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The Gary (Indiana) Community School Corp. has placed the principal of Bailly Preparatory Academy, Carlita Royal, on paid leave and taken the first steps to fire three teachers. The moves come after a teacher gave a fifth-grade student with autism an award for "Most Annoying Male" at the school's year-end awards ceremony in front of other students and parents. The school district is refusing to identify the three teachers.

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  1. Doing things like this, and other examples posted here, shows the low amount of intelligence it takes to get a ‘ teaching degree ‘.

    1. My ex-wife (girlfriend at the time) got her bachelor’s degree in math, then went on to a masters program in math education. Her stories about her students while she was in the math education program were sad, surreal, and boggling.

    2. The sad part is that these people insist that you can’t get over that high bar *without* a secondary education certificate. That in teaching elementary school and junior high (even high school) classes it is soooo important because you need to know what you’re doing while you’re ‘shaping young minds’.

      When its obvious any asshole can make fun of an autistic kid publicly – no degree needed.

    3. nowhere does it say that the kid didn’t deserve the award, often thought some teachers should be issued cattle prods…

  2. Where’s the FEMINISM tag?

  3. Did the students get to vote for “Teacher Most Likely to be Fired”?

  4. Castejon, whose son is nonverbal…

    “We’re not looking for any handouts,” Castejon said. “We just wanted a voice.”

    Not cool.

    1. “And the award for ‘Most Annoying Parent’ goes to ….”

  5. “Well, like his toxic masculinity was really annoying. Thank you VERY much!”
    —The kid’s teacher, channeling Brie Larson

  6. Why can’t a kid who has Autism get “Most Annoying Male” award?

    There are annoying kids with Austism. There are annoying adults with cancer. Annoying is annoying.

    On that note: Giving every kid a participation award does not help kids but hurts them in life when they expect strangers to care about them. Stranger Danger works both ways!

    1. Hey, I make one comment about scoping out the embassies in Tel Aviv, and …

      1. היי

    2. I think the main problem is giving a “Most Annoying Male” award at all. What other awards do they have? “Stupidest kid in school”?

    3. It’s not about participation trophies. It’s about the role a teacher is supposed to play in establishing relationships of trust with students that foster growth for the child and sets an example for their classes. When someone in a leadership position publicly shames someone else, it gives others a license to do the same thing (would you do the same to a subordinate at work?). If a kid gets a “most annoying” award, let come from other kids. It’s expected, because kids are assholes and not held to the same standards of behavior as adults. I don’t know you and I won’t speak for you, but I do know a thing or two about these things.
      -Signed, sincerely, Retired Naval Officer and uncle of an autistic nephew

      1. I know. In bootcamp, its very important to not call recruits out for their stupid shit that they do in public. Oh wait, you were an officer and you never did stupid shit.

        We get it, you have an Autistic kid in your family and you dont want them “hurt”.

        School staff should not be picking on kids at all. School staff should also be able to call a spade a spade. If a kid is annoying, even if they autism, then that should be called out.

        1. Well, since you want to elevate discourse to personal kicking, I was enlisted for eight fucking years before I commissioned – so, I did do “that stupid shit” and then some.
          This isn’t about autism – this shouldn’t happen to any child. When my confiscated tax dollars go to the education of ANY kid, I expect them to be spent in good fucking faith – not to pay someone who can’t abide a child with a diminished capacity to understand social cues.

          1. Then you should know as a Mustang what it was like in bootcamp. Positive reinforcement thru yelling.

            As I said, staff should not pick on kids. If all the kids were getting a bunch of awards and this kid is annoying, then maybe the kid deserves it, maybe not. I have Austitic kids in my family and some are annoying and some are not. Some are not even Autistic, just misbehaved little shits.

            Point is, the media will never tell the truth on this story and there is likely much more to the story. Including how the teachers were “fired” but did they get to sit in the staff lounge and collect paychecks like they do in public schools.

            1. LC, these are two different things. 10 year old kids who are still learning how the world works are not the same as 20 year olds who are being taught how not to get killed. It’s important to call out mistakes in the military because 1. they’re (legally) adults and can take it, 2. if you go tough on them in training, when the shit actually hits the fan they’ll be prepared, and 3. calling out mistakes to everyone in boot is a good way to show rookies what not to do in a way that none will ever forget.

