Rand Paul

Rand Paul Takes an Unpleasant Cue from Trump, Offers Rep. Ilhan Omar Flight to Somalia

The Republican senator has increasingly aligned himself with President Trump.


Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) took a cue from President Donald Trump on Saturday, telling Breitbart News that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.)—who has been critical of American foreign and domestic policy since being elected to the House in 2018—should visit her birth country of Somalia in order to learn a thing or two.

"While I'm not saying we forcibly send her anywhere, I'm willing to contribute to buy her a ticket to go visit Somalia," Paul said. "I think she can look and maybe learn a little bit about the disaster that is Somalia—that has no capitalism, has no God-given rights guaranteed in a Constitution, and has about seven different tribes that have been fighting each other for the last 40 years. And then maybe after she's visited Somalia for a while, she might come back and appreciate America more."

Paul's comments are a sanitized version of remarks recently made by President Trump, in which he insinuated that the "Squad"—made up of Reps. Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–NY), Rashida Tlaib (D–Mich.), and Ayanna Pressley (D–Mass.)—should go back whence they came.

"Why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came," he mused in a subsequent tweet. Except, every congresswoman in that bunch, with the exception of Omar, was born in the U.S.

The insinuation that the "Squad" should abstain from criticizing America simply because they have foreign ancestry drew criticism from across the political spectrum. Which makes sense: Go far enough back, and all of us are descended from people who were born outside the U.S. Yet we never hear modern presidents or members of Congress tell their political opponents that they should "go back" to Ireland, Italy, Poland, or Germany.

You'd think Paul, himself a longtime critic of American domestic policy on matters both economic and social, would know better than to boost a xenophobic line of attack. But the formerly libertarian-leaning senator has increasingly cozied up to Trump.

Born in Somalia, Omar immigrated to the U.S. at age 12. She is now 37. Her criticism of American capitalism does not make her less of a patriot, it just makes her wrong. The "love it or leave it" argument deployed by Trump, and now Paul, is a cheap tactic for marginalizing people who say things we don't like. While Trump appears unshameable, Paul should remember what it's like to have his patriotism questioned over policy: When he was running for Senate in 2010, the Kentucky Senate passed a resolution declaring him "outside the mainstream of American values" over his critique of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

In that sense, Paul and Omar have a bit in common. Both are students and critics of American power. "She was almost like a cliché of a civic-minded new American," Larry Jacobs, one of Omar's professors at the University of Minnesota, told The New York Times in December. "She would quote the Declaration of Independence, he said, asking, 'Why have we come up short?'"

Omar, of course, is not above firing off incendiary tweets and making her own boneheaded comments. On Monday, for instance, she retweeted a message expressing support for Paul's assaulter, who was sentenced to 30 days in prison after attacking him at his Kentucky home.

Endorsing physical assault over a difference of opinion is its own brand of crass. Yell at Omar for that. But don't forget to yell at Paul, who knows where the moral high ground is, and once upon a time, sought to stand on it.

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  1. This is so much horseshit. This isn’t racial. FFS we say shit like this all the time about people. And it wasn’t a “love it or leave it” comment anyway. It was a comment regarding the shithole that is her birth country and the things she criticizes about the US (e.g., capitalism) are the very things that make this country better than Somalia.
    This is beyond even Robby’s level of “to be sure….”

    1. Amen. It’s easy to take Trump’s quotes any way you want; it’s doubtful even he knows what he really meant. Misconstruing Rand Paul here was hard work and not well done.

      1. Rand Paul is not being misconstrued. He’s being an arrogant xenophobe. Presuming to lecture her about her homeland (which it is VERY safe to assume he doesn’t know shit about) rather than address the specifics of whatever he is objecting to re her comments about the US.

        Did he ever play sports? Play the ball and not the man.

        1. You sound like a fainting daisy. You’ll be okay child. Ilhan isnt going to fuck you.

          1. At least I’m not a Republican

            1. Not much of an intellect, either.

            2. That was a devastating comeback. JesseAz must be in tears.

            3. A Boomer-level zinger if there ever was one.

        2. “Play the ball and not the man.”

          You’ve been coached very poorly.
          You have it exactly backwards.

