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The Media Claimed Andy Ngo Was Complicit in a Far-Right Attack on Antifa. But the Video Doesn't Support That.

“There’s some merit in some of the criticisms of things that I’ve gotten wrong,” admits the former Quillette reporter.


It's been a rough summer for independent Portland journalist Andy Ngo: Antifa activists beat him up at a June 29 rally, and now many in left-of-center media have accused him of being complicit in a far-right attack that took place some weeks earlier.

But despite widespread insistence that Ngo knew members of the far-right group Patriot Prayer were about to instigate violence, the underlying evidence is incredibly thin. At worst, new video footage reveals Ngo to be inattentive and preoccupied with his phone at key moments. This information strengthens concerns about the selectivity of Ngo's reporting, but falls far short of proving that he knew about a planned attack.

"The accusations are defamatory and they're false," Ngo told Reason. "I'm seeing myself being un-personed."

On August 26, a member of Patriot Prayer known pseudonymously as "Ben" revealed to the Portland Mercury that he was actually an undercover antifa activist who had taken it upon himself to inform his fellow antifa members about the activities and whereabouts of area right-wing extremists.

Ben surreptitiously recorded 18 minutes of video footage showing several right-wing protesters in the run-up to a violent scuffle between Patriot Prayer and antifa that took place at Cider Riot, a left-wing sympathetic restaurant, on May 1. The owner of Cider Riot has sued Patriot Prayer's leader, Joey Gibson, for trespassing on private property, and Gibson and five of his group are facing felony charges for inciting a riot. Ben's video was submitted as evidence by Cider Riot's legal defense team.

The video, as well as Portland Mercury reporter Alex Zielinski's description of it, has led to widespread denunciation—not just of Patriot Prayer, but also of Ngo, a former reporter for Quillette who is known for documenting confrontations between right-wing and left-wing groups in the Portland area.

Many in the media have said Ngo is biased against antifa, and in favor of far-right groups like Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys. Critics say that Ngo selectively edits his videos of the scuffles to make it seem like antifa activists are the aggressors. Some of these critics have a point, and in his conversation with Reason, Ngo conceded that he's gotten things wrong, and has been overly focused on covering moments of physical confrontation between the two groups.

"There's some merit in some of the criticisms of things that I've gotten wrong," he said. "I want to become a better journalist and better reporter on these things."

But Ben's video—which shows Ngo in the company of a small group of Gibson's associates immediately prior to the Cider Riot battle—is being widely cited in the media as evidence that Patriot Prayer did indeed conspire to attack Cider Riot, and that Ngo was tacitly involved. The coverage all but brands him as a co-conspirator.

"Right-wing writer Andy Ngo is with the PP group the entire time as they plan out their attack," wrote Zielinksi on Twitter. "He smiles as they joke about being outnumbered. There's no way he couldn't know the group was planning on instigating violence against people at Cider Riot."

Reacting to the Portland Mercury article, as well as same-day news that Ngo would be leaving Quillette, Will Sommer of The Daily Beast wrote that Ngo "witnessed activists from the far-right group Patriot Prayer planning a violent confrontation" and that he was "standing next to the far-right activists as they planned an attack on their political opponents." His article was headlined "Right-Wing Star Andy Ngo Exits Quillette After Damning Video Surfaces," and carried the subhed: "The writer and photog is out of a job after being caught in incriminating undercover footage with right-wing activists. His former employer insists the two events aren't related." Sommer did not respond to my request for comment.

What was so "damning" and "incriminating" about the video was largely unexplained, though Sommer did include a quote from Quillette Editor in Chief Claire Lehmann, who explained that Ngo's departure had nothing to do with the new video footage, and had been agreed upon by both parties some weeks ago. (Lehmann confirmed this to Reason.)

Other media outlets followed the Portland Mercury's lead in asserting that Ngo clearly overheard Patriot Prayer planning violence, and smiled and laughed in response.

"Video has surfaced of Ngo smiling and laughing with members of the far-right group Patriot Prayer shortly before they allegedly orchestrated an attack on a group of antifascists at a leftist bar in a separate incident in May," wrote Vice.

