Brickbat: Take It Off


Female defense attorneys in Jackson County, Missouri, say they suddenly have been told to take off their underwire bras before jailers at the detention center will allow them in to see their clients. It's part of a new security protocol imposed by Sheriff Darryl Forte. Public Defender Ruth Petsch says her office was not given any warning about the new requirements.

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  1. It actually makes sense, in a way.

    Most of these jailed clients claim they either didn’t do it or they don’t remember anything.

    While the sheriff can’t do anything about the first claim, he believes this approach will..:
    (Takes off sunglasses) jog their mammaries.

    1. Sounds kinda tit for tat to me.

      1. I have heard tit said, tat’s where tits at!

        1. Y’all are all boobs.

          1. Your utterly ridicules.

          2. Your boobs are udderly ridiculous!

            1. Hey just keep me abreast of any developments.

  2. Wonder if they are worried the wires could be used as a weapon? Probably should have given people a heads up, though.

    1. Sheriff Darryl Forte has this fantasy about slowly being choked by a bra under-wire, and, since he is afraid of losing control of his fantasy, he is doing away with the underwires! (Or maybe collecting them for “special investigations”).

    2. Oh, that’s probably the excuse. As a practical matter, it wouldn’t be half as effective a weapon as a number 2 pencil or a ball-point pen (which, used properly, makes a very serviceable punch-knife). For people fantasizing about using the wire to pick the locks on your handcuffs, the frame of your glasses would be as good or maybe better (by which I mean in both cases, utterly ineffective).

      So no, those are pretty transparent excuses to harass visitors to the jail. If I remember right, Jackson County elects its sheriff. Time to start looking for a challenger.

      1. My understanding is that EVERY county Sheriff in all 50 of these united states is elected.

        1. Your understanding is incorrect.

  3. You wanted equality, you got equality.
    Men gotta take off their underwire bras, women gotta take off their underwire bras.
    Besides, I remember all the bras in the world were burned in the seventies.
    And if expect me to believe an attorney can’t afford one non-underwire bra for jail visits, you probably expect me to believe college can be free.

    1. Yo, just chill out, brah. The Jackson County sheriff isn’t making a political statement or weighing in gender issues—he just wants what’s breast for the justice system.

      1. He’s got a real hard on for it.

      2. Milking these tit jokes, I see.

      3. He’s the cock of the walk.

  4. Dear Reason, scrolling down with one’s thumb inadvertently flag every comment. You might want to offer a way to unflag or at least add a prompt to confirm.

    1. Welcome to Reason, the site where everything’s made up and the flags don’t matter.

    2. False flags here? Never.

  5. Has no one seen the Mission: Impossible movies?

    1. Designated survivor; she used her underwire to pick the lock on her shackles. It could happen, I tit you not.

  6. Hey, the rule is completely impartial; you ring the metal detector, you can’t go in. Zero tolerance.
    Yet now the equality demanding women and men who are women are demanding unequal treatment.
    I call bullshit.

  7. Sounds like a job for Sue Ellen Mishkey

  8. It seems their metal detector is way too sensitive. It’s not about the wire because they give them the bra back once they pass through the detector.

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