          1. Depends on the sport. He could be talking bowling.

            Otherwise, he’s an idiot who is a turnstile on Defense

            1. If jfree defended prime me that way, prime me would’ve gone for 40+.
              Unfortunately, prime me didn’t get that kind of defense often, and had to settle for a career high of just 33

        3. If you’ve ever played sports at any kind of real level, you’d know that getting into the head of your opponents is a great way to get an edge and win the game. You absolutely want to play the man. Even if we’re not discussing trash talk – in many sports you generally want to watch the hips and the eyes of your opponent to determine where they’re going to go next. So in that sense, you also want to play the man/woman, not the ball.

          Bad analogy.

          1. J Free is left standing at the top of the key wondering how he got taken to the hole for the fifth time tonight.

            1. And he just hit his seventh 3

    2. “This is beyond even Robby’s level of “to be sure….”


  2. “Civic-minded” people are the worst, because they know what is best for everybody else. I want “myob-minded” people.

    1. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.” C.S. Lewis

      1. I just can’t… C.S. Lewis, really? That white patriarchal Christian fundamentalist? What’s next, that bastion of white supremacy, Tolkein? Do you even…/Sarc

  3. Every thing about this article is wrong. I’d say that Mr Binion misquoted Paul, but he didn’t even do that. The entire statement is right there.

    Rand Paul gave no insinuation of “Love it or Leave it”. Instead, his remark was more “You are taking for granted what is so awesome about the US and property rights.”

    Not a day goes by where Omar doesn’t try to hang every failure of life on the US and Capitalism. Just today there was an article about how she was saying that the US is at fault for the shitty economies in Iran and Venezuela. It is perfectly valid, and not racist to say “Hey, you may not know this but people- including your parents- come here to make a better life. I’d be happy to arrange a visit to your home country to show you just how much better it is here.”

    It is shit like this that makes the TDS label stick against Reason contributors. Someone saying they’d buy a socialist a ticket to visit their homeland to better understand how good the US is in comparison would be a meh moment of rhetoric, except that Trump said something completely different, but related because of “traveling to home countries.”

    1. Homeland?

      Think about that.

      1. There is nothing racist in observing the origin country of someone.

        1. It was racist to insinuate Obama was born in Kenya, or even ask to see a birth certificate, even though he is half-Kenyan and 50 million living people are Kenyan.

          1. Ilhan was literally born in Somalia.

          2. Which has nothing to do with Rand Paul’s statement.

          3. Oh and he claimed in his first book flap (or let his publisher claim for him), that he was Kenyan. But totes racist. I mean Obama’s campaign never questioned McCain’s eligibility since he was born in Panama while his dad was serving there in the Navy. Wait, What?! He did exactly that? Well that’s different because McCain was an old white dude.

      2. Downhill quickly after Bobby Axelrod died

    2. I’m still trying to see how Trump telling them- he never named names, or indicated how many he was speaking about- to go back and solve problems then come back and show us how it is done is racist? So telling them to put their money where their mouth is is racist? Put up or shut up used to be a valid retort.

  4. Rand Paul offers to buy a plane ticket. That makes him… bad?

    Omar supports his attacker. That’s the equivalent?

    To be sure… To be sure…

  5. Is it racist when Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans tell us white Americans (who have lived here for generations) to go back to Europe and stay there? Why not?

  6. Omar’s MAGA – Make America Go Away

  7. “Her criticism of American capitalism does not make her less of a patriot, it just makes her wrong.”
    Actually, I take issue with that. I believe it does. Regardless of what assholes like Oliver Wendell Holmes said, the US Constitution (as well as the Declaration of Independence) make it very clear the type of economic system America is supposed to have. One in which the government is involved as little as possible. Sorry, but I have had it with this BS that a person can be a patriotic socialist (or even a patriotic communist). If you believe in the American ideal of liberty, then the free market is the only economic “system” that you should support. Of course, we can have debates about setting fair “rules of the road” and what the proper limit to government involvement is. But, when one claims that socialism is better than the free market, then that person is explicitly arguing against American ideals. Not trying to improve America.

    1. What is your call on patriotic bigots?

      1. No one ever called you patriotic, bigot.

    2. Just because she hates the country’s economic system, it’s traditions, its history, and nearly all of the people in it doesn’t mean she isn’t patriotic

      This seems to be the author’s position in so many words. This is beyond satire

      1. Don’t forget the Constitution

    3. “Her criticism of American capitalism does not make her less of a patriot,”

      patriot noun
      pa·​tri·​ot | \ ˈpā-trē-ət , -ˌät, chiefly British ˈpa-trē-ət\
      Definition of patriot
      : one who loves and supports his or her country

      Ilhan hates America and Americans.

