Brickbat: I Hear You Knocking


A Bartow County, Georgia, sheriff's deputy has been fired, and he and his fiance are facing charges after they were caught on video cursing a neighbor who asked them to turn their music down. Brison Strickland has been charged with simple assault and disorderly house, and  Kristen Smith has been charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct. Shortly after midnight, a woman who lived in their apartment complex knocked at their door and told them their music was keeping her nephew awake. The video shows Smith and Strickland telling her to "f*** off" and demanding she tell them where she lives. When the woman says she will call the police, Smith responded, "We are the f****** police, b****. They seem to lunge at her.

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  1. Good that he was fired and that the cop
    Union failed to protect him and reward him with paid vacation!

    It’s bad, however, that a “disorderly house” can now be a charge. I think I’d better start Marie Kondo-ing my place.

    1. Apparently the deputy and his wife were either running a brothel or gambling establishment in their apartment.

    2. This only happened a week or so ago.

      Plenty of time for the union to step in and get him re-hired.

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  2. Being a jackass neighbor is now a crime? Who knew? Get off my lawn.

  3. Ear buds – the answer to every single problem portrayed in this article.

    1. Meaning the cop should wear them to listen to his music (which probably sucked anyway), or the woman should, or the woman’s nephew should?

  4. After being notified of Truncer’s video on Monday, Bartow County Sheriff Clark Millsap suspended Strickland, who was fired the next day following an investigation conducted by the Criminal Investigations Division and the Internal Affairs Office.

    A day’s investigation? I’d say this deputy was someone they already wanted rid of.

    1. That’s not how it works. Government employees simply can’t be fired like that. It takes months or years to actually fire somebody, they’ve got due process rights that mere mortals don’t enjoy and the process is a long and tortuous one.

      The deputy wasn’t fired, he was “fired” as a PR move and everybody knows he’s going to appeal the wrongful termination and he’s going to win his case. Of course, the appeals process takes a year or two – however long it takes for the public to forget all about it – and there’s not going to be any press release issued to announce the successful appeal, the deputy is simply very quietly going to be awarded some huge amount of back pay based on the amount of pay he would have received plus the overtime and promotions and bonuses he missed out on (not sure if the calculations include the amount of free donuts and coffee and meals and tickets to ball games and so on that cops consider just the perks of the job) and, if the public memory has been erased cleanly enough, perhaps even re-instatement.

      But his “firing” certainly isn’t the end of the story.

      1. Did you miss the part where this was in Georgia?
        Hit up a genealogy site and chart out the brothers/cousins/uncles, and factor in who has a judge in the family.

  5. In that lady’s mugshot, you can tell she still thinks the rules do not apply to her.

  6. Hahahahaha that is great. Anyone who threatens a police call deserves that exact response!

    TripK2, they obviously do not apply to her, and it’s mean to impose them randomly and arbitrarily on people who usually don’t have to follow them. As long as you’re going to have people above the law, don’t be indecisive about it!

    1. No one should be above the law, including the cops and their lovers.

      Its seems like you are either advocating assault against your neighbors, or are trying to be sarcastic and not doing a very good job of it.

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