Election 2020

Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Is an Illegitimate President and Tulsi Gabbard Is a Russian Tool

"She's a favorite of the Russians and they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far."


In an interview with Democratic campaign strategist David Plouffe, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton railed against Donald Trump's "illegitimate" presidency; warned that voter suppression, social media propaganda, and foreign election interference will make it tough for the eventual Democratic nominee to win in 2020; and claimed that Russia would back a third-party spoiler campaign by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D–Hawaii).

"They are going to do third party again," said Clinton. "I'm not making any predictions, but I think they've got their eye on someone who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third party candidate. She's a favorite of the Russians and they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. That's assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she's also a Russian asset."

The idea that Stein, the 2016 Green Party candidate, was a Russian asset is complete nonsense, as Reason's Matt Welch explained in this article. It's also ridiculous to claim that Stein managed to throw the election to Trump. The vast majority of Stein voters said they would have sat the election out if she had not appeared on the ballot: There just weren't enough potential Clinton supporters among the swing-state Stein voters.

Smearing Gabbard as a tool of Putin is similarly misguided. Gabbard has articulated a non-interventionist foreign policy vision that is refreshingly different from what most of the other candidates are offering, and that stands in stark contrast with Clinton's own hawkish record. This does not make her some kind of nefarious pro-Putin plant.

But Clinton makes clear throughout the Plouffe interview that she is incapable of recognizing honest disagreement. Everyone who opposes her or the mainstream Democratic candidates is, in her view, doing so for illegitimate or conspiratorial reasons. Trump gets along with Putin because Russia has something on him, "personal or financial," Clinton said. Indeed, she even suggested that Trump's decision to pull out of Syria might have been a favor to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in exchange for Turkish assistance with Trump's re-election.

Clinton warned the Democrats that they will be "out-gunned, outspent, and out-lied," and that pro-Trump forces will suppress the vote in swing states, disseminate misinformation on social media, and solicit help from foreign governments. It's true that Trump's boosters have engaged in underhanded tactics to get him in office and to keep him there. But Hillary Clinton did not lose the 2016 race because of fake Russian Facebook groups or fake news, or Jill Stein. Clinton lost because the American people declined to make her president.

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  1. OBL just came in their gender-neutral underwear a little.

      1. Why? HRC has manipulated, lied, cheated and given us Trump. Have you learned nothing?

        1. The refusal to take ownership of 2016 is hilarious. They literally nominated the only person who couldn’t win. Awesome.

          Timing is everything. Haha.

          1. The actual defeat and now this! HRC is the gift that keeps on giving. She’s one of the most despicable politicians EVER; and to see her losing her mind, one little creepy, weird statement at a time is truly fulfilling.

            1. Maybe Hilldog’s right.
              However if Trump and Gabbard are Russian tools, the only logical conclusion I can make is that Russia wants the US to have excellent leaders.

              For the last twenty-five years the West has had the worst political class since Elagabalus.
              Sure, there’s been the odd exception like Harper, but for the most part it’s been a rotting, festering bubble of nepotism, raw greed and virtue signaling. Trump, Gabbard and Paul a part of small coterie who are willing to pop it and let the pus flow away.

            2. Oh, please. Granny Maojackets von Pantsuit isn’t anywhere CLOSE to the top tier of despicable politicians. That’s not to say she isn’t arrogant, crooked, and imposingly stupid. But she isn’t extraordinary. She’s the embodiment of mediocrity.

              1. She’s had an extraordinarily successful political career for such a mediocrity then, no?

          2. The Don could have lost on a platform to treat electrical power stations like meth labs. Tulsi is being invited to dis the global warmunism thermometers have exposed as a lie, and win votes for the Party on a platform of NOT banning electricity and NOT bombing foreigners and NOT forcing women to reproduce at gunpoint. In the meantime, the LP platform in 2016 broke up the package deals so that 4 million ballots covered the gap between the false alternatives of socialism and fascism.

            1. I want whatever Hank is smoking.
              His posts are always amazing

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    1. Okay. I lol’d…

    2. Hillary Clinton Says…


    3. I’ve been reading Democrat hacks’ and Progtards prognostications applying the pyschological concept of “projection” ,
      and finding it remarkably accurate-
      whatever Crazy Hillary claims was done to her, is what she did in fact.
      I’m a little disappointed in Reason’s Soave for piling on, even if it was a lazy sort of virtue signaling;
      “It’s true that Trump’s boosters have engaged in underhanded tactics to get him in office and to keep him there. ”

      So, not to belabor the point, but who WERE Trumps (presumeably bad actor type) boosters before the election and since?
      Was it all the deplorable MAGA hat wearers who showed up at rallies despite getting egged, spit upon, beaten from Chicago, San Jose, to Minneapolis? Was it Mittens Romney who bad mouthed him or McGuffin the fake con who ran to siphon off electoral votes? Was it Jim Comey, whom Hillary also claimed was the reason she lost? Was it all those fervent Trump supporters in the GOPe, like the 130+ who joined the Dems to condemn him for keeping a campaign promise to get out of endless wars in the ME.
      Heck, even libertarian Rand Paul backed Trump on that…

      So, whats up, Reason?

      1. Oh, come on. People make a lot of ridiculous accusations about Trump. But his campaign was really a shitshow and a lot of his staff made some questionable decisions and shady moves.

        1. Ok, zeb.
          How about some examples?
          I’ll give you frog memes. Super underhanded!

          1. And don’t forget the Momiji Inubashiri MAGA psy ops. Even now I find myself Awooing.

      2. I’m curious. What sort of “underhanded tactics” are we supposed to believe are involved in keeping a sitting president in office?

    4. Hillary Clinton is NUTS!!! That last comment about Trump’s campaign people is Bulls*it!

      1. There was no reason to qualify your initial comment.

        It is amusing to see corruption give way to senility.

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    7. I’ve despised this evil, warmongering C**t since the early 90’s. She and her husband have been a cancer on this country for decades and the sooner they leave this earth, the better. This is a woman who is greedy to the point of stealing valuables from the Oval Office, engaging in fraudulent real estate scams and smeared anyone who accused her husband of adultery. That she is mentally ill is apparent to anyone with a brain. I thank God this souls bitch was not elected in 2016.

  2. Wow, Hillary has become a literal conspiracy theorist. Losing to Trump really broke her.

    1. “He broke me!” *sobs*

    2. And yet she won’t go away

    3. broke her.

      More like finished her. She seemed broken by Obama and having to take the Sect State job as a consolation prize.

      1. He did more than finish her. He brought down the House of Clinton.

        Chelsea my hold a seat in Congress one day, but they’ll never see the white house again.

        1. Like Kennedys; at least no one had to die…wait.

        2. From 1976-2013, starting with HW becoming director of the CIA and ending with Hillary stepping down as Sec of State (to focus on fundraising for presidential run) with including 2 terms in vice presidency and 5 terms as president in between, there was either a Clinton or Bush in executive office.
          Trump ended both dynasties in 1 campaign.
          The powers that be haven’t taken it well.

          1. Oh, the humanity! It’s just like the crashing of Hindenburg.

    4. You think this is recent?

      You don’t remember the “vast, right wing conspiracy”? She’s been insane for decades.

      1. oops, I should’ve read the other comments before posting

    5. I am reminded of when Bush beat Gore, and the guy disappeared for a year, before showing back up on the scene with a scraggly beard screaming about inconvenient truths.

      It is kind of interesting to see these institutions grow in this country. Gore latched onto the Green Industrial Complex as it was really getting started in this country. He benefitted from the solar and other green subsidies that would come during the Obama administration, and that institution is now so full of lobbyists and key personnel at the EPA (and elsewhere) that he will benefit off of the business forever.

      Likewise, Clinton has come back from oblivion to start ranting about Russian interference. As I read about the whole Ukrainian political mess, it has become stunningly clear that that region is building up its own rent-seeking business in the United States. That business is largely built on funneling billions of dollars to Ukraine in order to resist Russian dominance.

      Hillary isn’t a conspiracy theorist. She is a business woman. The Ukrainian Aid Complex is a cash cow that dies as soon as people stop giving a shit about Russian interference. If people say, “Sorry Ukraine, gonna have to work shit out between you, Russia and Europe”, then billions of dollars supporting companies, politicians and lobbyists goes away. But the more that she scares Democrats, the more she will benefit as aid is directed to Ukraine, poland and wherever the fuck else PR firms can discover evil Russian meddling.

