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The Reason Podcast Is Now 3 Great New Podcasts. Subscribe!

In order to give you more of the pods you love, we're splitting our feed into roundtables, interviews, and debates.


Today we're launching three new(ish) Reason podcasts. If you're already a subscriber to our current feed, The Reason Podcast, you'll keep getting the Reason Roundtable editors' discussions on Mondays, but if you want to keep getting our weekly interview show hosted by Nick Gillespie and the lively Soho Forum debates, you'll have to opt in.

Hang out with Reason staffers and special guests while you commute, work out, or wash dishes. Subscribe to all three, or mix and match!

Here's the lineup of Reason's burgeoning podcast empire:


Every Monday, the libertarian editors of the magazine of "Free Minds and Free Markets"—Matt Welch, Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Peter Suderman—discuss and debate the week's biggest stories and what fresh hell awaits us all. Subscribe to The Reason Roundtable!


Want to know what comes next in politics, culture, and libertarian ideas? Reason's Nick Gillespie hosts relentlessly interesting interviews with the activists, artists, authors, entrepreneurs, newsmakers, and politicians who are defining the 21st century. Subscribe to The Reason Interview With Nick Gillespie!


A libertarian-themed debate series recorded monthly before a live audience in New York City. Moderated by former Barron's Economics Editor Gene Epstein, the Soho Forum features Nobel prize winners, radical thinkers, and other public intellectuals facing off over the future of bitcoin, veganism, sex work, illegal drugs, electric vehicles, abortion, robotics, government debt, and other controversial topics. Subscribe to The Soho Forum Debates!     

You'll find past episodes, subscribe links, and more at And if you like what you hear, consider donating as well!

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  1. “It’s still shitty”

    1. What would be your advice to make the podcasts better?

      1. Let Tarl participate instead of Nick? Or let one be Nick-free and see if it gets more subscribers than the other two put together?

  2. Great to hear, I enjoy 2 of the 3 currently.

    One suggestion for the roundtable is to index the podcast into ‘chapters’–not separate audio tracks, but links to skip to the start of each topic. It seems to happen often that some topics devolve into people talking over each other a la The View, so I’m skipping around trying to find the next topic, but will sometimes just head out instead.

  3. Thank you kindly! I consider the Roundtable and Soho Debates must-listens, but have been frustrated that I can’t have my podcast app automatically add them to what’s next without flooding my playlist with Reason Interviews, which I enjoy on a more selective basis based on what sounds interesting.

  4. This is great! I like all 3, but having them broken out like this makes a ton of sense. Can we get similar definition in the article rss feeds? I get more VOLOKH CONSPIRACY posts than reason posts since the website refesh it seems.

  5. A better way to do this would be to keep the old feed the way it was and add three new sperate feeds for those weirdos that don’t like having everything in one place. My podcatcher doesn’t find the new feeds and it’s not like I’m using some small little app. I use pocket cast.

    In 3 months time I would like to know if this move increased or decreased listenership.

  6. You should have an off the walltopic section.

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