Brickbat: Rooted Out


For a number of years, students at the Little Ones Learning Center preschool in Forest Park, Georgia, have grown vegetables. Last year, the school set up a bimonthly farm stand, selling vegetables grown at the school as well as from nearby farms. But this year, city officials shut it down because the school is in a residential neighborhood not zoned for food stands.

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  1. After hearing so many young people wanting to tear down the economic system and replace it with a command economy I believe this is a good thing. Welcome to the world you want to create.

  2. And the students thusly learned about mindless and crushing bureaucracy.

    1. And how to apply it to their enemies.

  3. Sow the wind (of individual action)
    Reap the whirlwind (of government oppression)

  4. Obviously the Little Ones Learning Center was doing a pretty poor job of growing vegetables – some of them still had a spark of creativity and a dangerous inclination toward thinking and doing for themselves. Gotta stamp that sort of individualism out while the vegetables are little and isn’t that the whole point of learning centers?

  5. How many campaign contributions, to how many of our Good Public Servants, would need to be made, to have a farm-goods-selling zone set up at the preschool? Or would it perhaps be less expensive to have a Mexican Embassy set up there at the school, so that it would be “Mexican soil”, and such things would be allowed?

    Oooops, wait, if it was “Mexican soil”, then “bad hombres, rapists, and drug dealers” might sprout up there, and so, Der TrumpfenFuhrer would insist on protecting us all with a “big, beautiful wall” around it, plus armies of ICE guards…

    Let’s make that a CANADIAN embassy instead!

  6. By the way, Forest Park is just outside Atlanta near the airport. It’s not that big and doesn’t have a lot going on. But it is home to the big-ass Atlanta Farmers Market. Just an odd coincidence.

    1. Somebody saw something, and then said something, to their local council members.

  7. Sad pathetic adults.

  8. Nice vegetable stand ya got there, be a shame if something happened to it…

  9. It’s good that the children will learn this lesson early.

    1. It’s bullies all the way up.

  10. I wonder if Kirkland is going to come around and justify this – after all, the bitter clingers were violating the laws their betters set.

  11. WOW! it’s great that the education system begins to change from the inside out and begin to apply new approaches and instead of uselessly readed pages, students in practice already know how to grow vegetables. and in conditions of limited time, you can quickly finish the necessary and proceed to the interesting. and in the case of students, they are very lucky to have such helpers as

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