      1. Discover */invent

      2. Damn. It’s almost like the East Euorpeans are as corrupt as South Americans…or Africans. Or Asians. Or West Europeans!

    6. She’s been like this for a long time. The “vast right wing conspiracy” comment was made in the 90’s

    7. Not surprising. It was the Clinton campaign in 2008 that first came up with the birther conspiracy. It wasn’t until Obama took that nomination that the conspiracy jumped ship to land in Trump’s lap.

      1. Well, the entire basis of her election campaign was to blame her direct actions on everyone around her.

    8. bearing Webb Hubbell’s child likely didn’t help lol

    9. Has become? The woman who claimed that accusations against her husband were a “vast right wing conspiracy”?

      Hillary Clinton has been a nutcase and a psychopath for decades. The question is why so many people let themselves be fooled by her.

      1. That was before my time. A lot of you are very old. 😛

        1. I’m so old I can remember when Hillary was horrified, appalled, shocked, outraged, disgusted and sickened to think that someone might question the legitimacy of our elections. And so were all the other Democrats in the MSM.

          1. Well, the Democrats were right about the 2016 election. They predicted the losers wouldn’t accept the results and would continue to agitate and create chaos after the ballots were counted and the new president took office.

            1. They also predicted more violence if Trump was elected. We was, and they supplied the violence.

        2. And you’re a lot younger than I would have guessed.

    10. I’ve noticed a certain paranoia comes with senile dementia, especially in women.

      1. It does, but Hillary has always been a batshit crazy psychopath.

        1. The first signs and symptoms of dementia/senility often start decades before diagnosis. At the time they are often unnoticed or explained away. Many times the actual diagnosis isn’t made until progression is pretty far along.

          1. That applies perhaps to her senility. But psychopathy like hers is a lifelong condition.

  3. “Hillary Clinton Says”

    I don’t care what my former employee’s spouses think.

    1. i laughed way harder then I should have at that.

      1. Ditto

    2. +1

    3. Word.

    4. yeah funny dude.

    5. The only way the pathetic, tragic saga of Hillary’s mental decline could be more enjoyable is if it caused her actual physical pain to say something stupid or implausible. Wait! I can just imagine it DOES. Haaahahahaha!!

  4. Did Plouffe ask her, “are you willing to accept the outcome of the election as the will of the voters?”

    1. That’s the kind of question only a Republican plant would ask, just like asking how someone intends to pay for something.

      1. “will that be cash or credit” is so raciss

    2. Yes, in the same was that all power-mad dictators accept the outcome – by murdering and jailing all opposition.

    3. I wonder where on the timeline the Steele dossier fits on that. I have a suspicion that question was asked knowing damn well she had a plan to contest the election if Trump won and the reason she asked was to make it look like something her adversary would do. Put the focus on Trump for something she was planning on doing.

      1. Eh, maybe. I just think it’s hilarious the level of hypocrisy on display after her answer to the question in the debates: “I certainly will support the outcome of this election, and I know Donald’s trying very hard to plant doubts about it…”

        1. Projecting the seed…

          1. Her husband is a pro at that

            1. Sooo, let me work this out…the mainstream media is the blue dress, and Hillary’s comments are…

      2. They started coming up with the Russia hoax as soon as it became clear Trump had a real chance of winning (roughly November/December 2015), and it wasn’t a Clinton plot.
        It was John Brennan’s brainchild (which makes sense considering the stupidity of it).
        But that Deep State thing progressives like chemjeff like to impotently dismiss… yea, it’s very real, just more incompetent than one might expect such a powerful cabal to be.
        Trump was a true wildcard, independently wealthy and famous, and they’d need something to check him with in case he wouldn’t fall in line (as every other candidate, both D and R, would have).
        But Russia wasn’t arbitrarily chosen. Do you remember the Maidan revolution(/coup)? That was the Deep State’s baby, delivered via John McCain and Victoria Nuland. Putin has been a thorn in the global socialists’ side since he consolidated power in the wake of Yeltsin and kicked Yeltsin’s Gazi (short for global socialist) handlers to the curb.
        Trump was bad enough. Putin was bad enough. But the prospect of Trump, as potentially POTUS, reaching out to form an alliance with Putin was the worst thing the Gazis could imagine.

        1. There is no better hope for world stability than a US-Russo alliance.
          From a purely geographic standpoint, those two nations can easily access/strike anywhere in the world.
          From a military standpoint, those two nations control 90%+ of the world’s existing nuclear weapons.
          The latter point is formidable, and important.
          The US has been in the grip of the Progressive Era for over a century. The Bush-Clinton-Obama axis had the US all but locked up, while the EU had steadily consolidated power over Europe. The UN gave world government a nice veneer of legitimacy, and moved the Overton Window to the people’s behind all of them liking.
          While eventually needing to be dealt with, Chinese and Saudi money was nice to the Gazis, and both China’s vast population and the Muslim world could be useful tools with similar goals.
          But Putin was a problem, because he was strongly nationalist (and smarter than the lot of them), was not their stooge, and controlled half the nukes in the world.
          Can’t have One government for the world if someone else can match its decisive weapon.
          In 2014, Putin acted swiftly and checked their move in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Obama absolutely fumbled Operation Arab Spring by first failing to stop Sisi from ousting the MB in Egypt then getting outmaneuvered by Putin in Syria.
          Then the first real fissure came – Brexit. Like Stalingrad and Kursk, the EU threw everything they had in it and still lost. Their absolute power over a unified Europe was in jeopardy.
          And along comes Trump, with his talk of draining the Swamp, disentangling from global socialist trade and military quagmires, and (possibly worst of all) getting friendly with Putin/Russia.
          The Gazis were so close, with visions of a final global solution filling their dreams, only to be suddenly faced with the tide turning in just a 3 year span.
          An independent Russia can be worn down over time.
          An independent US, out of the control of and even opposed to the Gazis, would be catastrophic.

  5. Smearing Gabbard as a tool of Putin is similarly misguided.

    Calculated. Clinton has met with Warren and this is the strategy they apparently came up with. If Warren had any sense she’d be hatching schemes with Bill not Hillary.

    1. And give in to the patriarchy?

        1. But she has to buy a blue dress first

    2. “” If Warren had any sense she’d be hatching schemes with Bill not Hillary.””

      Is that what they are calling it these days?
      I’m sure it will not be as joyful for Bill as when he was hatching schemes with Jennifer Flowers.

      1. I mean if you haven’t hatched any schemes in a while you might just take what you can get.

      2. Bill’s a chubby chaser; we know Warren’s not his type.

    3. I would love for Trump to give Tulsi a cabinet position after his re-election. SecState or SecDef.

      1. ^this

        If not Sec of State (though that’s be best), then something else. Create a position if need be.

        Indeed, I think he should offer her a post as soon as she drops out of the campaign.

    4. It’s incredibly stupid.

      They just elevated Tulsi way beyond anywhere she’d have a hope to reach if more or less ignored.
      And Tulsi stepped up to the plate and crushed it in her tweet.

      But I should stop calling her Tulsi…
      It’s Ms. Gabbard if you’re nasty

    5. That was my first thought, as well. As far as her anti-war rhetoric, Tulsi is one of the more palatable Democrats (and that’s not saying much – especially where the 2nd Amendment is concerned.) This media play should give her a very nice boost!

      It would be a grave error to underestimate the Left’s scheming and will to win this election. A second term for Trump virtually guarantees the gloves will come off and besides, for Hillary and the ‘woke’, it’s personal this time.

      I think they’ve all learned from Trump’s election. They’ve had ample time to absorb the lesson that constant smears and attacks were hugely beneficial for Trump and merely reinforced the idea that Trump was a ‘rogue’ and an ‘outsider.’ I can’t help but feel that, any way this election goes, we average Americans lose – liberty, money, etc. It’s sad, but maybe keeping the 2nd Amendment intact is the best we can hope for at this point.

      1. They may be furiously scheming, but their “will to win” has overcome their “connection to reality”, coz the ranting and hysteria and lies are NOT winning them many hearts or minds.

        I dunno if it’s “globalists” or “progressives” or Soros or Commies or the f’ing Knights Templar that have promoted the “one government” dream, but they’ve made their move a decade early, at least. Maybe Trump/Brexit/Putin/Yellow Vests forced their hand, maybe they were just arrogant, but I’m hoping their furious schemes come tumbling down. (and that a lot of it lands on Soros, Clinton and the EU’s Palace of Misrule in Brussels…)

        1. Oh…OR the Joos, the Reptiloids, or The Illuminati.

  6. Holy shit, that’s some crazy shit. She really is a pathetic loser.

    And if the Russians are capable of getting Trump elected, surely they could get Gabbard the dem nomination.

