Brickbat: Going to Fist City


A brawl apparently involving at least two Commerce, Calif., City Council members and five other people left council member Leonard Mendoza lying unconscious on the floor of an Indian Wells resort. Council members were at the spa to attend a conference for local government officials.

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  1. Fighting over hookers and blow?

    1. Mendoza wanted jus primae noctis extended to all elected officials.

    2. Mendoza was hungry, so one of the other council members gave him a knuckle sandwich.

  2. Best use of public dollars the city’s taxpayers could hope for.

    1. I, for one, did not know that you had a city named after you.

      1. I thought it was a porn title.

        1. …and you’re saying it’s not?

  3. From Wikipedia, a little about this LA suburb of 20,000, mostly Hispanic:

    Commerce residents have many civic services funded from taxes on the local card club, the Commerce Casino, which accounts for 46% ($19.5 Million for budget year 2005/06) of Commerce’s tax revenues, and the Citadel. This includes four libraries, a senior center, a teen center, an aquatics center, city-owned camp located in the San Bernardino National Forest An indoor 20 lane 50-foot marksmanship range is also available for firearms training and contract use (marksmanship range was shut down in 2010). Commerce is also one of the few cities in California that provides its residents with free bus service. Commerce operates five bus lines within the city, two routes running Sundays only, and one express bus between The Citadel shopping center and Downtown Los Angeles running seven days a week.

    Free casino money funding the luxuriant growth of government? I’ll bet I can guess the subject of controversy between the two councilmen.

    1. But is it a sanctuary city? If so that will take more funding to provide for all the refugees.

  4. Hm. Cool.

  5. Democrats beating their own.

  6. I for one would like to see much more of this in legislative bodies across the country.
    Perhaps in lieu of an opening prayer or Pledge of Allegiance, we could have a Battle Royale. With the last standing party members have a card blanc for the session.

    1. New claymation tv series: Political Death Match. Or maybe it should be live action…

    2. I for one would like to see much more of this in legislative bodies across the country.

      I’d like to see more dueling among politicians. You know, the old fashioned way, with deadly weapons.

  7. Oh. I thought this would be an article about Pete Buttigieg. This is different. Never mind.

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