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Elizabeth Warren's Polished Progressivism Dominated the First Democratic Debate

The Massachusetts senator pandered to the left—and so did everybody else, just not as expertly.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) spent the first half of Wednesday night's debate serving up progressive policy proposals and populist rhetoric—the economy is working for the wealthy but not for everyone else, the government should spend more money on free education and healthcare, gun violence is a national health emergency—and then faded into the background after the moderators mostly focused on other candidates.

Still, it was a great showing for the surging candidate, mostly because the other candidates also pandered to the left—they just didn't sound as polished.

Moderator Chuck Todd gave Warren a massive assist when he noted that she has "a lot of ambitious plans." Warren's response: "I do."

Other moderators gave Warren's rivals plenty of chances to ding her for supporting expensive, impractical, and politically unfeasible policies—Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.) was explicitly positioned as a foil to Warren-style progressivism—but the candidates mostly sidestepped these opportunities, as if they feared alienating the wokest of the woke.

In her opening remarks, Warren promised to "attack head-on" and "make structural change" to an economic system she has deemed unjust.

"Who is this economy really working for?" she said. "It's doing great for a thinner and thinner slice at the top. It's doing great for giant drug companies. It's just not doing great for people who are trying to get a prescription filled. It's doing great for people who want to invest in private prisons, just not for the African Americans and Latinx whose families are torn apart, whose lives are destroyed, and whose communities are ruined. It's doing great for giant oil companies that want to drill everywhere, just not for the rest of us who are watching climate change bear down upon us."

And in her closing remarks, Warren focused on how she owes her success to a government program.

"I got my chance: It was a $50 a semester community college," she said. "That was a little slice of government that created an opportunity. I believe we can make our government, our economy, and our country work for everyone, and I promise you this, I will fight for you as hard as I fight for my own family."

They were comments that clearly resonated with the audience, and with left-of-center pundits on social media. Whether they resonate with primary voters remains to be seen. Warren's main competitors for the nomination—former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) will be on the debate stage tomorrow night.

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  1. Regarding her remarks on oil companies, I hate how she frames oil companies as these evil villains that are just drilling for the fun of it. They are trying to fulfill a demand for a product. Warren flew to this debate, thus using fossil fuels.

    If leftists want to call fossil fuels evil while using fossil fuels, it just reeks of hypocrisy. Should’ve thought that through, Elizabeth.

    1. “…If leftists want to call fossil fuels evil while using fossil fuels, it just reeks of hypocrisy…”

      Lefties are nothing if not hypocrites.
      Try Gore and his palatial home, trips on private jets to promote his power-grab of ‘climate change’.
      And then check that asshole Buffett paying himself a ‘salary’ of $100K, while battling the IRS over whether his use of a fractional-jet company owned by Berk Hath constitutes ‘income’, all the while griping that the income tax rate is to low.

  2. She was pushy and didnt answer the questions asked of her. Even the liberal moderators kept saying so.. did we watch the same debate Robby?

    1. “Will you take guns?”

      “We need research!”

      1. That general reaction of hers is pure, distilled Democratic Party ca. 2019: “We need an army of technocrats to tell us what to do before we make any kind of decision!”

        At least Swallowwell is honest about wanting to confiscate weapons or throw people in jail if they don’t comply.

        1. That general reaction of hers is pure, distilled Democratic Party ca. 2019: “We need an army of technocrats to tell us what to do provide justifications for the predetermined conclusions our lobbyists want us to reach before we make any kind of decision!”


        2. ” “We need an army of technocrats who recognize the lucrative opportunitiesto tell us what we want to hear before we impose our will upon the ignorant marks.

          Guns, climate change, internet regulations, etc…

    2. “She was pushy and didnt answer the questions asked of her.”

      I did not watch and have not watched or listened to a politico’s comments since I turned off the radio when Nixon resigned.
      Not a one of them *ever* responded to the question; every one of them takes a question as an opportunity to bloviate.