      The activist Left has been Hate America First for decades.

      1. Up

  8. Waiting for a verified account that he said that other than the Breitbart link.


    “God given rights guaranteed in the constitution.”

    Does not sound much like something he would say.

    So waiting for further evidence I think false until proven otherwise.

  9. 1) Paul claims Omar called America a ‘terrible country’. She never said it. A lie.
    2) Paul hails America’s refugee record, ignoring the Muslim ban.

    Wait a minute, we’re playing ticky-tack fouls here, and you debunk Rand Paul’s statement by stating another lie? There never was a “Muslim Ban”.

    1. We started letting in more Christians, basically the same thing!

    2. The whole “muslim ban” thing really ticks me off because its one of those really easily disprovable things that a large portion of people collectively choose to be ignorant about. Its been repeated so many times that people don’t even remember what the actual policy was that it relates to.

  10. “Yet we never hear modern presidents or members of Congress tell their political opponents that they should “go back” to Ireland, Italy, Poland, or Germany.”

    Maybe they should. Democrats could look at some real life examples of their preferred policies and learn a thing or two.

    1. Our liberal-libertarian mainstream, which operates our strongest schools and communities, should be in the market for pointers from the folks who run Alabama, Wyoming, Mississippi, the Dakotas, and Oklahoma — and Oral Roberts, Ouachita Baptist, Regent, Hillsdale, Wheaton, and Liberty?

      1. No, of course not.

        They should be looking to those bastions of beauty, civility, peace, and prosperity such as Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, East St. Louis, Gary, Hymie-town, Philly, Portland, San Fran Sicko, and Seattle.

      2. Hey Art, I’m trying to make the comprehensive list of all the inbred clingers you hold in utter contempt. So far I’ve got AL, WY, MS, ND, SD and OK. I’m assuming I can toss in Kansas, Illinois and Ohio, as well as all of the south. I’m a little unsure about the eastern states. I’ve heard New Hampshire and up-state NY have a lot of rednecks…

        1. Pretty sure Rev bigot has mentioned West Virginia before.

        2. ND has a strong economy, a growing tech industry. Fourty-four percent of residents have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree (a lot of farmers have degrees, farming is very science and economically intense). Ranks 20th (could be better but top half) in education, #4 in opportunity, #5 in infrastructure, #13 in fiscal stability (probably be higher if it wasn’t so reliant on oil and agriculture outside it’s growing tech industry). #18 on crime, mostly assault, alcohol related and drugs, few murders, some property crime. It is lower in economics, #38, but this is mainly due to the fact that >20% of its population is involved in agriculture, a historically low profit margin industry. Health care is also lower ranked, mainly because so many people live in isolated areas with lower medical coverage (i.e. lack of doctors who want to work in rural areas). The hospitals in the larger towns, Williston, Minot, Bismarck etc, are fairly good.

      3. I live next to Wheaton. It’s students are as leftist as any other university. They even had their own little “everyone is racist” struggle session when someone posted an unflattering picture of Obama on campus.

        Is Arty saying we should stop leftists from operating schools and communities in his copypasta?

    2. Based on some of the early US history I’ve read, I’m guessing it was a common expression in the 1800s.

    3. You’ve got to focus on the wording–

      “Yet we never hear modern presidents or members of Congress tell their political opponents that they should “go back” to Ireland, Italy, Poland, or Germany.”

      Why include ‘modern’? Could it be that a glance to the past might find progressive heroes using just those words–in much the same way that progressive heroes set up actual concentration camps and put actual American citizens in them?

  11. A guy from Kentucky criticizing where someone is from?

    Some goobers have no self-awareness. That’s how you get to be friendless in the Senate, I guess.

    1. I’m sorry you were bullied by the stronger boys as a child, but this is not a healthy way to deal with these feelings.

      1. That missing chromosome was a tough break for the Rev

    2. How many Republicans have represented Kentucky in the Senate in the last 100 years?

    3. Wrap your arms around the term “intellectual dilettante”, then go to a mirror and self reflect, you’ll be better for it

    4. Always count on Kirkland to slither out when it’s time to spew hatred of Americans.

  12. Jealous-girlfriend meme:

    Reason turns his head to ogle Amash, as Rand looks on in shock and disbelief.

    1. I didn’t think of the meme, but I was thinking how once upon a time Rand was Reason’s Great Libertarian Hope.

      Now if you don’t want to destroy America with mass immigration, you’re dead to them.

