Budget Deficit

Rush Limbaugh Abandons Fiscal Conservatism

The pundit heavily criticized President Obama for excessive spending. Now he says it doesn't matter.


Rightwing icon and firebrand radio host Rush Limbaugh once cared about reining in the federal deficit and the national debt, but not anymore. On his radio show Wednesday, Limbaugh characterized talk of the country's financial insolvency as unfounded worrying and a dead issue:

Caller: In 2019, there's gonna be a $1 trillion deficit. Trump doesn't really care about that. He's not really a fiscal conservative. We have to acknowledge that Trump has been cruelly used.

Limbaugh: Nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore. All this talk about concern for the deficit and the budget has been bogus for as long as it's been around.

That's not true for actual fiscal conservatives of various party identifications, even if it's true of Limbaugh, and Trump, and most congressional Republicans. In fact, a prospective Republican challenge to Trump could be coming from former South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford, who said on CNN that he's considering primarying his party's leader because of the deficit.

"I think we're walking out way toward the most predictable financial crisis in the history of our nation," Sanford told anchor Alisyn Camerota. "If you look at the numbers in terms of debt and deficit, we're having zero conversation on that very front. I think the Republican party, which I've been a part for a long time, has abandoned its conversation even on the importance of financial reality. And so, I'm just struck by if nobody says something, we're going to wait for the next presidential election cycle on where we go next as a country on debt, spending, and the deficits that are accruing."

Limbaugh, meanwhile, was one of Obama's foremost critics on issues of excessive spending. In December 2009, he blamed the former Democratic president for the sky-high deficit, telling viewers that Obama was a "coward" without the "gonads" to fess up to it. Here he is in 2012 responding to a story that Obama was a responsible spender who was concerned about government debt:

They are admitting that big spending is a huge problem. In pointing to this piece, "Hey, it isn't me, it isn't me," they are admitting, they are accepting the premise, if you will, the Tea Party premise, our premise, that Obama's spending is reckless, that it's dangerous, that it is destroying the future of your kids and grandkids. That's why the Tea Party exists. People know that this is happening. They know they've never seen spending like this. They know they've never seen indebtedness racked up this fast. They know it instinctively. That's why the Tea Party came into existence.

Now? Rush says stuff like this:

How many years have people tried to scare everybody about [the deficit]? How many years, how many decades have politicians tried to scare us about the deficit, the national debt, (Sen. Jim Sasser pronunciation) "the dafycit," any number of things? Yet here we're still here, and the great jaws of the deficit have not bitten off our heads and chewed them up and spit them out.

It is particularly noteworthy that he would abandon that position under a president who campaigned on the promise to reduce spending, only to sign exorbitantly expensive defense bills and debt ceiling hikes within the first year of his tenure. Parts of that would have troubled Rush when a Democrat was in office. So would a report like the one published by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), in which it estimates that the national debt is careening toward "unprecedented levels."

But 2019 Limbaugh says that conversation is now moot, and actually always has been moot. Some people might call that hypocrisy. Limbaugh would probably call it a smart pivot. If principles don't pay, pandering certainly does.

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  1. We Koch / Reason libertarians must emphasize fiscal responsibility. The government cannot afford to waste money on reckless projects. Especially when there are genuinely important things we should be funding, like the tens of trillions of dollars this country owes in reparations for slavery.


    1. And illegal alien healthcare!

      1. Have you noticed the slew of anti conservative articles Reason has published in the last week?

        1. There is always greater ire for heretics and apostates than infidels.

          1. It’s funny, Reason never seems to write articles about the Democratic party.
            Sure, they’ll criticize an individual from time to time, but we don’t see headlines like “the Democratic party is the…” or “the Democrats are…”

        2. It’s a consistent 4-to-1 ratio, if you count Trump content. And even then, the Trump articles are awfully MSMish, “Isn’t he awful!” kind of things, with only strained or contorted connection to libertiranism.

