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Another Multiracial Family Falsely Accused of Sex Trafficking While Flying

Plus: Juul targeted for smoking cessation claims, federal budget deficit tops $1 trillion, and more...


Lawsuit alleges profiling by Frontier Airlines. In what's becoming a sadly regular occurrence, another multiracial family has been profiled by airline staff as being involved in human trafficking. In this case, 55-year-old Peter DelVecchia, a white man, was traveling with his adopted 12-year-old son, who is black. According to a lawsuit DelVecchia filed in federal court, Frontier Airlines staff accused him of sex trafficking his son and detained the boy in the back of the plane.

DelVecchia alleges that the only basis for this confrontation was the fact that he and his son don't have the same skin color.

This wouldn't be the first time that's happened. A rash of recent incidents on flights and at airports feature false fears of human trafficking that seem to be based on nothing more than staff or onlookers—including Cindy McCain—finding children or women traveling with a man of a different race or ethnicity to be suspicious.

Small-minded people like this have surely always existed. But these specific bits of speculative bigotry—the fear that folks are using commercial airlines to smuggle kids into "sexual slavery"—are part of a paranoid scheme spread by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other authorities as part of "see something, say something" efforts. And as part of this, flight attendants and airport staff now get trained to intervene in what federal officials (falsely) portray as an epidemic of airline-based sex trafficking which can be spotted by good Samaritans who know the "signs."

These initiatives have been helped along by groups like the McCain Institute, where Cindy McCain heads an "anti-trafficking" arm and dubious viral stories about a "hero flight attendant" and others who trust their guts and save the day. But the only victims who seem to be unearthed in real life are the interracial couples and families who have been profiled and accused.

In DelVecchia's case, reports The Charlotte Observer, flight attendants were "merely acting on training to recognize potential human trafficking victims, Frontier said."

His son, called A.D. in the suit, was taken "against his will" to the back of the plane, according to DelVecchia's lawsuit against five Frontier employees. It says the son "asked repeatedly to be allowed to return to the seat beside his father, but [Frontier staff] would not allow A.D. to leave the seat in which [they] had placed him" for several hours. "They refused to believe that Peter and A.D. are father and son, despite being told so by both Peter and A.D."

In 2014, a whole plane was detained while police questioned an Asian woman and a Puerto Rican man who were traveling together. They were boyfriend and girlfriend, but police had decided the woman was likely being sex trafficked.

In 2017, "Brian Smith, from Arizona, was travelling back from a trip to Florida with his wife Renee and their three children, including Georgianna, 16, who the couple adopted from China," when a Southwest Airlines staff member accused Smith of trafficking his adopted daughter.

Earlier this year, McCain said that she had reported a woman flying a toddler of a different race to airport police, who later confirmed the woman was sex trafficking the child—but police say this was not the case.


Truth not approved by the FDA. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is going after popular e-cigarette maker Juul for saying it can help people quit regular cigarettes, since the agency has not officially approved this messaging.

"It may be obvious anecdotally that vaping is a good way to wean yourself off smoking," notes TechCrunch. But because the FDA has not authorized such statements of reality, Juul may find itself in big trouble. In a recent letter, the FDA requested that the company "provide any and all scientific evidence and data, including consumer perception studies, if any, related to whether or not each statement and representation explicitly or implicitly conveys that JUUL products pose less risk, are less harmful, present reduced exposure, or are safer than other tobacco products."



  • Bill de Blasio's proposed "robot tax" is completely unnecessary (just like his presidential candidacy), writes Reason's Eric Boehm.
  • A new true crime series looks at the murders of eight sex workers in Louisiana. The show, Murder in the Bayou, "casts intense doubt on the official version of events, and suspicion on [one local man] and his cop pals," notes The Daily Beast.
  • Why are America's three biggest cities shrinking?
  • Los Angeles moves to further criminalize homelessness:

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  1. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is going after popular e-cigarette maker Juul for saying it can help people quit regular cigarettes, since the agency has not officially approved this messaging.

    The FDA of course being exempt from the 1st Amendment.

    1. With all due respect, has the FDA ever approved *any* messaging?

      1. With all due respect, has the FDA ever approved *any* messaging?

        No. They don’t approve messaging. They approve treatments. Approving messaging is endorsing. They pass, clear, allow, and permit messaging.

        1. “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”

          Very well. Has the FDA ever evaluated any statements?

          1. Everything you read on a aspirin bottle or the papers that come with a prescription has been evaluated by the FDA.

          2. Very well. Has the FDA ever evaluated any statements?

            Not all of them. Yet.

          3. The FDA has not evaluated this statement. 🙂

      2. has the FDA ever approved *any* messaging?
        They’ve approved, and required, a myriad of warning labels.

    2. Making false claims is not covered by the First Amendment. Making a truthful claim, on the other hand, implies that you’ve been given permission to speak and is therefore also a false claim.

    3. Speaking from personal experience, exposure to the FDA increases the likelihood of smoking.

    4. Per Pearson v Shalala, no, they aren’t. But the FDA still hasn’t admitted they lost that case.

      1. To be fair, Pearson V Shalala was only 20 years ago. You can’t reasonably expect a federal agency to react that quickly. 🙂

    5. Truth is irrelevant to the FDA. In fact, sellers of certain tobacco products are required to make false statements about their products. For example, that oral tobacco is just as dangerous as smoking.

