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14-Year-Old Posts Picture of Airsoft Gun on Snapchat, School Suspends Him for 3 Weeks

The principal calls it "very, very serious" wrongdoing.


A Maryland eighth grader was suspended for three weeks and did not get to graduate with his class in June. This was his punishment for appearing in the background of a friend's video in which said friend held a disabled airsoft gun. The eighth grader also posed for a photo with the friend, who held him in a headlock with the fake gun pointing at his head. The picture was shared with 13 other friends on Snapchat.

Are you silently giving thanks that social media didn't exist when you were a middle schooler? Me too. The 14-year-old boy later admitted he was trying to look like a "badass."

On Monday his dad—David Bernstein, a nonprofit director—wrote a piece about the incident for The Washington Post. He said he had asked the private Silver Spring school to reconsider the punishment. After all, his son did not threaten anyone with a gun. He did not own a gun. He did not say anything about wanting to kill students, or take his own life, or do anything violent. He was, his dad wrote, just being a "knucklehead."

But the school insisted the incident was "very, very serious" and therefore warranted suspension through the end of the year.

I'm just not sure how serious it is to be in a photo or video that is stupid but ultimately unthreatening and harmless. But anyway, in an email to me, Bernstein added that this was not the first time he was dismayed by the administration's take on things.

"I first realized something was amiss at the school when I received a call earlier in the year about another 'very serious' incident," said Bernstein. "My son had told a friend that he observed a teacher texting while driving. He was then hauled into the principal's office and asked to apologize to the teacher, which he only did reluctantly. 'The teacher was very hurt,' the principal stated. 'And [your son] didn't seem to care.' Confused about the 'crime,' I asked the principal what if my son was telling the truth. 'That's beside the point,' she said. 'He violated our community values by hurting the teacher's feelings.'"

You don't have to be John Grisham to sense something is a little off here. On the one hand, a child is punished for reporting an actual danger: a texting driver. On the other hand, the same child is punished for participating in a video and photo that did not represent an actual danger.

Clearly the school is very worried about feelings and not so worried about reality. It worried that the teacher accused of texting would feel hurt. And it worried that students might feel "anxiety" if they heard about or saw the video or snap.

In this way, the school is tutoring its students in safetyism—the word Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff use in The Coddling of the American Mind to describe the demand for pointless safety measures. The students are being taught to believe that they are literally unsafe when actually they are just uncomfortable—and that the administration is required to respond.

Note that responding doesn't actually make kids any safer, because they were not in any real danger to begin with.

As for the three-week suspension, it seems to mirror the criminal justice system's obsession with longer and longer sentences. Seems like any kid who is told to "reflect" on his actions for three days has done enough reflecting. "Indeed," Bernstein noted in his piece, "multiple studies show that long-term suspensions make for worse, not better behavior."

But of course, Bernstein is dealing with reality. The school is not.

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  1. This was his punishment for appearing in the background of a friend’s video in which said friend held a disabled airsoft gun. The eighth grader also posed for a photo with the friend, who held him in a headlock with the fake gun pointing at his head. The picture was shared with 13 other friends on Snapchat.

    Boy, can you imagine the school vacation if these Lefty school administrators saw the pictures/videos of Georgia kids holding and shooting REAL guns?

    1. I saw my Dad’s HS yearbook. He lived in then rural part of East TN. he was in the Physics club, and the Rifle club. He used to ride to school on the school bus with his rifle.

      1. My Father grew up in a rural part of Wisconsin. He and his buddies used to go duck hunting before and after school. During school there stored their shotguns in their lockers. Everyone knew they were doing this – the principal used to ask how many ducks they had shot that morning.

      2. We had a rifle team at my high school in New Jersey and shotguns were kept in cars in the student parking lot during hunting season. Ah, those were the days. I was just chastised the Fourth of July for asking our 12 year old grandson if he wanted to light off the fireworks. Sad where we have gotten to.

    2. What is there to say? We live in a society governed by hysterics and their hysteria. Immigration, equal pay, gun control, can anyone think of a national issue that isn’t dominated by misinformation that is touted by the wildly ignorant? Forgive my cynicism, but for fuck’s sake..

    3. As late as the 1940s at the small liberal arts college I attended, there was a physics class demonstration where the professor demonstrated conservation of momentum by taking a wooden block suspended on a string and firing a bullet into it– right there in the classroom. The wooden block would move, of course, when the bullet embedded itself into it.

