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Betsy Ross Is Canceled

Plus: Conditions in migrant detention centers "worse than we ever could have imagined" say Democratic lawmakers, Vox discovers anarchist gun owners, and more...


Nike pulls flag-themed shoe. Betsy Ross: beloved symbol of American folklore or avatar of white supremacy?

While no one seems to be saying that Ross herself was an evil racist, the fact that she livedand allegedly sewed the iconic, 13-star flag associated with the American Revolutionduring slaveholding times is apparently enough to ensure that she and her flag be canceled.

The controversy comes after Nike announced a new Fourth of July-themed sneaker, made in red, white, and blue materials and adorned on the heel with the Betsy Ross flag. After shipping the shoea version of Nike's popular Air Max 1to stores, the company then abruptly called for their return.

"Nike has chosen not to release the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July as it featured the old version of the American flag," was all a Nike spokesperson would say. But the shoes were reportedly yanked at the request of Colin Kaepernick, former NFL football player and current Nike representative.

According to some, the Ross flag has been co-opted by racists as a symbol of white nationalism, and therefore we're just supposed to just cede it to them and move on.

Not everyone agrees…

For the record, "whether Ross actually designed the flag is a matter of dispute," as The Washington Post notes. "There is little evidence to back up assertions by her descendants that turned the Philadelphia-based upholsterer into a national heroine in the 1870s.

Nike's decision to pull the shoes sparked an immediate backlash, especially among folks on the right. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said he's canceling incentives the state had offered Nike to build a plant there.


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  1. Betsy Ross Is Canceled

    Putting two primary colors together? Is about time.

    1. Hello.

      Fuck. Nike.

      And that clown Colin. And everyone else in between.

      1. I'm real upset about not being able to buy an American flag-themed sneaker that was made in Vietnam.

        1. I'm pretty sure it's the sanctimony of it all that irritates some people.

          1. It’s also the heckler’s veto that’s pissing people off. 5 morons on Twitter get upset and a giant behemoth totally changes course. Hundreds of thousands of conservatives complain about censorship and these corporate behemoths introduce more censorship.

            Y’all are going to end up silenced and you’ll applaud while they do it.

            1. TripK: that’s exactly it. Why does Nike let a few people that are easily offended dictate their product decisions? Nike should be boycotted for being ludicrous.

              1. Nike should be boycotted for being ludicrous.
                Amen to that. i have a choice to, to never buy another pair of Nikes from these ludicrous idiots.

        2. I love how woke Nike still uses slave labor.

        3. Shh, just let him social signal.

      2. Betsy Ross Is Canceled.

        Why does Kaepernick hate women?

        1. Kaepernick hates American, Hates women, Hates NFL Football.
          Sounds like someone that hates himself.

    2. SJWs, SJWs, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, when the alt-right appropriates the rainbow flag?

      1. They took it from the hippies.

        1. Who took out from the Christians.

          1. Who took it from the sky.

            1. The Jews took it from the sky first.

      2. They already have. See clown world.

        1. Clown world reflects reality very well.

              1. You keep on negging and maybe you will get fuck daddy's ass pussy.

                1. Being more trash isn't a solution to your problem of being trash.

      3. The rainbow flag is gross cultural appropriation itself.
        The rainbow is a symbol from God that He will never again destroy (almost) the entire world with a flood.
        So the homosexual advocates appropriated that symbol from all Jews and Christians.
        "But that's different".

        1. Muslims believe in the Noah story too.

          1. Yes they do. And don't think they haven't noticed this as well.

            1. It's the leprechauns that are hardest hit.

              1. God why do you insist on being awful socko?

          2. rainbows drenched in the blood of the infidel?

            1. In which case ROYGBIV becomes RRRRRRR?

          3. Muslims believe in the Noah story too.

            Of course they do--Islam is a schism from Judaism, just like Christianity.

        2. Trigger warning: Poorly formatted Wikipedia copypasta

          In Armenian mythology rainbow – is a belt of Tir, which was originally a god Sun, and then – god of knowledge. Eating options are apricot's belt, the belt of Our Lady or the Arch of God.
          In a Chinese folktale, Hsienpo and Yingt’ai are star-crossed lovers who must wait until the rainbow appears to be alone together. Hsienpo is the red in the rainbow, and Yingt’ai is the blue. Hong is another name for the rainbow with various associated legends and interpretation.
          The Sumu of Honduras and Nicaragua "may simply refer to the rainbow as walasa aniwe, ‘the devil is vexed’". These people hide their children in their huts to keep them from looking or pointing at the rainbow.
          The Fang of Gabon (Africa) are initiated into the religion by a "transcendent experience when they arrive at the rainbow's center, for there they can see both the entire circle of the rainbow and of the earth, signaling the success of their vision." The Fang also prohibit their children from looking at the rainbow.
          The Ewe of Benin (Africa) who practice Vodun have a temple dedicated to the big python Dagbe Dre and small python Dagbe Kpohoun, related to Oxumare of the Yoruban Ifá of Nigeria and the diasporas. By way of Haiti the Loa is Ayida-Weddo as also the vodun in Benin.

          A double rainbow features reversed colors in the outer (secondary) bow, not unlike the rainbow Morpheus leaves behind at the end of Chapter 2 of Brief Lives.[citation needed]

          For Buddhists, the rainbow is "the highest state achievable before attaining Nirvana, where individual desire and consciousness are extinguished."
          For Karens of Burma, the rainbow is considered as a painted and dangerous demon that eats children.
          Izanami and Izanagi, the male and female creators of the world in Japanese myth, "descended on the Floating Bridge of Heaven to create land from the ocean of chaos." In many texts this bridge is known as a rainbow.
          Shamans among Siberia's Buryats speak of ascending to the sky-spirit world by way of the rainbow.
          In mythology of ancient Slavs, a man touched by the rainbow is drawn to heaven, and becomes a "Planetnik" – half-demonic creature – which is under the power of the thunder and lightning god Perun.
          In Bulgarian legends, it is said that if you walk beneath a rainbow, you will change genders: if a man, you'll begin to think like a woman, and if a woman, you'll begin to think like a man. While most Bulgarians don't believe in the superstition, some of them tease each other and joke around. They might also say "The sun is shining, the rain is falling, a bear is getting married" (roughly translated-in the original verse, the last part rhymes).
          In Ireland, a common legend asserts that a "pot of gold" is to be found at the end of a rainbow, for the person lucky enough to find it. This treasure is, however, guarded by a Leprechaun.
          In Mesoamerican cultures, Ix Chel is a maternal jaguar goddess associated with rain. Chel means rainbow in the Yucatán Poqomchi' language. Ix Chel wears a serpent headdress and presides principally over birth and healing.
          In Amazonian cultures, rainbows have long been associated with malign spirits that cause harm, such as miscarriages and (especially) skin problems. In the Amuesha language of central Peru, certain diseases are called ayona’achartan, meaning "the rainbow hurt my skin". A tradition of closing one's mouth at the sight of a rainbow in order to avoid disease appears to pre-date the Incan empire.
          In pre-Islamic Arabian mythology, the rainbow is the bow of a weather god, Quzaḥ, whose name survives in the Arabic word for rainbow, قوس قزح qaws Quzaḥ, 'the bow of Quzaḥ'.
          Rainbows are widely seen in Native American stories and prophecies. The Cherokee believe the rainbow forms the hem of the sun's coat.[7]
          In the myth of U Lakriah and Niaw wasa(Jaintias of Meghalaya, India) Rainbow is God's image which appeared before U Lakriah,

          1. Why not just link to it? No need for the word wall in comment threads.

            1. Just use Google. Amirite?

              1. No idiot. What does "No need for the word wall" mean to you?

                Apart from being poison to your stupid gotcha attempt at false equivalence.