The Daily Dot parroted similar claims, as did The Inquisitr. Meanwhile, Media Matters accused Ngo of "covering for violent extremists as they plan far-right attacks."

The Williamette Week went even further, asserting that Ngo "is coordinating his movements and his message with right-wing groups." As evidence, the paper cited an audio recording of one of the Proud Boys concluding that Ngo's June 29 injuries were a result of him declining the Proud Boys' protection. "Andy Ngo was fucking told that if he wanted protection from the PBs [Proud Boys], he went in with us and he went out with us," said the man. The Williamette Week apparently took this as evidence of collusion between Ngo and the far-right, when it was really evidence of the opposite.

In any case, the message coming from left-of-center media was clear: Patriot Prayer planned the Cider Riot attack, Ngo was tacitly involved, and Ben's video proves it.

The problem, of course, is that the video—which mostly depicts a small group of people standing around, discussing which side of the street they should walk on when and if they approach antifa, and conversing with the undercover Ben—proves no such thing. I have watched it from start to finish at least five times, and it does not even establish that the group of right-wing agitators planned an attack—let alone that Ngo was aware of such a plot. Indeed, the Portland Mercury article that received such rave reviews from The Daily Beast, Vice, Media Matters, and others makes little effort to explain what was so damning about the video, and Zielinski spends much of her article lionizing Ben's actions without offering any independent scrutiny of his claims. Ngo says she did not reach out to him before publishing the article, and she confirmed this in an email to Reason. When asked about some of the claims in her piece, Zielinski said, "I can tell you're concerned with my coverage on a larger scale, and I'm sure my response won't change that."

Media Matters' summary of the article contains the thrust of the new information provided by the video:

As the group waits, they discuss their weaponry. A few men try to guess which way the wind's blowing to avoid getting "spray" in their eyes, presumably when they use it against members of antifa. Another man holds a thick wooden dowel, and practices swinging it like a baseball bat. A woman carries a red brick in her hand. Some don goggles, helmets, and tactical gloves.

Ben captures someone telling a person on speakerphone, "There's going to be a huge fight," and gives them directions to Cider Riot.

Ngo doesn't film any of the conversations, and smiles when the group cracks jokes.

"He overheard everything," Ben recalls, "and said nothing."

The video does make it look like the members of Patriot Prayer were prepared for a fight—some do have weapons—and perhaps eager for one to take place. But it does not establish they intend to initiate a fight, and many of their comments could be understood along the lines of this is what we will do if a fight breaks out. "There's going to be a huge fight," could be a prediction instead of a command. One woman states to Ben that "if you get sprayed, I've got the water," which would suggest that she was thinking defensively rather than offensively.

I do not mean to excuse the actions of Patriot Prayer, whose members and associates deliberately seek out conflict with antifa for no reason other than to portray their adversaries as violent. Nor am I claiming that Patriot Prayer were the victims in the eventual confrontation. Individual members may well have been responsible for inciting a riot. But Ben's video does not constitute footage of a riot being planned.

Regarding Ngo, while the claims being made about him do contain "kernels of truth," as he concedes, there is a vast chasm between what the video actually shows versus what it is alleged to show.

Far from being engaged in conservation with Gibson's associates and intently involved in what they are saying, Ngo appears in the video only occasionally, and is mostly in the periphery, pacing and incessantly checking his phone. Ngo told Reason that he was scanning the internet for reports from other journalists pertaining to the earlier violence of the day, during which Ngo was punched in the stomach. He was much more interested in his social media feed than the conversations around him.

"The people are milling around for like probably an hour," he said. "I was just like, nothing was happening. I wasn't paying attention to what was being said because there's just a whole bunch of different random conversations. I didn't see any evidence of a violent conspiracy to launch an attack."

Ngo said that contrary to some of the media reports, he never laughed at what Patriot Prayer folks were saying. He admits he responded with a faint smile "out of pity" when someone mentioned that antifa had them outnumbered.

"On a good day they're outnumbered like 10-to-one," said Ngo. "It's futile, really. I view these demonstrations that they're doing in Portland as futile, so that's why I smiled."

Ngo told me he had no idea they were headed to an antifa hotspot until they drew near to Cider Riot.