  3. “I got my chance: It was a $50 a semester community college,” she said. “Then a few places rumors I was a minority even though I was the worst applicant to ever apply to teach at harvard and I was in!”

  4. No self respecting man will ever vote for Elizabeth Warren

    1. “No self respecting man will ever vote for Elizabeth Warren”
      Why would that be a gender issue? She’s a liar of the highest accomplishment, and there’s no reason women wouldn’t understand that.

      1. Men and women’s brains work differently. And there’s no reason to vote for a man just because he’s a man, but binders full of women will vote for a woman just because of her naughty bits (expect a video of Lizzy drinking a beer and talking about her lady parts before October).

      2. Why would that be a gender issue?


      3. She’s a nag.
        You see her, and you see the wife/mother-in-law/substitute teacher who’s only mission in life is to emasculate any man that strays near her.

        Additionally, per her own words in 2016, she has nasty feet

    2. Honestly, 99.9999999% of women are simply not fit to be leaders at any high level. Especially not running countries. And in truth, they never have. Even famous queens and such had governments run entirely by men, with male advisors calling many of the shots, etc.

      See how idiots like Merkel have literally destroyed her own country because of her retarded feelz that comes from her overly emotional biology. See Theresa May FUCKING CRYING like she’s 5 as she announces resignation. Men don’t do that shit. At least not ones anybody respects, and for good reason.

      That is NOT the kind of thing you want a leader of a country doing. People who behave like that cannot be trusted with things of importance. I wouldn’t ever WANT to do it, but I could order millions to their death if it MUST be done. Some sniveling little girl like that? Puh-leeze. Women are too weak and too emotional to actually be calling the shots.

  5. “And in her closing remarks, Warren focused on how she owes her success to a government program.

    “I got my chance: It was a $50 a semester community college,” she said. “That was a little slice of government that created an opportunity.””

    So if that program had it existed, she likely wouldn’t have gone to college, and she almost certainly never would ave been on a career trajectory to become a US Senator? And we would not be subjected to her destructive treasonous ideas? Or the possibility of the bitch becoming president?

    Sounds like the best argument I’ve ever heard to gut such programs. They produce people like her, Bill Clinton, Obama, etc.. just think how much better this country would be if these loser deadbeats had to lay their way through school. Warren would likely have become a low level alcoholic piece of shit like her parents. Which sounds pretty good to me.

    1. Dude, you didn’t even talk about how Warren and the rest of the debaters should be rounded up and shot. Are you feeling okay?

  6. Even if only because she sounds, and looks, like the old ladies leading the temperance movement, also espousing the idea that government can improve humanity, she’s the most loathesome of the bunch.

    She needs to take that Big Government Programs Will Improve America bullshit off my fuckin’ lawn.

  7. All the reports I saw said Tulsi won it going away.

    So…Robbie is wrong again.

    1. Don’t trust anything positive you read online about Tulsi Gabbard. It was probably spread by Russian bots.

      See the explosive Daily Beast investigation Tulsi Gabbard’s Campaign Is Being Boosted by Putin Apologists.


    2. OBL is satire (I think?), but Tulsi, while exceeding expectations, just didn’t speak enough to earn the internet love. I’m not saying it’s Russians, but it’s Russians.

  8. Call me old fashioned, but I think we should have coed debates. Warren and Klobuchar should have been able to share the debate stage with Biden and Sanders.

  9. Look, I get it, Democrats’ “eat the rich” pandering is silly and annoying.

    But this is the key — Democrats might pretend to be fighting against “the billionaires,” but they’re actually moving toward the billionaire position on immigration. And when the Presidency is currently held by an alt-right white nationalist who’s built literal concentration camps for brown bodies, nothing else matters.


  10. So no one wants to offend those media savvy wokest of the wokes; to do so would bring down a hail of tweets upon them and get the MSM calling for a virtual lynching. But at some point they not going to have to figure out how to get everyone else to vote for them? I wonder just how they are going to slide into that 9th inning.