    6. Where’s SQRLY? This thread is right on his schitck.

  2. Congress will need to enact a stopgap spending bill to avert a Govt shutdown.

    For some reason I read that as a gaslight spending bill.

    1. A government shutdown sounds horrifying. I’m glad we never had one before that nobody outside of the press and the DC area actually noticed.

      1. I noticed less crowding on the train.

      2. Maybe its just because I’m paying more attention now than when I was 18, or 12, but are these shutdowns happening more and more frequently? Has our government reached peak spending levels?

        1. *watches intently as government installs new printing press.

        2. are these shutdowns happening more and more frequently?


          Has our government reached peak spending levels?

          Relative to the past, yes. Relative to the future, no.

  3. Bill de Blasio’s proposed “robot tax” is completely unnecessary (just like his presidential candidacy)…

    Hey, come on. Didn’t we determine there’s a perfectly good reason why he’s making us go through his candidacy?

    1. I’m curious how he benefits personally. Greasing palms with federal matching funds in exchange for favors or something .

      1. Best theory I heard was that he’s fundraising to pay off debts from past campaigns.

  4. The show, Murder in the Bayou, “casts intense doubt on the official version of events, and suspicion on [one local man] and his cop pals…”

    Louisiana is fertile ground for that kind of thing.

  5. Why are America’s three biggest cities shrinking?

    If it’s not urban sprawl then I’m going to guess… CLIMATE CHANGE.

    1. I thought shrinkage happens in cold weather (or water).

      1. Do women know about shrinkage?

        1. Only the ones that watch Seinfeld.

        2. You mean, like laundry?

      2. Don’t you know that Climate Change causes everything. Activists have even claimed with a straight face that global warming will cause an increase in tectonic activity (earthquakes and volcanoes).

        1. To be fair, they don’t even know that the Earth was much hotter than it is now multiple times before humans were even around.

  6. another multiracial family has been profiled by airline staff as being involved in human trafficking.

    You’d think by now people would, um, grok multiracial families since every other TV commercial features one.

    1. Funny that, despite the TV commercials, the people literally flying over flyover country keep committing this gaffe. Several interracial couples get on every flight. Two moms or two dads and a couple kids probably get on every third or fourth flight. Probably one in 10-20 flights includes a retiree and his/her much younger pool boy but, somehow, they keep picking the family who’s legitimately adopted a black kid.

      Probably 5-10 stewards on the last several flights I’ve been on and I’d guess maybe 1 was straight. You’d think such oppressed minorities with such a rigorous customer service background would be more tactful in such situations. It must be the bigotted white male pilots that are the problem.

    2. I’m of an older generation, from rural white America.My best friend in elementary school has a Black son (he is Asian), my best friend in high school has an Asian daughter (he is white). A girl I dated back then has a Black son (her own, not adopted. She is white). My cousin married into a Latino family and has a Latino looking son (he is white of the pasty variety). I currently have a friend with an adopted Asian daughter (he is white). And I have a friend who is Black with an Asian wife and daughter that could be seen as been either race.

      So why the fuck is the government telling airlines to detain and report mixed-race families? We’re not in 1930s hicksville anymore, it’s 2019 for cripes sake. We’ve had a president from a mixed race family. The current administration (of which the DHS is a part of) needs to stop freaking out over miscegenation. Jeepers.

      1. Legacy bureaucrats.

        Trump has a mixed racial family.

        1. When Trump said he didn’t want blacks near his money (that was what the Jews were for), he was worried about family members?

          1. First, I’d like to see a link that confirms Trump really said that.

            Second, though, I appreciate the reminder that Trump was once a Democrat.

      2. Would note that some of the incidents listed happened during the Obama administration when everything was supposed to be sweetness and light. Whoever the President is has surprisingly little influence on most of these things. Bureaucrats will bureaucrat.

    3. A POC spouse is the fashion accessory of 2019.

      1. Bonus points if an immigrant.

    4. Maybe its the composition of the multiracial families that is throwing them off. Ever notice that its always white guy, black woman and never black guy, white woman in the commercials?

      1. It probably is since (“The Jeffersons” notwithstanding), the black man/white women couples are much more common than the other way around.

    5. I kept hearing these tales of Bush operatives calling South Carolina primary voters to tell people about the McCain’s adopted dark child. It was on par with war crimes when it was done to the McCains.

  7. Los Angeles moves to further criminalize homelessness…

    “Go not contribute to the tax base somewhere else.”

    1. Probably about 80 per cent of the homeless population in LA are drug addicts and alcoholics. Those two groups overlap a lot, depending on what’s available right at the moment some ill-gotten money is come by. Of the remaining 20 per cent, probably three-quarters are mentally ill, and about one quarter are temporarily out of a job or just travelers (hobos in the old days.)
      Unless you want to adopt, there is little to be done. Consider that the US government estimates LA has 800,000 illegal immigrants, apparently none of whom live on the streets. If a non-English speaker with a 5 year education an the run from the law can find some housing, the cost of housing is not the main issue here.

      1. Just to clarify. You are stating that the 80% of the homeless population in LA are exclusively drug addicts and alcoholics with no mental illness issues? Wow. That’s a damning statistic!

  8. Why are America’s largest three cities shrinking? Given that the four largest cities in the US are all in Alaska and the fifth is Jacksonville, Florida, I’m going to guess it has something to do with global warming.

