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Heritage train companies, which run steam engine tours, will have to shell out big money to retrofit passenger cars to comply with new safety regulations in the United Kingdom. The new rules mandate the cars must have bars over the windows to keep passengers from leaning out. And the companies must install central locking systems that keep doors from being opened until the trains come to a complete stop. The train cars had operated for 70 years without incident until 2016, when a man died after leaning out of a window and striking his head on a signal gantry.

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  1. …when a man died after leaning out of a window and striking his head on a signal gantry.

    Mr. Bean ruins yet another something for everyone.

  2. No one doing your homework for you… 757SC Coupons… Before the advent of steam locomotives, most transports of goods was by slow wagon or on waterways. The Steam trains were able to transport heavy cargo and people at a much higher distance and speed. This allows for expansion and travel to open up the western frontier.

  3. “If it saves just one life…”


  4. You can’t fix stupid…

    1. But you can try to lock it in a moving box.

    2. Seems like the trackside sign fixed it pretty well didn’t it?

  5. We should be encouraging evolution

  6. This is how collectivism prospers and grows. It prevents evolution from eliminating stupidity from the gene pool and allows it to breed on.

    I’m surprised the solution didn’t include moving all obstructions further away from the tracks.

    1. “I’m surprised the solution didn’t include moving all obstructions further away from the tracks.”

      There you go, just giving them more ideas.

      1. People should be locked into their seats like roller coaster…

        1. Don’t give TSA any more ideas.

  7. We would be better off as a society is we stopped mandating safety updates every time some idiot wins a Darwin award.

    1. True. But then how would the socialists gain power?

  8. Some day in the future there will be a fire and no windows to escape from. The lawsuits will be as hilarious as the outcome of such a situation will be tragic.

    Should all streets have gates to prevent people from accidentally walking in front of cars? At what point are you responsible for your own very retarded decisions?

    1. A hundred years from now, given the rate things are going, you will not be able to walk down a sidewalk without proper and government certified safety measures in place. Hell, make it 25 years. And it will be justified that no one should have to bear the cost of your injuries because you want your freedom or some such selfish bolderdash. Mandatory health insurance, cigarette [and vaping] prohibition, and gun control are all precedent to this sensible policy.

      1. Shit on the sidewalk, what about the shit on the sidewalk?
        Will you have to hire (@ $15/hr or more) someone to walk ahead of you and clean up the shit? And will that person have to be licensed?

        1. Of course that person will need a license! You can’t shovel shit without an license! That would be anarchy!!!

        2. You expect a qualified and certified shit sweeper to work for $15 and hour!? Bastard!

      2. CORRECTION: it’s bAlderdash, lest the Rev come along and tag me as a bitter uneducated clinger. On second though, I really don’t give a shit what that asshole thinks.

    1. That mouth was in her little sister, after all.

  9. If you try to make things idiot-proof, you just end up making smarter idiots.

    1. Come now, you cannot make an idiot smarter; you just make the rest of the world more of a pain in the ass for everyone else.

      1. Explain Andrew Yang, clearly extremely smart and clearly an idiot. Presumably there was a time when he was less smart but still an idiot?

    2. The minute you invent something “fool proof”, the universe will invent a bigger fool.

  10. In America too, we are having these problems. “Steam Into History”, which similarly runs classic trains as a moving museum, had to retrofit every single window on their train cars from their original antique glass to plexiglass since there is no grandfathering of safety regulations. It really strained their budget. There were also a number of jokes that if the windows were a century old without breaking, there obviously was no need to upgrade them. Alas, the Feds didn’t agree.

    1. I’m guessing there’s like one or two deeply connected contractors that are the only ones allowed to do the job. Somebody’s friend had to get paid.

  11. It would be cheaper and easier if there were some way to warn the public about the dangers of sticking your head out the train window. Maybe they should put out a press release for the news about what happened to the last guy that did it and then paste the resulting newspaper clippings on every signal gantry along the train tracks where people could easily see them.

  12. Ten times more kids die in bicycle accidents than die from gun violence. Why haven’t we outlawed bicycles? And, while we are at it, let’s wall off the Grand Canyon so idiots don’t fall off the cliffs.

    1. My favorite is swimming pools; once you account for under 18 gang bangers, seven fold more children die from accidental drowning than from firearm incidents, and yet no selfish surb dwelling son of a bitch would ever consider banning swimming pools.

    2. Actually, the Grand Canyon is pretty safe for most people, so said the ranger to the group I was in a few years back.

      “No one in this crowd is at risk for falling, in, except you three gentlemen in the back [points to a group of 20 something males]”. He went on to say that essentially all of the accidents on record were for that one demographic.

      Idiocy, or hormones, take your pick.

      1. Why not both?

  13. On the back of every birth certificate, in 7 languages:
    Sharp things will cut you, heavy things will crush you, hot things will burn you.
    Now everyone has been warned.

    1. Only seven? I smell exclusion there, bub! I’ll be your list doesn’t include Bushman clicks and clucks, now does it? Don’t care about those little dessert dwellers, huh?

  14. Brits take pride in their vintage steam locomotives, which run excursions all over rural Britain. I hope this doesn’t ruin it for them but it probably will.

  15. Can’t wait until someone shoots a bunch of people locked into one of those cars.

  16. Actually, the Grand Canyon is pretty safe for most people, but important is We should be encouraging evolution.

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