          It’s like they’re saying “See? Libertarianism leads to orangemanbad same as liberalism or self-serving political ambition. What time’s the exclusive “Journalism is NOT in a ‘bubble'” cocktail party?”

    2. You guys never cared about fiscal responsibility — that was just a partisan angle.

      Right-wingers’ bigotry, though, has always been genuine.

      1. Tell us about the Benjamins.

      2. NPC run bigot.exe

        Why no clingers.exe or Ouachita.exe?

      3. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland
        July.18.2019 at 7:03 pm
        “Right-wingers’ bigotry, though, has always been genuine.”

        So, as one of the more obvious bigots here, are you now claiming to be ‘right-wing’, asshole?

        1. I imagine Arty will meet his ironic end being torn apart by a bunch of Antifa thugs rioting out of control.

          1. Pathetic, self loathing old hippies are generally pretty safe around the antifa crowd.

    3. I see you’re sowing discord as usual OpenBordersLiberal-tarian. I’d guess you’ve got a borderline personality, which likes to sow discord and create conflict. Are you getting your jollies today?

    4. last line was good finish.

    5. If you shut down medicare and social security without a replacement solution you will lose office; your efforts all get reversed; get an autocrat like Putin elected for a decade or two, and become a by word for mad fool in the country. How do we know that? Because Boris Yeltsin did it and that’s the result.

      Where the hell is your alternative plan for medicare, pensions and unfunded government obligations? All debts must be paid.

  2. Say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, at least it’s an ethos.

    1. It’s called National Conservatism now.

  3. Few should care what a drug addicted four time divorcée thinks. He is ka ray zee. Or libertarian. You decide.

    1. Of anybody in the press, Rush is by far the most accurate

      1. That’s hilarious.

        1. Isn’t it?
          You progressives are just such an easy read

        2. No, just sadly true

      2. Hah! That qualifier, though. “Of anybody in the press” sets the bar about two matchboxes high. Quite a challenging standard for twits.

    2. The rest of the time they say you cant comment if you have been there. He’s been there therefore he can comment

  4. Limbaugh? Man, now that’s a blast from the past. I didn’t even know he’s still around.

    1. Look at that face. Yes, he’s still a round asshole.

    2. Apparently he was just Michael Moore in disguise.

      1. Actually Fred savage in disguise as both. Haha

    3. Limbaugh shedding his pretend fiscal conservatism like a cicada climbing out of its skin is hilarious and yet totally predictable.

  5. Wait, so Rush Limbaugh is an unprincipled grifter? No way!

    Hey, does he still sell those fancy ties?

    1. I don’t understand the point of this article. Who the hell cares. Same with the Behar one.

      1. BSAB

      2. I’ll keep posting this until they review his book or give him an interview…

        “Conservatism is progressivism in the slow lane”

      3. Yes, I need to know what Amash had for dinner – bring us the news we can use!

      4. Because idiots still lap up everything he says as if he ever had principles at all.

        1. You should commit suicide Kiddie Raper. This sock isn’t fooling anyone

    2. At least he isn’t a taxpayer funded unprincipled grifter, like Amash

      1. Do you buy your pills from Limbaugh or Jones, Nardz?

        1. I don’t think Limbaugh peddles meth.

    3. I think Rush has finally succumbed to MMT propaganda, because it allows him to defend Trump (not that Trump can do anything on spending since the House writes the spending bills, and neither the RINOs, the Democrats or most voters want to stop the spending). The establishment tells us government spending stimulates the economy (which I disagree with).

      After all, we’re printing like gangbusters, but inflation that a fiscal conservative would argue would be increasing from that printing, isn’t happening. I’ll bet it’s “Deficits don’t matter, until they do.” The problem is no one knows when they will matter.

  6. Given how often the editors here bitch when Trump wants to cut much of anything, Rush isn’t wrong.

    1. Citation needed, madafaka.

    2. Such as. . .?

  7. wtf is happening.