              2. Google is fine. They said it was wiki. If I cared to read that word wall I would have gone to it. There was no attached opinion.

                What is your point leo? I link when asked by people who I feel will actually read the link. We know jeff will not as has been proven time and time again. Why are you white knighting him anyways? I've provided you links when asked. But guess I wont anymore if you're stopping to Jeff's level.

          2. Is it cultural appropriation if Judeo-Christians came up with a rainbow myth before encountering these other cultures?

            If aliens on another planet had rainbow myths billions of years ago, is it cultural appropriation if earthlings came up with their own myths before encountering the aliens?

        3. I thought the reason it was used was because it alluded to the Wizard of Oz and Judy Garland, as she was a gay icon.

        4. It’s different because they can’t tell if you’re a Christian by looking at the color of your skin.

        5. Rainbows existed well before being used as a symbol of Yahweh's supposed promise by the compilers of the Biblical book of Genesis. Using a rainbow to show that a wide variety of people can be accepted makes sense. They didn't steal it from Jews or Christians, they took it directly from nature.

        6. While you're at it, no American should be able to eat Pizza or pasta again since that is cultural appropriation of Italy.
          I'd love to see the response from that one if some asshole SJW attempts to prevent this in America.

    3. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued during slave-holding times. Repeal that shit, says Kaepernick.

      Oh, wait....

      1. Large corporation taking advice from not-terribly-bright but had a good season once QB on product launches.

        Man, that sounds like a sound investment.

    4. Too arcane dude..... way too arcane.

  2. Betsy Ross Is Canceled

    You know who also didn't like the Red, White, and Blue?

    1. Louie XVI?

    2. Milosevic?

    3. Rooster Teeth?

    4. Generals Gage and Howe?

      1. Why? Their flag had the same colors!

        1. As did Milosevic's (see Chipper Morning Wood's comment, above).

    5. Benedict Arnold.

    6. The crips and the bloods?

    7. Bruce. Springsteen.

  3. But the shoes were reportedly yanked at the request of Colin Kaepernick, former NFL football player and current Nike representative.

    That would be one way to alienate the people you're trying to convince.

    1. It'll be interesting to see if this has an effect on Nike sales figures.

      1. In the very least it will be costly. If I understand correctly the shoes had already been manufactured and shipped.

        1. Soon to be seen in various 3rd world countries.

          1. Only the really racist countries.

            Oh, wait, that's all of them!!

        2. Also interesting to see if this has an effect on Nike looting figures at the next riot.

          1. Antifa fuckheads wearing Nike as a fashion statement. That makes me laugh.

    2. i did *not* flag this comment for review. (sorry wtf w/the flags?)

      1. They let reason know where to insert ads.

        1. yeah was trying to rid my screen of the Cardi B popup video and flagged instead

      2. I hate the flag options. I also accidentally flagged a comment while scrolling on my phone this morning. If they are going to have one, can we make it a two step process. Flag and a are you sure option?

        1. trying to be some kind of free speech absolutist over here there should be no flags at all.

          1. Notice I said if you are going to have one...?

            1. word. i did.

        2. The flag is less annoying than the double link filter that puts your comments for review.

        3. It's really bad on the phone. I've accidentally flagged too many people just trying to scroll (and avoid the shitty ads and banners). What I don't understand is the lack of option to removed the flag

        4. The position of the flag and the ease of flagging is deliberate.

          There will come a day when we are too much for the site--when their leftist masters forge that last link and demand total orthodoxy from 'libertarians'.

          When that day comes, it will be announced that there are so many flagged comments that the Reason staff have decided to end commenting once and for all. The alt-right will be who gets the blame. Them and, of course, white nationalists and racists.

          Hit and Run is already less than a memory.

  4. What is Red, White, and Blue all over?

    1. Crusty's testicles?

      1. Threadwinner!!!

            1. I liked when you tantrumed out and fled.

              It's better than telling us what you like about your sugar daddy.

    2. Porn industry convention in Vegas?

    3. A flag in a blender?

    4. Mauve?

    5. That transracial Indian on European porn I love. Oh you said blue, not blew all over.


    El Salvador President says his country not Trump is responsible for migrant deahts on the Rio Grande. RACIST.

    1. “We can blame any other country but what about our blame? What country did they flee? Did they flee the United States? They fled El Salvador, they fled our country. It is our fault.”

      1. /Reason staff faints.

      2. El Salvador could feel the tariffs coming and wanted to get out in front of this one.

        1. Because it being a failed state has nothing to do with the problem. Jesus what is wrong with you?

          1. Infidel. There's nothing wrong with Jesus. Jesus is just alright with me.

    2. We'll, there goes the narrative.

  6. Effects of ‘secondhand drinking’ hurt 53 million Americans: study

    Imagine what the harm effects of Secondhand Socialism are.

    1. nothing makes me marvel more at how our society shamelessly recycles/rebrands 19th century puritan ideas with new terms and discusses it as if they uncovered an original thought.

      1. In fairness those 19th century ideas were also recycled the general populace just didn't have the information at their fingertips to see or combat this. The utter shamelessness of them doing it now is what makes me marvel.

        1. Its really shocking with the internet at your fingertips too.

          There is really no excuse to not look stuff up. Its not like you even have to be smart with remembering millions of facts. You just look up a few sources about Socialism. PRESTO! All the horrible things done in the name of Socialism and over 100 million dead.

          1. Until all wrongthink is banished from the intertubes and the only available sources of information are the revisionist propaganda of the zealots.

      2. Ideologies come and go but human stupidity is forever.

  7. Colin Kaepernick and the Chinese Secret Policemen: Two constituencies Nike holds dear.

    1. They just follow their consciences you deplorable.

  8. I am old enough to remember when Kaepernick swore that he wasn't protesting the flag but police brutality. The flag might trigger someone but his Che or Castro shirt is in no way offensive to the hundreds of thousands of Cubans whose families were victims of Castro or anything.

    1. A triviality. At least he never made a White Power circle with his thumb and index finger

      1. The horror!!

    2. I am old enough to remember when Kaepernick swore that he wasn’t protesting the flag but police brutality

      Boy, that went right out the window when Nike began throwing Chinese sweatshop bux his way, didn't it?

      1. It's kind of hard to claim that you're being oppressed when you can tell a billion-dollar global corporation what they're allowed to display on their shoes.

        1. I'll have to remember that the next time some claims to be oppressed. today the only people i see being oppressed openly are Trump supporters and any white hetero male

          1. "today the only people i see being oppressed openly are Trump supporters and any white hetero male"

            Whoa there. Andy Ngo objects to your statement.

        2. He id definitely going down in the SJW Hall of Fame for that.

          IIRC the Nike CEO really tipped his hand that he and controlling share of board members are die-hard SJWs.

          1. Makes you wonder if American shoes being made in Commie China and Commie Vietnam had something to do with helping the Commies a bit.

            India has cheap labor but is not Communist.

            1. India does not have cheap labor; it just has low wages. There's a huge difference.

              1. Fair point.

  9. Conditions in migrant detention centers are "worse than we ever could have imagined," say Democratic lawmakers who visited yesterday.

    Lack of imagination. The current conditions would be worse for them if it was a Democrat in the White House.

    1. You want worse? I’ll show you worse!

    2. Yeah, I'm picturing squalid encampments of improvised tents and cardboard boxes along the highways outside southwestern cities. Oh...wait. We have those anyway. Well, they'd be a lot bigger.

      1. I mean worse for the lawmakers.

    3. We already know that Obama was quite content to put kids in cages. It was most amusing when the left presented their pictures only to discover that the pictures were taken during the Obama administration. I can't recall the fake media bringing the subject up since then except to again infer that it was Trump who did so hoping that most Americans have a short attention plan.
      Where the hell is their outrage at Obama.

