Brickbat: Not Exactly 'High Speed'


Farmers in California's Central Valley say they are collectively owed millions of dollars for land seized by the state for a planned high-speed railroad as well as the costs of infrastructure such as new access roads and wells that the state promised to reimburse them for. Some of the payments were due three years ago. "We understand the concerns of private property owners affected during the acquisition of their property," said Don Odell, director of real property for the California High-Speed Rail Authority in a statement. But he offered no explanation for why the state hasn't made the payments.

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  1. They complain now, but once the trains start running their property will be worth trillions per acre.

    1. Why? Are they going to be selling tickets to watch these trains whiz by at 200mph?

    2. If they complain after the trains start running, they’ll be on them.

  2. This is an interesting story. The property owners are claiming non-payment from eminent domained property and the state officials admit it. I wonder why the MSM has not covered this news.

    I am sure Trump will be blamed since he had almost $1 billion pulled back from Commifornia. I am sure THAT money was to be used to pay property owners.

    1. > I wonder why the MSM has not covered this news.

      Probably because it’s Fresno. It’s not interesting. Plus, too many Trump voters in rural California. Too embarrassing to acknowledge the existence of, too few to worry about the electoral repercussions.

  3. You know who else was worried about making sure the trains ran on time?

    1. Von Ryan?

      1. One of my favorite WWII pictures! Everytime I watch I hope “this time he will make it!”

    2. A socialist who ran a very efficient govt. Now you’re confused.

      1. Nope. Keep going…

      2. I know the word fascism gets thrown around a lot in reference to people we don’t like, and the word literally is literally overused, but the man literally invented fascism after he abandoned socialism

    3. Samuel Pierpont Langley?

    4. Sandford Fleming?

  4. Look, just because they don’t care doesn’t mean they don’t understand.

    1. This.

      “We understand the concerns” is right up down there with “The safety of our customers is our top priority”.

  5. So the train is not only overbudget, but it is overbudget without even having paid for the land it was going to be built on….that sounds about right for government work.

    1. Graft and cronyism has first dibs on that money, not the land owners being compelled to sell their assets.

  6. If farmers didn’t want to be in this predicament they shouldn’t have bought land that would one day stand in the state’s way.

    1. Ironically much of this land was stolen by Spain and given to favored recipients via Land Grants. Later stolen from Mexico via a huge swindle. Later parceled out to the railroads to further parcel out to the elite. Within our fathers’ lifetimes thousands upon thousands of acres stolen from Japanese-Americans and never returned. All within the route that the bullet train passes through.

      1. Mexico is paying for the wall AND the bullet train!?!


  7. Sounds like the real reason for the bullet train is to put those damn individual businessmen out of business. If they would just form a corporation, hire union labor, and contribute heavily to the socialists, all would be well.

  8. This is a preview of coming attractions with respect to building Der TrumpfenFuhrer’s “Big, beautiful wall”. The Mexicans aren’t paying for it after all (what a shock!).

    So now, very soon, American border-property-owners will be promised to be paid, by Der TrumpfenFuhrer… And then they will be promised to be paid, and then they will be promised to be paid, and then they will be promised to be paid, and then they will be promised to be paid, and then they will be promised to be paid, and then… (+ “N” till “N” = infinity). But they will never be paid!

    1. You digress; wasn’t this about CA high speed rail?

    2. I agree. But not all of the Tulpas do.

  9. California owes money all over town, including to known pornographers, and farmers.

  10. One problem was the agency’s decision to issue construction contracts with only 15% of the rail design completed, a so-called design-build approach.

    As someone who works in heavy civil construction, that is not what design-build means. ‘So-called’ only makes it more meaningless. Not sure if the problem is the idiot reporter or the idiot he is referencing.

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