"I was preoccupied on my phone," he said.

I asked Ngo if he noticed that one of the women was clutching a brick. He said he didn't see it.

"At that point, where those people are standing was pretty far from Cider Riot. There was nothing going on, so I wasn't in the space to sort of look out for like, 'What are people having in their hands?' and all that."

I pressed Ngo on why he recorded moments of violence between antifa and Patriot Prayer, but turned his camera off during quieter moments like these.

"When antifa shows up in the downtown setting within the black block as a group, that setting, they're coming at least for immediate physical confrontation," said Ngo. "I guess I see those things more easily, so I think that's a fair criticism. I should have noticed [things like the brick]."

It's one thing to criticize Ngo's reporting, and I agree with his critics that the singular focus on antifa's violence can create a false impression that they are always the instigators. It's quite another to imply that he is actively in league with antifa's enemies—a strong claim that is unsupported by the new video. If this footage shows anything, it's that Ngo was buried in his phone and missed out on an interesting story. It does not show that fascist aggression brought a smile to his face.

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  1. What was so “damning” and “incriminating” about the video was largely unexplained…

    That’s how you do it.

    1. Leftists inventing bullshit about a video none of them watched.

      Film at 11.

    2. A bunch of idiots on both sides seeking trouble and attention. Let’s rent out an arena and have them fight it out for entertainment. Each side can choose how to donate 50% of the proceeds to charity.

      1. Yeah. Young males, none of whom appear to be gainfully employed, form gangs and set about to prove to the world how baddass they are. In another place and time they could be Irish soccer rioters, Russian and Muslim gangs beating the shit out of each other, Members of the old KKK, or the Sharks and the Jets. For all of the moral posturing on both sides, it’s clear that all they really want to do is go out and hit somebody. Anybody. This shit has been going on for thousands of years. The only difference here is that with the feminization of the culture they have mouth PC dogma before they can live out their masculine fantasies.

    3. I went through the reporter Alex Zielinski’s Twitter feed and it is fairly clear that she is far-left and an Antifa sympathizer.

      And she has been going after Andy Ngo just like a fascist would!

        1. Was she able to demonstrate an occasion where Antifa did not initiate violence?

    4. That was my first assumption. Much like accusations of racism are all point and shriek, and no analysis of how anything done was actually racist.

      18 minutes of video, no specific claims means that there’s nothing on it.

      If anyone *has* specifics, please share.

  2. “I pressed Ngo on why he recorded moments of violence between antifa and Patriot Prayer, but turned his camera off during quieter moments like these.”

    Why would it matter?

    Did the antifa subhuman thugs initiate the violence or not? Of course they did. They ALWAYS do. And Robby, you pulling the “DID YOU SEE HOW SHIRT HER SKIRT WAS?”-level nonsense is insane.

    “It’s one thing to criticize Ngo’s reporting, and I agree with his critics that the singular focus on antifa’s violence can create a false impression that they are always the instigators.”

    That their supporters, who are more than just one person, cannot find an example where they did not initiate should tell you something, Bobby.

    1. “News media report on gun owners who shoot innocent people, but fail to report the gun owners who keep their weapons stored securely at home! That’s misleading!”

      “News media report on police officers who shoot young black men, but turn their cameras off when the cops do their jobs without violence! That’s misleading!”

      “News media report the names of African-Americans who are accused of crimes, but never report the names of African-Americans who aren’t accused of crimes! That’s misleading!”

      “News media report every time Donald Trump says something silly, but doesn’t report on the times he says nothing! That’s misleading.”

      Shall I go on Robby, or have I made the point?

  3. bunch of useless pussies preps to fight other bunch of useless pussies

    god that city is garbage

    1. Word. These assholes have ruined Portland. Well, them and the Portland city council.

  4. The owner of Cider Riot has sued Patriot Prayer’s leader, Joey Gibson, for trespassing on private property

    Something something public accommodation…

    Gibson and five of his group are facing felony charges for inciting a riot

    There will be no riots in the Riot restaurant!

    1. How, exactly, did they “incite” a riot?

      By BEING there?

