Brickbat: Missing in Action


U.S. Army veteran Everett Palmer Jr., 41, died in police custody at the York County, Pennsylvania, jail in April 2018, and his family says they still don't know what happened. The autopsy lists his cause of death as undetermined, but an initial report says he became agitated because of "methamphetamine toxicity" and hit his head against his cell door. However, his family says his booking report contains no indication he was under the influence and mentions no drug paraphernalia. They says they are also concerned that when his body was returned to them his throat, heart and brain were missing. The coroner says they were retained for further testing.

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  1. Fortunately for the family York County appears somewhat clumsy with coverups.

  2. I always liked the Stallone movie “First Blood” way better than its Rambo sequels. Reading this horrible Brickbat, I couldn’t help but picture some Brian Dennehy-type law enforcement chief cooking up this murder scheme (there’s little doubt that’s what happened here) to rid his quiet town of a long-haired ex-soldier he regarded as an undesirable.

    1. PD might have been trying to avoid buying a good supply of body bags.

  3. They says they are also concerned that when his body was returned to them his throat, heart and brain were missing.

    This is disgusting and awful. When the civil case is over this man’s family should be handed a blank check - let them write in any amount they want to. Did we outsource our prison administration to the Chinese?

    1. I’m pretty sure that organs are removed as a standard part of an autopsy, though I imagine they are also ordinarily put back in place if a family is expecting the body back for burial. But the missing throat is quite suspicious. My guess is that it would reveal strangulation marks. I would be happy to learn news of these jailers having an unfortunate Incident with a motorized piece of forestry and arborist equipment.

  4. This is horrible.

  5. I live in York County PA, and sometimes it feels like York County AL.

  6. Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between.

  7. That's hardly fair to Alabama, guys. Most cops in Alabama know not to mess with the locals like that unless they want a Dick Cheney style hunting accident.

  8. Woodchipper.

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