Brickbat: Know Your Target and What Is Beyond


A Texas state trooper pulled over a pickup truck for a missing front license plate, but when he approached the truck, someone inside fired a shot at him, and the truck sped off.  He got back in his cruiser and radioed that he'd been shot at and was pursuing a gray Chevy Colorado. Kimble County Sheriff Hilario Cantu heard the call, and he and a deputy raced to a highway exit where they the positioned themselves and soon saw a pickup heading their way "at a high rate of speed." Cantu fired at least 10 bullets into the truck, which then drifted off the road. Then he noticed another truck approaching being chased by a trooper. The truck Cantu had shot was a white Silverado and was not the one being pursued. A local official says the driver of the truck shot by Cantu, Hugo Reyes, suffered only minor injuries, but an attorney for Reyes says the man was hit by several bullets and suffered two collapsed lungs and injuries to his liver. A grand jury refused to indict Cantu. Reyes' wife says the county has not offered to pay for his medical bills, and his attorney says no one has ever apologized to him.