Brickbat: Clean Sweep


Thieves stole all four tires from Karen and Dan Dow's car, leaving it propped on milk crates outside their San Francisco home. As soon as they discovered the problem, Karen called for a tow truck. But while she was on the phone, parking enforcement left a $79 ticket on the car for being parked on the street during sweeping. After local media picked up the story, the city rescinded the ticket.

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  1. The city needs that $79 to help fund the police who won’t spend a second working to find her stolen wheels.

    1. It shouldn’t be hard to find four stolen Michelin Model XGV 75-R-14 tires.

      1. By two yutes

        1. Are you on drugs?

    2. Maybe the city took the wheels as asset forfeiture? They were used in this dastardly couple’s parking crime.

  2. Is San Fran one of those cities where “parking enforcement” are not actually sworn officers but some sort of quasi-private independent service (like with the red light cameras) where they can claim a ticket isn’t a criminal complaint and therefore you have no due process rights but it’s not a civil complaint either and therefore they can lock your ass up for ignoring the ticket? I seem to recall a case where a parking enforcement officer attempted to arrest somebody who knew they had no arrest powers but the cops tried arguing that, even though parking enforcement were not sworn officers, they had a badge and a uniform and therefore their authoritah must be respected. All the authority and none of the accountability – parking enforcement are bigger pricks than the cops.

    1. Yeah, probably could have looked at the link url – it’s not the cops issuing tickets, it’s the SFMTA. I strongly suspect if you want to challenge a ticket, you get an agency hearing under APA rules (no right to an attorney, no right to confront witnesses, etc.) and not a court date but if you ignore the ticket the municipal court will be issuing a warrant.

  3. Shit like this is why Real Americans think of California as a communist hellhole.

    1. And that’s just the curly tip of the dung pile

      1. Curly tip was my nickname in the FHA club

  4. I thought that infringing on the second amendment stopped all crime, and SF was a socialist paradise. What went wrong?

    1. Clearly by having four tires, they were oppressing those that have none. Something, something, social justice.

      1. Guessing the homeless took them, so they have something to sit on when they shit on the sidewalk.

  5. Fuck you, pay me, never mind?

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