    1. I’m not sure which is more tiresome, the trolls or the people who keep feeding them.

  8. Rash Slumburger is just another instance of “make the other party cry”! Libtards wanna make the Conservatards cry, and Conservatards wanna make the Libtards cry!!! Nothing else matters… Certainly NOT fiscal sanity!

    Accordingly, therefor, I now don my tri-cornered metal-foil hat, and gaze into my crystal ball…

    Unlike the rest of you poor slobs, I have a reliable crystal ball! So here goes…

    2020: National debt = 120% of GNP. Donald Trump easily wins re-election by promising a large budget for a new Department of Disputing Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Ancestry, and for Making the Liberals Cry.

    2024: National debt = 130% of GNP. Elizabeth Warren is elected POTUS; She promised a large budget for a new Department for Making the GOP-tards Cry. Elon Musk’s projects are fabulously successful, and Americans are emigrating en masse to Mars. Given the choice of either continuing to pay hideously large fees to the USA IRS, or renouncing America citizenship, the Martians pay $15,000 each to renounce America citizenship, but even the millions of Martian-American exit fees are like micro-farts in a hurricane… They make no difference in the national debt!

    2028: National debt = 150% of GNP. New POTUS Bernie Sanders wins by promising free health care and PhD educations for everyone who can spell the word “free”, plus, a free pony for everyone under 15 years of age. Some USA states are getting ready to split off of the USA, and renounce their “fair” share of the USA debt. Hispanic illegal humans are scrambling for the exits back south, as most employable Americans seek black-market low-wage jobs to escape exorbitant taxes.

    2032: National debt = 230% of GNP. All states have split off of the USA, leaving behind only Washington, DC, with the entire national debt. DC promptly declares bankruptcy. All states with nuclear-weapons bases, having very well learned from Ukraine having given up its share of USSR nukes, and getting invaded by Russia later on, have kept their own nukes.

    2036: Montana and Wyoming unite, feeling a patriotic urge to restore the united USA towards its former fully Glory Days. In a quest for military glory, they have a full-scale nuclear exchange with California. The USA’s needs have now been met: Both the liberals AND the conservatives are forced to cry!

    1. Not Montana, man. Think of the sheep why don’t ya.

      1. I’m sure you do Pedo Jeffy.

    2. Rash Slumburger

      That might be worse than Block Insane Yomamma. Jury is out on that.

      1. Block Insane Yomama – that’s a goodun’ . Why haven’t i heard that before?

        1. Never thought I’d say this, but where’s Mikey been?

    3. National debt would approach 10000% of the shrinking GDP as people leave. Your crystal ball ain’t as sharp as you think. Did you buy it off an ad on Rush’s program?

    4. Wait a minute. Ponies for everyone was a Vermin Supreme idea. Why not him in 2024?

  9. I think he said that everyone’s been playing at it. And I am pretty sure you’re taken him out of context.

    1. The only context you need to know about Rush is

      He preached family values while going through one divorce after another.

      He preached against drugs while being convicted of drug smuggling.

      There’s more, lots more. But those two are all you need to know of his context.

      1. They don’t care. They don’t care about anything but winning a game whose grand prize is using the US federal government to force women to give birth against their will.

        1. Baby murdering Kielce of shit commie. Go drink your Drano you retarded queen.

        2. “”They don’t care. They don’t care about anything but winning a game “”

          That’s politics in a nutshell. Where was all the outrage of kids in cages in 2014, 2015, 2016? Few people cared until the Dems lost the presidency.

            1. If you really care, then it’s outside of politics and you care regardless of which side is in office. When you fake caring because you are partisan, then it’s obvious because you only care when your team is not in office.

      2. Sarcasmic hates Limbaugh, what a surprise!
        / s

        1. And you’ve got Rushbot’s nutsack in your mouth.
          Another big surprise.

          1. That makes you hot, doesn’t it? You must be projecting again.

      3. Convicted of drug smuggling? Lol

        1. Some people seem to expect consistency from others. The fact they think Limbaughs’ personal failures disqualify him from speaking on them shows how far divorced from such human qualities as conscience or guilt.

