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Santa Clara University Student Government Won't Recognize YAF, Says Conservative Speakers Make Campus 'Unsafe'

"The presence of YAF would further marginalize minority students on campus."


Santa Clara University's student government has voted against granting official status to the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), on the grounds that the group's goals—bringing conservative speakers to the California campus—would contribute to an unsafe climate for marginalized students.

"I also think that the presence of YAF would further marginalize minority students on campus and if anything makes minority students feel more unsafe or targeted," said one student senator in a statement.

Another student senator lamented that YAF might bring conservative pundit Ben Shapiro to campus and Shapiro's presence would cause "emotional harm."

The vote was 13–13, which fell short of the needed two-thirds majority to confer formal recognition, according to The College Fix.

Recognized student groups have access to university funding. The school is therefore engaging in viewpoint discrimination as long as it denies YAF this status because of the organization's ideology. This conflicts with the private university's stated commitment to free speech, and so the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is calling on the college to overturn the student government's decision:

When a student government recognizes (or refuses to recognize) student organizations, it exercises authority delegated to it by the college or university. That authority is necessarily circumscribed by the legal commitments made by the institution, and the institution must ensure that its agents do not exceed their authority. That is the case here, and [Santa Clara University]'s leadership must take steps—as it has before, and as its institutional policies expressly permit—to uphold the university's laudable commitment to freedom of expression.


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  1. So Santa Clara University is targeting and marginalizing minority students enough already?

    1. Thyme should run the club anyway and do whatever they want. If the admin bitches then get some of those biker vets out to handle ‘security’.

      These pussies will back down in a nanosecond.

    2. Seems like YAF members are a minority…

  2. FIRE are such snowflakes, always whining about what goes on on some campus somewehere

    1. Free expression, shree expression.

    2. Look, they’re just kids. They eventually graduate, grow up and… become politicians and pass laws or run Tech multinationals…

      1. On the plus side, some of them might actually grow up. I don’t think most people keep the exact same views they had in college through their whole lives.

    3. Academia needs to shape up. I mean what type of employer will want to hire graduates if their main job skills are complaining about traditional American values, being international, and posting on Facebook.?

      Inside Afghanistan, the group is actively recruiting at universities, where it is more likely to find tech-savvy Afghans able to travel abroad, use social media and help plan sophisticated attacks, according to the intelligence official.

      1. I mean what type of employer will want to hire graduates if their main job skills are complaining about traditional American values,

        Academia, media, government and NGOs whose primary function is expressing their hatred for America and Americans.

  3. There is that progressive magic word again, “unsafe”. By invoking this word their paranoia, irrational excuse making, and general trashing of a classical liberal understand of an educational institution is justified by t by riot lights.

    1. “…is justified by their own lights.”

      My phone’s key pad sometimes has a mind of own.

    2. “You can’t speak on campus. It’s unsafe.
      “People will attack you”

    3. “You can’t speak on campus. It’s unsafe.
      “People will attack you”

      1. Now this is interesting. The squirrels seemed to have been kept at bay after the recent rewrite. I even got a “dup comment detected” error once when a SUBMIT stalled and I tried to resend. Looks like you found some way to attract the squirrels.

        1. They come out due to all the nuts on campus.

    4. Yes but only the progressive wizards to get to invoke it, like any spell it’s useless when a conservative muggle tries to say immigrants or Muslims make them feel unsafe

  4. Excellent idea comrades in training for the thought police.

  5. Well, it’s a private university, so freedom of speech is not an issue for them. Perhaps the Federal government should nationalize it, since nationalization is what Progressives want, and then fire the administration for ignoring 1st Amendment rights of their students.

    1. Depends on whether they get any federal funding. I bet even federal student loans can be enough to bring down the federal hammer, and isn’t bringing down the federal hammer what all true progressives want?

      1. What is your thinking on the Planned Parenthood student chapters at Hillsdale, Liberty, Wheaton, Franciscan, and Grove City?

