Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Suffrage


Two suffragettes watch as Pennsylvania Republican Gov. William Cameron Sproul signs the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed women in America the right to vote. The measure was approved by both houses of Congress in 1919. Pennsylvania was the seventh state to ratify it. In August 1920, Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify, thereby causing the change to the constitution to kick in just in time for that year's presidential election.

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  1. Celebrating? You mean the emotionless, sober, calculating approach women brought to the process, or the Hatch Act?

    1. Volstead Act?

    2. Ironic with the post just before about Kamala Harris laughing at the notion of constitutional restrictions on executive authority, is it not?

      1. Ironic or intentional juxtaposition? If you have a basic distrust of government action, you might be inclined to dig into the “unintended consequences” angle and question the cost/benefit analysis. And keep in mind that there are some Democrats proposing extending the franchise to 16-year olds and legal standing to animals. Are we expected to celebrate that as well?

  2. And people wonder why we are in the mess we are in.

  3. “Now you go ahead and sign this now with your pretty feather pen, little bitch.”

  4. Haven’t we suffraged enough?

    1. I’m expecting AOC to write a frantic tweet condemning the headline.

    2. Remember when Jimmy Kimmel on the Man Show was trying to get women to sign a petition to end their suffraging.

      Women have suffraged long enough!

  5. The beginning of the end.

    1. Well all it did was double the number of idiots and misinformed who voted.

  6. JeffGoldblumAndThereItIs.gif

  7. If you don’t want women to claim the vote, don’t tax them. No taxation without representation!

    1. Their husbands represent them.

      1. Really? I know there’s a 75% chance you’re yanking my chain, but really?

        What about spinsters and widows?

        Anyway, wouldn’t it be more productive to get more women believing correct political principles, rather than telling them they shouldn’t be voting anyway?

        1. Yes, really.

          As far as spinsters and widows… well, they had a tough time of things. Which was kind of the intent of such laws.

  8. Women make decisions based on emotion.

    Abortion is the worst genocide in earths history.

    They make themselves up to be sex clowns and harass men they attract.

    1. Oh, you again?

      Women, like men, are politically divided over abortion. There are plenty of prolife women.

      Just as there are “prochoice” men – I wonder why?

      1. EVERY abortion results from a woman’s decision.

        1. Pressure from “boyfriends” plays a role as well – or so I inferred from a rant by an angry boyfriend who didn’t like me peacefully protesting his preferred procedure.

          1. It’s the woman’s decision to murder dipshit.

            You can’t blame men for that.

            1. Women bad. Men good. Booga booga.

    2. “Abortion is the worst genocide in earths history”

      It is, but almost every woman I know is pro-life, while I know a few shithead guys who pressured their girlfriends to kill the baby.

      1. Every murderer is pro-life until narcissistic convenience motivates them to act.

        EVERY abortion is the result of a woman’s choice.

        You can’t blame men for that.

    3. Dear Rob, I’m sorry that you can’t get laid. Please don’t direct that bitterness into misogyny.

    4. “Women make decisions based on emotion.”

      newsflash: everyone makes decisions based on emotion

      1. Emotions don’t require rational confirmation.

        You obviously don’t consider the consequences of your decisions based on emotion.

        We need fewer people like you.

  9. What was wrong with just male property owners having the franchise?

    1. Taxation without representation?

  10. It’s not women as a class backing the welfare state, it’s never-married/divorced women, often with children, who look to the govt to replace their absent or never-existing husbands.

    This is where you get your “gender gap.” And it wasn’t always thus.

    The first states with women’s suffrage were western states who wanted the votes of married women to balance out the votes of single men – especially propertyless single men and their penchant for socialism, populism and the like.

    1. “Who look to government to replace their absent or never-existing husband.”

      I can’t help imagining what a government-issued husband would be like. Probably vicious and cruel (entitled to use force), butt ugly, super expensive to feed (everything costs more—WAY more) and dim-witted and unable to think thinks through and anticipate consequences to any action.

      Wait a minute! That pretty much describes cops! The government was issuing cops to these single women.

  11. “which guaranteed women in America the right to vote”

    Not quite. It doesn’t mention ‘women,’ but states that citizens have the right to vote regardless of their sex.

    1. So even virgins can vote?

      1. Anyone – just clean up the voting booth afterwards.

      2. yes, even Rob Misek can vote

  12. Let’s be honest though, while women deserved the right to vote, it did lead to pretty much all the prohibition that this site bitches about, from drugs to sex work and guns.

    1. Good thing the constitution protects a guy’s right to spend his hard earned money on other bitches.

  13. In August 1920, Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify, thereby causing the change to the constitution to kick in just in time for that year’s presidential election.

    So it’s “celebrating 99 years of women’s suffrage” not 100. So, why the lie?

  14. Democracy, the God that failed.

    1. Huh. If you look at history, I think representive democracy is remarkably resilient. Yeah, the left is going bonkers, but what’s new? The pendulum is swinging the other way, but won’t break the Overton window, or whatever it’s called. Obama didn’t break the system; his executive orders have been overturned. Trump won’t break the system. The problem of overreaching government is one that needs constant attention: weeding the garden of liberty.

  15. In August 1920, Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify, thereby causing the change to the constitution to kick in just in time for that year’s presidential election.

  16. Celebrate century of expanding, centralizing, overbearing, unconstitutional government?

  17. Ah, the Reason commentariat. Always so eager to express their misogynistic bona fides.

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