          IF they could recall their childhood, in which most of us had a less sophisticated grasp of right/wrong and fairness, they’d remember that it’s possible to do things that you recognize as wrong, or even “bad”. It’s possible to look back and realize some of what you did was wrong.

          And the drug thing is pretty common, as is recognized by street junkies: “They think they ain’t junkies coz their dealer has an office and a degree, while our dealer has a street corner.” (or, classier, a staff of illegals running delivery in rental cars)

          1. “…how far divorced THEY ARE from such…”

            Reason 2032: The EDIT BUTTON!

  10. You’re not listening to what Rush is saying. He’s not abandoning fiscal conservatism. He’s pointing out, correctly, that the Republican establishment has never given more than lip service to fiscal conservatism. Never. Even during Reagan’s two terms. (Nixon did manage to balance the budget in 1974 but that had to do with the wind-down of the Vietnam war.)

    1. Someone gets it. But its not unusual for many to purposely ignore what he said in favor of what they want to make him say. TDS is only three years in the making while RLS has been around for 30 plus years. Rush is used to it

      1. The only thing that fat ass is used to is eating and popping pills.

        1. So a person who has sinned can’t have an opinion. And since when do libitarians care what other people consume.

          1. NYP is a progtard, not a libertarian.

        2. Let him who has not sinned cast the first oxy bottle.

  11. Remember when the media called Rush Limbaugh “The Most Dangerous Man in America?”

    I do.

    1. They were talking about his martial arts prowess.

      1. No, that’s Hannity.

    2. The media didn’t call him that, he called himself that.

        1. I’ll accept your word for it.

  12. Because it’s not worth the cost. Unlike libertarians, Rush knows you need to win elections, especially against the totalitarian left.

    You won’t care about the debt when they blacklist you and your family from employment and from the banking system.

    You won’t care about the debt after your first night at the communist re-education camp.

    The Federal Reserve can bail us out of a debt problem once. The only way to end totalitarian rule is a war. Let’s win some elections so totalitarians never get to rule.

    1. Unlike Libertarians, Rush doesn’t know much of anything. He does not understand economics…indeed, he didn’t graduate college. I’m not even sure he shares your Alex Jones’ paranoia.

      1. In other words, he’s better than you and you’re butthurt about him pointing out the real motives and stupidity of progressives such as yourself.

        1. No, but he’s certainly fatter and less educated than me. And more hypocritical. But I’m sure you are as well.

          1. You’ve shown no evidence of erudition, Fred.
            But I imagine you might be able to keep up with AOC, maybe, even if you’ll never accomplish anything

            1. Cortez has an economics degree from what is supposed to be a good school.

              1. And she has demonstrated real time mental agility.
                When they tried to trip her up by asking her to spell “orange”, she made the riposte: “The color or the vegetable?”

                Girl playin’ 1 dimensional chess.

          2. Really? That’s where you go?

            Setting politics aside, Limbaugh invented an entirely new way to make a living. He built his own syndication network and because of his work all of AM radio was rebranded. He’s the original individualist network pioneer – podcast pioneers like Beck, Carolla, etc. were following in his footsteps when they took their radio and TV careers to the internet.

            You can disparage his content over your political disagreements all you want – but the guy’s accomplishments speak for themselves. Pretending he’s an idiot because you don’t like his style is like pretending that Lucille Ball was an idiot because of the ditzy characters she played (rather than noticing the pioneering work she did in television production and syndication). Or disparaging Oprah as some TV talk show host despite her billion dollar publishing empire.

        2. Get your head out of Rush’s fat ass, Nardz.

          1. The cries of an impotent NPC

      2. I know it’s an exaggeration.

        You think 50% totalitarianism will be ok? Maybe you and your family are only blacklisted from some banks and professions. That’s cool with you? If you “volunteer”to go to re-education camp and apologize for your existence, maybe they’ll lift the blacklist for your kids. That will be awesome, right?