      They stopped doing that demonstration when one bullet failed to hit the wood block and instead took a notch out of the door jamb. The notch is still there.

  2. Ceci n’est pas une amré a feu.

    People try their darnedest to contort reality towards a picture they have in their heads, no matter how silly or dangerous. It is called “self-delusion” and explains anti-gun zealots, Antifa Fascists and, of course, Trumpista bigots.

    1. What explains all your sock puppets SQRLSY?

      1. What explains yours, Tulpa AKA Mr. Satan?

        You are deluded if you think that I have EVER used a sock puppet on this site!

        1. We concur.

          1. I see what you did there! You are baiting Mr. Satan! Be prepared to be roasted by fire and brimstone! (Or is it dim-stone?)

            1. You are one stupid fuck.

  3. My own children are rebelling against these policies because the policies fail their basic sense of fairness. They may be young, but our children know their class mates and know who is a danger and who is not, better than any school administrator.

    What our kids are seeing in schools today is how some kids manipulate adults into giving them special treatment. They see that some kids are claiming to be a different gender, or having a different belief, or a disability, and getting special treatment. They are seeing that being a “victim” gets them a reward. Our kids know these “special kids” personally on a daily basis and after years together, and they know what is real and what is not regarding their claims.

    Our children are not unfeeling. Legitimate needs go undisputed with them. However, these kind of school policies are seen as unfair and wrong to them. It is a shame that our school administrators lack the common sense our children have. It is too bad that school leaders aren’t humble enough to listen to the common sense they knew as Kindergartners.

    1. Would be nice in this case to see a majority of the students respond in kind with similar Snapchat pics. They can’t suspend everyone for three weeks. Easy win for nonviolent protest… Except it’s Silver Springs, and most of the parents are probably in line with the administration.

      1. Excellent idea

  4. Again, this is why I have told my son to not say a word to school authorities until I arrive. This is harsh and unreasonable punishment doled out by idiots. Whether they admit it or not, they are agents of the state and their word will be held above the student’s.

    1. “I have told my son to not say a word to school authorities until I arrive”

      When your son is an adult, simply insert attorney for “I”; same principle. Just because one did absolutely nothing wrong or illegal, doesn’t mean they are going to get justice or fairness.

      1. The system doesn’t do either justice or fairness. The human cogs in the system wouldn’t recognize either if they got bit in the ass by them.

    2. they are agents of the state

      No, it’s a private school.

      1. I missed that in the article on the first read, so fine. It was buried enough I had to search for it in the second read.

      2. But for my son that still applies.

      3. Which very likely has a charter issued by the state. QED.

    3. “Whether they admit it or not, they are agents of the state and their word will be held above the student’s.”

      Which is a good reason to separate school and state, just like religion and state are separated. Then school owners, administrators and employees will all be subject to laws that don’t apply to government. And you can sue them for what they do to your kids.

    4. “and their word will be held above the student’s.”

      So, the student says, “I said nothing”, and they say, “He issued this full confession.”

      You’re still relying on their good faith here.

  5. What gives the school power over actions that occur not at the school?

    1. Mission Creep. Or, conversely, creepy mission.

      1. Private school.

        They’re idiots, but I fully support the right of private schools to set whatever standards they like for attendance, political, religious, moral, sex, etc.

        1. But we can still call them on the stupid ones.

      2. Love this! At some points schools decided their purview extended beyond school grounds and no one stopped them

        1. David, if you don’t mind, could you enlighten us with something. What is the exact phrasing of the rule that your son supposedly broke? I’m trying to find some understand as to how they could possibly come to this interpretation.

          1. There are no specific rules… just a broad social media policy.

            1. If the policy has that much latitude with that severe a punishment, it’s not a policy at all. That violated the concept of rule of law. If you cannot know what is illegal, law does not exist.

    2. The long a intertwined arms of the state.
      And lack of any resistance.

    3. The fact that people keep tolerating it gives them that power. They are bullies. Bullies continue to bully and escalate their bad behavior until someone stops them.

    4. When my daughter was a Freshman, she was suspended form cheerleading. She had to attend the JV games in person, not in uniform, and sit in the front row (one of the few non-parents there) as her punishment.

      her crime? A friend of hers took a picture of her at a sleepover t our house. She was changing clothes, and the friend too k a pic without her knowledge or permission of her bare back. For this she was suspended for “sexting” or something, a pic she didn’t take, or post, or consent to

      1. What did the school administration do when you showed up and kicked the shit out of them?


    5. inaction by their “customers”.

