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Officials with the city of Miami Beach, Florida, had art removed from the exterior of a home without the owners' consent. The city says the art, which a local newspaper described as "a series of metallic triangles resembling flames," violates local design criteria. After the owners lost an appeal, the city had the art removed. "We live in a community and you've got to respect your neighbors and it's just not fair to simply do what you want without complying with any of the requirements.," said Mayor Dan Gelber.

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  1. This wasn’t replacing the toilet without telling anybody.
    Someday they will come for your high flow toilets.

    1. They already have. And my light bulbs!

  2. When are they going to remove that memorial to the Prez that performed the most racist act of any Prez when he put 70,000 Japanese in concentration camps??

  3. Suddenly Miami Beach doesn’t do gaudy?

      1. So can “dox” the victims of Government Almighty, but somehow Reason will never dox the assholes in City Hall who make these kinds of power-grabbing, stupid-ass decisions? It ain’t right…

        I will now dox the BIGGEST asshole of all, and tell you exactly where he lives!!!

        Satan J. Trump
        1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
        Washington, D.C. 20500

      2. The city has no problem with the deteriorating sidewalk though.

      3. Not to veer off the subject, but why do they have overhead power lines in a region known for hurricanes?

        1. Probably: cheaper to run wires overhead than in the ground (at least the first 2 or 3 times).

        2. According to the May 2011 paper “Underground Electric Transmission Lines” published by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, “The estimated cost for constructing underground transmission lines ranges from 4 to 14 times more expensive than overhead lines of the same voltage and same distance.”

          And typical hurricane winds only down a small amount of power lines, usually with the help of trees. [kinda obvious, considering they get most of the power back up to 99% of the people within a day or two]

        3. I do IT work in the Electric Utility industry.

          Underground cables in general are more costly to install and repair than overhead lines.

          Underground cables can’t be damaged by wind/ snow/ice and are less vulnerable to lightning strikes. In many areas less frequent needs to repair underground lines balances out the higher costs.

          However for Florida, the water table (ground water depth) is very shallow in most of the state. Water is just as bad for electric lines as wind/ice/snow/lightning, possibly worse. Installing underground cables so they would be sufficiently protected from constant water exposure would make such cables far more expensive than elsewhere, defeating any advantage the might have.

  4. These Lefties crack me up.

    The vote and vote and vote for Democrats who institute all sorts of Nanny-State rules, then are surprised when a Nanny-State rule affects YOU.

    Tiny and limited government seems to be the best way to mitigate the power hungry in government.

  5. This is why I do not live in town. Nibby assholes + excessive government = you get fucked with over stupid shit.

    1. ^This^.

      I’ll take the occasional fool racing ATVs in the street over an old man with a clipboard telling me my lawn needs to be mowed.

  6. Power hungry people in government going all the way back to the founding are why we don’t actually have tiny and limited government.

    1. I don’t blame the power hungry people as much as I blame the citizenry that keeps voting them into power.

      1. Look, it starts with anyone who wishes to tell someone else what to do.

      2. That might make sense if there were any not power-hungry candidates available for the citizenry to vote for, but there aren’t.

        Any political candidate who says they aren’t power hungry is lying.

        Anyone who wants/seeks power/authority is unworthy of it.

  7. The process, not the product, is the most important thing.

  8. The house in the link below is few blocks away from me. This asshole built a “Holocaust Memorial” in his front yard over 10 years ago. The City has lost every attempt to make him to remove it up, it violates his 1A rights. It’s a definitely a holocaust for the eyes.

    1. Yeah it’s ugly. But it’s not at all offensive. Just deal with it. Grow a pair and deal with it. Sheesh.

    2. Jesus man, get a grip. Its hardly something worth bitching about. Or are you worried that it might be damaging the value of your precious ‘investment’?

      1. Yes and yes

  9. Why doesn’t the city save some money on infrastructure and take all those homes, bulldoze them, and put up hi-rises where they can corral the population for better social control?

  10. That red haired cop is hawt

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