  11. Did she really say “latinx”? How is that even pronounced?

  12. […] Elizabeth Warren’s Polished Progressivism Dominated the First Democratic Debate […]

  13. She’s pandering to you too. A progressive populism to counter decades of Reagan snake oil. Get on board or live out your life having supported an insane orange rapist.

    1. Warren isn’t pandering to me. She wants to take my money and destroy my liberties.

      As for the “insane orange rapist”, I didn’t “support” him, I don’t care what he does in his private life, but so far, his presidency is shaping up to be one of the better ones.

      If only Congress didn’t stop him from doing what he promised, namely kill the ACA, stop job-exports to China, and deport millions of illegal migrants.

      1. As usual, your liberties matter, but everyone else can fuck off and die.

        1. The point of freedom for everybody, is nobody is being told to fuck off and die. If somebody is such a blow it case they can’t feed themself in the wealthiest country on earth… They have a personal problem, and it’s not my job to fix it for them with MY hard earned money.

          1. You don’t work that hard. Chinese kids making the shit you wear work hard. And they’re communists.

            1. LOL

              At least you’re funny sometimes!

              I actually HAVE worked hard, even physically, at different points in my life. And I surely do work plenty of hours now, but I do intellectual work that most people don’t have the IQ to do properly.

              Either way, even if I was a slacker who was so brilliant I still made a ton of money… It’s my money. I stand by my statement that anybody who can’t feed and house themself in the wealthiest large country on earth can fuck off. It’s one thing during a huge depression or something, but when the economy is humming along nicely you have to be a REAL fuck up to not be able to hold down a minimum wage job… Let alone do something real befitting an adult.

              1. The only reason we are able to have a stable economy is because of advancements in government paid for with taxes. Then there’s all the stuff you’ve heard already about roads and “you didn’t build that.”

                “I got mine, fuck off” is the attitude of theft. The other way is a recognition that we are all better off, at the very least because there is a floor on the level of misery our civilization permits, when we pool some of our resources, which, again, were only made possible by prior generations doing the same. You didn’t earn your money all by yourself. It’s not just another opinion to say so, it’s ridiculous, and it’s vanity.

                1. The reason I’m not working at McDonalds vs making 6 figures isn’t because of me? I’ve known kids with LOADED parents who are blow it cases. And people who started even worse than me that are doing better than me. It was the person that made the difference.

                  As for setting a floor on misery… You ignore what happens when you stop giving people free money… Which is that they get a fucking job, because they have to. If somebody was giving me $200K a year, I probably wouldn’t do a damn thing but piss it away partying. $50k a year wouldn’t be enough to buy me off, but for many it is… And you can easily get that with the right combo of welfare programs.

                  If those all stopped, those people wouldn’t starve, they’d get a job. And EVERYBODY would be better off for it.

                  I am actually okay with taking care of the clinically insane, and the physically handicapped that are so fucked they cannot work… But that’s it. If you’re not in a mental institution or a quadriplegic (because everybody knows there are plenty of jobs you don’t need working legs for!) then you shouldn’t get shit. Private charity can do whatever they want, but the government is only making everybody worse off by propping up slacking.

  14. i don’t think Warren did or said anything to convince anyone who wasn’t already in the tank for her.

    as far as big party candidates go, the one i never heard of before who at least caught my attention was John Delaney, by virtue or appearing measured and competent. Wish Gabbard had gotten more time, and spent less of the time she did get making sure everyone knows she was in the national guard.

  15. “I got my chance: It was a $50 a semester community college,” she said. “That was a little slice of government that created an opportunity.”

    “Theft made me the woman I am today! Theft is good! Everybody should steal!”

  16. Puke. None of these idiots better win the election…

  17. Did she really say “latinx”? How is that even pronounced?

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