    1. Hey, what is Phoenix, chopped liver?

      1. Phx is 5th I believe.

  9. NOAA scientist: agency likely broke science integrity rules

    This is a funny TDS story.

    The NWS and NOAA correctly predicted the route of Hurricane Dorian and was very upset that Trump claimed that Alabama would be impacted along with Florida, Georgia, and Carolinas. The weather people said that Alabama would NOT be impacted and were upset that trump even mentioned it.

    The NWS and NOAA never predicted that Hurricane Dorian would stop over the Grand Bahama and spend over 36 hours there before hitting the USA.

    Also Hurricane Andrew had almost the same trajectory at over Grand Bahama and at Florida and passed into the Gulf of Mexico before hitting Alabama.

    The Lefties are still going on about it after a week while forgiving any “gaff” Democrat candidates make on the campaign trails.

    1. That’s not the story. The story is Trump refusing to admit his gaffe and trying to cover it up with a Sharpie. A fucking Sharpie! Like we wouldn’t notice he used a Sharpie. And then the head of the NOAA ordered everyone not to contradict the President. Ordered to lie. Just so Orange Man wouldn’t get his feeling hurt.

      1. The story is Trump trolling the Lefties. It just another hilarious thing to keep the Lefties busy since they cannot do anything but that.

        1. Well, that . . . and stomp the clingers into submission for a half-century in the culture war.

          1. Love culture wars where Trump gets elected and Blue states lose House seats to Red states, then people roll back all the P.C. bullshit.

      2. The Alabama national guard prepped for the hurricane fucktard. Trump is right on initial projections as can be seen in the NOAA spaghetti charts for projection. When he gave the statement the projections had changed, but you dont know what data was used in the briefs. This is literally a story about nothing.

        1. I can’t help but think that President Trump may even be milking it for all it’s worth. As someone pointed out in another forum, while the Press is attacking President Trump on this issue, they are ignoring other issues…and once this issue goes away, Press will simply pick out yet another gaff or disagreement or even agreement they have to disagree with because Trump has now agreed to it to blow up completely out of proportion

      3. And you’re wrong about the noaa head too dipshit. He merely told the head of alabama not to make political statements on Twitter dumbshit.

        1. Exactly JesseAz. I wanted to add this story because I knew reason would not cover how this non-story was turned into a big Lefty Narrative over the weekend.

          I wanted to add that and how the US Coast Guard was in the Bahamas immediately after the storm left the area to help. I saw numerous Lefties confused that didnt understand Bahamas is NOT part of the USA. The US Coast Guard and US Navy are being ordered to do this by Trump as a humanitarian mission outside US jurisdiction and Bahamas gladly accepted our assistance.

      4. “…Just so Orange Man…”

        Isn’t it amusing how ‘tards keep trying to come up with ‘clever’ names?

      5. Oh, I don’t know, I find the Blue Checkmarks having a week-long conniption fit over the President making one black line with a marker to be pretty hilarious.

        1. Stelter called it his biggest scandal…making Trump way more scandal free than Obama.

    2. A Presidential Storm Leaves Forecasters Rebuked

      Here is the image on paperboard. Notice the forecast ends over Florida, so Trump or someone added a prediction circle over Alabama. Very similar to the trajectory Hurricane Andrew traveled.

      1. Trump said he didn’t know who did it (hadn’t a clue). One of his colleagues said Trump did it (the dotard, in the Oval Office, with a Sharpie). Which way you see it is probably a good indicator of whether you are a to-be-replaced clinger.

        1. I can’t help but wonder if President Trump knew that the hurricane was no longer headed towards Alabama (even though even the Alabama coast guard was preparing for it), but decided to circle it anyway, knowing it would send dotards in the media and comment sections into tizzy fits.

      2. Poor troll Arthur. He’s like feces all over Commifornia’s city sidewalks.

    3. USS Bataan, 26 MEU Join Coast Guard for Aid Mission in the Bahamas a Week After Dorian

      Even funnier is that the MSM is largely ignoring how Trump ordered the US Coast Guard and US Navy/Marine Corps to aid the Bahamans, even though its not our country. This does not fit the Lefty Narrative that Trump is barring Bahamans entering the USA as weather refugees.

      Poor MSM and reason.

    4. loveconstitution1789
      September.10.2019 at 9:40 am

      NOAA scientist: agency likely broke science integrity rules

      This is a funny TDS story.

      It is funny, but you’re not the one to be laughing. When it’s you bringing up a story about how the media can’t just let it go, you might need some help identifying who it is that can’t let it go. At this point, it’s the media trolling Trump on this story. Trump is so petty and thin skinned and so obsessed with never being wrong and always having to have the last word that he’d rather claim he didn’t know for three fucking days that a Category 5 hurricane headed straight for his fucking house in Florida had changed course than admit that he made a mistake by referencing an outdated forecast. And the media are laughing their asses off over how easy it is to yank Trump’s string.

      1. I mean, I really don’t know what to tell you if you think Trump does not troll the MSM and Lefty bureaucrats on purpose and he has hand on stuff like this.

        The more distracted the MSM is on stuff like this, the less time they have to prevent government policy rollbacks Trump is trying to do.

