Brickbat: Drink It Up


Officials at St. Andrew's Primary School in Hull, England, have barred parents from packing any drinks other than water with their children's meals. They say the move is aimed at protecting students with allergies and reducing consumption of sugary drinks.

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  2. The mum claims parents are considering setting up a petition amid suggestions that teachers “smell” the children’s drinks to make sure they contain nothing other than water.

    My kid is allergic to teacher snot.

    1. Some enterprising parent should send their kid to school with a bottle of piss and instructions not to drink it.

    2. My kid would dose the snoop with electric kool-aid.

  3. My kid only takes water to school. The 4 coffees he drinks for breakfast are enough sugar and caffeine to keep him going. The teachers want to fuck with me, I’ll start slipping a packet of Vivarin tablets in his lunch.

  4. Anyone else noticed how many of these brickbats are about garbage island?

    1. Garbage Island gave us our main language and a butt-ton of our cultural roots… Now, I sure hope that Garbage Island does NOT infect us with their stupid! Or stupid us with their infections either!

    2. Yes, and they are all cautionary tales. As I commented the other day in re to the focus on people saying offensive things [in the midst of an apparently major upswing in violent crimes there] it is like a fascinating experiment. Let all the wokes and progressives enact their every whim and make rudeness a crime, ban all guns [and knives with pointy ends] and promote a government that intrudes into every aspect of your life; and watch what happens.

    3. I watched “They Shall Not Grow Old” this weekend. Documentary on WWI from the British Soldier’s perspective.

      What got me was the old world attitude. Men volunteered to march off and get killed merely because the King asked them too. Children lied about their age so they could march off to their deaths too. As several soldier’s recounted, they didn’t even know what the war was about, they went because everyone else was going and they didn’t want to be left behind.

      I won’t call them garbage island. But I will declare that they lack the individualist spirit and frontier attitudes of the US. And I fear the US has for the most part lost it too. We’re on the road to being out own garbage island.

      1. This!

        The great existential crisis of our time is not climate, but whether individual liberty will survive the next 50 years.

        1. And yet the Powers that Be(tm) are trying to use the former to eliminate the latter.

  5. “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat”

  6. Holy contributing to the delinquency of minors, Batman; activate the Lenore-signal!

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