              10 year old kids are hopefully not preparing to deal with any life or death situations, and are still developing mentally. If a kid’s being a problem, talk to the parents privately, you don’t announce to the entire school that he’s a little shit. This isn’t that hard of a concept.

              1. While you are correct about the vast differences in age and maturity of the discussed ages, most recruits are 18.

                Furthermore, 18 year old are not even trusted to drink, smoke, use drugs, own personal weapons (in some states), nor the multitude of other stupid Nanny-State shit.

                My point is about PC culture and the Nanny-State. It seems to pollute all age groups in the USA.

                While I would agree that disciplining in private is a good idea, sometimes peer shame works too.

                I also just find firing 3 staff over this while not firing staff over the multitudes of other stuff school teachers and administrators do, is kind of laughable. Why aren’t teachers fired for regularly passing kids who are fucking retards?

                1. Not wanting teachers to mock and degrade students publicly isn’t a symptom of PC culture. It’s just plain not being an asshole.

        2. You don’t AWARD a student with stupid title like this, in front of all other studetns and their parents. It’s wholly inappropriate. Doens’t matter if autism is involved or not.

          What you do it have a parent teacher conference.

          What you do not do it single out the child for RIDICULE in front of everyone.

          Just like you, the teacher is a bully and should be fired.

          1. Lets get rid of all awards. Problem solved. Nobody will ever be offended again.

        3. There is a difference between discipline and what this was. This wasn’t punishment for an offense. It was deliberate mockery of a child during an award ceremony. He was forced to come up and accept an award as punishment for a vague and really uncorrectable offense.

          This is rude beyond belief. If my employer did something of this form, I would resign on the spot.

    4. 1. The award is inappropriate in that setting. Its public humiliation no matter who it was given too. Such an award given by peers – can be some in-group ball-busting. Teachers and students aren’t in the same peer groups.

      2. He’s autistic. Have some decency and give those who are not ‘normal’ a little leeway. No one’s asking you to be his friend, just don’t fuck with him because these people don’t respond to social cues the same way. As you should know.

  7. But is the kid didn’t have autism it would have been totally cool to give them the most annoying award?? Please get your fucking kids out of the regular school population. There are special schools for kids who are mentally ill.

    1. No Child Left behind. Except for the kids that don’t have the mental ability to keep up with average students.

      Schools get extra money to put a group of disabled kids in a trailer our back and baby-sit them for the day.

    2. I would hope that it wouldn’t be cool to give it to any kid. His being autistic is just icing on the cake.
      Or maybe people would be cool with it. I don’t know anymore.

      1. I agree, the award itself is wrong. If the kid was non-verbal (I take it he’s mute?) they were probably giving it sarcastically, but why give the award in the first place.

        And good luck firing the teachers Gary Community School Corp. – unless there isn’t a teachers union there, in which case it might actually be possible.

  8. I was wondering about three teachers getting fired; then I figured that “The Gary (Indiana) Community School Corp.” is much more likely to be a charter school than a ‘real’ public school.

  9. Bailly Preparatory Academy

    More like Bully Preparatory Academy, amirite?

    1. East German judges: 6.9

  10. It’s all good. Rutgers is pioneering a program to ensure that special ed students never have to leave the plantation. Alternatively, they can get PhDs and become tenured professors. Six eggs in one hand, half a dozen in another.

  11. An estimated one in 59 children nationally and one in 34 in New Jersey have an ASD diagnosis.

    Jeesus New Jersey, get your shit together.

    1. Half that autism is due to the proximity of giant gold letters spelling T R U M P on half the casinos. The other half from the fumes wafting from the New Jersey Turnpike.

    2. It’s such a vague diagnosis that it includes everything from the slightly awkward to the cripplingly disabled.

      If it was extended to adults, this diagnosis includes almost every engineer.

      1. ^

      2. HEY!!!!

        On second thought, yeah, you’re right.

  12. It might not be obvious that a person with mild autism had a condition. They might just seem annoying. That being said, it probably isn’t a good idea to be giving out an award for “most annoying” anyways.

  13. Who got the Most Annoying Female award? I assume there was one, because equality and all that….

    1. All of them did.

  14. Okay but it’s pretty funny

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