        If you really think the Media and Lefties are running the show, I urge them to keep doing what they are doing because it’s great for America to have a bunch of Socialist policies rolled back.

  10. His son, called A.D. in the suit, was taken “against his will” to the back of the plane, according to DelVecchia’s lawsuit against five Frontier employees.

    See? They were ultimately proved right. There was an abduction on that plane.

  11. “Los Angeles moves to further criminalize homelessness”

    If LA has a problem with homelessness, it’s Drumpf’s fault. Since he has totally destroyed the economy, it’s not surprising many people cannot afford housing.

    Of course, the Koch / Reason open borders policy would fix everything.

  12. urban blossoming has also made many desirable downtown areas too expensive for non-rich people to start a family, forcing new parents to move

    Well, at least there are still many blighted downtown areas where non-rich people can start a family.

    1. Right?

      Most people can’t afford to buy a house in the neighborhood where they’d really prefer to be.

      1. +100

  13. What’s a woke citizen or corporation to do? We MUST report every hunch to curb the global epidemic of sex trafficking and POC slavery. But we MUST also celebrate diversity and multi-color families.

    Also, what’s with Frontier Airlines forcing the dark-skinned kid to the back of the plane?

  14. This is the best summary I’ve seen of Drumpf’s disastrous foreign policy.

    The Afghanistan fiasco reveals @realDonaldTrump’s exaggerated belief in summits/personal diplomacy, the absence of any interagency process, and an ongoing drive to withdraw from overseas military commitments reflecting the isolationist, America First bias of the administration.

    Ongoing. Drive. To. Withdraw. From. Overseas. Military. Commitments. Absolutely outrageous. And remember — we could have had foreign policy expert Hillary Clinton as President.


    1. Agree 1000%. Many of our problems in the Middle East can be traced to the misguided drive to withdraw from our overseas military commitments to the Shah of Iran.

        1. #stillwithher

          1. #StillWithBolton

            hahahahaha! Trump was a genius for hiring Bolton and now he’s a genius for firing him. Trump picks only the best to work for him.

  15. “A ‘robot tax’ will help us create stable, good-paying middle-class jobs for generations to come.”

    The tax plan comes with a new bureaucracy to regulate automation in the workplace: the Federal Automation and Worker Protection Agency,

    staffed entirely by AI-fueled robots.

    1. In Utopia, all nails are made by hand, one at a time.

      1. And they are pounded into shape with spoons!

    1. One might think a socialist would applaud sacrifices for the common good.

      1. once the socialist get their way they will need the wall to keep people in

        1. Whenever they get their way about schools, the chance that a child will be educated decreases. But there are lots of fancy offices for an amazingly large administrative staff tucked somewhere in those decaying schools, and all that staff votes Democrat.

  16. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch’s net worth has only risen $36.6 million this year.

    Anyone who understands the concept of “percent change” would know an increase in the tens of millions is negligible, when you’re starting with tens of billions. The goal of Koch / Reason libertarianism is to make the richest people on the planet even richer, and Drumpf’s tariffs and immigration restrictions are preventing that.

    1. I really wish I could tap into that wealth, and use it for my own wise and fantastic purposes, but darn it, we live in this “civilization” where I have to persuade Charles Koch to give me money, and to do that, I have to offer him something of worth. I tried nothing and I’m all out of ideas!

      If only I could just take the money from him, like any civilized civilization would allow, and be rich, and then do sensible things with that money! Instead, it goes to horrible things like campaigns that support libertarianism, hospitals, and so forth.

  17. Even the New York times is calling CNN fake news over the narrative that Trump outed a russian agent.

  18. Democrats coaching illegal immigrants in mexico in how to commit fraud against US immigration laws.

    1. Leading more credence to the claim that illegal immigrants are “invaders”. Armies are led by commanders.

      Most of these immigrants are not just simply folk who happen across the US border in groups of 5.

    1. “I think that the identity politics that are being used to further divide us, to further drive separations between us, and purely for selfish, political gain is a real danger,” Gabbard [said.]

      “Semi sane” because she can’t decide whether “politics” is plural or singular?

      1. No, because she thinks she’s a democrat when she doesnt support third trimester abortions, open borders, or victim politics. Her Rubin podcast showed she is nowhere on the left at this point but she still thinks she is, so a bit insane.

        1. Her economic ideas are still pretty left, no?

          1. Some of them, but not middle left we see from the debates. Shed be almost described as a Clinton democrat there. She hasnt called for UBI or such.

          2. If.the dnc was smart they would get behind tulsi. She’s exactly the type of candidate that won house seats in regions won by trump. But Democrats are so insane they are sprinting left. Trump has the ability to stir the Hornets nest anytime the calm down.

            1. She’s honestly the only respectable candidate running from either side, and that’s pretty pathetic when you think about it.

            2. It’ll never happen. The leftists sincerely believe she’s batcrap crazy.

              1. And the Stormfronters think she’s dreamy.

                1. Indeed. There’s nothing more racist than a centrist Democrat! (Except, of course, for far left Democrats.)

        2. If she doesn’t support child sacrifice, she cannot be a democrat.

          1. I hope, you don’t mind but I plan to sprinkle “Child Sacrifice” into conversations with Lefties.

  19. “Los Angeles moves to further criminalize homelessness”

    Because if there’s one obvious problem with LA, it’s that they are far too strict on the homeless! Hardly see any of them around at all!