      And part of that inaction is the election/appointment of school officials that have their brains in vindictive mode, or retardo mode. Anyone who can be overcome by fear upon the sight of a clownish photo of a youth with something resembling a gun (remembe,r it WAS an Airsoft platstic pellet gun, not even a firearm)

      This sort of demonstrated emotional instability and utter lack of logic should be grounds for dismissal. And I’m \NOT talking about the young man IN the photos, but the “mature” “men” who viewed it and were overcome by irrational fear of an inanimate object no more harmful than a can of soda.

      1. Amen to that.

  6. loveconstitution1789….

    You DO know that those photos showing kids enjoying target shooting and other shooting sports are really just propaganda spread by gun-nuts who are, in reality, social-degenerates intent on overthrowing civil society, right? (sarc font off)

  7. Just eliminate public schools entirely. Problem solved.

    1. The school in question was a private one…

      1. Yup. Market fix is to pull your kid out of that school and encourage other parents to do the same.

        At some point, the drop in attendance will get a change in policy.

        1. Only to discover that there is a 3 year waiting list for the other schools and they aren’t any better.

          1. So?

            That’s part of your cost/benefit analysis.

            Libertarians believe in the free market. We believe in private education. We believe that a business has the right to set its own policy, choose its clientele and voluntarily contract for just about anything.

            This school appears to be doing just that. It’s hypocritical to demand this school change its policy just because we don’t happen to agree with the position that both parties voluntarily signed up for.

            1. agreed

            2. It’s hypocritical to demand this school change its policy just because we don’t happen to agree with the position that both parties voluntarily signed up for.

              ^ This. We made a deliberate decision to put our daughter in a private school, because our local district sucks balls. The best option we had and could afford was a very progressive-leaning school with high-quality academics, a healthy school culture, and lots of extremely retarded politics.

              It doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it did at the public school because I signed up for it voluntarily, and they’re less idiotic and machine-like about the whole thing (as a private school their Progressivism is coupled with considerably less statism than their public counterparts).

              But it does mean I have to be vigilant about what she’s being taught and correct the falsehoods she’s bringing home about history and climate change.

        2. I have to agree. In this case, there is a clear case of mismanagement and an easy solution in the long term. This school has shown clearly that no responsible parent should enroll their child.

          However, in addition, the parents should act to revoke this apparently arbitrary and political punishment, and the state should investigate the bullying of witnesses in the texting incident, which is possible a violation of whistleblower laws since there was a legal violation and he was punished to dissuade reporting. Hit them from both ends. Economy and law.

          1. This is not about whether this is a private or public school, or whether the school has the right to suspend him. It’s about a culture of hysteria that set in that makes schools act really stupidly.

            1. What sort of evaluation did you do wrt to the school before sending your son there?

              1. It was actually a good school for him. The problem is they embraced these nutty discipline practices… I call it progressive zero tolerance. Zero tolerance wrapped up to make it sound like they are protecting “the community.”

                1. Zero tolerance is just a way to cover for having no leadership ability. Substituting policy for actual leadership decisions. Which is perfect for weak stupid scum like progtards.

                  1. Call zero tolerance what it is. It is zero intelligence.

  8. “Confused about the ‘crime,’ I asked the principal what if my son was telling the truth. ‘That’s beside the point,’ she said. ‘He violated our community values by hurting the teacher’s feelings.'”

    This is what we get for letting women vote.

    1. +19

  9. “private Silver Spring school”

    Sorry. Perhaps you should stop voluntarily spending your money on institutions that place extreme terms and conditions in your contract?

    Free markets, how do they work?

    1. I’d cancel any pending payment and yank my kid the fuck outa there. And then tell them where they can put their “very, very serious concerns.”

      1. And then sue them for contractual violations.

    2. I highly doubt that the school’s response could be reasonably inferred from their written policy.

  10. Safteyism: “The students are being taught to believe that they are literally unsafe when actually they are just uncomfortable—and that the administration is required to respond.”

    This explains a lot; they certainly are being prepared for college.