        At least you will have an accomplishment: losing elections because you are pushing some economic principle voters don’t care about. Congrats on that.

    2. Why do you need employment when they give you a room and three squares a day at the communist re-education camp?

    3. And heeeere comes the rationalizations
      “The Left made me abandon my principles!”

      1. Lots of people have a principal of nonviolence, for example, that has an exception for self defense.

        Fiscal responsibility is for people who don’t face a more immediate, more dangerous threat.

        1. Lol. Oh, this thread is golden.

      2. Says the guy who was perfectly fine with accusing a SCOTUS nominee of sexual assault. Because “job interview.”

        Do you ever exhaust your pearls?

      3. We are currently chatting in another thread and you are telling me we need to interfere with the migration patterns of other countries

      4. I wouldn’t blame the left as much as I would the group effort of the welfare state. I think if we take the conservative slow lane and stick to the free market we can innovate out of the deficit. As opposed to the lefts libertopia vision that providing welfare to the world will majically make everything better.

      5. And I would add you’re the same guy who opposed Obamacare reform because it wasn’t complete repeal. You dedication to fiscal conservatism is less than impressive.

    4. Russian bot, communist re-education camps? Hey what is your favorite vodka? Stoli?

      1. Stoli is good. I am a fun of Tito’s and Crater Lake lately. Our local distillery, Dry Fly has a pretty good vodka too.

  13. Limberger apparently hasn’t abandoned donuts.

  14. Rush has been harping on fiscal conservatism since George HW Bush was president. He’s not wrong that it is a shitload of bogus talk by damn near everyone. Particularly Republicans and especially those named “Bush”.

    1. He has? Is that why he constantly complained about Obama’s spending?

      1. These are not inconsistent.

        Obama spends too much. Republicans are not serious about cutting spending.

        1. I do t think he’s favoring massive spending. I think he’s pointing out how even many republicans are paying lip service to the whole thing. But Binion7.18.2019 need to write a shitty hit piece to virtue signal his progtardation.

  15. Rush > Binion, or anyone else employed by Reason

    1. Except Stossel. One of the few people associated with Reason I still respect.

  16. Limbaugh’s a “team” guy. Not an idea guy or a principles guy. If the Republican position is that we’ve always been at war with Eastasia, then by god we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

    1. The Leftist projection is amazing. It’s their only area of consistency.
      For the first time in my life, there’s actually some disagreement among them. It amounts to “socialism slowly” vs “socialism now”, but it’s causing some discomfort.
      But, being a hive mind, they cannot fathom a guy on “team red” not cosigning everything the Rs come out with.
      It’s clear this one doesn’t listen to Rush, as Rush – like many conservatives – kills Rs all the time.
      But one must ignorantly maintain their narrative, I guess.

      1. I haven’t been much of a fan of him going all in for Trump since the latter part of the 2016 primaries. He’s been noticeably less principled since then. However, it’s still essentially the same message/goal

      2. Nardz I’ve listened to Rush since 1992 and I have his psychology nailed. Next? He only “nails” R apostates e.g. John McCain….he’s as party-line as they come. Next.

        1. Hate all you want, the man kills the establishment.
          What “party line” has he pimped inconsistent with his philosophy?
          From this and other posts, I doubt you’ve ever had anybody’s psychology nailed.

        2. Huh. I QUIT listening to him in the mid 90s but I do recall him calling out Repubs, including Bush, for favoring ridiculous spending when it went to their campaign contributors (simplistically, defense contractors vs. NEA grants or some shit).

          But at this point, every single department, bureau, Office of…, and branch of the federal government, including NASA and the Pentagon, are exclusively concerned with milking the tax teat for all they can get. It is a (very) slightly more sophisticated version of the “Bribes for dog license, speeding ticket, meat ration, etc.” street level corruption we see in a lot of other countries.