      1. Take that up with someone who cares.

      2. All a riot requires is three people.

        1. How many people does it take for a Quiet Riot?

  5. That’s a lot of words about???
    Cannot wait for the zombie apocalypse so people have less free time…

    1. Cannot wait for the zombie apocalypse so people have less free time…

      “Wait for”? What do you think happened to the formerly good people of Portland? A zombie virus is the only possible explanation.


  6. I wish Reason would spend more time writing articles about libertarianism and less time defending journalists from other outfits. Is the focus of this site advocacy for journalism or advocacy for libertarian ideas?

    1. Both are linked.

  7. I don’t get all this “proud” stuff. One should be “proud” of being a contributing member of society – and save the “outrage” for actual issues. ANTIFA strike me as a bunch of lazy emasculated bored kids who never learned to use a dictionary to look up what they are “fighting” for – because then they could look up the word “hypocrite” and see themselves. The “Proud” whatever boys are going about it the wrong way. I lean left (or did until the left flew off the rails into coco puffs land). But having “pride” in who you want to sleep with seems dumb. Likewise, saying you are “accepting” of others, then justifying kids mutilate their bodies and reproductive future for not fitting into some nonsense box of “gender norms” is dumb. If gender is a social construct separate from biological fact, why do kids needs to alter their biological bodies into something they are not to fit into some undefinable “gender” box that is nothing more than social construct. It’s not those who “identify” as female that allowed us girls locker rooms, girls sports, girls cabins at camp – it was to elevate and create a fair competition for those whose bodies are biologically female regardless of how short their hair is or how much affinity they have, or don’t have, for dolls and the color pink. I feel like I’m living in a clown world lead by wannabe propagandist who went to mediocre journalism schools that have opinions they “believe” are facts on kids they will never have, relationships they will never enter, science they will never learn, and society they have no interest in actually contributing to. My kids had better critical thinking skills at 2 than many of today’s self-proclaimed journalist. And while I like Reason and some other independent reporting outlets, I worry that it’s not enough to overcome the snowflake, factless, silliness my generation is imposing on the world.

    1. The Proud Boys have nothing to do with being LGBT. You are very confused.

    2. The Proud Boys aren’t LGBT or SJW.

  8. How does one “attack Antifa” when they have no formal party structures, no central planning board, no members?

    1. Shooting into the crowd of masked marxists would be a good start. Then shoot again.

      1. You are one sick fuck.

        1. To be fair, Trotsky said the same thing.

          1. Exactly. Do unto others before they do the same to you

          2. And he died of cranial metal poisoning.

      2. I recommend flame throwers. Just toast the lot of them where they stand and be done with it.

  9. From another article about fascination with socialism:

    “capitalism destroys itself by creating a class of intellectuals that denigrate material progress and individualism in the name of a common good (that the intellectuals would define and organize) and workers who take for granted those supermarket shelves groaning with fresh produce (as Paglia mentions). Essentially, we grow fat and lazy, Schumpeter and Paglia contend, and become obsessed with the distribution of wealth rather than the grounds upon which its creation is predicated.”

    Your comment:
    “Cannot wait for the zombie apocalypse so people have less free time…”

    Those two things are intrinsically connected. Too much ease and time on our hands + social media = a bad outcome.

  10. Andy Ngo was involved in an attack on Antifa? Any Ngo couldn’t break up a pillow fight between the Olson twins.

      1. Have you googled Olson twins circa 2019? They’re note cute anymore.

        1. Not* cute

        2. Jeezus. Those two need to eat a hamburger or two.

  11. At what point can we just attribute malice to these people? They don’t care about the underlying facts they just want to shut the other side down at all costs. They are not honest brokers. Best case they lied about watching a video before posting attack pieces against the guy about a video they didn’t watch.

    1. Most of the twenty-something grads being shat out of journalism schools have been marinated pretty thoroughly in left-wing advocacy causes. A good-faith narrative of anything they report on shouldn’t ever be assumed, and that goes double for people who get jobs with the various indie media outlets that call themselves “_________ Independent,” but are little more than Dem party shills that happen to be a bit more Maoist in the politics.

    2. “Facts are social constructs of the white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy used to oppress marginalized peoples.”