  11. ‘The teacher was very hurt,’ the principal stated. ‘And [your son] didn’t seem to care.’ Confused about the ‘crime,’ I asked the principal what if my son was telling the truth. ‘That’s beside the point,’ she said. ‘He violated our community values by hurting the teacher’s feelings.'”

    People have been saying that schools coddle kids too much. But more and more it seems like the main function of schools is to coddle teachers.

    1. It always has been. It’s just become more difficult for them to keep their stupidity under wraps.

      Also, there was a time when someone who was terrified of a _picture_ of a gun would have been considered mentally ill and unfit to supervise children…

  12. Tangent: I find that a lot of highly educated, experience people use the word “confused” when they mean “I don’t like the answer”.

  13. Just because you’re not in school doesn’t not mean that you aren’t not in school.

  14. ‘He violated our community values by hurting the teacher’s feelings.’

    So doesn’t the unjustified suspension hurt the student’s feelings?

    1. This. But there you go again with that “logic” thing.

      1. Plus… the student was male. Teach probably is a self-identified zher. As such, his grade-school level of patriarchy was superior to zher oppressed experiences and balance needed to be restored.

  15. A picture of a disabled Airsoft pistol OUTSIDE of school? Sue the asses of the administration for not letting your child graduate!

    Pointing the pistol at your friends head as a joke? Time to pull out the Board of Education and educate your child’s behind! I’m not a fan of corporal punishment, but it’s the appropriate disciplinary tool when misbehavior crosses the line into physical danger.

    1. Graduations for 14 yr olds (and any prior to the end of high school) fall into the “participation trophy for everyone” and we’d be just as good without.

      1. If, on the other hands, they held his grade and are not granting credit for the entire grade, that is a different problem.

        I do have to wonder what the actual rule is. What possible wording would qualify to the point that this interpretation would hold up in contract law?

  16. The educationists are making a big push to “denormalize” firearms. The kids are absorbing this and in a generation or two only unionized government enforcers will be allowed to have guns.

    1. Maybe if Hollywood gets on board…

  17. Get an attorney and sue for breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

    These people will continue to bully innocent children until they pay a meaningful price for it.

    1. This. And make sure to get the texting teacher and the accessories after the fact behind bars for a while. Oh, maybe work in a hate crime against the boy, who *could* self-identify as a Black trans-female if that enables it.

    2. I am the father. I would have sued but didn’t want to spend the money. Decided to write an op-ed instead.

      1. Careful, Dad. Writing an op-ed is “very, very serious”.

        1. Just trying to be a “badass”

      2. Now that you are getting some attention, perhaps some attorney will be willing to take your case on principle, or on contingency, or as part of their group’s 1st or 2nd Amendment advocacy or childhood restoration missions.

  18. Were I the Father (and fi I had the money to do so) I would be asking the Principal (or Headmaster, or whatever) “Do you really want me to take out an ad in the (locally influential paper) showing your face and saying ‘This person suspended my son from school for having a picture taken with a toy gun. Who knows what other irrational idiocy he/she visits on the kids in his/her care?’?”

    1. I am the father, and I threatened the principal stating unless you reduce the “sentence” I will write an op-ed blasting you. They didn’t. And I did.

      1. You made a major mistake not naming the school.

        1. The newspaper would not name it

          1. So name it here in the comments.

            1. Siena School

      2. Good for you. I would say I hope the principal was suitably embarrassed, but I suspect such ninnies are not capable of feeling that emotion. With luck the school’s board of directors is.

        1. I hope you found a better place to send your child. What a nightmare!

          Here in South Florida we have a modicum of school choice, with charters and magnet schools abounding at the middle school level. The final appeal period for reassignment is closing soon here… I certainly hope you have similar opportunities in your district. Many of the magnet programs are better than the best private schools. The top high school in the area is the public magnet high school.

          Anyway, we’re rooting for you. That administration sounds …uh, to steal their term of art…. problematic.