          When the incentives in place always reward failure with increased budgets, a deficit is not surprising.

  17. The really sad thing here is that a radio personality and political entertainer like Rush Limbaugh is actually one of the most consistent voices in politics. Let that soak in for a minute.

  18. Rush is still around? I remember back in the 1980’s when I could only get one radio station, and it hosted Rush. A colleague of mine once quipped that Rush was a Democrat mole tasked with making conservatives look like morons. He might have been correct! 🙂

    1. Limbaugh wasn’t even syndicated until 1989, so I doubt your story

      1. It is possible that it was in 1989..let me think. I built a two-story studio next to my house in, IIRC, 1988, and since my audio system was in the house, I purchased a table-top radio. So, yes. I did listen to him. And, it probably was in ’89. 1989 is still in the 1980’s, yes?

  19. So would a report like the one published by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), in which it estimates that the national debt is careening toward “unprecedented levels.”

    When has this not been the case. Even in that very brief “post Newt tech bubble” period debt and deficit projections careened off into infinity in the future. If adding a trillion dollars a year wasn’t enough to get people riled up during the Obama administration, I really don’t think there is a “riled up” to be found any more. We’ll just have to wait until the currency collapses.

    1. $1.15 trillion/year, specifically

  20. Yeah, but he was like that when Bush, Jr. was in too.

    Basically Limbaugh bows to the reality that at the federal level, there is not enough push behind spending cuts for it to be worth anyone’s while who wants to remain influential to get behind rather than getting run over. Maybe things will be different in 3, 5, or 10 years, but right now if you shout too hard to cut spending, your voice will be heard as only one thing: dissent against the things there is enough push behind to get something done about.

    We have to throw our weight on things that are near equipoise if we want to be effective. Right now, federal spending isn’t one of those things. The regular budget is balanceable, but Social Security and federal retirement funds, which count separately, just don’t have enough oomph that can be marshaled, maybe for a generation.

    1. W got his ass handed to him when he suggested social security might need fiscal reform.

      1. >>>suggested

        went something like “I have political capital and I intend to spend it.”

        later, TARP.

  21. This was studied a few years ago in business. The executives whose opinions later turned out to be right sank in esteem and influence. The ones who did well were those who held back until they could get more support for an opinion, correct though it might be. Sometimes it’s better to be popular than right, because if you’re right too early, your rightness doesn’t get taken seriously at the best time for it to be effective.

    1. WTF are you talking about, election of Prom Queen?

      1. For a 54-55 year old, you display a marked lack of ability to receive wisdom

  22. I don’t believe it matters what Limbaugh, or pretty much any other person has to say on the matter.
    I seriously doubt there will ever be any successful candidate that runs on the idea that the federal treasury has give the voter enough.
    Or taken enough from those underserving “others”.

  23. Entertainers gotta entertain.

  24. 30 years ago there was a comedy routine about the debt. At the time the joke/fear was that Japan owned our debt and was going to foreclose.

    “I’m sorry, we don’t have the money to pay you… we spent it… on all these nukes… so maybe you don’t actually need the money right now?”

  25. I can trace this all back to the moment the GOP abandoned officially abandoned even pretending to care about fiscal conservatism–and there were a hell of a lot of people here in comments, led by the likes of Peter Suderman and erstwhile Tea Party types, who egged the rest of GOP on to abandon fiscal conservatism, too.

    This all went bad when the idiot Republicans in the Senate refused to pass the ObamaCare reform bill, which would have cut $772 billion in spending on Medicare. They didn’t vote it down because of what it did. They claimed to have refused to pass that bill because of what it didn’t do–as if cutting $772 billion in entitlement spending weren’t reason enough!

    If libertarianish Tea Party types wouldn’t stick their necks out to cut spending, why should the rest of the GOP bother?

    1. Good times. Good times. Remember when he wrote that it didn;t really matter because it didn’t fix the entire entitlement problem? Funny how that’s never voiced when they want to whine about defense spending.