      Postmodernists explicitly assert that all discourse is manipulation for power. They’re right about themselves, at least.

      These are the vermin throughout academia “instructing” the next generation.

  12. It’s a half-brick. That’s important. Ask Terry Pratchett.

    And she appears to have picked it up as opposed to having brought it along.

    I watched this video looking for the smoking gun so many on the left seem to think it is–and that half-brick is it. There’s really nothing else.

    A group scout ahead at one point, only to come back with the news that they are, as usual, vastly outnumbered.

    This prompts a bit of posturing–one person says to ‘let him have the first three’. Another loudly complains that the police will simply let them get beat on.

    There are several odd things.

    They clearly have no idea where the other protesters are. Or whether they are to meet them or they are to join up.

    After discovering what’s ahead of them, they retreat. They head back the way they came–and then turn, and head for a main road (they seem to indicate that the reason for this turn is either finding a meeting spot or because the scouts were seen and there are people coming after them.)

    The video ends without anyone planning anything about Cider Riot.

    Andy Ngo? He’s mostly a figure on the periphery, glued to his phone. Most don’t seem to actually know who he is. A few think he’s going to tell Antifa where they are.

    They do eventually make it to Gibson and his group because we see them in the action at Cider Riot.

    It’s interesting that the owner is suing PP. Perhaps he’s unaware that the footage pretty clearly shows who started things–AND that he was clearly letting Antifa use his place of business as a shield.

    Of course, it is Oregon, home to the worst of America’s national and international socialists, so maybe he thinks they’ll side with fascism.

  13. “Cider Riot, a left-wing sympathetic restaurant”

    50% food losses is no way to run a wing shack.

  14. Much like the assertions James O’Keefe’s Planned Parenthood video was deceptively edited all the left needs is an excuse to support the conclusion which helps them politically. They don’t care whether the assertions are true or not.

    1. “Truth is a social construct of the white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy used to oppress marginalized peoples”


  16. Antifa are cowardly, violent thugs made up of losers and illiberal jerk offs.

  17. Antifa = The new, improved and sanitized version of the Nazis.

  18. The left will never admit to the violence and radicalism on their side. They’re not obsessed with white nationalists and neo nazis because they’re genuinely concerned about racism. They merely highlight them to show that radical Islam or even Antifa isn’t a unique threat, or that the right can be just as deranged. Things like organizational structure, scale and level of brutality doesn’t matter, of course.

    The left obviously jumped on the allegations on Ngo because it allowed them to go on the offensive after being put on defense. “He got hit because he conspired with Proud Prayer! See he deserved it!” Even if that was true, what justifies assaulting a man who wasn’t actually involved in a fight? Was he directing the fight?

    Watch how casually and easily the left dehumanizes their opposition (or anyone) to either rationalize their agenda or advance a narrative. The right wing indulged in conspiracy theories on Obama, but they weren’t given serious coverage on sites like National Review. But apparently the Daily Beast and other major media outlets apparently though Andy Ngo was some covert right wing agitator who faked his own injuries or something. It’s not just the SoCons who make monsters out of victims, you see.

    You guys see what South Korea’s new left wing president is doing to their country? I hate Tony and his friends so much, and their pious sermonizing on “maximum society” and other BS. These people are world destroyers. There is ZERO RECORD of their ideology resulting in a prosperous and stable society that that sustain a demographic of this size and variety. ZERO.

    1. DARVO much you cross burning KKK shitbag?

  19. “…the singular focus on antifa’s violence can create a false impression that they are always the instigators.”

    Oh, there’s a fine line between instigation and just hanging around looking and hoping for a fight. Only a fool would think the second was different from the first even though you have plausible deniability.

  20. I’m SHOCKED the left lied about Ngo.

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  22. “Many in the media have said Ngo is biased against Antifa…”

    Yeah. Having them threaten and physically assault you will have the effect.

  23. Even if there group did explicitly plan a violence Andy should not have tried to stop it or report it to authorities. Unless he expected it would result in severe injury or death. Journalists cannot become part of the events they cover because doing so will compromise their journalism.