    1. Well, they are subsidizing it an criminalizing it at the same time.

    1. “Huizar said the church’s surveillance system captured two men parking their sedan in the church parking lot at around 3:00 a.m. Sunday and walking toward the building,” the report detailed. “Fifteen minutes later, they are seen jumping back into the car with what looked to be spray cans in their hands.”

      But was his subway sandwich OK?

    2. So the only evidence that this vandalism was connected in any way with the church pastor’s opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour, is the word of the pastor himself. Hmm.

      1. I’d be more inclined to believe this to be a hate hoax if this was a left-leaning church like the UCC and someone sprayed “Death to Fags” on the walls.

  20. America’s First Gay Credit Union Gets Green Light From Michigan

    I am traveling to Michigan to visit the Credit Union. I will get all hateful about gay people and then when they refuse to give me a $1000 loan, I will sue for discrimination.

    I’m a double whammy protected class. Straight and AmerIndian.

    1. Cant wait for next years straight bank.

      1. Trans-Credit-Union

        When you cannot decide if you want to have a Checking or Savings account.

      2. And for the Shackford article condemning it.

    2. Don’t be hateful, take out the loan to fund a voluntary conversion therapy business/group and stand back as the whole thing becomes a legal black hole.

    3. WTF is a gay credit union? Instead of Mama Dollar and Papa Dollar, they have Papa Dollar and Papa Dollar?

      1. Woke Capitalism!

      2. WTF is a gay credit union?

      3. WTF is a gay credit union?
        No femmes, no fatties, no blacks.

  21. McDonald’s acquires A.I. company to help automate the drive-thru, its third tech deal this year

    Here is what minimum wage mandates do. They get McDonalds, YEAH MCDONALDS, to buy an A.I. company to get rid of minimum wage workers at their drive thru windows.

    1. Bill de Blasio to the rescue.


    Ya know, the middle of a disaster recovery effort is probably not the smartest time to get your xenophobia on.

    1. You could not be a dumbfuck and read the dhs statement where they pointed out this was the only ship this occurred on and it was the ship operators who misunderstood the regulations. Over 150 ships without an incident. Yet yourself so fucking stupid you think it is the norm and not the outlier.

      1. Well look at you, the right-wing parrot. Does it ever get tiring carrying water for Republicans?

        I suppose it was the boat operator’s fault that caused Trump to be scared of the Bahamanians.

        1. Maybe if you used facts instead of pearl clutching. One incident is not a trend. Call it carrying water when someone points out that you’re supposition was mistaken. Basically, you are showing you cannot admit you may be wrong.

          1. JesseAZ carries water for Republicans here on a daily basis. He cites right-wing sources, lives in a right-wing bubble, cites government press releases as if they were fact, and is basically just a Republican, not even a Republican pretending to be a libertarian like so many others here.

            John and JesseAZ are evidently competing for the coveted Reason’s Most Loyal Republican title.

            1. Mr. Pot here discussing the darkness of Mr. Kettle.

            2. I carry water for honesty which you and the media (huffpost… really??) lack. How hard is it to ask dhs for a statement and then go “oh, this was an outlier occurence, maybe the ship operator was wrong.” You’re such a low thinking headline reading idiot that you cant even give basic thought to see if your initial inference is wrong.

              This has nothing to do with liberal vs conservative dipshit. Its about you being fucking retarded.

              1. Have you followed Trump’s latest baseless, bigoted rant about refugees from the Bahamas, you slack-jawed clinger?

          2. And you didn’t even read the article.
            Tell me, did the boat operator cause Trump to become afraid of Bahamanians?

            1. And you didn’t even read the article.

              Chemjeff cites a HuffPost article and expects people to not laugh at him.

              1. But Daily Wire and Washington Examiner articles are totes unbiased.

                1. Why should we take your lefty sources any more seriously than you take righty sources?

                  No one here but you gives a shit about your left-wing boos.

            2. Boat Company and Border Officials Tell Different Stories About Rejection of Dorian-Displaced Bahamians

              U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) denies that there has been a rule change.

              “CBP continues to process the arrivals of passengers evacuating from the Bahamas according to established policy and procedures—as demonstrated by the nearly 1,500 Hurricane Dorian survivors who arrived at the Port of Palm Beach, Fla., aboard a cruise ship on Saturday and were processed without incident,” the agency said in a statement.

              As for the ship in question, “CBP was notified of a vessel preparing to embark an unknown number of passengers in Freeport and requested that the operator of the vessel coordinate with U.S. and Bahamian government officials in Nassau before departing The Bahamas,” said the agency. “CBP is not denying or discouraging evacuation efforts and empathizes with the plight of the Bahamian people.”

              Other than self-serving claims by the one boat operator, where is there any evidence that Trump is afraid of Bahamanians?

              1. Trump sent the US Coast Guard and US Navy/US Marine Corps to assist the Bahamans.

                Clearly that’s a fear of the Bahamans.

              2. “Other than self-serving claims by the one boat operator, where is there any evidence that Trump is afraid of Bahamanians?”

                You mean other than his bigoted rant about ‘very bad people’ from the Bahamas, you half-educated rube?

                1. Cite required.

        2. Was it the boat operator’s fault that he couldn’t follow the rules well over 100 other ones did?

          Yeah, I would say so.