      Socially liberal, fiscally convenient. It has nothing to do with the fiscal situation at all and everything to do with their social agenda. That trumps everything.

      1. Socially libertine, not liberal

    2. TARP we have to upend capitalist theory in order to protect it or whatever dafuq … was my last day

      1. The time between Newt and Trump, the Rs were dominated by progressives.
        There may have been animosity between them and the Ds, but Rs were nonetheless false opposition

    3. Who can stick their political necks out when their opponents have the beheading argument: “People will DIE!!”

  26. It started with Lee Atwater, the first cancer cell of the reagan-cancer, the idiot gipper had no idea on fiscal policy and Larry (AIPAC) Kudlow went looking for the most incompetent “economist” he could find, Art Laughatme. National debt Nov 1980, 1 Tril, from 1776 to 1980, 1 Tril. Since the “piddle-on-me” reagan-cancer types it is now 23 Tril, with 1 Tril annually. Also the idiot Pete Peterson and his failed Concord Coalition, who purposely did nothing. State field managers staffed with their friends, so real fiscal conservatives could not volunteer, thanks Pete. The reagan-cancer has one goal, the destruction of this republic after the WWIIers pass. So they can laugh at the destruction they caused. From very warm climates, looking up. Greatest Generation? Are you fu8king kidding? Finally, it is not a mortal sin to kill reaganites, am radio fat boys, I spoke to god personally and she is cool with it.

    1. feyr1965
      July.18.2019 at 9:41 pm
      “It started with Lee Atwater, the first cancer cell of the reagan-cancer, the idiot gipper had no idea on fiscal policy and Larry (AIPAC) Kudlow went looking for the most incompetent “economist” he could find, Art Laughatme.”

      It’s amazing that such a fucking lefty ignoramus is capable of typing, or maybe those are all typos.
      Fucking stupid, or REALLY fucking stupid?

  27. That pill-popping, lying sack of shit abandoned reality years ago.

    1. I didn’t know you popped pills.

  28. So he’s a Reason Libertine now. Good to know.

    1. Perhaps that’s why they’re such open borders fanatics. They think they’ll import new ones.

    2. Damn, SIV, that was poignant. I wish they’d put the dates on the endorsements, though. And I wish the current staff would reflect on what they’d have to change to get such encomia.

  29. Limbaugh has always been a front runner, so it’s not much of a big deal. He’s smart enough to know his influence doesn’t allow him to stray too far from his team.

  30. Well, maybe it doesn’t matter until it does. I’ve always thought that cutting government bloat by one third would be a good start at best.

    For years I thought that something as dramatic as the Great Recession, (and the response to it) would have to have a second act. I still do. But it could take decades. I’ll worry more when no one shows up to a treasury auction. Until then we’re the best horse in the glue factory. Might as well live now. When the Ponzi scheme of debt collapses it will be reset time. That might be the goal anyway. In the sense of reversing this, it’s probably wayyyy too late. Maturing bonds can always be covered by new ones. Until no one wants them. We will never see a balanced budget, let alone reduce debt.

    So maybe it doesn’t matter. Until it does.

    1. A debt based economy is unhealthy, to my mind, but that’s what we’ve had since credit cards took over

  31. If you were actually concerned about debt you’d worry about importing low income immigrants who immediately become dependent on the welfare state. Twenty six percent of public school students are immigrants or children of immigrants.

    Extending medicare for all to every legal or illegal immigrant will make this even worse.

  32. Oh snap! Now that Rush is on board, prepare yourself for the mainstreaming of MMT.

    We are toast.

  33. You mean to tell me that Rush Limbaugh is just a Kool-Aid drinking hack? I’m shocked – I tells ya – shocked!! Next thing you know, Reason will be saying the same thing about that keen political observer Sean Hannity!