  24. “I do not mean to excuse the actions of Patriot Prayer, whose members and associates deliberately seek out conflict with antifa for no reason other than to portray their adversaries as violent. Nor am I claiming that Patriot Prayer were the victims in the eventual confrontation.”

    You are just trying to imply it.

    It’s also Mighty Whiter of you to conveniently pretend to forget that Andy, let’s conspire to commits acts of violence and then try to blame ANTIFA for engaging in justified self-defense, Ngo’s selectively edited videos are used by Conservative media to make ANTIFA appear to be the ones initiating the violence.

    To quote an article in Buzzfeed:

    “. . . the amount of coverage Fox News devotes to them is preposterous. A search for “antifa” on Fox News’ website from November 2016 to the present returns 668 results, while “homelessness” returns 587, and “OxyContin,” 140. “Permafrost” returns 69. A decentralized, leaderless activist group with no record of lethal violence in this country, antifa has been skillfully transmogrified by the conservative media into one of the gravest threats facing Americans in 2019 . . .”

    Here is good read on this scam artist:
    . . . But another video of the incident began circulating where it is difficult to see the protester being struck, enabling false claims such as, “#ANTIFA Anarchists Threaten Elderly Driver in Portland!” The story jumped to Fox News with Tucker Carlson replaying the obscured video, blaming everyone from Antifa and Occupy ICE to the Washington Post, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, and protesters yelling at Trump officials in restaurants. Carlson’s guest was Andy Ngo playing an expert on lax law enforcement in Portland in an affected British accent. The Wall Street Journal gave Ngo a platform where he omitted crucial evidence that the driver deliberately struck a protester, while hyping outrage of a “mob” of “angry, agitated ingrates and criminals” marching for a dead black criminal, attacking a lone elderly white victim.

    It’s farcical. The only significant lawbreaking was by the driver, who could have been charged with vehicular assault. . .

    1. You’re right! I watched that video again and I saw how short the skirt was on the driver. Silly me. Of course he deserved it!

      Charging him with public fornication afterwards would only be justified. People shouldn’t go out in public dressed like that.

    2. Cool, we have an actual Antifa supporter on the forum!

    3. Hey Kuni, good reading for you:

      He brought an American flag to protest fascism in Portland. Then antifa attacked him

      Paul Welch came to the downtown protest Aug. 4 to let his political leanings be known.

      With pride he clutched his U.S. flag as he moved among the crowd of like-thinking demonstrators.

      Soon a group of black-clad anti-fascist protesters, also known as antifa, demanded he lose the flag, calling it a fascist symbol. Welch refused, and a tug-of-war ensued.

      Video captured by Mike Bivins, a freelance journalist, shows what happened next.

      As Welch and the counter-protesters wrangle over the flag, another masked counter-protester begins to strike Welch’s body from behind using a weapon concealed in black fabric.

      That person then uses the weapon to club Welch on the back of the head, causing him to collapse instantly. The demonstrator with the weapon wanders off.

    4. Shut the fuck up, retard.

  25. So, why this bit:
    “It’s one thing to criticize Ngo’s reporting, and I agree with his critics that the singular focus on antifa’s violence can create a false impression that they are always the instigators. ”

    There are as near as makes no difference zero major news outlets who are covering Antifa from any angle other than “poor victims of right wing violence” who just happen to be protesting against the evils of racism.

    There is not really another way to cover Antifa honestly that as “always the instigators”. That is their stated purpose: To violently confront “fascism”. They openly talk of running up and punching “nazis”.

    This isn’t just empty talk (although it is largely empty talk, judging by the ratio of actual assaults to claims of assaults by antifa folks).

    Here’s an anecdote from real life: A couple of years ago I had the family at Downtown Disney in Orlando. My son had just finished 4th grade and was 9. He had spent the entire previous year growing his hair out so he could donate it to locks of love, having had a classmate who had cancer. So he went through a whole year with long blond hair flowing down past his shoulders. His slight build and youthful features led to many people mistaking him for a girl.

    So in celebration of cutting his hair off and sending it in so that some kid with cancer could have a wig, we went to Disney. His hair was buzzed up the back and sides and just a bit longer on top – a huge contrast. Anyway, we were buying frozen lemonade at one of the stands and there was a young lesbian couple in front of us. They were loudly wearing their alternative status in their hair color, clothing, jewelry and piercings. The line wasn’t exactly fast, so I was just about to strike up a conversation when they started talking about my son.