  10. Liberals love Nike because of Kaepernick. Conservatives hate Nike because of Kaepernick.

    Neither cares about Nike products being made by child slave labor.

    1. Nike needs to come out with a shoe that has monocles and they will earn libertarian loyalty.

    2. Neither cares about Nike products being made by child slave labor.

      Completely untrue. Conservatives want tariffs on the products of such labor and Liberals think they should be able to move enslaved children freely across borders.

    3. "...Nike products being made by child slave labor."

      Cite missing.

      1. I'll have my orphans research that and get back to you.

      2. Slave labor = people being paid less than leftists think they should be.

      3. Child labor yes. But not slaves. They were paid.

    4. I don't see a problem with child slave labor as long as it's an eclectic collection of children.

      1. and they are all named oliver?

        1. But if Oliver wants to be called Olivia, that's cool too.

          1. No it's not. Try singing Olivia in a British accent in an adorable manner. Cant happen.

  11. Antifa Members Have Repeatedly Attacked Journalists Who Cover Them

    Soave has assured us that they would only be a force of good, taking down "racist" historical markers and statues.

    Who would have ever seen this coming?

    1. Conservatives are just as bad to be sure.

    2. The black-masked agitators later took Kessler’s camera and smashed it on the ground to keep him from documenting their actions.

      I thought only cops would git you if you tried to film their public activity?

      1. Those antifa thugs are very proud of their behavior. That's why they don't want it recorded!

        Oh, wait...

        1. They just object to the camera adding 15 pounds....

  12. Poorly made shoes, the flags aren’t even on straight.

    1. Nike shoes suck. The only people who wear them are athletes who get paid to and get a new pair whenever they want and people too dumb to know any better.

      1. Remember when the Nike shows blew put on Zion like 2 minutes into a game? Brand new. Good shoes.

        1. Their running shoes about destroyed my feet. Other than that idiot who convinced people to run barefoot, I am not sure anyone has done more damage to people's feet than Nike has.

          1. Maybe Chinese men before 1900?

            1. You mean Chinese women? It was the mothers that bound the daughters' feet. Men passed laws banning the practice.

          2. Honestly, they made the last really comfortable pair of shoes I wore for about two years in the early 2000s--a classic mid-top cross-trainer that provided good support for running and gym workouts.

            Unfortunately, it's hard to find an ordinary mid-top like that anymore, and they're the only style that ever really felt good on my feet. Pretty much every shoe made these days is either a high-top basketball shoe or a low-top cross-trainer/running shoe.

      2. Zion Williamson agrees with the sentiment that Nike shoes are shit.

        ...unless they pay him well. Then he will praise them anyway, even though one exploded when he used it trying to change directions during a basketball game.

        1. Bro, you can only pivot left in Nike sneakers. Zion knew that.

          1. Is that why Derek Zoolander was never in an ad campaign for Nike?

  13. Neil Gaiman's Sandman is being made into a Netflix series.

    The Covington kid?

    1. "Drums Along the Mowhawk"

    2. "A Smile At Sunset"

  14. "The shoes were reportedly yanked at the request of Colin Kaepernick, former NFL football player and current Nike representative."

    Back in the 1990s, when being anti-free trade was en vogue among fashionable Democrats everywhere, Nike used to be a favorite target of the left as a whipping boy for free trade. "No, we can't have free trade in America", that argument went, "because companies like Nike exploit powerless workers in sweat shops".

    I was never really defending Nike. I was defending free trade.
    I was never really defending Wal*Mart. I was defending free trade.
    I was never really defending Apple. I was defending free trade.

    Nike has a right to do as they please. We have a right to boycott their products. This country was built on the back of a boycott. Fuck you, Nike. I hope Americans all over the country meet on the Fourth of July and burn their Nike merchandise ahead of the fireworks.

    Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

  15. The Woman Who Sneaked Into George Washington’s Army

    If we only had more women sneak onto corporate boards to fight the good fight....ammirite guys?

    1. "We muft not call him a woman, he is a tranfgendered man who seekf the honor of fighting for our glorious caufe."

      1. “So, finding a little piece of it is even more important than finding another piece of George Washington’s history.”

        I love how her unknown motives are hypothesized as being between 'patriot' or 'victim':
        Sampson’s motivation for enlisting has never been clear. Unabashed patriotism? Financial distress? What about blind vengeance? Rabid racial hatred of all things Anglican? Delusions of divine selection/false prophecy? Opportunistic misandry?

        1. Horniness?

        2. Bad date with British royalty?

    2. California is going to mandate that corporate boards be 50% female (not sure if they will check or if it's what the board members identify as), even in industries that aren't anywhere near 50%.

      1. Corporate Board in CA: Well, we're a little short. Today, fellas --- we're ALL women!

        ...anybody doubt that this scenario won't play out?

      2. California is going to mandate that corporate boards be 50% female (not sure if they will check or if it’s what the board members identify as), even in industries that aren’t anywhere near 50%.

        As long as everybody has at least one X chromosome, it's all good.

  16. "Conditions in migrant detention centers are 'worse than we ever could have imagined,' say Democratic lawmakers who visited yesterday."

    OMG! We have known for some time they literally are concentration camps. But apparently even that label underestimated how terrible they are.

    Fortunately Democrats are rapidly embracing the Koch / Reason immigration agenda: Cory Booker introduces immigration plan aimed to "virtually eliminate" immigration detention

    My prediction that Democrats will formally endorse open borders by 2020 is looking better all the time.


  17. Reminder: the correct name for the national holiday on Thursday is Independence Day, not “the Fourth of July”.

    But of course it goes without saying that the idea of the United States remaining an independent nation is abhorrent to George Soros and all the Kochsuckers who work for him around here.

    1. This country would be a much better place if Soros and the Koch Brothers had more influence over the political process.


      1. I for one welcome our new geriatric overlords.

        1. I for one welcome our new generation of geriatric overlords.


          1. Good point.

    2. Hahahahah holy fuck my man, this is great even for you

  18. Vox discovered that gun owners aren't all Republican.

    They either discovered that libertarians aren't Republican or they discovered the bank of Democrats who voted Trump.

    1. The periodic articles like this are like some kind of idiot false flag operation designed to disprove that these people aren't nefariously distorting debate and are just idiots. The Juice Box brigade at vox is something.

      1. Well, doing this keeps Vox from continuing to demand more censorship. So, small victories.

    2. I bit the bullet and read the article. The article is saying that having guns is okay for "marginalized" groups on the Left, because...wait for it...the police can't be relied on to protect them.

      So Tony will be denouncing the author of the article as a crazy gun nut, right?

      1. the police can’t be relied on to protect them

        Such as Andy Ngo?

      2. "the police can’t be relied on to protect them."

        Parkland High School?

      3. My favorite part of the article was the incoherence.
        I) Guns are needed among the marginalized to protect themselves from fascist racist cop oppressors
        II) But gun safety!
        1) No one should handle a gun without extensive training
        2) The "community" should designate "patrols" comprised of well trained and trusted individuals who should be armed.
        a) These patrol members will magically have no more and no less power than members of the community. Unlike cops. Because reasons.
        3) This model is better than "everyone gets a gun"
        Implication: everyone DOES NOT get to choose to have a gun. I guess those marginalized people can count on community patrols to be nicer to them than police are.

        1. sounds like they're proposing an armed force of brown shirts. what could possibly go wrong?

          1. sounds like they’re proposing an armed force of brown shirts. what could possibly go wrong?

            They're promoting a 'police force'.

        2. Guns are needed among the marginalized to protect themselves from fascist racist cop oppressors

          They should really codify that in the Bill of Rights somewhere.