  19. Let’s see how the school deals with this reality:

    First Amendment Violation $5,000,000
    Unwarranted Suspension $100,000/day
    Loss of opportunities in Higher Education (based on loss of imputed income) $10,000,000

    1. Beautiful. And, as Longtobefree alluded: Hurt Feelings $3,000,000

  20. The young man was truly a “knucklehead” and did something stupid. Isn’t that what hormones in sneakers are supposed to do? As a parent and a teacher I did my best to teach my students and my kids not to be stupid. I paid attention, as closely as humanly possible, when they were out of my sight and hoped they didn’t do permanent damage to themselves or anybody else while being stupid. In my role as a parent or “in loco parentis” I called what this “knucklehead” did a teachable moment. Stupidity is a great catalyst for learning. When a student or my child stood up like the teacher texting thing I would scrutinize the story and if I found it to be credible I would back my child or my student to the wall. The only thing Hillary ever said I agree with is that it takes a village. Hope the father and the young man see this comment and know young man you were dumb and young man you, I hope, were courageous with the reporting the teacher. Dad you nail the dumb ass administrator to the nearest wall.

    1. But it wasn’t stupid. There’s nothing stupid about posing with and airsoft pistol. It’s harmless fun.

      1. It’s stupid because in the ninnified environment we live in it’s guaranteed to get you in trouble

        1. Ah, the “Heckler’s Veto”. Fuck that. The Blood of Patriots and stuff.

          1. Exactly.

    2. I am hoping people will see articles like this and realize that the school administration is leading them down the wrong path

  21. Everything about this school makes me feel very, very unsafe. I certainly wouldn’t trust my child to it.

  22. So why does Bernstein still have his kid in that school? I would have been done after the texting incident.

    1. He is not longer in the school. He graduated (though they wouldn’t let him attend the ceremony)

      1. Keeping him out of the ceremony was just fucking snotty. Whoever’s running that school is a vindictive little shit.


  23. “I’ll text you my apology so you have it in writing. You can read it on the drive home from school.”

  24. My children are allowed to carry and even discharge firearms at school under supervision.
    But then, I homeschool.

  25. […] 14-Year-Old Posts Picture of Airsoft Gun on Snapchat, School Suspends Him for 3 Weeks […]

  26. Thanks, Lenore… Yet another great article.

    One objection:

    I’m just not sure how serious it is to be in a photo or video that is stupid but ultimately unthreatening and harmless.

    No. It isn’t stupid. We’ve got to stop coddling these idiots by agreeing to use their language and by meeting them halfway. I completely object to the dad trying to sound reasonable by saying his kid was being a knucklehead.

    No.. not even a little bit. It is a toy. An almost entirely harmless toy (it could sting a bit if you got shot in a sensitive area). Playing around and posing with a toy gun isn’t being stupid or a knucklehead. Certainly not at 14.

    Heck, Cathy Griffin posed with a bloody, severed head of an actual person as a political statement, and a major chunk of so-called polite society cheered her on. And she’s a grown woman. And another significant chunk of society, while not approving of her photo, still rabidly defended her from criticism.

    This is a kid, playing with a kid’s toy and posing for kid’s photos. Every bit of it is perfectly appropriate, except for the adults’ reactions. Well, that and maybe don’t post stuff to social media without running it by your parents first, but good luck getting any normal kid to conform to that with any consistency.

    1. Someone ought to monitor the social media of the faculty and staff of this soi-disant “school” and look for any possible pretense to be “offended”.

  27. from the comments:

    If the kids took selfies pretending to run over each other with a car I would expect the school to react similarly. Preventing the kid from the immediate gratification of banking on his bad ass status seems prudent to me. Perhaps the three weeks would be a good time to more thoroughly monitor and investigate his son’s social media history.

    Yeah…. never read the comments. No matter how stupid something is, someone always takes it to a higher level of stupid.

    1. Holy crap, don’t go read the WaPo comments. I mean, I know it is WaPo, but DANG! There are a rather lot of folks who actually think this is a serious offence and the punishment is quite reasonable…. and the kid needs to “learn his lesson”.

      Case in point:

      This punishment was 100% correct. We live in a world of violence and a lot of it surrounds school violence. We need to take things like this seriously today. This dad should accept the punishment and use the time to council his son regarding gun violence at school. According to the school, they took prior behavior, amongst other things, to determine their punishment. The dad should accept it and move on.

      These people are mentally ill. “Gun violence is a serious problem.” Which has exactly nothing to do with a situation that does not involve gun violence or the threat of gun violence.

      I’ve run into these folks my whole life, and it is infuriating.

      I remember one incident from the 80’s, I think. Some frat boys were doing their hazing thing and grabbed up some of their pledges from the dorm and took them – wrapped in sheet-togas – to some sort of pledge party. Tied up in the back of a pickup. (this was in an era when you could get away with riding in the back of a pickup.)