  13. I never realized that telling socialists they should go visit North Korea or Cuba or Venezuela and see for themselves how well socialism works was racist and xenophobic. Is it sexist and homophobic, too? Am I a white supremacist for thinking the US is a better country than those?

    1. Yes. Yes you are. But the first step is admitting that you have a problem.

      1. If the US isn’t better, maybe you’d be happier elsewhere, “DenverJ”.

  14. “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” he mused in a subsequent tweet. Except, every congresswoman in that bunch, with the exception of Omar, was born in the U.S.

    Except every single member of the “Squad” was born in a place, which is the term Trump used.

    1. Not to mention Trump never mentioned anyone’s name. And now they’ve added a Black Congresswoman to the “squad.” Where did she come from? Did they just add her to make Trump look extra-special racist? It’s depressing so many people have fallen for this charade.

      1. I don’t know how on earth Ayanna Pressley was thrown in the mix, other than the possibility that she and the rest of the Deranged Ho Brigade often did lunches together or whatever, and the media decided to manipulate the narrative like they always do.

        She did have that recent stupid speech about “brown faces and brown voices” or whatever, but unlike AyyOhSee, she actually seems to give a shit about the people who elected her to office and wasn’t making any waves in the news at all.

        1. Seems like forced casting.

  15. This Omar – Paul dispute is exactly the type of thing Shikha Dalmia was talking about when she wrote Why Minorities Will Save American Constitutional Traditions in the Age of Trump; Don’t count on resistance from the white establishment.

    Frankly I’ve never understood why anyone here ever liked Rand Paul. He’s part of the white establishment enabling Drumpf’s worst offenses, like the literal concentration camps. Patriotic black and brown Americans like Omar, on the other hand, are natural allies for us Koch / Reason libertarians. The Drumpf era will go down as the lowest point in American history, but with Omar and AOC fighting to preserve our Constitutional traditions, I’m confident the country will survive.


    1. 8.5/10

      I fully agree that Rand Paul is far too white to be liked by any Libertarian. But really, so are the Koch brothers.

      1. It’s easily a 9

    2. you reach new levels of intellectual vacuity with each passing post

      1. Don’t underestimate OB-Trans Kenobi.

    3. #ForeignAmericansAreTheBestAmericans

    4. I thought #LibertariansforAOC was the low point.
      Now #LibertariansAgainstPaul…. their only prayer in the Senate.
      and #LibertariansforOmar… possibly the worst Congressman ever.

    5. ” but with Omar and AOC fighting to preserve our Constitutional traditions, I’m confident the country will survive”



      1. But we’ll have open borders. So all those people with little marketable skills and lower education coming from Central America (based upon statistics of the education level and trade skills) can come here and they’ll make the USA libertopia. Because they totally won’t want any of the free* stuff that the Democrats are offering.

        *Free Stuff = paid by someone else

  16. Racist Nancy Pelosi just dragged poor little Mz. Omar, Somalia’s answer to Madame Nhu, back to Africa, forced to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the importation of the first African to the new world. A century and a half before the U S of A was founded.

  17. Boy, I thought the tea party was ideologically rigid at times. The libertarians at this site says “hold our beer”.

    Omar is a racist and she and her squad has a history with associating with bigots. So at best, she’s a left wing version of Trump. But on top of that, she supports the kind of policy that’s diametrically opposed to libertarianism, other than drugs and sex.

    The left was indignant about Joe Biden being chummy with segregationists (the democrats being the party of exclusion). But oh no, Donald Trump can’t clap back at Muslim antisemites who wrote blogs for bigots and accuse Latino American federal officers of running a concentration camp! HE has to be civil to racists, you see.

  18. “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,”

    “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done.”

    One of these things is not like the other. I would have to question the integrity of anyone who would use such a quote out of context.

    1. This. That is a straight up lie. It is pathetic

    2. Forget the Ho Squad, sending that useless fossil Eli Cummings back to Baltimore wouldn’t be any worse for the city than what’s going on there now.

      Get some fresh grifter blood in there, for god’s sake.

    3. #FakeNews gonna fake news.

      The Left’s race baiting is a malignant societal cancer. Instead of discussions to debate points, the Left sows the fear, hared, and resentment of identity politics to divide and conquer us.

