Brickbat: Always High Prices


The owner of the Victoria Saloon in Sparks, Nevada, says the city is trying to force him to raise prices on drinks, undercutting his competitiveness with the nearby Nugget Casino Resort. Johnny Eastwick leases his patio from the city, and he says officials offered to renew his lease only if he agreed to match the Nugget's prices on drinks during special events, a requirement he says would force him to double and, in some cases, nearly triple his prices. City officials say the patio is in the public right of way, so Eastwick benefits from any special events hosted by the Nugget and should have to abide by its rules.

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  1. The Biggest Little Tyrants in the World?

    1. Reno is so close to Hell you can see Sparks.

      1. But, Hell is in Michigan.

  2. So city leases now have a non-compete clause?
    Whose cousin works where?

    1. That and the higher the drink prices, the more sales tax or sin tax the City of Sparks gets.

      All this bullcrap is wrapped up together in a big package of corruption.

  3. Nice little pub youse got dare. Too bad if sumpon might happen toos it.

    1. What do you think happened to all those mafia goons, when the Russian mob, the South American drug cartels, and the Mexican Drug cartels took over the majority organized crime in the US? They got government jobs, including as cops.

  4. I’m pretty sure most cities have an ordinance that says if you build any sort of store within half a mile of a Walmart you have to pay Walmart royalties. Build a gas station or a fast-food restaurant near an interstate exit and you have to pay royalties to the Henry Ford estate.

  5. The Nugget charges double or triple the going rate for a drink?? Tough times there in Sparks. I don’t think I’ve ever paid for a drink at the Nugget in Vegas, but then again I was gambling.

    1. Bro, next time gamble at legal poker app – PKC poker, so you can avoid all inconveniences. It can be found here:
      And you can win for any drink you want 😛

  6. Government. It’s what we do together. At gun point.

  7. This being Nevada, I don’t know if this is an anti-alcohol thing or just an issue of helping out the casinos. Possibly the latter.

    But when genuine anti-alcohol people propose onerous regulations or monopolies on alcohol, it’s a rare example of regulation or socialism working as intended – making a product more difficult to get.

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