    3. They either discovered that libertarians aren’t Republican or they discovered the bank of Democrats who voted Trump.

      More likely they discovered Reason's article on the exact same thing last week.

  19. RBG Handing off the liberal torch

    5. Handing off the liberal torch to Kagan?
    The 86-year-old Ginsburg seemed to be handing the liberal torch off to Justice Elena Kagan, assigning her important majority and dissenting opinions. As the senior justice, Ginsburg assigns opinions when the chief justice, who normally assigns opinions, is not in the majority and she is. Her decision assignments seemed both strategic and generous — she gave important writing assignments not just to Kagan but to both Trump appointees, when they provided deciding votes in closely divided cases.

    Uh-oh, even the Lefties are accepting that RBG isn't going to make it through Trump's 8 years as President. I don't see the blame RBG articles much anymore, when she is rightly blamed for not retiring when Democrats controlled Congress and Obama was Prez.

    1. Like with Hillary Clinton in 2016, speculation about RBG's health is based on sexism. I guarantee she will only retire after Drumpf's Presidency has ended.


      1. Imagine a "Weekend at Bernie's" scenario at the Supreme Court.

      2. When you've had bouts of cancer [colon and pancreas] as she has, and then are diagnosed with malignant nodes on your lungs [metastatic disease for sure], I would give her about a year tops. Time for hospice Notorious. And Trump [actually McConnell and the Federalist Society] are going to replace you.

        Can you just imagine the collective loss of shit if he picks Amy Barrett? Antifa will go into attack mode [at least wherever they know for sure that the police will stand down as they beat up more journalists they don't like].

    2. "Here it is, darling," as RBG tosses the Communist Manifesto to Kagan.

    3. "Now watch carefully, dear. If you make this combination of key strokes, you unlock all the secret meanings of the Constitution."

    4. Is there good reason to believe she's still alive now?

      1. The media did stories on RBG when she was able to act like a 75 year old.

        No more in-depth stories as of late. I would say that bodes poorly for RBG's corpse not stinking up her office.

        1. She was alleged to have made a couple of public appearances last month, but at events that were closed to the press.

    5. Not Sotomayor? Kagan leans more moderate than her and RBG.

  20. I am now convinced that Nike's marketing campaign is the old any news is good news standby. This isn't about anything other than them wanting to be talked about and the center of a national debate around their branding, it costs them nothing as far as ad-buys goes and they trend on social media all week. You almost have to tip your cap at the raw cynicism of it.

    1. Levi's is taking notes and will soon unveil its new "jihadi jeans."

      (strictly a joke!)

      1. It’s going to blow up the market!

        1. +100

      2. With optional matching vest.

      3. Just to be sure, you might want to register that as a trademark - - - -

      4. Ay ay ay ay ay ay can't get over how good these make my ass look!

      5. No denim burkas??

        1. The wimminz will wear what they're told to wear, when they're told to wear it.


  21. "While no one seems to be saying that Ross herself was an evil racist"

    Some Salon or Vox writer somewhere: "hold my avocado beer"


    Huffpost gives us further adventure in newspeak. The far right extremeists in Portland "wanted blood".

    Ngo is a "far right extremist" who was beaten by "unidentified assailents" mysteriously not Antifa. Trump was right, the media is the enemy of the people.


      Imagine being that guy. Also can someone tell me for the record what Trump has done to erode gay rights? banning tranny's in the military doesn't count as that isn't a homosexual issue. I'll allow the cake case but if you bring it up I will consider you a retard.

      1. that was supposed to be a separate comment threat for the record.

      2. So much for the the stereotype that gay men are fashionable. God what a dork.

        1. Those are his 'beard' clothes. He dresses differently at night.

      3. Trump is probably the most pro-gay president of all time. I say that in all seriousness.

      4. Let's see...

        Waivers for adoption centers to discriminate.
        State department fucking around with asylum claims from gay people having to prove that they're "gay enough".
        State department fucking over gay parents with citizenship for their kids.
        DoJ changing it's positions on several cases regarding whether discrimination against LGB people is sex stereotype discrimination.
        Appointment of SCOTUS justices perceived as likely to rule against LGBT rights (by both liberals and conservatives, mind you. It's just that the socons see this as a boon).
        For that matter, appointments, appointments, appointments. He's put a ton of judges on the bench with anti-LGBT records.
        There's also his various "religious liberty" efforts.

        And then of course there's all the trans issues which, despite your assertion, are very much an issue for gay folk.

        Which isn't to say he's the worst ever. He's not even as bad as W. Bush, who used panic over gay marriage to boost his way to a second term. But there's no reason to paper over his anti-LGBT record. It's one of the reason Evangelicals like him.

        1. Waivers for religiously affiliated adoption agencies to practice adoption in accordance with the religious tenets. Which is required by the 1A (Congress shall make no law restricting the free expression of religion).
          Actually requiring assylum seekers to show they actually meet the criteria for assylum and that gay parents actually have legal custody of children the try to immigrate with (the same as I have to provide birth certificates to obtain a visa for my kids)
          The DoJ lawyers having a different interpretation of the law then your desired interpretation.
          Trans rights are gay rights, so you speak for the homosexual community? Actually, a number of lesbians have real problems with the transright movement.

  23. AOC is so privileged she has never seen the toilet/fountains they have in holding centers to reduce pipes in a cell. She's so racist she thought migrants were fucking stupid and drinking from toilets and not the fountains.

    1. Not a singe word or phrase uttered by the idiotic nut case is the truth.

      1. Are you claiming her mind is s concentration camp creating a holocaust on truth?

        1. Pretty much.

        2. Nothing in Occasional-Cortex's mind has anything to do with concentration.

          1. Well, there is that concentration of stupidity right behind those buck teeth ...

  24. I can no longer believe anything that comes from the Dem party. Their staged shrill hysterics are nauseating. Notice that these are all women, because women are seen as more caring and compassionate than icky men. Notice too the sad, and (attempted) sincere looks on their faces.
    "I really care more than you!"
    Not that it justifies containment; But nothing that is happening at the boarder today can compare with what Jimmy Carter did with all the Cuban detainees.

    1. Women run our military industrial complex. They're much more inclined to get us into wars and send young men off to die for a collective.

      My hope is that gay men will catch on and start calling this shit out. Bill Burr says, no straight men are willing to call women on their crap because they want to get laid.

      1. "Women run our military industrial complex. "

        um, what?

        1. It's all penis-envy, apparently. Isn't everything?

        2. 1. head of the CIA
          2. CEOs of 4 of the 5 top military contractors

          Try to keep up

  25. White supremacists should start calling themselves Democratic socialists.

    1. Most white separatist groups are explicitly socialist in their economic doctrines.

  26. "China Accelerates the Opening of Its Financial Sector to Foreigners

    Beijing will allow foreigners to freely invest in futures, securities and life insurance in 2020, a year ahead of schedule, Premier Li says"

    We've seen China cross a number of items off of Trump's list of demands to call off his trade war with China. In no particular order, here are three:

    1) Huge soybean purchases by China
    2) Chinese pressure on North Korea
    3) Allowing American companies better access to China's financial services sector.

    Trump appears to be letting China capitulate to these demands while letting Emperor Xi safe face--as if he were doing these things of his own accord. The Chinese capitulating to Trump's demands, however, is not a coincidence, and it augers well for an official agreement to actually be implemented soon. Xi wouldn't be doing any of this stuff if he didn't think it would get him something in return.

    I want Trump to hit a home run--even though I opposed this trade war from the beginning--because I'm an American and I want American to win. I'll be happy if Trump just drops the whole trade war and we go back to the way things were before he took office. That being said, I'm hoping for more. In fact, there are two outcomes I want to see that will make me give Trump a ton of credit for doing what he did over the objections of free trade people like me:

    1) Protections against forced technology transfers.

