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'Police Violence Is Also Gun Violence' Says Julian Castro, Arguing Against Mandatory Gun Buybacks

The former HUD Secretary is still terrible on guns, but at least he recognizes some of the costs of actually enforcing gun laws.


Former Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julian Castro offered some powerful pushback to other Democrats' plans to implement a mandatory gun buyback program for assault weapons at tonight's debate, emphasizing the police power that would be required to make that a reality.

"Police violence is also gun violence," noted Castro, referencing the tragic case of Atatiana Jefferson, a Fort Worth, Texas woman who was fatally shot through the window of her own home by a police officer. The officer has since been charged with murder.

Earlier in the night, former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D–Texas) equivocated when asked how he would enforce his mandatory gun buyback proposal while also sticking to his promise that he would not have the police go door-to-door.

Castro, to his credit, pointed out that this is impossible, and that any confiscation efforts would fall hardest on those people who already bear the brunt of police enforcement of so many other laws. "I am not going to give these police officers an excuse to go door to door in these communities," said Castro.

To be sure, Castro is still terrible on gun policy. His gun control plan includes federal gun licenses, universal background checks, and more licensing requirements for gun sellers.

It's nevertheless refreshing to hear some acknowledgment of the fact that police violence doesn't just disappear when cops are enforcing the "good" laws.

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17 responses to “'Police Violence Is Also Gun Violence' Says Julian Castro, Arguing Against Mandatory Gun Buybacks

  1. I don’t remember who first said it on here, but the only thing the War on Guns will do is disproportionally impact minorities, the same as the War on Drugs did.

    1. Bingo. I’m surprised someone on the debate stage tonight actually went that route. The dems and the left just never truly understand this point: police/political power are felt first and most strongly by those on the margins…the very groups they supposedly represent and are fighting for.

    2. The Ft Worth PD released a picture of a gun found in Atatiana Jefferson’s house as though that would justify gunning her down for looking out her window at cops sneaking around the back of the house in the dark supposedly carrying out a non-emergency welfare check over an open front door.

      The Ft Worth police chief said releasing that photo was a bad idea, because it is Texas, homeowners have a right to own a gun for self defense. The Ft Worth mayor called the fact there was a gun in the house irrelevant to the shooting.

      On the other hand, Charlie Schumer defended burning babies at Waco in the name of gun control.

  2. All laws are “good”, otherwise they wouldn’t have been passed, or at the very least would have been repealed by now. Right?

    1. They’re “good” for someone.

  3. “I am not going to give these police officers an excuse to go door to door in these communities,” said Castro.

    Oh Castro. Your team should have briefed you that this is the Primary. You’re not trying to get those people to vote for your. You’re trying to get the lilly-white, I’m scared of BSP, rich, old fuckers that control the Democratic Party to deign to allow you to move to the next round.

  4. Then take the guns from the cops. Finally, REAL common sense gun control!

  5. “I am not going to give these police officers an excuse to go door to door in these communities,” said Castro.

    Which communities are “these” communities? I assume he’s referring to poor minority communities. One can only assume he’s just fine with going door to door in “those” communities, however, with “those” communities being those filled with white gun owners in the country.

    1. He’s a literal La Raza red diaper baby, so yeah, he’s fine with white people getting fucked over. The only reason he’s opposing it is because it will disproportionately affect his own ethnic in-group.

  6. Do we really want to disarm people and leave the police as the only ones with guns?

  7. I knew when Castro said it I’d be reading about on Reason. It’s a good argument.

  8. There are lots of folks (in the comments section of the Washington Post, for example) who’d be happy for police to go door to door looking for guns, because us pathetic gun-bunnies deserve to get shot anyway. Often they’re the same people who rail against the cops for shootings like the recent ones in Dallas and Fort Worth.

    1. Just wait until the cops take a gun from a soccer mom in Loudon County, Va trying to protect herself and kids from her ex, who then kills her-the WaPo will, of course, never mention it.

  9. Julian Castro…the illegitimate child of Fidel Castro.

    1. No, that’s Justin “Brownface” Trudeau.

  10. Look at that face. Makes you want to smack the smug right off of him.

  11. I missed this spectacular piece of U.S. history and just wondered if Julian brought his box this time.

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