  7. What Hillary Clinton says doesn’t matter anymore, and I’m so glad.

    1. Yet, you still are fixated on Obama, herion, and children with medical coverage.

      1. herion’s a helluva drug.

        1. Wasn’t that the book by Dan Simmons?

      2. “Yet, you still are fixated on Obama, herion, and children with medical coverage.”


    2. What, at this point, does it matter?

  8. Every time that bitch opens her mouth, I’m reminded why Donald Trump was the better choice. And I didn’t even vote for Donald Trump.

    1. She and her husband are two of the worst people this country has ever produced.
      Corrupt, treasonous, rotten to the core of their being. Well, not just corrupt and treasonous, their corruption was on an unprecedented scale, and they actually sold American security for illegal campaign donations.

      1. The Clinton’s know what the rest of us pretend not to: that the purpose of high power positions in US government is not for the US, or the American people, anymore.
        Global Socialism is the priority.

    2. Yeah. Who still believes we would be better off if this warmongering lunatic had been elected in 2016. Besides Shikha of course.

    3. ” Donald Trump was the better choice. ”

      In life there are low bars, and then there is the Hag.

    4. Trump commits more crimes before breakfast than Hillary has in her entire life, even if you count the fake ones.

      I realize Reason isn’t covering the impeachment shitstorm, but that man is in deep shit, and the fact that he knows it better than you is embarrassing for you.

      1. For crying out loud, Tony. Do you like being an idiot???

        1. Why don’t you go eat some beets.

          1. Good idea. I like beets.

      2. Tony
        October.18.2019 at 6:23 pm
        “Trump commits more crimes…”

        And yet shitbag here has yet to come up with a single one.
        Maybe he’ll again give us his breathless recounting of Trump’s associates being busted for late library returns.

        1. Mueller came up with plenty.

          And beyond that, seeking dirt on a political opponent from a foreign head of state–and extorting him for it–is, it should go without saying, a big fucking crime.

          You’d know that if he had a (D) after his name, you pathetic useless mollusk.

          1. Since the Ds won’t ever hold their own accountable, no reason for the Rs to do the same.

          2. “Mueller came up with plenty.”

            Yep, those un-paid parking tickets are serious business, right, you fucking ignoramus?

          3. Yes ,the Mueller report which didn’t specify any crimes. It did list possible obstruction but then went on to explain a possible defense/explanation and Mueller gave the best exculpatory evidence possible when he said he was never hindered in his investigation. But please continue to kick that dead horse.

            1. And keep in mind that Mueller’s possible Obstruction of Justice Crimes were based on a renegade Lawfare type reinterpretation of an Obstruction of Justice statute that violated centuries old statutory interpretation guidelines, as well as DoJ rules and OLC, AG, and DAG interpretations. This misinterpretation took sections of the statute out of context, and put together parts that were not intended to be read together. This reinterpretation had never been litigated, and would surely have been rejected by the courts. It essentially changed it from a specific intent crime to a general intent crime.

              Take, for example, one of Mueller’s examples. Under the official DOJ OLC interpretation, one of the requirements for the crime is specific intent to obstruct, in that case, a criminal investigation (Peter Strzok’s Crossfire Hurricane). For the most part, that means that legitimate intent negates criminal intent. Thus, Comey lying to Trump is more than sufficient just cause for firing a Senate confirmed principal officer, not protected by the Civil Service laws. In that case, Trump could not have had the required specific intent of obstructing a criminal investigation since Comey lied to him about the existence of the investigation. But under the Mueller rewrite of that Obstruction statute to a general intent crime, the firing was intentional, and thus provided the required intent for the crime, along with the potential impact on an ongoing criminal investigation (that Comey had lied to Trump about, telling him that there wasn’t an ongoing investigation).

              When AG Barr and DAG Rosenstein met with Mueller, he told them that they had been done with investigating Russian Collusion for a year or so, and were just investigating Obstruction of Justice (mostly trying to catch Trump in a perjury trap). He gave them his fact patterns that his team felt constituted Obstruction of Justice. They were all rejected by the AG and DAG based on the OLC statutory interpretation of the statute (which the SC prosecutors were bound by). Mueller thus could not include a conclusion of Obstruction of Justice by the President. Still, since >$30 million Had been spent trying to find Obstruction by the President, the SC prosecutors included the fact patterns in the Report, despite that too violating DOJ guidelines.

          4. “Mueller came up with plenty”

            Oh yeah?

            1. Ten specific examples of obstruction of justice.

              I know, “Those crimes don’t count. He has an (R) after his name for God’s sake.”

          5. “Mueller came up with plenty.”

            Nah, he didn’t.

            “And beyond that, seeking dirt on a political opponent from a foreign head of state–and extorting him for it–is, it should go without saying, a big fucking crime.”

            Except he did not. And the country’s head he was talking to…was working with the Clinton campaign in 2016.

            “You’d know that if he had a (D) after his name, you pathetic useless mollusk.”

            Nah. He’d say “BUT MUH EMAILS” like you do, you paragon of disdain for corruption.

            1. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You didn’t read the report or even a factual summary of it. You’re talking out of Sean Hannity’s ass. It’s extremely tedious.

              1. I did. And it included nada.


              2. No, Tony. You’re just a lying, worthless, insecure piece of shit inventing vapid fairy tales to overcompensate for the fact that the woman in whose favor you spammed this page with endless bullshit about “inevitability” is so corrupt, totalitarian, inept, stupid and universally hated that she couldn’t even win an election she herself rigged:

      3. Come on, Tony. Not even Shiff for brains believes it, or there would be an actual impeachment, not this bullshiff secret investigation.

        1. There will be an actual impeachment.

          1. Since the full house has now voted against impeaching Trump three times, and since many of the new House members who make the Democrats the majority party are from districts that voted for Trump, and since (this is my favorite), no actual law has been broken, I don’t think so.

            1. Want to put money on it?

          2. Even Wile E Coyote is smarter than you.

            But keep trying to drop that Acme anvil on Trump.

          3. Trump needs to commit an impeachable offense, first.

            Like illegally granting himself the power to spy on everyone in the country.

            Or sending billions in aid and appeasement to our enemies.

            Or starting half a dozen illegal wars to aid terrorist cells.

            Or handing guns to cartels in the hopes that they’ll murder American citizens so he can pursue an anti-Constitutional agenda.

            Or ordering soldiers to stand down and allow terrorists to attack an embassy in order to blame the event on free speech so he can pursue an anti-Constitutional agenda.

      4. Trump commits more crimes before breakfast than Hillary has in her entire life

        Please. Trump could become the literal God Emperor and he wouldn’t come close to committing as many crimes as Her Inevitability has.

      5. I was on the MSN site earlier. Impeachment coverage reached a fever pitch a couple weeks ago. Nothing today. At least not in the lead stories area. Methinks it’s losing steam.

        Haha. You guys are funny.

    5. I tell people I don’t like Trump but he did have the single most important quality I’m looking for in a presidential candidat: Not being Hillary Clinton.

      Most of my votes, down to the local level, are now negative votes, “votes against” politicians I know more about. Just voting against incumbents is an honorable principle, one that was the foundation of the TATBO* Party my brother and I promoted many years ago.

      *-Throw All The Bastards Out

      1. “TATBO*” I like it. It’s a tall order, but an admirable platform.

        On a more whimsical, mocking note, I’m promoting another anagram: EISTAU. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

        Sums up an entire ideology in 6 words. Haha.

  9. We already know that Hillary is eternally corrupt and bitter over Bill’s political success and her complete failure.

    Now I think we can add clinically insane to the list.

    1. Lt Commander Queeg looking for her strawberries while clutching those ball bearings

      1. Great analogy.

        1. Yeah, but “ball bearings” is sexist.

      2. OMG! Hilarious! 🙂

  10. Just when I was thinking that Hillary couldn’t become more irrelevant than she was. She never ceases to amaze.

  11. We should get Hillary to give us a complete list of everybody she thinks is a Russian asset. I’m sure it would be a hoot.

    I imagine she would put Monica Lewinsky on that list. I think somebody already made that claim about Tucker Carlson, and she’d probably agree.

