the back windshield of her car and struck her front windshield and almost hit her in the head. But the call was logged as a "suspicious incident," not as a shooting, which would have been a high priority. When investigators pulled the data from the work station of the 911 supervisor who was on duty, they found a movie on Netflix had been playing for almost two hours when the call came in. The supervisor, Julie Vidaud, said she plays movies in the background, but that doesn't mean she was watching one when the call came in. She is expected to receive a two-day suspension without pay.

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  1. Netflix and chill is a joke in your town.

      1. Perhaps Tank and The Bangas can.

        Smoke, Netflix, Chill

        Totally different in concert, BTW.

    1. In Fist’s household, Netflix and chill means Mrs. Fist is mad and making Fist sleep in the unheated guesthouse.

      1. God you’re fucking stupid.

  2. Vidaud promised she no longer would have Netflix playing at work, the report said. But that’s going to be the case from now on for all dispatchers: The agency policy was changed to prohibit any streaming of media services during their shifts, police said.

    I’ve heard that some places buy special workstation computers that somehow won’t allow the user to access the internets. I’m not a computer geek or anything so I have no idea how you would go about programming a computer to not get on the internets, but I would think a police department might be able to afford to hire a highly-skilled computing wizard who could figure it out.

    1. Are you kidding? Between the necessity of buying Porsche 911’s, giving triple overtime to everybody, and buying military equipment for the force, they are starve for money. Starved. For. Money. And courts are making it worse by infringing on their constitutional right to take your stuff without a crime or trial.

    2. They’re called web filters. As your traffic tries to route to the Internet the traffic is inspected to see where it is going. If the place is ok then it is allowed. If it ain’t ok then usually Page will be displayed to the user saying why it was blocked.

      1. Ah, thank you! I did not know about filters! I am glad that there are computer wizards such as yourself to explain such th…….

        Ah, fuck it.

        Reason doesn’t have an edit function, I suppose a sarcasm tag is right out of the question.

        But it still hurts painfully to know you must have been sitting there thinking “Is this guy serious? Is he being sarcastic or is he really retarded?” And then you looked up my comment history and decided to go with the “retarded”. That stings.

        1. … looked up your comment history? How do you do that?!?

          Seriously, the inability to see my own comment history is one of my major complaints about the Reason commenting system (third only to the lack of an edit button and the lack of a sarcasm tag). If I can’t even find my own comment history, how do I see yours? What trick do you know that let’s you see comment histories?

          1. There’s a way to search individual web pages for instances of a word through Google search.

            1. You’re talking about adding “” to your search criteria, right? I’ve never been able to get that to work. I assumed that Reason (like most other sites) put a no-robots instruction on their comments.
              But I’m happy to learn if you’ve figured it out.

        2. Nah man – ‘he’s retarded’ is usually the safe bet for everyone on the internet. Sometimes I look back on my own comments and think ‘was I retarded back then?’

          1. Don’t worry scrote. Nah, there’s plenty of tards out there living really kick ass lives. My first wife was ‘tarded….she’s a pilot now.

      2. Not going to work for an employee with a smart phone and an unlimited data plan (or one smart enough to download the shows at home before starting their shift)

    3. You don’t need a special workstation for that. Only a competent IT department. Something governments at all levels notoriously lack. My firm blocks Netflix watching at work without need for any special workstation. It’s standard Dell with Intel Inside.

  3. Netflix and chill used to be a euphemism for inviting someone over for sex. It sort of replaced the phrase “booty call.” Did this dispatch supervisor have sex while on duty?

    1. That you can’t question. Unless it was heterosexual. Then you can question it.

  4. They should discipline civilians if their emergencies interrupt the dispatcher’s favorite shows. Have some consideration!

  5. Two days without pay! The horror!


    1. I get that every week.

    2. fortunately Netflix is already paid for the month

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    1. Now this, this is high-quality spam. On-topic, coherent, better puncuatated than some of our hardened regulars. Go, Mr. Setup, and continue fighting the good fight!

    2. Cool story, bro.

  7. What the hell is a “back windshield?”

    1. For hindsight.

    2. What would you call the piece of glass at the rear of the passenger compartment of a car, truck or station wagon?

      1. The. . . back window . . . Avi?

    3. the vertical glass thingy that shields you from the wind when you’re driving really fast in reverse?

  8. “The supervisor, Julie Vidaud, said she plays movies in the background, but that doesn’t mean she was watching one when the call came in.”

    True that. Bitch was too busy sexting to watch the movie.

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