  34. As I keep saying, there are no more conservatives, just mindless Team Red cheerleading.

    1. Worse than that, some of us, who aren’t even conservative, are motivated almost entirely by rabid anti-Team Blue hatred. I’ve got no love for Team Red, nor conservatives, and yet I am tarred as “dog-whistling to alt-right adjacent blahdeblah”. My political analysis is reduced to “I hate those who hate me.”

    2. “As I keep saying, there are no more conservatives, just mindless Team Red cheerleading.”

      I don’t want to diminish your criticism of “team red cheerleading”, but whether or not there are any conservatives remaining depends, of course, on what you mean. I tend to differentiate between “Conservatives” who are the “team red” I think you’re referring to, and lower-case conservatives, which I define as “people who want little or no change from the present social order”. I think a good way to define the difference between these two is to identify their opposites… Conservatives are opposed to “Liberals” while “conservatives” are opposed to “radicals”. Using these definitions, there are indeed few “Conservatives” who are “conservative”… they loathe the current social order and wish to make significant and large scale changes.

  35. As far as I’m concerned, Rush jumped the shark over twenty years ago, when he degenerated from a spokesman for conservative principles to a shameless shill for the Republican party. So there’s no reason to be surprised that he’s abandoned any shred of principle or reason now that Trump has grabbed the entire GOP by the pussy.

  36. >>>That’s not true for actual fiscal conservatives of various party identifications

    point is these people have no representation.

  37. You know who else pivoted on deficit spending?

    The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies.

    Over the past 5 years, our federal debt has increased by $3.5 trillion to $8.6 trillion. That is “trillion” with a “T.” That is money that we have borrowed from the Social Security trust fund, borrowed from China and Japan, borrowed from American taxpayers. And over the next 5 years, between now and 2011, the President’s budget will increase the debt by almost another $3.5 trillion.

    Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.

    I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.

    On January 20, 2009, when he was sworn in, the debt was $10.626 trillion. On January 20, 2017, when he left, it was $19.947 trillion.

  38. […] right now. That’s true for both Democrats and Republicans. The latter have finally started admitting publicly that they don’t care about deficits anymore, while the former are increasingly pushing for […]

  39. […] right now. That’s true for both Democrats and Republicans. The latter have finally started admitting publicly that they don’t care about deficits anymore, while the former are increasingly pushing for […]

  40. Sometimes I read comment threads and think Reason readers are witty and really know stuff I don’t. This thread is the opposite of that.

    1. +1, *heavy sigh*

  41. Rush has been exposed to MMT and rightly changed his mind. Reason needs to work it into their libertarian framework or else reject in principle the use of any state backed money, especially the US dollar.

  42. Mr. Limbaugh is, and always has been, primarily a partisan advocate. His chief aim is to be against whatever “that other party” is for. Any consistency he might have is entirely coincidental… it means “the other guys” managed to hold a consistent opinion for a while, and Mr. Limbaugh was therefore opposed to that opinion for a while. If those other guys change their minds, Mr. Limbaugh will ALSO change, remaining at all times 180 degrees in opposition.

  43. Right wing talk radio only cares about deficits and debt when there is a Democrat in the White House.

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

  44. […] heads that once blasted President Barack Obama for soaring levels of national debt now argue, as Rush Limbaugh did last week, that “all this talk about concern for the deficit and the budget has been bogus for as long […]

  45. […] heads that once blasted President Barack Obama for soaring levels of national debt now argue, as Rush Limbaugh did last week, that “all this talk about concern for the deficit and the budget has been bogus for as long […]

  46. […] heads that once blasted President Barack Obama for soaring levels of national debt now argue, as Rush Limbaugh did last week, that “all this talk about concern for the deficit and the budget has been bogus for as long as […]

  47. […] heads that once blasted President Barack Obama for soaring levels of national debt now argue, as Rush Limbaugh did last week, that “all this talk about concern for the deficit and the budget has been bogus for as long […]

  48. […] morally reprehensible for current lawmakers who, to quote Limbaugh back when he was concerned about such things, are spending so recklessly “that it is […]

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