    1. Why is nobody calling her “Madame McCarthy” yet?

      At least McCarthy outed SOME Commies…

      1. Thing is, there really WERE some Commies (actual agents, not just people who had a government job, and who were members of the CPUSA) infesting various departments of government. He was so inebriated and incompetent, he might as well have been a plant himself, for all the good he actually did getting them rooted out.

        1. In his defense, a lot of the excesses were not his doing. The Congressional Record shows that he DID request closed sessions for the investigations in case the innocent got unfairly accused. He was declined.

  12. I call for a red flag intervention.

  13. It isn’t the case that Democrats are opposed to election interference and propaganda as a matter of principle – they’re not. Instead, they are opposed, primarily, to any competition in the field of generating propaganda for public consumption. Thus, as a general matter, if anyone is going to lie to the American electorate, it should be an *American* politician.

    At this point, it is beyond dispute that misleading Russian advertisements on Facebook interfered with the dissemination of misleading Democratic advertisements on Facebook. Who the fuck do those vodka guzzling degenerates think they are?

    1. He can’t do that do that to our pledges.
      Only we can do that to our pledges.

    2. Who the fuck do those vodka guzzling degenerates think they are?


  14. I can understand her trying to say the Republicans are going to use “voter suppression, social media propaganda, and foreign election interference”, because it will help democrats undermine a Republican’s legitimate election, which has been par for the course for the last 3-4 years.

    What I don’t get is why Gabbard has turned into a “Russian bot” punching bag by every other democrat. Either its true (not likely), or some of the more far-out theories on the MIC/deep state’s level of control is true, and they really don’t like her “stop the endless war” ideas.

    Either way, Hillary’s a walking, talking, inferiority complex and she can go fuck herself.

    1. There you go, trying to put Huma Abedein out of work.

    2. It may be true that some Russian bots are trying to support her for whatever reason, but that doesn’t mean she has anything to do with it.

    3. why Gabbard has turned into a “Russian bot” punching bag by every other democrat.

      Prob starts with this NBC article in Feb or similar. Investigative journalism that is speculative that then gets a life of its own cuz it gets attention.

      It’s a circle jerk of talking heads talking to journalists talking to campaign PR folks talking to campaign consultants talking to talking heads.

    4. “or some of the more far-out theories on the MIC/deep state’s level of control is true, and they really don’t like her “stop the endless war” ideas”

      I really think it is this. There are billions of dollars going to “counter” the Russian threat. Dollars sent to Eastern Europe where it is almost impossible to tell which politician/oligarch/bank-owner/industrialist is doing what with that money. Billions of dollars are put into funds and banks and lost or moved to charitable trusts. And politicians’ kids sit on their boards. There are huge stakes for people involved in the massive buying spree between Russia and its victims. The worst case scenario for people on all sides of that morass is the US deciding not to play at all.

      1. And that’s just the tip

  15. Smearing Gabbard as a tool of Putin is similarly misguided.

    That’s about as insanely soft a way as one could put it. It’s not ‘misguided’, it’s nefarious false conspiracy theory that’s actively being pushed by all kinds of shady actors with oddball ties to groups with backchannel funding from other nefarious sources.

    1. And further, it’s shit that’s being said by commentators openly on CNN, while they sit around a table and chuckle about a sitting congresswoman’s being a secret agent of a foreign state.

      1. where did this even come from? I’m not exactly fond of Gabbard, but the straight out slander she’s getting is ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as how ok they all appear to be for being a “Russian agent” compared to how insane they were over Trump being the same thing

        1. It’s because she dares to think somewhat independently of the party. And, is more attractive than the current in-crowd.

        2. It’s because despite what some blue checkmarks on Twitter sniff about and dismiss, there is such a thing as the deep state. And the stuff Gabbard is campaigning on threatens that embedded, entrenched bureaucracy that’s full of career dipshits. Donald Trump threatens that same establishment which is why he’s so vehemently hated.

        3. where did this even come from?

          It came from her candidacy being gushed about on RT and other official Russian sites when she announced. Has nothing to do with her. Her candidacy just fits what those sites want to do in our elections – sow dissension and disinformation.

          And right on cue, our chattering classes then pick that up – and sow dissension and disinformation by tweaking the story and pretending it is about her.

          We are a stupid easy to manipulate people.

          1. Obviously…

        4. Because the Dems don’t want the large anti-war voting block to start questioning what the Dems have done for them lately.

          1. Or ever, truth were out.

        5. Maybe because she is passing off Putin’s foreign policy goals as pacifism?

          1. Pulling all of our troops out of the Middle East might help Russia, sure. But that hardly means it shouldn’t be done.

          2. Heaven forbid we get out of Putin’s backyard!

            Tony, you just love global imperialism by the US don’t you?

            1. It’s not his back yard, it’s sovereign borders we’re ceding to him because he asked Trump to do it.

              1. Are they our sovereign borders? No. So what business does the US have meddling there?

                1. Haha. Yeah. “Sovereign borders” don’t mean much to tony. This does, somehow. Hilarious.

              2. Ah. It’s Trump, eh? He wasn’t in office when Russia first imposed the condition of “satellite state” on those corrupt states, or when they invaded and re-invaded them. And when Russia didn’t just “meddle” in elections or “manipulate” who was in the seats of power in Eastern Europe, but dictated who would run those countries…was Trump behind all that, too?

                You can’t even make the case this is out-of-the-ordinary, much less the horrifying “national security-threatening” shockingly evil “evidence of corruption” you want us to pretend it is. Fuck off.

          3. Tony’s right. We need to start lots of pointless wars, but only when the Democrats start them to provide aid and comfort to Iran’s proxy terrorists.

        6. I think Hillary just resents women who aren’t so hideous that their husbands have to cheat on them with overweight interns.

    2. I agree. “Misguided” is extremely poor word choice.

    3. You beat me to it. It is an appalling slander that should render anyone who makes it beyond the pale.

      1. Straight up slander. I know Tulsi’s a public figure and according to our masters at SCOTUS cannot defend herself against slander. But HRC is also a public figure. I notice the bitch did not actually name Tulsi so maybe her ass is covered.

        1. Hilary did name Jill Stein as a Russian asset.

          1. And the entire Green Party. She actually had stronger words for Stein, calling her a “Russian asset” (as the Green Party is likely to run as a third party, whereas Gabbard has sworn she won’t run third party)

            1. “ALSO a Russian asset.”

              1. Or “ANOTHER Russian asset”

                Either way, she clearly asserted Jill Stein and the other unnamed female she was speaking of are – both – Russian assets

                1. So catty. Meow!

      2. You’re such a shameless fucking hypocritical caricature of yourself John.

        1. “High Road Tony”

        2. Tony’s projecting again, even while mindlessly defending endless war and de facto treason when committed by the Jackass Regime.

    4. Well, she did endorse Bernie! last time around.

      1. That doesn’t give our media or technocratic state apparatus the right to slander someone’s allegiance to their country– and suggest through implication or otherwise, that she is an agent of a foreign country. There’s probably much I disagree on with Gabbard. But this is the kind of bullshit slander that makes me want to vote for someone– because despite her specific policy ideas, she represents a threat to those apparatuses.

        In addition, Tulsi’s tone and demeanor are a breath of fresh air as she’s willing to engage with Republicans and others who nominally disagree with her. We don’t all have to agree on everything, but we’ve lost the ability to engage one another. So we just dismiss someone as “Putin’s puppet” when we don’t like them.

        1. Sorry,endorsing a communist is serious baggage.

          1. I’m guessing– and of course this is just a guess, that Tulsi was never going to endorse Donald Trump, but she’s too honest to endorse Hillary. So she endorsed the next thing.

            Trust me, I have no love for Bernie Sanders. The fact that he can be 78 years old and still spout that Stalinist shit despite the mountain of corpses before his eyes tells me everything I need to know.

            1. Too “honest” to nominate Hillary, but she still nominated a Maoist con artist who was undergoing several indictments for fraud.

              In other words, she’s ultimately going to obey the party no matter what.

      2. Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate, Bill Weld endorsed Hillary

        … is now running for President as a Republican

        … and apparently no one thinks THAT is strange.

        1. Bill Weld is polling 2nd to Trump in the Republican primaries at a solid 2.8 %. He’s got the momentum. When Trump is indicted for treason and executed, as Weld has predicted, he will be swept into the white house by a grateful nation desperately seeking his leadership. In fact a Weld/Clinton ticket would be unbeatable.

          1. “…When Trump is indicted for treason and executed, as Weld has predicted, he will be swept into the white house by a grateful nation desperately seeking his leadership…”

            Not a CHANCE!
            The hag will be coronated, to the grateful cheers of Tony, turd, Hihn, and several other dimbulbs.