    In order to manufacture and sell your products in China, the Chinese government assigns you a competitor with which to form a joint venture--usually someone who is or was powerful in either the CCP or the PLA--and you then become a minority partner.

    That horseshit needs to end.

    2) An enforcement mechanism.

    As Ronald Reagan once said, "Trust but verify".

    If the people of Hong Kong don't believe that Emperor Xi can be taken at his word, why should the people of the United States take Emperor Xi's word for anything?

    1. "better access to China’s financial services sector"

      This is a two-edged sword. The more our financiers are entangled in Communist China the more they will knuckle under to the ChiCom government. See Google, Apple, etc.

      1. The reason China doesn't finance communist rebels all over the Third World anymore is because of trade with the United States. China is now a huge force for stability in the developing world--because revolutions and civil wars get in the way of resource extraction.

        This is all as it should be. Capitalism is the solution to communism and trade is about capitalism spreading its influence beyond its borders.

        To whatever extent we need to worry about businesses falling under China's sway, they're far more worried about the influence of American companies on their economy. And that's why they've wanted to keep American companies out of their financial services sector.

        1. So you don't think our financial houses will withdraw from financing say, American military companies, due to Chinese pressure. Likely behind the scenes pressure.

          I have serious doubts based on the track record of our current companies that knuckle under.

          1. Former leaders in the People's Liberation Army own much of the assets in China today. In terms of financing their military, I don't think China has any trouble with that. Military sales require approval from the Department of State.

            Meanwhile, making China's economy even more dependent on American financial institutions is a far greater threat to the Chinese than it is to us. We can't go to war with the U.S. because MorganChase is financing the expansion of my factory complex is a serious thing.

            The Chinese are also concerned about American companies offering things like life insurance and retirement planning services to an ever growing Chinese middle class. If going to war with the U.S. and its allies over the South China Sea means that hundreds of millions of Chinese people may lose access to their retirement savings, then maybe it's better to come to some kind of agreement.

            You're resisting the solution to these problems. Nothing aligns people's interests like trade. It also increases the cost of going to war. If you have no trade relationship to lose, then that isn't something that makes it less likely that you'll want to go to war.

            1. China is demonstrably stealing US technology. I've seen it up close and personal. AFTER that is solved, and we are very certain that the Chinese government cannot use their influence to get access to all sorts of financial and other info, then, yes, free and open trade is wonderful. Trading with someone who is picking your pocket, not so much. Trust, but verify - no establish verification procedures first, then slowly increase trust. The Chinese government have a well-deserved reputation.

        2. What you call china rebels I call Confusious Institutes.

  27. "Nike Inc. is yanking a U.S.A.-themed sneaker featuring an early American flag after NFL star-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick told the company it shouldn’t sell a shoe with a symbol that he and others consider offensive, according to people familiar with the matter."

    I thought he was in jail for impersonating an NFL QB. If not, he should be.

    1. He is out on the Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder work release program.

      1. Ryan Leaf hates you all.

  28. The governor of Arizona just pulled its incentives for a planned Nike plant over the Betsy Ross fiasco.

    "In a series of tweets early Tuesday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced that he has ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars to encourage Nike to add a manufacturing plant in the Valley."

    I wish he'd done it for other reasons, but why quibble? Isn't that another good reason not to engage in corporate welfare--so the people of Arizona aren't forced to condone Nike's political stances?

    1. Any reason to eliminate corporate welfare is a good reason

    2. The bill for the decision to pull those shoes is growing larger. I wonder if there are any adults left in Nike's corporate office, or are they too busy watching My Little Pony to notice?

    3. Will AOC jump on the bandwagon and invite Nike to the empty corporate hole left by the Amazon Campus 2 fiasco?

  29. The idea of the Betsy Ross flag shoes is a weird one to begin I'm going out on a limb to say that Nike had them designed just so they could have them pulled.

    1. I'm going to go down to a local store and try to slip the salesman a 50 for one. Resale value in a few years will be nuts.

      1. That is what I was thinking. And if I am some other shoe company, I start making my own version now.

        1. I feel like New Balance has had US flags on their US made shoes for years...

      2. Probably cheaper and more fun to go to Mexico or Canada and see if you can pick up a pair in a month or so.

      3. I mean this is exactly what Nike wants to happen this whole thing is a marketing ploy.

    2. Nike pulling an unreleased shoe from dealers after sending out the entire inventory, just to cynically create a collector's item due to scarcity and public controversy, wouldn't be out of bounds for them.

      1. I saw an interview with the CEO of Coke from back when they decided to get rid of Classic Coke and just do New Coke instead. When asked if it had all been a marketing ploy, he responded, "We weren't that smart and we weren't that stupid". Then he went on to explain. He was saying that there was no way they were smart enough to know that trashing the flavor everyone loved that it would create this huge demand that they'd never experienced before. He was also saying that trying to make people want to buy an established brand by enraging their customers would have been a stupid thing to do.

        I don't think Nike planned this. I just chucked my Nike gear in a bag and threw it in the back of my closet. I just bought a new pair of running shoes by Asics. The Nike "swoosh" looks like a hammer and sickle to me now. They just fucked up.

    3. The idea of the Betsy Ross flag shoes is a weird one to begin with

      Apparently you haven't delved into the deeply disturbing world of sneakerheads.

      1. OMFG how are all your posts just garbage?

        1. Fuck off Hihn

  30. Here's further evidence of Nike being a force for evil in the world:

    "Nike pulls line of shoes from China after designer supports Hong Kong protesters"

    ----New York Post, June 26, 2019

    1. And how about when our financial institutions are doing lots of business with ChiCom owned corps?

      Be careful what you wish for.

      1. Why should we fear powerful Chinese becoming dependent on American financial institutions for their wealth?

        You got it all backward buddy. China is afraid of American influence in their financial sector.

        The reason Iran is such a big security threat to the United States is because more of their leadership isn't beholden to American relationships for their wealth.

        Their economy is withering without those relationships and much of their acting out is because they want those relationships back without making serious concessions on their nuclear program.

        1. If the Chinese were honest brokers, you would be 100% correct. But they ain't. Look at their track record. Look at how they treat their own people. Look at how they are 'respecting' their deal on Hong Kong. Look at the concentration camps in NW China. Look at Nepal. Look at Taiwan.

          You need to talk with some Japanese businessmen who have worked in China for a few decades. You'd change your tune.

  31. Where's Trump's tweet on Nike?

    If dissing the national anthem played into his hands, why wouldn't this?

    Yeah, I know, everyone to the left of Tucker Carlson will denounce Trump for having an opinion like everybody else, but that's Trump's magic recipe. He wants the media to denounce him for defending Betsy Ross in an election year.

    1. He's too busy legitimizing his fellow psychopath heads of state these days.

      1. Fuck off war monger.

          1. God literally everything you post is trash.

      2. He’s too busy legitimizing his fellow psychopath heads of state these days.

        Trump is playing good cop/bad cop all by himself. This is what he does in so many relationships. The Turtle, Kim, Pelosi, all his staff, etc. And it is pretty effective. People want to be loved and react, sometimes by getting desperate for love, when someone they thought loved them becomes estranged. That's his angle.

      3. Youd prefer giving the psychopaths billions of dollars like the last few appeasers? Talking is far cheaper and far less legitimizing that what any of the past presidents have done.

  32. ""The average person on Earth is now 4.4 times richer than their ancestors were in 1950," reports Axios on a new analysis of generational growth."

    Are the dozen countries below the line on the Axios plot the shithole countries?

    1. I just wish axios understood data normalization.

  33. Conditions in migrant detention centers are "worse than we ever could have imagined," say Democratic lawmakers who visited yesterday.

    But not yet bad enough that the democrats will do anything about it.