          1. So it was the boat operator’s fault that Trump doesn’t want Bahamanians here fleeing from disaster because he thinks they might be criminals. Is that it?

            1. “So it was the boat operator’s fault”

              Let’s stop right there.


              1. You don’t even know what the topic of discussion is.
                The boat operator didn’t cause Trump to be afraid of Bahamanians with his paranoid statements about them.

                1. “”The boat operator didn’t cause Trump to be afraid of Bahamanians with his paranoid statements about them.”‘

                  He probably remembers when Castro was emptying it’s jails and letting prisoners come to the US during the Mariel boat lift.

                  1. It would not surprise me to learn that Trump thinks there’s no difference between Cuba and Bahamas.

                    1. Because criminals leaving an island is just an absurd possibility. No criminals EXIST outside of the USA.

                      …and, again, one single boat couldn’t do it because they DID NOT DO THEIR JOB nor did they try and fix their fuck-up.

                2. Keep your whinging at the DSA meeting where it belongs.

                3. Yet well over a hundred boats made it. I guess his “paranoid statements” were REMARKABLY well targeted on that single vessel, huh?

            2. “So it was the boat operator’s fault”

              Yes. You see it now. Good job.

              Hint: If well over a hundred others manage to do it properly, the ONE who didn’t is likely to blame.

            3. Jeff actually thinks is trump got on a phone to tell this boat to kick off people. How fucking stupid are you jeffrey? Over a hundred boats had no issue. No regulations were changed. None. One boat was confused but you think trump had personally committed an action in this one case.

              This is literally the thoughts of a dumbass.

              1. Pen and a Phone

        3. How many Bahamians do you sponsor, pussy progressive?

          1. Same number as the number of poor children you have personally adopted in order to discourage abortion.

            These tu quoque arguments from the garbage right-wing trolls around here like you get rather tiresome.

            1. “Same number as the number of poor children you have personally adopted in order to discourage abortion.”

              There’s ALREADY a massive waiting list for adoptive parents here. there’s a 2-7 yr wait to adopt a healthy infant presently.

            2. Baby jeffrey gets so angry when people point out the flaws in his belief with simple logic.

              Jeffrey, keep thinking 1 boat out of hundreds is the norm you fucking retard.

            3. Gotdamn, you’re transparent psychoticjeff!
              Newsflash: I don’t play the pity card and I’m pro abortion. I don’t value human life absolutely or equally and make no secret of it.
              For example, you’re life is worth absolutely nothing.

      1. “Over the weekend, nearly 1,500 evacuees arrived in Palm Beach, Florida, on board the Grand Celebration humanitarian cruise ship. All of them were properly documented to enter the country, and that process was coordinated with CBP ahead of time, Silva said.”

        But baby jeffrey thinks trump keeping them all put because this boat wasnt going through proper procedures.

        Baby jeffrey is fucking retarded.

  23. “Why are America’s three biggest cities shrinking?”

    Because NYC and LA are overpriced shitholes and Chicago, well, has a bit of a murder problem and is ALSO an overpriced shithole.

    1. Progressives vote for policies that raise taxes and property values to such heights that normal progressives cannot sustain living there, causing them to spread their shitty tax raising ideas elsewhere. Once in their new location, they can run around calling everyone in the new place a racist and telling minorities how much less they are and why they need to vote more free stuff.

      Progressive sprawl. The long game toward liberal-topia

      1. “I support all of these good programs and those jerks in the government have taxed us so highly I cannot afford to live here anymore. Why, this same thing happened in the LAST place I lived. Why am I cursed with such bad luck?”

        1. +1000

    2. +1000

      It’s like Lefties have already #MemoryHoled Detroit, that they ran into Bankruptcy.

  24. Soros on China

    This is an interesting take that got the WSJ commenters fuming. The interesting thing is that most everyone there would agree with his assessment that we should not promote the Chinese communists pushing mass surveillance. I am one of those people.

    What I don’t understand is how Soros all of the sudden cares about sovereignty and borders and countries as a collective. This is not a free market take, and this is also not a globalist welfare state take. Curious what his end game is and why the US working with China goes against said agenda. Or maybe it doesn’t?

    1. Soros on China

      Sure beats Soros on a paper plate.

    2. Soros is consistent in his opposition to authoritarianism–especially when it’s tied to xenophobia. He’s willing to finance all sorts of unsavory characters so long as they’re opposing what he sees as xenophobia.

      He isn’t endorsing the opposition to the xenophobes and all their rationales. He’s simply financing organic opposition to xenophobia, wherever it’s coming from, especially in cases where it’s the only opposition.

      It’s sort of like my ideas on democracy in its proper place. No, because I think setting the rules of naturalization properly belongs with congress doesn’t mean I approve of the laws we have now. Because I think Congress properly should be the one to declare wars doesn’t mean I support the AUMF or the Iraq War either.

      I just think democracy (within its proper purview) means that we must defer to the people in certain areas–even when they’re wrong. Soros takes that a step further when, for instance, he finances opposition to xenophobia in certain situations–even if they’re wrong about everything else, there needs to be an opposition.