    5. Apparently the only way you can be against illegal wars we cannot afford against people who haven’t done anything to us is to be an agent of a foreign power.

  16. You’d think the Gvozdyk-Beterbiev fight tonite would have more hype about it.

    1. It probably would be, but nobody has been told who to root against. And if that fat guy ain’t involved, who cares?

  17. Grandma’s off her meds again.

  18. So she finally lost it for real?

  19. Still crooked… now with Crazy too!

  20. Gabbard has actually fought in the wars that Hillary supported starting. I don’t agree with Gabbard on that much, but this shit of parasites like Hillary calling her a traitor is just infuriating. Gabbard risked her life for this country. What has Hillary ever done for this country besides steal?

    God what a nasty bitch she is. And the same with the rest of the Dems who repeat this talking point. They are all just pieces of shit.

    1. If the only thing Hillary had ever done was steal, I wouldn’t despise her so much.

      1. Damn, straight. Someone recently unearthed the dusty shibboleth that “The Republicans are the party of the rich. The people that own them are only in it for money.”. I told them the greed motive is far preferable to whatever insanity and delusion motivates the so-called progressives. Greed, can at least be understood as a near-universal aspect of the species, with problems deriving from its *degree*.

        Greed isn’t really “good”, but at least contributes to productive activity by individuals. The reality-denying, hateful insanity we are seeing from the intersectional left isn’t even tenable as the basis for a civilized society. It doesn’t even really belongs on a binary spectrum like left/right, liberal/conservative, collectivist/capitalist.

        That’s why I can like Tulsi, or people like Jimmy Dore, who may have a lot of ‘wrong’ ideas, but have a modicum of integrity and honesty (yeah, I know, Jimmy Dore). Because it’s really more of a sanity/insanity thing.

        1. There isw a superfluous comma in the above. I am shame.

          1. There is a…oh fuck, never mind.

            “like” AND “edit” features, eh?

    2. Reason needs a like feature john

  21. Jill Stein, Russian asset. Bwwaaahhaaahaaa!

    Even more funny is their current crop sounds almost exactly like stein did.

    1. What is ironic is that feminism is an offshoot of communism and some groups were likely funded by the Russians in the 60s/70s as a means to getting more people to rely on the state vs the family.

      Most of the progs are more closely tied to Russia than the moderates. We are living in Bizarro World.

    2. The current crop is actually far to the left of Stein.

  22. I’m really impressed with how the Democrats have handled the aftermath of the 2016 election. After being cheated out of victory by a hostile foreign power, you could forgive them if they had felt sorry for themselves and maybe gone a little crazy.

    Instead, they’ve done the opposite. They calmly assessed the situation, examined all the facts, and arrived at the only reality-based conclusion — it’s all Russia’s fault.

    1. There you are; this thread started out with you moistening your pants over this interview. In a parody sort of way, of course.

      In all seriousness, how can anyone not see her as a bitter and raving lunatic though “at this point [what difference does it make..?].”

    2. well done, but it leaves me wanting a hashtag or two
      how about…


      1. I know. Have you noticed how OBL has been making way too many posts without hashtags.

    3. OBL…This was one of the funniest points I have read, and I LOL’ed at your last sentence. Instead, they’ve done the opposite. They calmly assessed the situation, examined all the facts, and arrived at the only reality-based conclusion — it’s all Russia’s fault.

      Depending on viewpoint, it was ‘dead-on. I don’t often say this, but touche. 🙂

  23. “She’s a favorite of the Russians and they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far.”

    Hillary doing what she does best, badmouthing her female competition in hope that they’ll just go away

    1. Hillary ain’t Tulsi’s “competition”. Hillary isn’t good enough to be Tulsi’s bathroom attendant.

    2. There’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women.

  24. Low hanging fruit for the Reason Commentariat.

    Watch as they push each other aside to engage in willing suspension of disbelief.

    1. ohlookConspiracytheorist

    2. “Watch as they push each other aside to engage in willing suspension of disbelief.”


  25. Hilary is gonna be a guest on Infowars right?

    What a sad, pathetic, wretched, sore losing, corrupted, cynical, bitch.


    1. I was about to say that the Hilldabeast has pushed Alex Jones into the mainstream,

      1. Damn well said sir!

  26. I love her saying the Democrats will be “out-lied”. Their lying power will be inadequate.

    1. Haha. Good point.

      1. I was going to note that too.

  27. Clinton warned the Democrats that they will be “out-gunned, outspent, and out-lied,”

    Outgunned? She’s talking about the NRA, right?

    1. Didn’t Clinton raise more money than Trump in 2016?

      1. $973M – $564M.
        From that member of the vast rightwing conspiracy site, Bloomberg

  28. Bill, to one of his aides: “See, I told you it would be funny to slip those drugs into her Chardonnay!”

  29. Will someone please get Hilary some therapy.

    1. Not covered by ACA – – – – – –

  30. Setting aside Secretary Clinton for a moment (about time, I say)…
    This repeated talking point among among Dems and the press is really bizarre to me. Makes me think of the whole “Easter Worshippers Massacre” thing. It’s like they all get their talking points from one source before they speak publically.

    I just don’t see that Gabbard is that much of a threat (as far as taking the white house). But maybe the powers that be don’t want her to be VP, a cabinet level secretary, or simply a higher profile congresswoman?

    1. They don’t want anyone to stop and ask why we’re still at war with everyone and the Dems are more hawkish than Trump.

  31. saw headline on Drudge thought “hey OBL has another fan”

  32. Robby has a hard on for Gabbard.

    1. likely long line.

    2. The GOP have filled diapers because of Gabbard!

    3. Tim Pool has the first three places in that line.
      But on a serious political note, have you *seen* Tulsi’s surfing pictures? She is well fit.

  33. >>But Clinton … is incapable of recognizing honest disagreement.

    yeah … 1992 to yesterday

  34. O/T – Mattis mocks Trump’s bone spurs during Al Smith dinner speech

    From Youtube

  35. Spoken like a true Marxist. After the current flock of fake Dem candidates debate themselves into oblivion, Witch Hillary will swoop down from the skis on her magic electric broom and save the day. A rematch with Trump is her most desirable passion and she has the Clinton war chest of $1 billion stolen under the guise of helping poor, starving children in Haiti to back her up. Never say die and Communism lives.

  36. Spoken like a true Marxist. After the current flock of fake Dem candidates debate themselves into oblivion, Witch Hillary will swoop down from the skies on her magic electric broom and save the day. A rematch with Trump is her most desirable passion and she has the Clinton war chest of $1 billion stolen under the guise of helping poor, starving children in Haiti to back her up. Never say die and Communism lives.

  37. Good grief, I wish Her would just go away.

  38. “She’s a favorite of the Russians and they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. I think the maid is stealing my stuff. Are you my granddaughter? I don’t know where the car is. I should have brought it back home with me.”

    1. Haha…brilliant. 🙂

  39. Wow. The capitalist democrats or shall I say, central planning crony capitalists, are now completely insane. The mistake the political party made was letting Bernie side with the label “Democrat” and the flood of marxists that followed. Bloomberg, Obama, Rahm, all the $ managers of the Harvard and Yale endowments and the Clintons are shitting their collective pants.

    1. Marxist vs Fascists for 2020.
      Versus the Voiceless Majority

      1. “Marxist vs Fascists for 2020.”

        Nope. Only one D candidate is going to run.

  40. The Soviets invented Anthropomorphic Climate Change in 1960, when JFK was sworn an Heinlein was finishing Stranger. The storyboard is on Youtube http://tinyurl.com/ycpxm9cb
    This was the whole enchilada, with sharknados, and everything caused by Second Amendment extremists. Hillary’s party platform endorsed the whole shebang and called for making electrical generation plants about as legal as meth labs. Nobody able to convert ºF to ºC could read that platform and vote for their candidate. Fake data and fake news were the death of the Dems, who only won thanks to the Republican prohibitionist asset-forfeiture Crash.

    1. And it’s crackers to slip a rozzer, the dropsy in snide!

  41. Oh no we hate conspiracy theories here!

    You guys gonna report on the fuckstorm happening with the actual president any time soon?

    1. You guys gonna report on the fuckstorm happening with the actual president any time soon?

      There is plenty of reporting on Pelosi, Schiff, Sanders, and all the other Democratic nutcases as well. They are almost as crazy as Hillary. Almost.

