Brickbat: It's the Chicago Way


A report by Chicago Inspector General's office found that city police officers regularly use their department-issued placards to park their personal vehicles in department lots when they attend Cubs and Bears games. The lots are supposed to be used only by on-duty officers. The report also admonished officers for using the placards to park their personal vehicles in tow-away zones near City Hall, blocking access to fire trucks and emergency exits.

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  1. They still got to keep the placards, though.

  2. Ferguson’s office recommended that the Police Department seek to discipline any officers who violate the 2018 directive.

    Woah! Here I thought this was going to be an “and nothing else happened” story, but the Inspector General in Chicago apparently is much more of a hard-ass than I thought – he made a recommendation that the CPD try to find a way to remind police officers not to be breaking the law. By the way, when these police officers attend Bears and Cubs games, where do they get the tickets?

    1. The retired ones make $120,000 a year, they can afford it. Their pension pays 80% of the average last 5 years of salary, so they work massive overtime ticketing and towing YOUR car (which costs $2,500 to get out of the impound lot as Reason has succinctly covered), and otherwise avoiding the south side of town, or any calls on the wrong side of Cicero Ave.

      1. Reason covered Chicago ticketing and towing abuse?!? Go on, pull the other one. Reason is just a shill for … Trump? Hillary? Lizzie? Ukraine? Russia? Tonga?!?! Well, somebody’s shill, so I’ve been told.

  3. Just go tow them anyway. They’ll learn.

  4. >>The lots are supposed to be used only by on-duty officers.

    are they keeping on-duty officers from parking there?

  5. What is the fun of being a cop if you don’t get to ignore laws that apply only common folk?

  6. What, no White Sox fans on the force?

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