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The Alaska School Activities Association has reversed the decision of a referee who disqualified the winner of a swimming meet because she got a wedgie. The ref said the girl's swimsuit violated a rule requiring suits to cover the buttocks. But the girl's coach noted that she was wearing a school-issued suit and that no other swimmers were disqualified for wearing those suits. And swimming coaches at other schools criticized the disqualification, noting that wedgies are a common, and uncomfortable, part of swimming. In overturning the disqualification, the association noted that the rules say that if there is a problem with swimsuits the coach must be notified before the start of a heat or dive, not after.

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  1. Nobody had better post a “pics or didn’t happen” joke here…

    I’m warnin’ ya! ‘Cause that would be inappropriate. So lay off!

    1. What about jokes about “jock locks”? You know, when the other guys on your team drag you off, bend your legs back, drop your shorts, and tie your shoelaces into the back of your jock strap? Then drop you nearly helpless, with your shorts down, near the girl’s team(s)? But don’t worry, this is just my fevered imagination! High School teenagers are WAY mature, and would NEVER do such things! So there are NO such pictures to be had!

    2. Funny story! One of the parents at these swim meets was taking pictures of a bunch of the girls to gather “evidence” that the uniforms were too revealing. When he raised his objection, the response was “dude, gross. Cut it out, or at least don’t tell us.”

  2. anti bullying zero tolerance?

  3. Yesterday a guy tore a tendon in his leg. Took his helmet off in agony. Was flagged for it and may face a fine. He was carried off and will need surgery, Some people are just ass holes who love the power.

    1. My first thought was surely logic will prevail, but I forgot we’re actually living in bizarro world.

      1. Logic did prevail. It’s common sense that’s needed. People have common sense, computer programs operate on logic. Bureaucratic decision-making resembles a computer program, a flowchart of strictly yes/no and if/then branches that reach logical but absurd conclusions. “Procedures were followed”.

        Notice the board didn’t over-rule the ref based on the idea that he was an idiot, they over-ruled the ref based on the rules they must follow.

        1. “People have common sense, computer programs operate on logic.”

          Yeah, hasn’t Captain Kirk taught us anything?

    2. As much as panic might cause you to want to remove a helmet, that rule is there for a reason. Removing his helmet before the play was over unnecessarily added danger to an already-bad situation.

      The flag was correct. A fine would not be.

  4. The ref was just going by the common sense rule that the girl must be disqualified if her buttocks are exposed enough to give him wood.

  5. On the other hand, in certain Colorado communities, she could have swum topless – – – –

  6. I need pictures of the offense to make a proper judgment!

  7. You can find out more here. This is gonna be a holidays!

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