      1. So you have like no idea what’s going on, right?

        1. And PROUD of it!!!

          1. Ah, the dickless fascist and the gay socialist having a love-fest with each other; just like the good old days!

          2. Dumbfuck Hihnsano admits he has no idea what’s going on, and is proud of it.

        2. No, hun, you have no idea what’s going on.

    2. I have this feeling Reason would be dropping articles on homeowner associations an hour into a nuclear war.

      1. Ok, pod.
        You get credit for that one.

  42. The greatest thing about Trump winning the 2016 election is being able to watch Lady Macbeth suffer a slow but very public descent into madness.

    Straight. Into. My. Veins.

  43. Nurse! She’s out of bed again!

    1. Thinks she’s Ethel Merman. Worse case I’ve ever seen.

  44. Bookmark this for every time someone says Trump is more nuts than Hillary.

    1. They’re precisely equal.
      Except to their obedient puppets-on-a-string.

    2. Trump is more nuts than Hillary.

      From the White House press briefing room he had his toady say it’s OK to leverage appropriated foreign aid money on digging up dirt on a horseshit conspiracy theory from the Infowars shit swamp.

      No doubt you believe ever word of it.

      1. Impeachment is now certain. But the Veep is Christian Taliban. And 2020 will pit a Fascist vs a Socialist.

        The Fall of the Roman American Empire.
        Two tribes of screeching magpies and a Voiceless Majority.

        1. TheLibertyTruthTeller
          October.18.2019 at 7:24 pm
          “Impeachment is now certain…”

          Is it the tipping point, Hihn?

        2. The Senate Republicans get to decide if they want to keep Trump, who will almost inevitably lose, but who is beloved by their mouth-breathing primary voters, or go with Pence, whom I’m not sure anybody likes. The latter affords them a more honorable place in the history books, but I wouldn’t blame them if banging their heads against a wall until they can’t feel anymore sounds like the best option.

          1. Tell us how the walls are closing in, shitbag.
            Also, how about those ‘associates’ busted for unpaid parking tickets? Your idiocy is amusing.

            1. What would you say if a Democrat extorted a foreign leader for dirt on a political opponent? Or bragged about molesting women? Or trashed parents of dead soldiers? Or was fat and orange? I could go on.

              I suppose the core question is how does it feel to be a useless smear of nothing?

              1. “What would you say if a Democrat extorted a foreign leader for dirt on a political opponent? Or bragged about molesting women? Or trashed parents of dead soldiers? Or was fat and orange? I could go on.”

                I would say you have a case of TDS which we hope is fatal. Painfully so.

                1. So you’re saying he’s not fat?

                  1. On top of a TDS infection, you have a typical fucking lefty imbecile’s active fantasy life.

              2. No, the core question is, how does it feel to be so desperately, bitterly in need of being lead.

                1. The man has brownshirt rallies where his dumbfuck empty-headed rednecks support literally everything he says no matter how stupid, authoritarian, or evil, and I’m the one who likes authority too much?

                  1. Tony
                    October.19.2019 at 1:01 pm
                    “The man has brownshirt rallies…”


                  2. Nobody cares what you think, you stupid faggot.

                  3. Haha. I couldn’t care less who our exalted “leader” is. They’re all a joke to me. You are clearly bitter. I find that amusing. So yes, you need a “leader” that you like far more than I.

                    Have fun with that. I won’t vote, but I will root for 4 more years just because of people like you.


                    1. Cool, do you have a band? You’re so nihilistic and above it all man. I’m so impressed.

              3. I’d say she lost in 2016. And the Democratic senators who tried that with Ukraine in 2018 and now 2019 are likely to be disappointed too.

        3. Christian Taliban? Yeah, I see him leading public stonings and keeping girls from attending school all the time. And I’m still waiting for any “fascist” policies from Orange Man Bad.

      2. Or, it’s ok to use foriegn aid as a carrot to entice them into helping investigate the Russian hoax, and the way that the Ukranian government illegally helped the Clinton campaign.
        You know, potato/pahtato.

      3. Trump may be technically more nuts than Hillary – but you’re comparing Baron Munchausen to Adolf Hitler. Trump’s disconnect from reality is mostly harmless, entertaining even if you’re willing to admit you laugh at retards, Hillary’s is dangerously hateful and evil.

  45. Gabbard Derangement Syndrome kicking in too?

    1. It’s not derangement if it’s true – remember when Tulsi went to Moscow with the Reset Button and told Putin she could be more flexible after her election? Looks suspiciously like a conspiracy to cuddle up to the Russians to me.

      1. I want a like button

    1. I almost started this post with “if the Dems had an ounce of sense”, the realized there was no need for it. What I mean is that I think Gabbard has the best chance to beat Trump.

      1. She does. Unfortunately, she’s too sane and honest to win the nomination. Also, would.

        1. Definitely would.

    2. Ooops: Scooped by UA!

    3. Sweetness

  46. Hillary be WAY over the top.
    On Gabbard

    1. Fuck off, Hihn.

  47. Okay. So Hillary really is a whackjob.

    1. Go figure.

  48. I think Gabbard has her own reasons for her policy positions that have nothing to do with Russia. But it is true that she is a favorite of Russia and Republicans but I repeat myself.

    1. “…But it is true that she is a favorite of Russia and Republicans but I repeat myself…”

      No, you just make a fucking imbecile of yourself.

      1. Dude I think you’re missing part of your brain.

        1. “Dude I think you’re missing part of your brain.”

          You leave no doubt.
          Do you have to be a fucking idiot to be a lefty, or does it come about after you swallow those amazing stories?

    2. And Hillary was the favorite of everyone nation that donated to her foundation. To bad they didn’t get a return policy for failure to deliver

  49. Calling her a tool implies Gabbard is useful for Russian interests but oblivious to that usefulness. I’d like Gabbard to emphatically denounce the Putins of the world and their scheming. She kinda did that in the last debate and I noticed and liked her for it.

    1. And all she has to do to prove Hillary wrong is not to run as a third-party candidate.

      Until then let her whine that her low polling is the result of a DNC conspiracy. She, among the 20 candidates, was the real threat to them. Yeah sure Tulsi.

      1. Why would you even say that? We know as a flat fact that the DNC was conspiring to prevent any candidate other than Clinton from winning the 2016 nomination. We also know that they had willing co-conspirators in the media, pushing Clinton and her preferred opponents, downplaying other Democrats and Republicans that her campaign thought would be formidable.

        What would possibly make you ridicule that suggestion, particularly in a moment when Clinton herself made it clear that she’s personally invested in discrediting Gabbard?

        Could it possibly be that the long-whispered about but never investigated Clinton army of paid online shills that was recently exposed in a tell-all book has an outpost here at Reason?

        1. This is so stupid it’s beyond belief. Yeah, the media was in a conspiracy to help Clinton. The media, which pushed the fake email scandal to the point where it ENDED her, only after decades of fixating on her every pantsuit and hairdo and feeding the narrative that she’s somehow, vaguely, corrupt to the core.

          Stop repeating Russian bot bullshit. She won the primary by 4 million votes against a grumpy old socialist. She was the most famous woman on the planet and the expected nominee for years. It wasn’t a fucking surprise, unlike the nomination of some other orange fucktard I could mention.

          1. Tony
            October.19.2019 at 1:03 pm
            “…She was the most famous woman on the planet and the expected nominee for years. It wasn’t a fucking surprise, unlike the nomination of some other orange fucktard I could mention.”

            Shitbag here thinks this is somehow a positive regarding the hag.
            Shitbag’s brains fell out some time ago.

          2. And yet she conspired to subjugate the DNC and corrupted the primary. We know this. It isn’t a controversial statement. This is why Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was fired. Because she was Clinton’s stooge and she misused the party apparatus for Clinton’s personal campaign.

            We also know for a fact that the media was conspiring with her campaign, not only on making sure that she was going to win her primary, but in helping to push her chosen opponents, among whom was Donald Trump. Again, this is not controversial. It was revealed in their own internal emails. You might argue about the extent of this collusion with the media, since that is not well documented, but you cannot seriously argue that it doesn’t exist. Even the Clinton camp doesn’t do that.

            1. It is not controversial only because it’s a bunch of bullshit. Bernie lost by 4 million votes. Are you saying Rep. Wasserman-Schultz is so effective that she swayed at least that many voters?

              Jesus fucking Christ. What’s with this bullshit? Bernie was more socialist than Hillary by an order of socialism magnitude. Why are you whining about his loss on a libertarian website? Are you in the employ of Putin? I mean, what the fuck gives?