    1. Detention centers on this scale should not exist in the first place. If you can't treat people humanely, you have to let them go.

      1. They are free to go -
        back where they came from.

        1. +100

      2. So let go anyone in prison too?

        1. Prisoners suing the state because prison conditions are inhumane isn't unheard of. And when the courts agree with the prisoners, they end up telling the state "improve conditions". One way states have done this is by releasing lower-level offenders as the congestion is often a major contributing factor to the conditions.

          All of which is to say... yes. This isn't new.

  34. The Betsy Ross flag is not "the American flag", and as I'm sure you're aware, it's been appropriated as a symbol of white nationalism. Would you approve of a Confederate flag sneaker?

    Would it piss you off? Then yes, I would approve.

    1. Yours seems to be the predominant attitude on many issues of the day. Principle counts for little. Kinda renders any national flag meaningless.

      1. Funny how all of these enlightened wokeltarians are experts on the symbols of the dreded "white supremacy".

        I have no idea if that is even true. If I had to bet on the issue, I bet the whole idea was dreamed up by some 4chan troll. Even if it is true, fuck all of them. Neither the white supremacists nor the wokeltarians own the symbol or how I or anyone else with a brain interprets it.

        1. Yeh, I'd be very suspect on their interpretations of history.

          As time goes, it becomes much easier to cherry pick.

        2. It was a firmly established fact by a nine year old for a school project.

        3. It's basically dog whistling.

          They hear something denounced as racist, and suddenly they're experts on everything there is to know about something they knew nothing about yesterday.

          1. I will be the first to admit I don't know a damn thing about white supremacists or their symbols. But, I have never heard that the original flag is now a "white supremacist" symbol until this morning. Had you? Can anyone point to where this claim was made before this or to an example of it being used by white supremacists?

            1. No. It doesn't mean that to me.

              And I don't know why it would matter.

              There still isn't anything racist about "Don't Tread on Me" far as I'm concerned either--and I don't care who co-opted it as a symbol for whatever. If it doesn't mean that to me, then why should I care what white supremacist weirdos claim it represents?

              I think the ultimate goal is just to declare any patriotic symbol as racist. The left hates the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, and the Constitution because it protects us from them. The Constitution is only effective because so many of us believe in its principles, and so they're attacking people's belief in it by trying to make everything patriotic seem evil.

              Fuck 'em.

            2. >>>used by white supremacists?

              have to find some first ...

        4. Huffpost gave 2 examples as proof. One of the white supremacists they hate had the 13 star flag in their home in a video and it was once used along with a trump 2016 banner together in a school. That is the entirety of the proof.

          Ajax just seems like an ignorant sumbshit so far in this comment thread.

      2. Yours seems to be the predominant attitude on many issues of the day

        Stop being such exceptional retards about everything and people won't feel like pissing you off out of sheer spite.

      3. >>>any national flag meaningless

        flags have personal meaning only anyway

  35. This is not proper display of the flag anyway. A pox on both their houses.

    1. What would we do without bothsideism!

      Well, we might live in a better world if people could discuss important issues with one less bullshit distraction.

      If some people think it's offensive for Nike to politicize Betsy Ross ahead of the Fourth of July, that doesn't mean there must be an equally valid argument in favor of Nike being so stupid and offensive.

      Nike's right to be stupid and offensive isn't under attack here. The question is whether their stupidly self-inflicted wound was offensive to their customers--and the correct answer is "yes".

  36. Damn white people and their (shuffles deck) ... shoes!

  37. The Lefties are letting the White Supremacists set the culture. The WS go declare something to be theirs and the Left instantly screams for it to be banned.

    Tiki torches. Banned. Short on the side. banned. Betsy Ross flags. Banned.

    Next 4chan will declare Apple Pie to be their symbol and all twenty Democrats on stage will instantly kowtow and declare Apple Pie off limits.

    The fucktards are pulling the strings and the woked are blind to it. Pathetic.

    1. It is a symbiotic relationship. The White Supremacists like to troll and the leftists like to ban shit.

      1. That and many White Supremacists are Socialists anyway. White Supremacists would love to be powerful to ban shit too.

        They would love to run a country to own and control it's means of production to make sure it pure whitey.

        1. Your Russian education has provided you with an impressively adequate set of mindless connections between buzzwords and Americana. I think John's too smart to fall for it though.

        2. Poor Tony.

          So many losses since Jan 20, 2017. So many more losses to come.

    2. Far as we know, the left is just making shit up about white supremacists using Betsy Ross' flag as a symbol, too. For all we know, that idea came Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend rather than from anything real.

      "We were talking about giving this kid an opportunity to get back in the National Football League. Look, this is what I wanted to share with people. I have been fighting for this kid behind the table like nobody has ... I've never been against Colin Kaepernick. But I am against the way he's done it.

      Then, [Kaepernick's girlfriend] goes out and put out this racist gesture and doesn't know we are in the back office about to try to get this guy signed. Steve Bisciotti has said it himself, 'How can you crucify Ray Lewis when Ray Lewis is the one calling for Colin Kaepernick?'"

      ----Ray Lewis

      Kaepernick's then girlfriend is behind a lot of his activism, apparently. She tweeted a photo of Ray Lewis' face superimposed on the face of Samuel L. Jackson as the Uncle Tom slave in Tarantino's Django Unchained--with the face of the owner of the Baltimore Ravens superimposed on the face of evil slave owner. This when they were in the middle of discussions about whether to offer Kaepernick a contract! The owner saw that tweet and thought, "Why the hell would I subject myself to that abuse for the term of this contract?" and walked away.

      1. Had Amazon pulled sales of Betsy Ross flags? Is there any evidence of increased use? Fake news...

      2. It's not really a coincidence that he became an "activist" after he and Nessa started fucking. Apparently she was the cause of a fight between him and a teammate who happened to be her ex-boyfriend, too.

        1. Hell, women have an amazing way of changing what guys want--without even trying.

          I met this one girl, and suddenly I didn't want to spend Friday night playing poker with the guys. I wanted to go to mosque and study Islam. I was dating this Russian girl, once. After a few weeks, moving to Moscow seemed like something I'd always wanted to do.

          I understand why societies drive themselves crazy trying to keep them in line. I don't condone trying to do that, but I understand why they do it. Women are the most powerful force in the universe. I've seen guys devote their whole lifespan to keeping a woman happy.

          I'd say that if you get attached to a bad one you can really get in trouble, but . . .

          When I was a kid, I used to do visitations in the hospital with my minister grandfather. We'd go talk to guys who were dying. I was like 14 years old at the time, and they would talk to me and give me advice like I was a younger version of themselves. You know what exactly none of them ever said? "I'm so glad I never got mixed up with any crazy women when I was young".

          No one truly regrets getting together with a really crazy woman at some point in their lives. Sometimes the crazy gets so bad, you wish you'd never been born, but looking back, you might regret the things you did when you were under their influence, but you won't regret getting together with her. Guys regret never getting together with any crazy women, and if you find yourself in that camp, you can always just move to somewhere in Latin America.

          1. I regret getting together with my crazy spendthrift ex-wife, but at the same time I think the shit she subjected me to was the only way for me to finally decide I'm not going to tolerate that kind of thing any more. So I don't regret it, but also I do.

    3. What no one is blind to is the fact that this shitty sockpuppet "Brandybuck" is Shreek.

  38. Kaepernick is still a thing?

    1. Who?

    2. Richer than you.

      1. you think i think he's better than me bc money?