    They were apparently very offended by his short blond hair. They didn’t realize he was my son, so they didn’t seem to mind me hearing them talking about how much they hated him and how much they wanted to just walk up and punch him in the face.


    That’s who these people are. They are casual about their hate-filled ideology. It isn’t a big deal to them to joke about punching a 57 pound kid in the face because you don’t like the fact that he’s white, male and has short blond hair. You kinda had to hear it to appreciate the venom. When I say “joke” it isn’t because it was a well constructed joke with a setup and punch line. It was because I am assuming that they weren’t actually serious about punching a kid in the middle of the afternoon in a crowded shopping area. But it was said with the bile of someone who actually means it.

    So when I see ABC News covering Antifa “counter-protesting” people who are protesting some statue removal movement and showing footage of Antifa people assaulting some random rednecks and telling me that these black-clad antifa people are white nationalists, I take that as a little more than incompetence. And the continued coverage of these “Protests” which seems to be entirely political in nature and entirely intended to foment political strife, I have a little more personal context.

    Just because these people are “of the left” don’t get it twisted. They are not just some hippies looking to call out the scourge of white supremacy. They are fairly open about what their objectives are. They are fairly open about their intention of violently assaulting “fascists” (broadly defined). And they are fairly open about their belief that any such conflict will be covered by the major news agencies exactly as they intended – as violence by right wing white nationalist Trump supporters.

    The first time I heard the name “antifa” it took all of 5 minutes searching the internet to find their chat boards and see their discussions about what they were going to do at this event, or that protest. The fact that I have yet to see a single national news story provide this context when covering one of these clashes tells me all I need to know.

    I never heard of this Ngo dude before this incident. But if he is covering Antifa from the angle of “hey, look at what these people are doing to violently assault people” that makes one of him. So I’d say his voice is needed.

    Because the alternative is to have a peace-nick middle-aged dad who supports LGBTQ rights, equality of all races, genders and any other subdivisions you’d care to name and who is an active volunteer with children in several non-profits end up pummeling two lesbians who assaulted his elementary school kid for looking too white.

    I’d say it is better to get the other side of the story out there before they get so emboldened. I mean, they are already assaulting people for wearing hats they disagree with. Is it really so terrible to point out that this is happening and it is not a good thing?

    1. I encourage all center and center-right Americans to buy guns and ammo, including AR15s and learn how to use them.

      This will help deter the likes of Antifa from attacking us.

    2. He dishonestly edits his videos to cover for KKK cross burning shitbags like the Proud Boys and KKK Prayer.

      Got it now?

  26. Ironic that ANTIFA, being the tolerant liberal organization that they are, beat up a small gay Asian guy. Yup that shows tolerance said the KKK

  27. This is out of control, the mayor of Portland, by allowing this, will be part of the lawsuit when someone is killed. “Left leaning” restaurant? What is a political restaurant? It appears the clowns that are the “hard right” types are clearly over matched, out smarted, not hard. Portland has become a cancer, stop tourism, that will get the Mayor and City Concil’s attention, where is the Gov, AG for Oregon? This is headed for deaths.

  28. Good old “Reason”, trying to cover up white supremacist trash and reminding us that “libertarianism” was cooked up as a cover for white supremacists and segregation.

    Fuck every one of you cross burning inbred KKK trailer trash shitbags.

    1. So you are saying Ngo is “white supremacist trash”. Dude looks Asian to me.

      P.S. Do you always call people you disagree with “cross burning inbred KKK trailer trash? What an intelligent, respectful and articulate statement. You are the embodiment of the old Zoroastrian motto: “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds”. Your friends, family, and political party must be so very proud to call you one of their own. Keep up the good work David!

  29. From the article “Critics say that Ngo selectively edits his videos of the scuffles to make it seem like antifa activists are the aggressors.”
    Meanwhile CNN, MSNC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Politico, Wa Po, Daily Beast, NY Times, etc are all selectively editing videos to make right wingers look bad!

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