Brickbat: Looking at the Evidence


When Jennifer Seavers had to take a drug test as part of a custody proceeding, she used the Alabama Department of Human Resources' local vendor. She says she was stunned when the test came back positive. Because of the test, a judge limited her access to her children. Seavers and her family started looking into it. She said the doctor who approved the test said he'd never seen her reports. Now, the Ozark Police have arrested the woman who ran the lab that did the tests, Brandy Murrah, on charges of forgery and officials are looking to see if  the lab falsified other drug or paternity tests.

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  1. Oh, they’re ‘looking in to it’ n whether or not the bitch falsified any other data….? OF COURSE SHE DID! No need for an investigation, if you ask me, she should swing for such crap; one has to wonder just how many people’s lives have been senselessly ruined by this callous twat.

    This isnt the first to.e and it sure as hell wont be the last time that someone (of likely lower IQ) was trusted with far more power than ANY person should EVER have over another, and then proceeded to shit on the gravity of the situation.

    1. If you don’t investigate, then the people who were impacted by her other forgeries don’t have the evidence to go back to court.

      So yes. “of course she did”. Investigate anyway.

  2. Department of Human Resources does drug testing for job applicants not for custody battles. The should have been using Human Services. Get your shit together, Alabama.

    1. It appears that in Alabama, the Department of Human Resources is their welfare agency.

      I haven’t looked to see who you contact if you want a job with the state. Perhaps the same department which seems to confirm the conservative belief that a state job is the functional equivalent of welfare.

  3. “We have reached out to DHR to get more information about how they choose testing companies.”

    Same way the companies determine the test results; roll dice.

  4. If only police and courts did random quality assurance to make sure their vendors were doing a good job.

    If only.

    If only judges would strike down drug laws because the Controlled Substances Act is unconstitutional as states and the federal government do not have constitutional powers to ban products or services.

    If only.

    If only parents had real parental rights that require government to hold a jury trial to limit parental access to their children.

    If only.

    1. I can’t help but compare this to EPA testing. All water and air tests are required to do a battery of quality control testing, including routine quizzes where you receive a sample and have to report your testing results. Failing that requires corrective actions (research DMRQA if you are interested).

      Why can the government not hold itself to its own standards?

      1. standards are for the little people…

  5. “Evidence?”
    We don’t need any stinking evidence.
    We have guns and badges.

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