      We may see a situation in the next few years where there is no relevant libertarian opposition to the authoritarian socialism of Liz Warren. What do we do, grab our ankles and spread our cheeks, or do we throw our support behind whomever is in the best position to oppose Liz Warren’s authoritarian socialism? Where Soros goes off the rails, I think, is that he gets too proactive about that sort of thing. The groups he financed in their infancy in order to offer some defense against authoritarianism by the right in places like the USA are now some of the biggest threats to impose their own socialist authoritarianism.

      Some of the groups he’s financed would strip him of his assets and throw him in prison for the things he’s done as a capitalist.

      1. While it’s interesting what you are saying Ken, I would like to know his successes.

        He has supported some pretty horrible people/groups just to “oppose authoritarianism”.

        Not that that is an unthinkable strategy as the USA has supported some really bad people/nations to fight some other person/group/nation.

        1. If I were looking for his successes, I’d probably start looking in eastern Europe.

          Incidentally, just because I can see what he’s doing fairly objectively doesn’t mean I agree with him on . . . anything.

          I can see what Liz Warren is doing and why, too.

          1. I appreciate the insight into Soros. I don’t like the guy so much I actually ignore much of what he does.

            Which is probably a mistake on my part, since he is a rich guy who wants to shape policy and change the World using other people to do it.

      2. “What do we do, grab our ankles and spread our cheeks, or do we throw our support behind whomever is in the best position to oppose Liz Warren’s authoritarian socialism?”

        Most Trump voters are just a big “fuck you” to the establishment, and yet Soros seems to give zero fucks about those voters. He funds leftists authoritarians across the world, and yet now he is pissed at China? It’s all so inconsistent

  25. “”In DelVecchia’s case, reports The Charlotte Observer, flight attendants were “merely acting on training to recognize potential human trafficking victims, Frontier said.””‘

    Procedures were followed.

  26. It keeps telling me my comment is a duplicate–even though it was never posted. Anybody else ever have that happen?

    1. I figured it out. It doesn’t like me linking to the “U.S. Passport Service Minor Travel Consent Form”.

    2. It did that to me the other day – I assumed I had somehow double-clicked and the post had gotten submitted twice before it had even gotten the chance to be posted once.

  27. “Small-minded people like this have surely always existed.”

    Is it also small-minded to inquire about the documentation of kids traveling with parents who don’t look like them on internationally flights–or is that just small-minded on domestic flights?

    Incidentally, my understanding is that parents traveling with only one parent internationally are supposed to have written permission from the spouse that isn’t present–and that’s true even if the parents looks exactly like their children.

    1. U.S. Passport Service Minor Travel Consent Form

    2. I think even interstate travel paperwork is required by divorce courts or something

      1. If you enter into a child custody agreement, the court in that state retain jurisdiction unless the parties agree to some other arrangement.

        Its why people need to be careful of taking kids out of their home state without the other parent’s permission.

        It’s always been bullshit to call that kidnapping (even though kids are involved) but it’s someone to prevent the other parent from exercising their parental rights over the same kid.

      2. What I linked isn’t even about divorce courts. Your spouse can’t just take the kids, fly out of the country, and then inform you that she wants a divorce. That’s kidnapping. Even if you’re still married. Even if you’re a single parent. You still need to have some documentation about those kids. You can’t just take children and fly out of the country with them without anybody asking any questions.

        Yeah, you have a right to leave the country with the kids if you’re not kidnapping them, but If you don’t want to get hassled with the legal stuff, get the documentation. You also have a right to enter the country as an American citizen, but if you don’t want to be subject to being detained and a whole legal procedure, it’s a good idea to bring your passport with you.

        The greatest scene from Parks and Rec ever was the one where the lady comes in to complain to Ron Swanson. She says something like, “There’s a sign in the park that says not to drink the water from the sprinklers, so I made some tea with it–and I got an infection. Are you aware that the city is using recycled water?” I’m against TSA theater as much as the next libertarian, but the idea that people should be free to remove children from the legal jurisdiction of the United States without anybody even asking any question is ludicrous.

  28. “According to a lawsuit DelVecchia filed in federal court, Frontier Airlines staff accused him of sex trafficking his son and detained the boy in the back of the plane.”

    “In the back of the plane”, does that mean he didn’t even miss his flight? If they checked his ID and sent him on his way, I’m not sure that’s a violation of anyone’s rights. It sounds like Frontier employees reported what they thought was suspicious activity and there was an investigation–like getting pulled over on a well lit street because you forgot to turn on your headlights at dusk. In fact, innocent people sometimes should be investigated.

    Andy Milonakis is in his 40s. He has growth hormone deficiency. It makes him look like he’s 13 years old. If you see a forty-something guy kissing what looks like a 13 year old girl and acting like she’s his boyfriend, don’t hesitate to call the cops. If she has growth hormone deficiency, leave it to the cops to figure that out. And if you get sued, I suspect average jurors in most states are probably still sane enough to realize the difference between you calling the cops out of concern for a child’s welfare and you violating someone’s rights.

    1. There is nothing in the Constitution against the government or companies asking questions about “suspicious” activity.

      There is also nothing in the Constitution that says you have to talk to them either.

      I personally would have never cooperated with flight personnel in this particular issue. Its none of their business as they are not a law enforcement agency. If I am not breaking some federal law about flight safety, I have no legal obligation to do what flight crew say.

      If when we land, law enforcement is called, I would also ask if I am being detained or free to go. I would not speak to them and demand an attorney and to be charged with a crime or released. Flipping the tables on police and companies that do this is really the only way to protect yourself and family.