        1. His wealth is due to his being a professional athlete (at one time) and since then a public figure. He is only the latter because of the former. There is little debate that one of the keys necessary to being a professional athlete is the correct physiology. Some of that is influenced by environment, but a good majority by genetics. I am 5'10" but have short legs. As such, I am at a disadvantage in regards to running. There is a natural limit to how fast I can run. My chances of ever playing professional sports when I was younger were extremely limited. Most professional football players, especially QB, have disproportionately large wing spans (the measurement from finger tip of one hand to the other when the arms are held perpendicular to ground at shoulder height, I only explained this so no pendantric asshole can make a remark about wing span). They also tend to have disproportionately large hands compared to the mean of the male population. These physical characteristics, even in a "short" QB such as Russel Wilson or Drew Brees gives them an advantage in their position. So not only is Tony saying he is better then you because he is rich, but also he is rich because he has a genetic advantage over you.

  39. It should be pointed out that a group of immigrant activist who happen to be Latino ministers, disputes AOCs characterization of the detention facilities. Despite supporting her overall stance at least one has come forward to condemn her dishonesty in her representation of the facilities. Furthermore, the minister has pointed out a large percentage of those working for CBP are also Latinos and appear to be working hard to make the facilities as safe as possible. Short of letting them in without any way of tracking them (I know ChemJeff thinks this should be the immigration policy) I'm not sure what other options there are.

    1. Shhh. That is a secret.

      Jeff has become such a squeaky concern troll. He brings a tear to my eye almost daily.

      1. His default stance these days seems to be, "If you won't abide by the fantasia framework I set, you don't want to have a serious conversation!"

        1. What's funny is that he thinks anyone wants to have a conversation with him in the first place.

    2. "I’m not sure what other options there are"

      Eliminate the welfare state and legalize drugs, make the facility frivolous

      1. That seems unlikely. As long as the standard of living, employment level etc remains significantly greater than in their home country they will continue to come here. Those only eliminate the problem if you are for fully open borders (and even then I don't think the outcome would be desirable). As long as there remains some form of immigration control, simply eliminating welfare and the war on drugs is not enough to fix our immigration system.

        1. It would eliminate all of my concerns on a federal level. I say let local governments decide.

          1. Okay, so Texas and Arizona decide to enforce their borders but New Mexico and California don't. Is Arizona then also allowed to close it's borders to California? Unfortunately, well I normally support local and small control, sometimes local control is impractical.

            1. Is Arizona then also allowed to close it’s borders to California?

              Cutting off immigration from the California coast would probably do the nation more good in the long run than cutting it off from Central America.

              Let that area be a roach motel-type containment zone (you can check in, but you can't check out), and a lot of the imported insanity from these areas would start to dissipate after a while.

    3. It should be pointed out that a group of immigrant activist who happen to be Latino ministers, disputes AOCs characterization of the detention facilities. Despite supporting her overall stance at least one has come forward to condemn her dishonesty in her representation of the facilities.

      Do you have a reference for this claim?

      1. If I post it you will just attack the source. It was too of the page story at 8 am most on
        So once again you resort to the logical fallacy of burden of proof. This will soon be followed by the genetic fallacy.
        Also, just to be clear the burden of proof does not require the original claimant to always be the one to provide evidence, if aforesaid claim is general knowledge, or should be general knowledge. In that case the burden of proof falls on the person questioning it.
        "....the one who makes the claim typically has a burden of proof to justify or substantiate that claim especially when it challenges a perceived status quo."

        1. Why do you believe it is a common expectation for libertarians to read Fox News every day?

          1. Intelligent people get information from a wide range of sources.

          2. No, I expect people to debate honestly. Requesting citations that are easily found, because they run against your preconceptions is not debating in good faith. If the idea that AOC is exaggerating for political purposes is extraordinary, calling for a citation would be acceptable. If it is well known that she often makes fallacious, ambiguous or outright deceptive claims to further her agenda is true, demanding a citation that backs up that this is another case of her following her modus operandi is not considered acceptable and is itself a logical fallacy. I also read stories today by Politico, The Guardian, ACSH, Slade, Quillette, etc. I don't expect you to do the same. I also know that when you demand references you aren't doing it in good faith, but as a way to discredit your ideological opponents. This is quite evidenced by the not so we'll veiled attempt to besmirch me because I read Fox news. Just like your constant demanding of references from everyone is not a very well disguised attempt to besmirch others honesty.
            Since it is well documented that AOC has a tendency to exaggerate and distort, my claim should not have been seen as extradorinary except it runs counter to your bias. You so want it to be true that these detention centers are the modern day Auschwitz that you disbelieve anything that runs counter to this narrative. It is all confirmation bias on your part.

            1. Notice chemfuck couldn't actually refute what was said in the article, so he went right to the genetic fallacy just as you predicted.

              1. It was nearly a sure thing. If the lotto was as predictable as his arguments are, I wouldn't have to work another day in my life unless I wanted to. ChemJeff believes in some Utopian version of Libertarianism that sounds an awful lot like anarchy. He seems to lack any sense of pragmatism and appears to view any of us that question the workability of fully open borders (and or the advisability of it) as unrepentant, irredeemable authoritarian bigots. His go to answers invariably involve either besmirching a person's honesty (claiming he is honestly just asking for a reference, when it is more than obvious he does this because whatever is stated runs counter to his bias) or by screaming NAP. Unfortunately, his concept of NAP seems to be more like capitulation to aggression rather than non-aggression. He seems not to understand that many people can, in good faith, view those who enter a country illegally as an aggressive act on the illegal entries part. He is so convinced of his own righteousness, that he cannot conceive that others can opposed him for anything less then sinister reasons. He loves to accuse others of blind partisanship and tribalism while being one of the largest sycophants to his own tribalism that it is beyond ironic. He doesn't understand that you can be a tribalist, and small minded, even without swearing allegiance to the R or D parties. He also doesn't seem to grasp that sometimes compromise is necessary when living Ina complex society. That individualism is desirable but not always obtainable. That, therefore, the most realistic approach is to realize that sometimes laws and regulations are necessary but should be fashioned to intrude as little as possible on personal liberties while serving society as a whole. He is an absolutist and as bad as any other type of fundamentalist.

                1. His ideology doesn't exist in the real world and never did. Any radical individualist would eventually end up dead from starvation because humans are social creatures, and any society is going to develop norms, laws, and defenses as a means of preserving itself. That means being exclusionary to a certain degree, and individualists who make it clear that they aren't interested in accommodating the prevailing norms of where they live are going to find themselves turned out eventually.

                  Crafting laws to ensure people are left alone is one thing. Crafting them to demand that everyone's worldview be equally accepted as valid is a sure recipe for social breakdown.

                2. Forgot to add, anyone who demands that anyone be accepted into a society, regardless of their background, is a sociopath. Anyone saying that child molesters should be welcomed into the country with open arms, as jeff has done, just because their home government is oppressive, has no real interest in the actual safety and social well-being of the community that they live in.

    4. Well, one big option is, instead of spending billions on a wall, spend billions on higher-quality holding facilities, hiring more immigration judges to process people faster, and so-on.

      You know, things that would actually alleviate the border crisis.

      That said, in a war of conflicting narratives, livestreamed cameras throughout the facilities would go a long way to (dis)proving claims.

      1. I agree on better facilities, but there is evidence (growing) that the current facilities, while not desirable, are not as bad as portrayed by the media and Democrats. Even building better facilities, hiring more judges etc have a decided lag time. So this wouldn't alleviate the current problem. Releasing them is a possible solution, but considering 95% don't bother to show up to their hearings, this is, at best, problematic. This is not a problem that developed overnight and will not be solved overnight. Unfortunately, there will be undesirable outcomes, no matter what we do (or don't do).

      2. Well, one big option is, instead of spending billions on a wall, spend billions on higher-quality holding facilities, hiring more immigration judges to process people faster

        Considering these migrant caravans are a recent development, this isn't exactly a "snap our fingers and stuff is built and bureaucrats are in place to handle them" situation.