  19. In today’s news on Leftist autophagy:

    On the call, Bustos “briefly” apologized for offending people by describing her husband and children as being of “Mexican descent” and announced she will undergo diversity and inclusion training in the coming weeks, according to multiple sources.

    The struggle sessions are real.

    1. God no shit. Public, tearful confessions, re-education… the whole thing.

    2. The executive director of the House Democrats’ campaign arm is stepping down amid an outcry from Democratic lawmakers over the lack of diversity in the committee’s senior ranks.

      But at the same time, Herpetologist’s handshake.

    3. Re: “On the call, Bustos “briefly” apologized for offending people by describing her husband and children as being of “Mexican descent”…”

      Does this mean blacks are going to stop referring to themselves as African-American anytime soon?

    4. More proof the democrat party, and democrats, need to go.

  20. I’m a huge Rand fan but I am disappointed in that statement. The United States is the greatest, most prosperous, most free nation on earth and capitalism is at the core of all of those things. It’s not that hard of a argument to make. No need for that.

    1. Define “Capitalism”.

      1. The core aspect as it pertains to freedom that I’m getting at here would be a market based economy where people are free to barter/exchange as they wish.

        1. Certainly we do not have that in a “pure” sense, but we lean more towards that than we do a centrally planned economy where all transaction are managed and priced by bureaucrats.

          1. Okay. Is there a particular point where things lean too far for you?

  21. 1. “But the formerly libertarian-leaning senator has increasingly cozied up to Trump.”
    Yes, because nothing President Trump (it’s considered well mannered to include the title) has done could possibly be applauded by a “former” libertarian.
    2. Nobody tells (President) Trump to go back to Germany because he’s bringing 1930s Germany here (ba dum).
    3. Fun fact, “Billy Binion” isn’t a real name, it’s a character dreamed up by Stan Lee.

    1. 1. why not?
      2. non sequitur
      3. buy a book of jokes next time

      1. Don’t be a hater. It’s not my fault that you have no sense of humor.

        1. non sequitur number 2

          1. Dude, you want to be a flaccid, unjoyful, asshat. This is a libertarian site, so you do you!

            1. non sequitur number 3

          2. Also the gold standard sucks.

            1. Meanwhile the US dollar has lost 97% of its value since going off the gold standard.

    2. 2. Nobody tells (President) Trump to go back to Germany because he’s bringing 1930s Germany here (ba dum).

      Except “Make Donald Drumph Again” was an actual lame slogan attempt by the John Oliver-tards.

  22. I will say that Rand is not his father. Not that his Ron Paul did not have a few rough edges, but I don’t think he would sell out to a guy like President Trump. Had Rand Paul said this out of the blue in another context I could let it slide. But he doing it to support President Trump and there is no future there. Maybe you can ride it out in 2020 but that’s the end. The Trump party is a limited time thing.

    1. Rand is a politician, just like his father. He sees an opportunity to have influence on policy, he’s going to take it. Why else is he there?

      1. This. I mean, Trump doesn’t seem the guy with well thought out policy ideas, and that’s ok. If “formally libertarian leaning” Rand Paul can play a few holes of golf with POTUS and get him onboard with certain policies, I don’t get the problem. Like my GF who thinks nobody with morals should even consider working for the Trump administration. I guess we don’t need an executive branch.

      2. It’s such a stupid, self-defeating take. “Why, I’d never associate myself with Trump even if it meant I’d have a chance to bend his ear on things I support. I have my principles.” Oh, okay, so I guess “Why can’t I get any shit done” will be your next campaign slogan?

        Like it or not, Trump is the leader of the Republican party. He has ADD when it comes to policy and you need to constantly be in his ear to get him to follow through on things. Furthermore, he’s shown that he’ll move heaven and earth for people who he thinks is loyal to him. If you’re trying to influence national policy, why the fuck wouldn’t you work that to your advantage?

        1. Exactly. Amash took the high road, and it leads out of DC.

        2. What good is influence when the next guy in the room can change his mind. I would not suggest he not have influence but at what price and for how long. It may well be too late but the Republicans should have occasionally bucked President Trump and established some bench marks for expected behavior. Instead they let him run all over (like a kid with ADD) and their message is lost. Right now the economy is good and that should be driven home to the voters. Instead we hear that the Trump strategies for 2020 is race politics. That might get Trump reelected but it not a long term strategy for the Republicans. Like it or not the countries racial demographics are changing and old white men are passing away.