        1. If they receive Federal funds, they shouldn’t be able to discriminate against conservatives wanting contraceptive or abortion advice or referrals.

        2. Will the Planned Parenthood facility have a “We don’t serve White people” sign outside their abortion room?

  6. Marginalization is a dish best served to college conservatives.

  7. The vote was 13–13

    I’m surprised it was even 50/50.

  8. How could it make them unsafe? I thought the Antifa Resistance folks were all mighty heroes in the mold of the French Maquis of World War 2, or the soldiers who stormed the Normandy beaches.

    1. More like the heroic lemmings hurling themselves over a cliff.

      1. If only.

      2. Even better than you may realize, if you know how Disney filmed that scene.

        Should be “more heroic than lemmings hurling themselves over a cliff” while being driven by Disney’s attack dogs.

    2. The only beaches Antifa “storm” are when normal beachgoers are temporarily blinded by the sun reflecting off the Antifa members’ pasty white limbs and flopping folds of fat. They jiggle so much trying to walk across sand dunes, they spill half their soy lattes and their moms later upbraid them for getting stains on their freshly laundered cutoffs.

      1. Have you seen that video of baton-wielding Antifa thug getting clocked with a right cross by the guy he was attacking? He gets totally laid out, his friends have to lug him away! If you’re ever feeling down or blue, give it a watch. It’ll perk you right up. Works for me 😀

  9. At some point students should probably learn to vet their schools properly.

    1. The Universities vet their students.

  10. I’m baffled by the assumption that minorities would be offended by conservatives. Generally speaking many blacks are devout Christians. Being Baptists. Seventh Day Adventist, Evangelical, or Jehovah, to mention a few, would suggest some strong conservative leaning as far as gender, gay rights, and abortion. Latinos are by and large Catholic and follow the same beliefs as more fundamental Christian sects. They may be less ridged in there faith but in general they are more in line with the “family values” plank of a conservative platform.
    Muslims are the most conservative, requiring women to be covered, limited in their rights, and always in the escort of a man. Where Christians want to pray for gays, Muslims want to cut their heads off. I know many gay and lesbian folks who, outside of gay issues, are quite conservative. I don’t know enough about other groups to make a statement but if you were to judge these folks on their beliefs and practices, rather than their skin color and identity labels, you’d have to conclude that they are ultra-conservative.

    1. It’s a Jesuit university with many professors being Catholic priests. Students this fragile should not attending Santa Clara University. A fully government owned and operated school like San Jose State would be more to their liking. And a shitload cheaper to boot!

      Taht said, it’s pretty good school, and this news applies just to the tards in the student government. I suspect that the university itself won’t stand for this sort of behavior and remind the student government of the academic standards in place.

      1. It’s a Jesuit university with many professors being Catholic priests. Students this fragile should not attending Santa Clara University.

        Why not? If you want to go farther left than a public university, the Jesuits are pretty much the only direction you can go.

    2. Yeah, it’s totally ridiculous. And more than a little bit racist to assume that minorities will naturally be offended by any conservative point of view.

      1. It’s an issue of the Big Tent – some think that group loyalty means being in the Democratic Party and putting up with the activity of that party’s progressive contingent. They won’t even listen to a conservative idea – however much they would otherwise sympathize with it – unless it’s articulated by someone in the tent.

        Think of the Democratic primary system under the Solid South under Jim Crow – Southern whites could debate all sorts of things within the primary, but once there’s a Democratic nominee, that nominee needs the united support of all true whites.

        1. I’ve seen that time and time again. Black churches disagreeing with the Democrats on essentially every issue. However, in the end, they support Democrats because they are convinced that Republicans are racist. Look at the hateful bile lobbed at General Powell and Ms. Rice. These two held the highest ranking non-elected position outside of the Supreme Court, and they were considered race-traitors for taking it.