      Someone saw the kids and thought it was a kidnapping, so they flagged down the police. The police pulled them over and got the true story. So far, so good.

      Then they arrested the frat boys and charged them with a crime – because folks got upset and worried. Really.

      Pretty much the same thing as this situation. Except in their case it involved criminal charges for doing entirely non-criminal things. So I suppose you could count yourself lucky that they didn’t press charges with the police.

      1. More:

        Right after we had a mass school shooting in my town, my first-grader got sent home for making his fingers into a pistol… and that was at a public school. I didn’t agree with it, but I certainly told my son not to do it again… We are having to fight on the “wrong end” of gun control, since so many don’t care that our children are dying from gunshots at rates higher than police or infantry in our schools today.

        Dude thinks punishing his kid for pointing his fingers like a gun is the tip of the spear in the gun control battle.

        There’s simply no hope for some folks. Maybe I should be happy that my city only did the plastic straw ban. There’s a lot more stupid where that came from.

        1. Oh, good lord:

          As a victim of childhood sexual abuse I found the description of the selfie disturbing because of the loss of control implied by a headlock and threat of physical harm. I would have felt personally threatened if the selfie popped up on my phone. It would’nt have been funny to me. I’m not going to second guess the school which is protecting the privacy of everyone involved in not providing additional detail.

      2. I clearly need to dust off my WaPo account and troll the shit out of those Wokey Wokeltons over there.

        1. I just accidentally flagged my own comment. This site is just the worst anymore.

          Why did Reason actually spend good money for this?

  28. As alluded above, there were a lot of references in the comments to “our kids are dying from gun violence in schools at higher rates than the military or police”. There were a good half dozen or more folks making such claims.

    I don’t have any actual statistics, so let’s do a little sanity check.

    Per google there are about 50 million elementary and secondary students in the USA.

    There are roughly 1 million police.

    Somewhere between 50 and 100 are shot and killed each year.

    So, let’s use 50. For there to be “more” schoolkids being killed in school every year, that would require more than 50 (deaths) x 50 (millions of people)….. so 2500. Every year.

    Yeah, I don’t think there are more than 2500 kids shot and killed at school every year.

    The BBC tells me that 2018 was the worst year ever:

    This year, 113 people have been killed or injured in school shootings in the United States.

    That is more than an order of magnitude less than the threshold for those claims.

    So I’m gonna go ahead and call BS.

    1. “our kids are dying from gun violence in schools at higher rates than the military”

      So instead of sending kids to school, let’s send them to war where at least they’ll have a fighting chance!

    2. This year, 113 people have been killed or injured in school shootings in the United States.

      Bear in mind that that number is probably grossly inflated, quoted from an anti-gun web site that counts any shooting anywhere near a school as a “school shooting” even if no students or school staff were involved.

      1. Education week tracks school shootings. Here are there 2018 statistics:

        24 school shootings with injuries or deaths (not counting police only shootings in their official capacity)

        35 deaths (28 students, 7 teachers or other adults)

        79 injuries (includes non-bullet injuries, such as from fleeing)

        114 total deaths plus injuries

        1. So far in 2019 (at least through May, maybe including June):

          14 school shootings

          2 deaths (2 students)

          21 injuries

          1. And again, pay attention to what is counted as a “school shooting” in these numbers.

            1. Didn’t they once count an adult who committed suicide in a school parking lot – and the school had been closed for five years!

              But it’s a “school shooting”…

  29. “Are you silently giving thanks that social media didn’t exist when you were a middle schooler? Me too”

    Don’t be an idiot. If social media had existed when I was in middle school, the people running the school would have had a laugh over something like that. I literally got extra credit in chemistry class by sharing my thermite recipe with the instructor.

    This isn’t a problem because of social media. It’s a problem because the education system has been successfully taken over by the left, and they’re trying to program the next generation to have a reflexive horror of guns, so that the eventual revolution will go more smoothly.

  30. kill the Raised with toy firearms, cap pistols, BB guns, 22’s rifles, 410 shotguns. Knew exactly where my brother kept his rifle and ammo in our shared closet. Late one night it sounded as if some one was trying to jimmy a window to enter the house. Got my baseball bat and checked it out. Didn’t want to seriously hurt or kill the ‘thief’.