  40. It's not the "Betsy Ross flag", it's the first flag of the United States of America.

    There is a certain logic to it though -- if you grant them the permanent shredding of the Stars and Bars flag, how is the Stars and Stripes any different? Both were flown by slave-owning rebel states.

    I guess it's just a matter of time before the guy on the dollar bill and on the quarter will be scrubbed from history, and a certain tall monument in the District of Columbia (whoops, gotta change that name too) is torn down.

    1. What you just said [seems we were replying with pretty much the same idea simultaneously].

    2. Actually, the first of many, just the one most closely related to the Stars and Stripes. Grand Union, the Join or Die, Gadsden were all perfectly well understood symbols of the American revolutionary period. But all are "American Flags", refering to the nation that would become our current republic.

  41. "The Betsy Ross flag is not "the American flag", and as I'm sure you're aware, it's been appropriated as a symbol of white nationalism."

    I am not aware of this at all. They just say this shit, and it has to be accepted as settled fact or you're a defacto white nationalist, right?

    And they said it would end with removal of confederate statues...

  42. If Nike isn’t going to sell the product, could another shoe company put out the same design?

    1. Trademarked likely.

      1. Well, there's always Hong Kong, I suppose.

  43. Pepe the Frog, Don't Tread on Me [Gadsden Flag], and now the Rev War "Betsy Ross" flag, all "appropriated" as symbols of "white supremacy." Which is essentially a social justice equivalent of fake news to bolster an equally phony narrative to discredit anyone outside of their silo.

  44. OMG. Betsey Ross was raised by Quakers (and shunned for marrying a Philadephia Anglican who died fighting for independence). Without her people, slavery would have been an easier sell at the Convention, even if the woman herself was only a government flag contractor after the fact, she should be treated as a "good" founding era actor.

  45. I guess the Constitution is offensive too because it was written in slave times. Hell half the signers owned slaves. It's got to go!

    1. They'll get to that, after finishing up the low handing fruit like Confederate Flags and monuments; next up anything Thomas Jefferson. Guess the whole Louisiana Purchase will have to go back to France.

    2. Why not let it go, if we could? It's largely dumb. I like some bits though.

      Surely a freethinking libertarian like yourself finds many places it could be improved.

      1. You heard it here.

        Tony thinks protected freedoms and Liberty are largely dumb.

      2. Oh the Constitution is shit. It doesn't even prohibit the government from initiating force. It could be fixed with a simple amendment, "Government shall not initiate force." That would place it under the NAP and everything would be coming up roses.

      3. Repealing all of the Wilson-era amendments would suit me just fine.

        1. Starting with the 17th. I would also support implementing some of Patrick Henry's proposed amendments, notably taking the power to tax away from the central government, giving to to the state, who are then required to pay a quota to the federal government. The Federal Government can only compel taxation if a state failed to meet it's obligations. The idea being that all taxation should be localized, thus limiting the power of the federal government to use taxes to compel behavior. I also support term limits, but I opposed his idea that the size of the HOR should be capped. O personally believe it is a travesty and has contributed to lost liberty that the HOR has not grown in size since the early 20th century. We are three times larger but with the same number of Representatives. Their job is to represent the people (as opposed to the Senate which is supposed to have represented the states) but the current system doesn't allow even inadequate representation. Both for densely populated areas and for single representative states with huge land areas. The difference in needs between people in western Montana and eastern Montana is astronomical. And for a state like Alaska, it is even worse. Conversely, in many urban districts, the population is larger than the population of many rural states. Neither of these outcomes is desirable. Considering our population is about 3 times larger then the last time the HOR was increased, I believe the number of Representatives should also tripple. Even doubling would be a huge improvement.

          1. As much as I wouldn't like increasing the number of pension-eligible congress-critters, the fact that representatives haven't scaled to the population isn't doing anyone any favors.

  46. According to some, the Ross flag has been co-opted by racists as a symbol of white nationalism, and therefore we're just supposed to just cede it to them and move on.

    Orange is also a color adopted by white nationalists.

  47. "Conditions in migrant detention centers are "worse than we ever could have imagined," say Democratic lawmakers who visited yesterday."

    People vigorously opposed to something finds it is worse than they expected when visiting a facility without press coverage?

    I'm beyond shocked.

    Then again, AOC was heart-broken over the sight of a parking lot before she was elected...

    1. Did they fly there? I bet first class. Have they no shame?

  48. Anesthesia was invented before slavery was outlawed, so I guess Colin and his woke compatriots will refuse it from now on.

    1. And he's just saving himself the shame of playing another season for a team named the 49ers, right?

  49. Pretty rude to bring Betsy Ross into the middle of a dispute between bigots and speech police.

  50. Bruce Banner's girlfriend?

  51. Good for the ACLU suing Florida. The people of Florida voted to allow convicted felons to vote after serving their sentence. But the Legislature and Governor think otherwise. I can not think of a clearer case where we need to establish that the people rule in this country.

    1. If the NAP was applied to the government it wouldn't matter who voted it wouldn't effect anyone's liberty.

    2. Most felons are in for victimless things like plant leaves. The GOP -Dem Kleptocracy understands how those folks could nurse a grudge and maybe vote libertarian. Seen the logistics substitution curves fitted to the rising LP vote counts?

      1. Flowers. Which kinda makes it worse. "That guy has some petunias, arrest him!"

  52. What will these social justice types do when they find out that there were a few hundred thousand black slave owners?

    1. White population 5% slave owners
      Free black population 25% slave owners.

      1. African slave dealers—100% Black.

    2. Always wondered what the families of dead Union soldiers were supposed to get for their ultimate sacrifice to The Emancipation Proclamation?

  53. Excellent journalism as usual. I have nothing against Nike missiles and do not support the George HW Bush death sentence for burning sneakers or plant leaves. But you know how Akismet the Antispam asks if you want to screen incoming spam with a single word? That word is Nike. All the smarmiest spammers are pushing Nike link textwalls.

  54. First they came for the swastika, and I said nothing because I was not a Bhudist or a Navajo.

    Then they came for the Star and Bars, and I said nothing because I was not from Dixie.

    Then they came for the Betsy Ross flag, and there was nothing left but a white flag of surrender.


  55. […] and his Twitter supporters claim that the flag is an “offensive symbol because of its connection to an era of […]

  56. […] and his Twitter supporters claim that the flag is an “offensive symbol because of its connection to an era of […]

  57. […] and his Twitter supporters claim that the flag is an “offensive symbol because of its connection to an era of slavery.” […]

  58. […] and his Twitter supporters claim that the flag is an “offensive symbol because of its connection to an era of slavery.” […]

  59. […] and his Twitter supporters claim that the flag is an “offensive symbol because of its connection to an era of […]

  60. Only one thing to do : Buy a Betsy Ross flag and fly it on the 4th.

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  62. its not necessary now
    i dont care

  63. apa aja yang penting kamu mau

  64. […] concerned that thing has Trump cooties on it. If that’s all it takes, then “cancel culture” is going to cancel its participants right out of the culture, including the culture of other […]

  65. Kaspernick absolutely can take a knee. Nike can do what they want with their products. I can boycott the NFL and Nike. Isn't that the way it is suppose to work. Although we espouse great resolve about how we feel the reality, and an effective reality it is, that corporate American responds best to our wallets. I read some statistics on Nike sales and they spiked with the cancellation of the Betsy Ross. For me I will not buy from Nike or any of it's subsidiaries nor will I support the NFL in any way.
    If everyone who has a problem with Kaspernick's stance and Nike's support of that stance did the same Collin couldn't get a janitorial job at an NFL stadium or a corporate sponsorship with Bike.

    1. Sorry Mr. Kaepernick et al for the misspelling.

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