      2. Tulsi’s problem is that she personalized the attacks against her rather than staying on message. Her message is to have a long-overdue debate about foreign policy. And the fact is that having that debate is exactly what the beltway bullshit artists do not want. Stifling that debate – using all the most corrupt tactics available – has been going on since long before Eisenhower’s farewell address. And it has simply become far more explicit and repugnant since then.

        She was prepared to give her message as if this is some high school debating class. She was NOT prepared to send her message as if it is an actual policy alternative of someone running for Prez. It was laziness – and not really a surprise since she’s basically totally inexperienced with zero concept of what the job involves.

        She should have pulled in the shit-ton of knowledgeable people who can sell ‘why we shouldn’t intervene in place A, B, C’ – those who understand how an overarching goal of nonintervention changes our diplomacy – how it changes the structure of our military. All the people who would make that happen IF she were elected.

        That stuff is what Trump did re the SC justices – publicly outsourced his decision making on that to people who ‘understand the issues’. That is what made it possible for a baboon to get the trust of a political establishment on an issue they cared about. Tulsi – like Gary Johnson – did not do that. And because of that she has now experienced her Aleppo moment.

  50. “Gabbard hits back at ‘queen of warmongers’ Clinton”
    “Great! Thank you @HillaryClinton. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain. From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why. Now we know — it was always you, through your proxies and …”’

    Popcorn! Get your popcorn here! $2.50 a bucket!

    1. Right.
      Setting up a private comm network, keeping classified documents on it, and then destroying the evidence was not ‘deliberate’. It’s just that the hag is as fucking stupid as you and so it just ‘happened’.

      1. Right. Now do Trump, Trumpian.

        1. LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian
          October.18.2019 at 10:49 pm
          “Right. Now do Trump, Trumpian.”

          Easy; he did none of that.
          Now do ‘intelligence’, fucking lefty ignoramus. Or try to.
          Fuck off and die where we can’t smell you.

      2. It’s over, Sevo.

        Stop being so stupid and you won’t embarrass yourself so often with bullshit conspiracy theories that eventually get debunked and thrown in your face.

        1. Tony
          October.19.2019 at 1:05 pm
          “It’s over, Sevo….”

          Are the walls closing in?

    2. Funny, because NBC is reporting on 38 people who committed 588 violations.

    3. Oh, so the State Department — the very organization *she* ran — investigated her and they found she didn’t deliberately mishandle classified information?

      What are you, two?

      1. I take it you have better evidence. Oh please, show me your sources.

    4. So Hillary has been in politics for 4 decades and still hasn’t figured out how to deal with classified information?

    5. Form the article:

      “The review did not encompass a separate collection of emails that Clinton’s lawyers withheld from the State Department and that she later destroyed, saying they were private and did not pertain to government business — a determination that was not verified by State Department officials.”

      I wonder why it excluded those.

    6. “The review did not encompass a separate collection of emails that Clinton’s lawyers withheld from the State Department and that she later destroyed, saying they were private and did not pertain to government business — a determination that was not verified by State Department officials.”

  51. My goodness! The triangulation staffs of the lot of the D-wannabes is going to have a VERY busy weekend!
    We have the hag finally (and properly) called out as the corrupt piece of shit she is, but this time, it was ‘in-house’ and public.
    Looks like the hag’s power to threaten is no longer what it was.

  52. Three years ago, I voted for a pothead governor to be President of the United States, I have never regretted or questioned my vote.

    1. I voted for the person who sang shitty folk music. I haven’t regretted that vote either.

      1. LeaveTrumpAloneLibertarian
        October.18.2019 at 10:45 pm
        “I voted for the person who sang shitty folk music. I haven’t regretted that vote either.”

        Pretty much nobody here cares which candidate a fucking scumbag socialist favored.

    2. What about your Vice-Presidential vote?

  53. And how does Hillary know this?


    He Russian handler told her when she was kicked to the curb, as a “Russian Asset” for someone younger and better looking.

    After all she came up snake eyes, when the Russians tried to put HER in back in 2016. They tried to compromise her opponent by making it look like Trump was compromised.


  54. OT:
    Le Footinmouth James is in SF this evening.
    Now, the left-wing cretins who live here take hypocritical pride in both ‘opposing oppression’ (they claim that as an excuse for TDS) and ‘celebrating diversity’, such as supporting Islam in keeping women from, oh, driving cars.
    Plus, SF has a LARGE Chinese population and such noted political science authorities as Steve Kerr in the Warriors organization.
    So, like the Gabby/Hag show, I’ll be selling popcorn to see how the crowd and Kerr et al deal with Peking James (stole that from someone here).

  55. More OT:
    WSJ on the restaurant bizz where they are being strangled:
    “How San Francisco Is Killing Its Restaurants”
    “San Francisco was once known for trendy restaurants with lines out the door. Today, the city’s restaurateurs are concerned with keeping their doors open at all. Restaurant closings outpace openings by 9%, according to Yelp data analyzed by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association. In a recent meeting with the Board of Supervisors, one industry veteran said: “We need to do something now, or we will be gone.”
    How did the outlook for a top restaurant city get so bleak? As Hemingway wrote of bankruptcy, it happened “gradually and then suddenly.”…”

  56. Re: Tulsi Gabbard

    What is your obsession with this Bernie Sanders’ protege? I mean, I like her, but you guys? Why?

    1. Pay your mortgage yet, scumbag?

      1. Every month. Getting a new loan too for an even bigger house. You should see the banks fall over themselves. Capitalism is awesome.

        1. So you finally admitted to being a scumbag and paid the one you bailed on, or are you now scamming one more in the hopes of having honest people pay for your stupidity?

          1. Is LeaveTrumpAlone an AMSOC sock? I haven’t seen Amsoc here in years!

            1. Same phrasing, admits being socialist, admits to skating on a mortgage…
              Smells like a duck.

        2. They make cardboard boxes in double-wide?

  57. Giving this any attention is why we are in such trouble. HRC has helped to create a corporate-run political body, promotes endless war and profits through it all.

    We have an opportunity to shift into the kind of system that our founding fathers tried to create – a government for the people by the people. No where did they say a government by the corporations, ruling class and elite for the people. We can’t control the media from writing garbage and propaganda, but we can control how we react to it, and use out intelligence to discern fact from fiction/manipulation.

    1. You must be new here. Stop making sense. 🙂

      Of course, you are 100% correct = We have an opportunity to shift into the kind of system that our founding fathers tried to create – a government for the people by the people. No where did they say a government by the corporations, ruling class and elite for the people. We can’t control the media from writing garbage and propaganda, but we can control how we react to it, and use out intelligence to discern fact from fiction/manipulation.

  58. Hillary is a living breathing Eleanor Iselin , the dragon mother from the Manchurian Candidate. Of the two of the Clintons Hillary is the more devious, she’s no doubt the one that larded the federal government with cronies still doing her bidding. I hope she meets the same end as Mao Tse Tung’s wife.

  59. Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Is an Illegitimate President and Tulsi Gabbard Is a Russian Tool
    “She’s a favorite of the Russians and they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far.”

    Yeah, remember when you guys were all ‘she’s an experienced and reasonable politician, not like that mad-man Trump’?

    Ah, to be that young again. Crazy times.

  60. It’s true that Trump’s boosters have engaged in underhanded tactics to get him in office and to keep him there“
    Please site proof for this comment. Otherwise youve lost all respect soave

    1. Yeah, this is pretty much guilt by ‘I DON’T LIKE HIM!’
      And Soave can stuff it up his ass, as can turd, Tony, Hihn and other liars.
      Soave? Put up, or STFU.

    2. Robby has always struggled with the truth as evidenced by his frequent sourcing from Vox. He’s almost as bad as Petey.

    3. Hey, at least he took the note and avoided using the phrase “too be sure”.

  61. That loser lost. Who cares what she has to say?

    What I’m interested in is Reason’s opinion about Sen Kennedy’s plan to nationalize the assets of satellite operators and use the “windfall” to fund his socialist desires.

    Yes, I too thought of course this must be a Democrat with a name like Kennedy. We’re all wrong. LA Sen John Kennedy is a Republican.

    Is there any hope left for the Republican Party?

  62. I’m amazed at how incredibly short-term everyone’s memory is.

    Remember when “failing to accept the results of the election” was treason? Remember how Trump was an unfit dictator-in-waiting when he didn’t jump at the chance to say that Clinton was totally the mostest honestest and bestest person and when she wins he’s going to be the first to congratulate her and tell everyone that she’s a great president?