          1. And your assumption is that minorities will always vote for the Democrats? There are some indications Trump will likely do better with Hispanics and Asians, and possibly even African-Americans. His recent dust up with Cummings actually could work if he uses to pivot to how the corrupt Democrats have spent billions on the city with no real improvement.

            1. My assumption is that minorities will support parties that respect them, listens to them and address their concerns. President Trump does not appear to be doing that. What more he seems prone to heap vitriol on minorities.

      3. He knows, like any other Republican, that if he dares question the cosmic wisdom of his orangeness, that someone will primary him in his redneck fucktard state.

        He probably thinks he’s doing the country a favor by preventing the elevation of an even more insane rightwing fucknugget to the senate. And it’s not automatically a bad argument.

        It’s just sad. Very, very sad.

    2. saying it out of the blue would have been worse. saying a more sanitized version of what Trump said is an attempt to curry favor with Trump and/or his supporters. could be a smart move politically, if distasteful.

    3. So according to you, libertarians now have a moral obligation to run to the defense of racists and socialists just because they are pretty young ethnic women? Are you kidding?

      If it helps, imagine Omar looking like an overweight old white male peddling racism and socialism and then think about whether you’d have any qualms about condemning him.

    4. I will say that Rand is not his father.

      How true–there’s no way Ron Paul could have gotten elected to a statewide office.

  23. “The Republican senator has increasingly aligned himself with President Trump.”

    Um, yeah. Because Paul knows that being an anti-Trumper in a statewide office in Kentucky is a one-way ticket out of office and into the DC talk show circuit.

    When you have even Amy McGrath is promising to work with Trump if she is elected it’s pretty obvious where your bread is buttered.

    Of course, paying attention to polls and tailoring your message to what a majority of voters want is anathema to Libertarians, who seem to think that the best way to convince voters to pull the lever for their candidates is to insult their values or call them racist or bad-mouth America in general and law enforcement in particular.

    1. tailoring your message to what a majority of voters want is anathema to Libertarians

      What the majority of voters want is gibs and less freedom, so yeah.

  24. Listen, you guys have it all wrong.

    Any time you criticize someone who is aligned with any sort of minority in any way, that is by definition racism. (If you are a Republican. )

    AOC screwed up by trying to insinuate that a Dem leader was racist and sexist, but she’s been properly educated now.

    So when democrats attack republicans who are black, or hispanic, or gay, etc. explicitly because of their race, that’s not racism. That’s just political disagreement. (And really, shouldn’t they be called out on their hypocrisy?)

    But when a Republican criticizes someone who identifies as female, well, that’s sexist. Call attention to Trump’s hair or skin tone? That’s fair game. Question Kamala Harris’ temperament and you are sexist.

    When Clarance Thomas is called an uncle tom or a token, this is legitimate critique of his unjustifiable positions (as a black man). Question the intentions of someone like Rep. John Lewis who has made a decades long career out of playing the race card? Well, that’s obviously racism at work.

    See how that works? It has been that way for at least 5 decades. This stuff ain’t new people. Get with the program.

    1. Oh, and one final “third rail”. Never go after the kids.
      Well, unless it is the Bush girls. That’s fine. I mean, they were in college and everything, so fair game. In fact, it was his fault for letting them come to campaign rallies.

      But you never, never go after someone who is handicapped. Or a handicapped kid.

      Unless it is Trump’s kid. Then that’s fine. Or if it is Sarah Palin’s kid. Then Down’s Syndrome is funny.

      1. I’m sure Reason had lots of articles criticizing people that said nasty shit about Palin.

        1. Not really a satirical rant about Reason. This is the milieu we live in. Reason swam against the tide for decades. They’re bound to get tired sometimes.

    2. Much easier to force the progressives to leave. Just get rid of them.

      1. Eh. That’s a nasty proposition in real life. IMHO, it’s better, and neccessary, to continue the good fight, support the constitution which makes all their plans illegal, and teach the yutes.
        Socialism simply can’t take hold in this country if the constitution is followed. Which is why I’ve become a reluctant Trump supporter: his Supreme Court appointments (with more ro follow!) will keep the weeds of communism sharply trimmed.

  25. Rand Paul doesn’t need your input on how to tell terrible people to f*** off. He committed no crime, and delivered his message. The jerks it was directed at had it coming, plus a lot more on top of that.

    Who elected you to be the message police? No one. When were you appointed America’s hall monitors? Never. Stop being the totalitarians’ honor guard.