  31.   This should make for a very easy lawsuit to win against the school.

      It is undeniable that in this instance, the school has punished this boy for legitimately exercising his rights under the First Amendment; with elements of the “very, very serious incident” being that this expression had a connection to the right affirmed by the Second Amendment.  So, this amounts to the school, acting an an agent of the government, willfully violating this boy’s Constitutional rights.

      And on top of that, none of the boy’s alleged offense actually took place on school grounds, or in any way that fell under any legitimate jurisdiction of the school, nor was, in any rational way, any of the school’s damn business.

      I hope the boy’s parents sue the school, and I hope they win a big settlement.

    1. The school is private.

      There may be a lawsuit for breach of cpntract if Bernstein’s son could not have known the conduct in question was prohibited even after reading the rules.

      1. Contract law does not work that way.

        When the defendant, the school in such a lawsuit engages in an action which is egregious, overly broad, and resulting in damages you might have yourself a lawsuit.

        The school can say abide by the rules. The plaintiff can say just show me where playing with toy guns outside of school are in the rules.

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  33. Yes, I’m thankful there was no such thing as social media when I was 14.

    I’m also glad there were no 8th grade “graduations”

    1. My sixth grade teacher was aghast that I was going to play in my scheduled Little League baseball game rather than attend my ‘graduation’. I didn’t feel that making it to the end of the school year was an accomplishment that warranted a celebration and probably wouldn’t have attended regardless of the ball game.

  34. This finding has made the “knucklehead” student upset and is ignoring his feelings. So the female principal has “violated their community values by hurting the student’s feelings.” She should be named and shamed, as well as suspended for three weeks for her inability to think logically and her selective ruling in this case.

  35. It’s not even “being a knucklehead”. The knuckleheads run the school.

  36. When I was 14, I used to play games on the ground, but nowadays children are using Socia Media to share their feelings. Internet is getting huge.

  37. Was there a (legitimate) reason for not mentioning what school it was?

    1. It would hurt their feelings. That’s against community values.

  38. Another over reaction in clown world. Business as usual by the short bus riders.

  39. Their minds made up. Don’t confuse the school with facts!! My son’s school principal suspended a few kids from school for a day – the kids included his son and mine. i asked the principal to recuse himself when deciding punishment and he got offended and would not. The punishment was arbitrary and the offense nowhere written as a violation in the schools code of conduct.

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  41. […] 14-Year-Old Posts Picture of Airsoft Gun on Snapchat, School Suspends Him for 3 Weeks […]

  42. This is such an inspirational story! What more clear demonstration do we need that in this great country, even a brain-dead moron can grow up to be principal of a elite private school!

  43. […] right. According to an article in Reason, the 14-year-old boy appeared in the background of a friend’s video where that friend was holding […]

  44. […] right. According to an article in Reason, the 14-year-old boy appeared in the background of a friend’s video where that friend was holding […]

  45. […] Perhaps the latest example shows how idiotic all of this can be. […]

  46. […] lovely. In step with an article inCause, the 14-twelve months-aged boy seemed within the background of a chum’s video where that […]

  47. […] right. According to an article in Reason, the 14-year-old boy appeared in the background of a friend’s video where that friend was holding […]

  48. Poppycock. The school didn’t suspend or thrust an unjust punishment on him. A person did that. Fortunately, this is a private school and subject to lawsuits. Hopefully the sad dad who doubtlessly paid big bucks for a better than public education will win a settlement from this school and expose future parents to what they can expect from the headmaster or whomever. It’s outrageous. I hate to say this but with luck, a judge who radically supports government schools will hear the case.

  49. How bad (irrational abusive control) does it have to get before people wake up and rebel, take evasive action? Public school is hazardous to children’s mental health. I’m not worried about the school authorities, they are hopeless victims of indoctrination and continuing it. I am worried about the youth. As authoritarianism is losing respect around the world, it is growing in the US Empire/Police State. Thank public (govt.) schools and propaganda.

  50. If texting while driving is not illegal in MD it is unsafe. When a student reporting it is punished because it was a teacher the message is clear: authorities are superiors and should be feared or you will be punished. The feelings of the teacher are just an excuse, abet a ridiculous invention of an unimaginative authority figure. Don’t be distracted by unimportant details.

  51. […] Still, even with all the censorship experienced on state and local levels, a recent story out of Maryland may take the cake for this years stupidest anti-gun censorship (hat tip to here for the lead). Lenore Skenazy writes, […]

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