    3. Left-wing unity depends on getting gays and Jews to keep their mouths shut during any intersectional situation. Accusations of “pink washing” laid the groundwork for this. It was a subtle way for leaders on the left to let Jews know they will be firebombed and gays know they will be thrown off the roof if they argue with victim groups that “outrank” them. If there are no people of color in the room, the battle cries are homophobia and anti-Semitism. If there are people of color in the room, the battle cries are Islamophobia and racism. Oh, and a Muslim or Arabic speaker or Latino is a person of color no matter how white his skin is.

    4. They are not. It’s just the vocal SJW minority who scream about this stuff. In CA, anyone else is afraid to speak up.

  11. I wonder how long the Jesuits that run the university will put up with this nonsense.

    1. They’re Jesuits, so the odds are high that they are encouraging this nonsense.

      1. I’m not saying they’re a bunch of corrupt hippies, but here is how they describe their own founder:

        ‘John Nobili, S.J., founder and first president of Santa Clara College (1851–1856), described Santa Clara’s goals in terms typical of his era: “To cultivate the heart, to form and cherish good habits, to prevent and eradicate evil ones.”‘

        That *seems* to suggest that those goals don’t apply in the present era. Of course, they have enough deniability that they can reassure donors they don’t mean it that way.

  12. YAF’s come a long way from the days when I had to explain to the Student Government that the YAF chapter I wanted to form on campus was not a pro-communist pinko organization. Finally, the numbnutz realized that something founded by William F. Buckley, Jr. was probably an extremist right wing group instead and YAF was allowed as a counter to the SDS, Black Panthers, Socialist Workers, and a shitload of other left wing groups already on campus.

  13. I lmao every time students claim to feel threatened by Ben Shapiro, clocking in at a menacing 5″7 and 120lbs. He makes the Hebrew Hammer look like a manlet!

    1. Seems they think he has some big

      1. That reminds me, did you guys see the size of Trump’s Johnson?

    2. Words are weapons
      Sharper than knives

  14. The leftist ideology is so fragile that the existence of any other viewpoint is harmful to them.

    What a sham from the school I graduated from in 2008. They must not be the STEM majors to waste $50,000 a year on crap like this

    1. “The leftist ideology is so fragile that the existence of any other viewpoint is harmful to them.”

      Does this explain why conservative-controlled schools tend to be low-quality, censorship-shackled, dogma-enforcing, homogenous goober factories while our strongest schools are operated in the liberal-libertarian mainstream?

      Carry on, clingers. So far as right-wing, backwater, religious schooling could carry anyone in the modern, reality-based world, that is.

  15. I find this ironic as David Friedman used to teach there.

  16. Yeah, we all know what those Young Americans mean by “Freedom” — freedom from government!

  17. When I was a kid we had a couple of sayings:
    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” and “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.

    Now both of those are probably micro-aggressions on top of cultural appropriation on top of not identifying with someone’s struggle.

    1. Do a Google search for “words do hurt” or something similar, you’ll find the consensus is that words are now as bad, if not worse, than sticks and stones.

      Of course what’s lost of the progressives is that while verbal abuse can be harmful, its primarily a problem for children, who are still developing, and when it comes from supposed caregivers (parents, teachers, family, etc) A college age adult should not be bothered by a speaker who’s opinion they put not stock in anyway

  18. In defense of the student government, recognizing YAF might actually result in an unsafe environment for marginalized students — conservative students.

  19. Can anyone who goes to a fancy private university be marginalized?

  20. The truth makes liars unsafe.

    Liars know this, so they censor truth.

    1. This from a guy who blames THE JOOOZE for WWII.
      Fuck off.

  21. By now the whole freaking world that is not certifiably retarded should know that “unsafe” in this context is nothing more than playing on a group’s claim to victim-hood to effectively censor anyone not to their liking. Can we just be honest about it?

  22. “I feel unsafe” is the new “grind my enemies to dust”.

  23. Isn’t YAF representing minority students? Or is minority only based on skin color. You can be any color you want as long as you think the same as everyone else? Freedom of color but not thought?
    Only shows nothing of value is being gained by attending Santa Clara University.

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