  29. airlines being arbiters of anything other than air is funny in a stupid way.

  30. Well, is Trump a genius for firing Bolton or an idiot for hiring him in the first place? And how long has Pompeo got? William Barr?

    1. So keeping bureaucrats and political appointees around for years is a good thing?

      reason does not really cover this topic. Lefties have a real problem with Trump firing appointees within a year or so. That and blaming Trump when they leave their positions within a year or so.

      Government work is “service” to Lefties. Even if Trump is President.

  31. And this is why I don’t agree with the half-a-loaf view of applauding Trump for doing the right thing even if it’s for the wrong reason. Doing the right thing for the right reason is called “principles”, doing the right thing for the wrong reason is called “even a blind squirrel…”. If you’ve got principles, there’s some consistency and some predictability in your actions, doing random shit for random reasons is not what you want out of a leader.

    1. And of course we already have the story of the Drama Queen in the Oval Office, Bolton claims he tendered his resignation last night but Trump refused to accept it – just so Trump could get on the twitters and claim he fired Bolton. Trump did this before – was it Sessions? – where the guy was on Air Force One with Trump when he turned in his resignation and Trump refused to accept it – and when the plane landed, there’s all the press wanting to ask the guy his reaction to the news that Trump had just tweeted out that he had just fired the guy. What a colossal douchebag.

      1. Wait….wait….WAIT, I though Bolton was bad.

        Now Bolton good?

      2. Why exactly should we be upset about Trump trolling John Bolton, of all people?

        1. TDS. Jerry has a case which might be fatal.

    2. Everything Trump does is random!

      So funny that either Trump is beating Lefties by 100% random actions or he is so “n”th D Chessing Lefties that they are eating the checkers pieces waiting for Trump to show for a game.

  32. Trump just fired Bolton for being a fuckin’ neocon.


    1. +1000

      Jerryskids is already saying Bolton now good.

      1. The only reason Trump brought Bolton in in the first place was because 1) Bolton supported Trump during his campaign when no one else would 2) Bolton had nothing else going on–so the alternative to being loyal to Trump was appearing on Fox Business News as Kennedy’s punching bag.

        In other words, Trump elevated Bolton because he could trust Bolton not to throw Trump under the bus if and when Trump was impeached.

        Incidentally, this is more or less the same reason Trump elevated Larry Kudlow. Trump didn’t elevate Kudlow because Trump endorsed Kudlows’ radical free trade mantra. Trump elevated Kudlow because between the intelligence services, the Piss-gate impeachment attempt, and the hostility of establishment Republicans, there were only a few people Trump could trust not to throw him under the bus.

        I have little doubt but that Bolton got in the way of the negotiations with the Taliban, and I suspect that’s why he got the axe.

        1. Lefties also will never talk about how they made Trump’s transfer of power unbearable for Washington outsiders.

          Few would take positions offered in Trump’s Administration, mostly because of the harassment they were getting from the Lefties. Not because Lefties wanted to shrink government, mind you, but because TRUMP!

          Trump decided to throw early supporters a bone, which is what Tom Price and Bolton got. Both are RINO neo-cons who got their time in the spotlight and then never to be heard from again.

          DeVos is still there but the MSM doesn’t want to accent her achievements, so you hardly hear anything about her. Ben Carson too but Lefties tried to boot him with the desk kerfluffle.

      2. Are you familiar with the concept of sarcasm?

        1. I am but Jerryskids is not.

          1. …I mean, I am NOT familiar with the concept of sarcasm.

  33. In this case, 55-year-old Peter DelVecchia, a white man

    I hardly call it profiling. That right there is a crime.

  34. “His son, called A.D. in the suit, was taken “against his will” to the back of the plane,”

    Ergo, ipso facto, henceforth thereunto, kidnapping of a child occurred; by definition, sex trafficking the kid. Just it was the flight crew, not the dad. Lock them up.

    1. False Imprisonment for sure.

      (Definition, Black’s Law Dictionary)
      Any intentional detention of the person of another not authorized by law, is false imprisonment. It is any illegal imprisonment, without any process whatever, or under color of process wholly illegal, without regard to the question whether any crime has been committed, or a debt due.

  35. “that seem to be based on nothing more than staff or onlookers … finding children or women traveling with a man of a different race or ethnicity to be suspicious.”

    When you’re race baiting vermin, everything *seems* to be based on racial hatred.

  36. >who is huite…
    >adopted son, who is blacc…
    Only leftists in the One Percent can afford to have these luxury social justice beliefs.

    It turns out, adopting a trophy kid from AIDSfricka has unintended negative consequences.

    I will be so fucking glad when the last boomer dies.

    1. New sock for Misek, or a just another bigoted scumbag?

  37. Race is a myth.

  38. “Nearly 2 million more uninsured under Trump”
    “…The overall rise in the uninsured is the first increase recorded by the Bureau since the one that occurred from 2008 to 2009, and the first decline since Obamacare started expanding coverage in 2014. According to the agency’s presentation, the change in the uninsured can be attributed to economic trends, changes in demographics, and changes in health policy that affect access to care. ”

    It might also be attributed to the fact that you are no longer forced to buy insurance at the point of a gun.

  39. Ah yes, Dixieland customs as recorded by Tom Lehrer in “Dixie” are an institution all right…

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