    Then remember what happened when she didn’t win? Remember how the story wasn’t “Trump pulls off amazing upset!!” It was “Clinton supporters are in despair as their candidate suffers shocking and terrible loss!”?

    Remember how everyone in the media told us it was understandable that Clinton didn’t call Trump to concede the election and congratulate him? Remember how Clinton supporters were already consoling themselves by saying that they were going to impeach Trump the very next day?

    Yeah… all of that has been memory-holed. Even Schiff’s changing reasons why Trump must be impeached are memory holed. In any legitimate government with an honest media, that guy would be a laughing stock, having given at least a half-dozen different discredited reasons why Trump is unfit. At some point, you have to accept that some people have dishonest motives and therefore lack any credibility.

    But we don’t have a fourth estate. We have a propaganda machine. There have been a boatload of “Line in the Sand” moments for the media where they have said “if this happened, it would be the end”… and they have immediately discarded it.

    “Failing to accept the results of the election” was such a line. Of course, they thought they were calling out Trump. But they said that was a sure sign that you were a traitor to the nation and unfit. And the Democrats failed to accept the results of the election. Again. And instead of holding them accountable, the media joined them.

    They also said that Trump’s claim that his phones were “wiretapped” was crazy. And anyone who would do such a thing was traitorous and criminal…. and that would never happen, so Trump was obviously unfit and crazy. And what happened when it was revealed to be true? Did they turn on Obama and begin digging in to the use of the FBI and CIA to spy on an opposing party’s candidate? Absolutely not. They bought in and claimed it proved that Trump was a traitor and foreign agent.

    And because of that, they said that “working with the Russians” was proof of traitorous activity and was criminal and should be prosecuted fully. And when it became apparent that the accusations about Russia came out of a pile of “intelligence” reports that came from the Russian intelligence community? Did they immediately call for a full investigation of the origins and motives for that information and the Clinton and DNC’s multi-million dollar efforts to obtain it from Russia? No… they pretended that such a connection didn’t even exist.

    Then they said Trump supporters were crazy for suggesting that the FBI sent spies into the Trump campaign. And when it came out that they sent “informants” who had no information about the Trump campaign to infiltrate the Trump campaign, they quibbled over definitions instead of expressing outrage. “It isn’t a spy because the FBI doesn’t use spies”, they said. And then when it came out that the FBI in fact sent not just a spy, but a classic honeypot spy…. the media cheered the attempt to set up an innocent man for a fake crime.

    And that entire time, they set a standard that it was your patriotic duty to cooperate with investigations. As Comey failed to reign in the investigation, the media cheered it on. And as they set up an independent investigation – the standard was “any failure to completely cooperate is evidence of guilt”.

    So what happened when the Justice Department finally set their sights on all of that actual Russian collusion, all of that spying on US presidential campaigns, all of those efforts to record phone calls of US citizens, all that leaked classified information? Was the standard still “any failure to cooperate is evidence of guilt”? Were there calls for people who don’t cooperate to be prosecuted?…. no, in fact. Instead, the investigation is widely being attacked as illegitimate. Because such investigations are what dictators do. Investigating such things is now evidence of traitorous activity, and proof that Trump should be removed from office.

    I’m placing a lot of blame on the media for being such pathetic shills for their preferred team. But the real blame belongs with the American people. Because we apparently have no ability to remember something for more than two weeks. All of the fake outrage is forgotten…. at least the “fake” part. Over and over they’ve fed us the propaganda that completely contradicts what they told us two weeks earlier…. and instead of losing all credibility, they continue to have viewers, listeners and clicks.

    So that’s on us.

    1. Trump strong, manly leader. He beat impenetrable Jew media conspiracy. Trump good. Orange man hero. It was all presaged when he beat up CNN at WWE.

      The media, the world’s biggest conspiracy that fails at all its goals.

      1. Tony fucking lefty ignoramus with TDS.

      2. That’s what you’ve got? You spent all that time trying to figure out what to say, and that’s it? An incoherent non-sequitur that pretends that an attack on the irresponsibility of the media and short memory of the electorate is support and even hero worship of Trump?

        Here’s a note: Trump doesn’t have to be right about one single thing for the other side to be wrong. The reverse is also true.

        1. You’re a sad, lost moron who can’t let go of nonsense conspiracy theories from 2016. Reassess your life and get back to me.

  63. Neo Marxist Hillary accusing others of being a Russian asset. I suppose it makes sense: Hillary pines for the days when Russia was communist.

    1. Maybe 1990 Hillary.

      But post-2000 Hillary?

      She’s been about as mainstream, big government, neocon-warhawk/welfare-state as you can get. She could just as easily have run as a Republican. In fact, Romney was to the left of Hillary on a lot of issues, including killing people in foreign countries.

      She’s as out of step with the modern progressive movement as most of the rest of the country. Those guys seem to think that Mao and Stalin were right-wing patsies.

      1. Hillary is simply opportunistic; she’ll say and do whatever she thinks is to her own advantage at the time. As long as she gets to be in charge, as long as people stroke her ego, and as long as she gets to kill a bunch of people every week, she’s happy. (That, and f*cking Huma regularly, of course.)

        1. agree with you, Hillary is opportunistic

      2. “She’s been about as mainstream, big government, neocon-warhawk/welfare-state as you can get.”

        That is the modern progressive movement.
        Wtf are you talking about?

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  65. So, it’s official. In spite of what we have sitting in the White House now, it could have been worse. We could have had a President who descended into the depths of insanity before our very eyes before she had completed even three years of her first term. At least we knew in advance that the person sitting in the White House was crazy when we hired him so expected it.

    1. I knew Hilary had a screw loose before that election.

  66. I think her loss in 2016 unhinged her. I really do.

    1. This. It’s conspiracy theories all the way down now.

  67. So she finally lost it for real?

  68. And Justin Amash called HIllary Clinton a “Trump Asset”. That kind of insightful analysis is what we pay him $170000/year for! Go libertarian, go!

  69. Hillary, it’s time to leave public life. I know of several caves in Nevada and Arizona that have not been occupied for many thousands of years, yet they are very nice. Year round A/C, running water and lots of really good ancient art on the walls.
    When your ready Twitter me #CaveGuy

  70. thank you dso for the informaytion

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    1. “Only”?

      Have you forgotten that the other two Democratic nominees were a totalitarian con artist who outright campaigned on 78% tax rates and writes essays about how women fantasize about being raped, or a guy who’s biggest political achievement was taxing rainwater?

      After 8 years of Obama, no less?

      The Dems never had a chance.

  71. Hillary: *makes her nine millionth stupid comment about how unfair it is that she didn’t win the election after rigging it, and how there will be no peace until she gets what the wants*

    American Majority: *roll their eyes and go back to what they were doing*


  72. The main issue is she can’t recollect where she reserved that crisis container of vodka. Trump is a nondrinker. On the other hand they state never trust a man who doesn’t drink. I’m interested. What kind of “underhanded tactics” are we supposed to believe? RIP

  73. I am still waiting for those cases of vodka Putin promised me in 2016.

  74. Look whose calling the kettle black…the old sore losing hag.

  75. If you don’t think that we’re right for each other (Baby, no)
    Then please don’t let history repeat itself
    ‘Cause I want you, yeah, I want you, yeah
    There’s nothing else I want
    ‘Cause I want you, yeah, I want you, yeah
    And you’re the only thing I want.

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  77. She is blaming Jill Stein for her loss and preemptively blaming Gabbard who is polling below 2%. The correct name for someone who blames everyone else for their losses is LOSER!!!!!

  78. I hope this backfires on Hillary and causes Republicans to vote for Tulsi in the primary. I am a republican and I’ll be voting for Tulsi. She’s a return to normalcy.

    1. That she’s seen as a pull back to ‘normalcy’ shows how left the DNC has gone. But I fail to see how a Republican, conservative or libertarian could vote for her.

      Outside her views on the war machine and the fact that she actually lays her life on the line in the service of her country (though it’s kinda ironic given war mongers like Hilary would send her to go do some killing on her behalf), she holds every progressive ideal we here disagree with.

      She’s definitely more likeable, palpable and normal compared to the other insane candidates. But then again, so would a zucchini and an eggplant.

  79. Hilary: Classic case of projection.

    This weasel is paranoid because of the mayhem she herself caused.

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  81. A journalist who interpreted this event well. Thank you.

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