    1. But how else does one get invited to the cool kids’ parties in DC?

      1. By opining that commenting on a female congresswoman’s appearance is sexist, then making jokes about Trump’s hair, spray tan and weight.

  26. Reason needs to go back where they came from, Kkkalifornia.

  27. Rand Paul:
    [x] Based as fuk
    [ ] Not Based

  28. Why the iPhone 2019-20 is doomed: how would the iPhone 11 look: Analyst Min-Chi Kuo, predicted that all three models of the 2020 model iPhone will have support for 5G

    Why the iPhone 2019-20 is doomed: how would the iPhone 11 look

    Analyst Min-Chi Kuo, known for his accurate predictions for Apple, predicted that all three models of the 2020 model iPhone will have support for 5G. On the one hand, this is certainly an excellent marketing factor for next year’s Apple gadgets, but on the other, another nail in the coffin lid of models that will be released in 2019.

  29. What do you mean “formerly” libertarian leaning? Rand Paul is as libertarian leaning as you get in the US Senate.

    1. Orange man bad, brown women good

  30. I criticize the direction America is heading frequently as we have a right to free speech. The fact we are straying further and further from the our constitution, bill of rights and our forefathers vision. That is very different from wanting to fundamentally change America. Instead of freedom of religion, a religious state. Instead of equal right for all, special classes with special rights. Instead of capitalism, totalitarian socialism. Instead of a Democratic Republic with individual rights, a pure democracy with mob rule. Instead of and armed citizenry, a police state. Where is the line from supporting this country to being traitor to the USA and everything it is suppose to stand for?

  31. Be glad it wasn’t a flight on Pinochet Air.

  32. Criticizing the US is one thing, but calling for sharia law is quite another, and contrary to her oath to support and defend the Constitution [the supreme law of the land].

    Regulars here know I am pretty much an open boarders type, but if you don’t like it here, you don’t have to stay here. The boarders are open to leave also.

  33. While I’m not saying we forcibly send her anywhere, I’m willing to contribute to buy her a ticket to go visit Somalia…

    Better he pay for her junkets than me.

  34. Did Reason think it was racist to tell Ricky Gervais and Piers Morgan to fuck off back to Britain? Because this is the same exact sentiment. Nobody likes snooty foreigners telling us how to act when they’re new here and don’t share our values.

  35. The GOP’s vile “go back where you can from” mantra is certainly reprehensible, but in addition, the measuring stick for assessing social progress in America should never be to flippantly reply: “Hey, we’re not as bad as (fill in the blank).”

    1. Omar is complaining that the US is discriminating against minorities like her and isn’t socialist enough. In what way is it “vile” to suggest that she might be happier in a country where she is part of the ethnic majority and a country that used to be socialist?

      If I become an ethnic minority in the US and if the US turns socialist, I will gladly leave the US. You don’t even need to tell me.

      1. she might be happier in a country where she is part of the ethnic majority

        Except that the manner in which her group shored up that ethnic majority is why the government her family was embedded in had to flee the country when overthrown.

        1. The suggestion is intended to point out the absurdity and psychopathy of Omar’s political positions.

          Of course, even if she and her family weren’t hated in Somalia, she obviously wouldn’t be happier in that kind of ex-socialist shithole.

  36. Telling Omar to visit Somalia is pointless. She knows Somalia is a shithole, she’s simply enough of a psychopath that she doesn’t care.

    However, I hope this “controversy” will cause people to think about who Omar is, what she stands for, and whether we really want her in a position of power where she can turn the US into Somalia.

  37. It has been said that Omar married her brother (don’t they do that in Georgia?) and her daddy is a wanted war criminal.
    If these allegations are true, then she would’ve lied on her immigration records to become a US citizen, thus be eligible to be deported.
    Not that I mind since she’s such a brainless arrogant cunt.

  38. Rand is right. Omar is ungrateful, and she is offensive.

    Having her vacation in Mogadishu probably won’t fix that. She will still be an ungrateful hag who doesn’t understand a constitutional republic.

    1. Why don’t you and Rand go to some shithole country where you aren’t allowed to criticize the regime?

      That is what you’re advocating, n’est-ce pas?

    2. The objective is to point out how absurd and psychopathic her political positions are.

  39. Ass, what a christhole.

  40. While I’m not saying we forcibly send her anywhere

    Unless, of course, that’s exactly what you are saying…

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