The Heartbreaking, Lifesaving Practice of Welcoming 'Unaccompanied' Child Migrants

A history lesson for Americans


"Tell parents in Central America to stop sending their kids unaccompanied," Rush Limbaugh thundered on his radio show. Fox News' Laura Ingraham compared the children to "illegal" "invaders" and declared that "it's not our responsibility" to "house and feed and clothe and give medical attention" to them.

In response to an uptick in Salvadoran, Honduran, and Guatemalan children showing up at the southern border, some in the U.S. have rushed to condemn parents for sending their kids, alone, on a dangerous journey. Former Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen demanded sweeping authority to deport these unaccompanied minors.

Handing them asylum, critics claim, will only incentivize more risky behavior by irresponsible adults. Therefore, they say, it's best to send these children back to their crime-ridden countries.

If such logic had taken hold in Europe after World War I, we may never have known the name of another famous child: Anne Frank. The woman who hid Frank's Jewish family in a secret annex in Amsterdam for two years—and retrieved Anne's diary after the Nazis sent them all to concentration camps—was herself an unaccompanied minor who had fled to Holland. Her name was Miep Gies and she was Anne's father's devoted secretary.

Gies, whose original name was Hermine Santruschitz, was born in Vienna to Austrian parents in 1909, five years before the Great War began. The Allied food blockade in 1914–1919 of the countries comprising the Central Powers meant that Gies grew up on the brink of starvation, malnourished and stunted. In Anne Frank Remembered, she recalls that when she was little, her "legs were sticks dominated by bony kneecaps" and her teeth were soft.

Things only got worse when her parents had another daughter. With even less food to go around, Gies' parents turned her over to a humanitarian agency that placed hungry kids with foster families abroad. One bitter winter morning in 1920, they bundled her in every piece of warm clothing she possessed and put her on a train filled with other "transports," as the children were called. Signs bearing the names of their Dutch foster families, whom they'd never met, dangled from their necks.

Gies' stay was meant to last only a few months, until she recovered her strength. Instead, her foster parents—despite being of modest means and having five kids of their own to raise—embraced her as if she were family.

With much pulling of strings, Gies obtained Dutch citizenship after the Nazis invaded during World War II and threatened to deport her to Austria. She dreaded that prospect for the same reason Central American teenagers living in America today do: She had built a life for herself in Holland and felt little connection to her native country.

What happened to Gies was a widespread phenomenon in the vanquished Central Powers. Overall figures are hard to come by, but it's likely that hundreds of thousands of kids were "transported" from Hungary, Germany, and Austria to foster families in Holland, Switzerland, Britain, Sweden, and Belgium. Like Gies, 5–10 percent never returned.

Holland was neutral during World War I, but remarkably, Allied nations also admitted children from their former enemies. Belgium fostered around 22,000 kids from Hungary alone. Each month from 1924 to 1927, a train would arrive carrying 400–500 Hungarian children.

None of this would have happened without the efforts of individual philanthropists and humanitarian outfits that publicized the unspeakable suffering unleashed by the war. In a fascinating 2013 article from a French history journal, the University of Bristol's Friederike Kind-Kovács notes that at first it seemed incomprehensible to both sides that kids could be entrusted to countries they'd just spent their blood and treasure fighting.

Herbert Hoover (prior to his presidency) and the British humanitarian Eglantyne Jebb (who founded the Save the Children Fund), along with organizations such as the Red Cross, launched a massive public awareness campaign emphasizing that kids were innocent victims and shouldn't be judged by a crude "friend-enemy scheme." They distributed leaflets with pictures of starving children and captions that read, "Our Blockade Has Caused This."

Distance and expense meant that not many kids came to the United States. But Hoover's American Relief Administration, which raised half of its funds from private sources, sent aid to agencies transporting children within Europe.

These organizations weren't totally without ulterior motive. Most were religious in nature, and they tended to prioritize kids belonging to their denominations and to place them with families that shared their faith. The Catholic Church was particularly aggressive in moving children from Hungary, a Catholic nation, to Belgium's northern Flemish region, which was experiencing a Catholic revival. Belgian researcher Vera Hajtó wrote in 2009's The History of the Family that during Sunday Mass, Flemish priests would openly tell their congregations that if they didn't step up and "do their religious duty" to take in a Hungarian child, the child "would fall into the hands of Jews and Protestants who will help him only on the condition that they can make a Jew or Protestant out of him."

But the priests also emphasized the common bonds of humanity between all parents. "Fathers and mothers," they beseeched, "think of your children and how much you are worried about them when they suffer, and don't close your parental heart to the starving children of your brother."

What they most definitely didn't do—contra American immigration restrictionists—is demonize the migrant kids' biological families as shiftless and uncaring. Rather, they highlighted the immense emotional sacrifice these parents were making for the sake of their children, using imagery and vocabulary designed to resonate. Kind-Kovács describes one image, from a booklet titled From the Horrors of War, where a kneeling, emaciated Hungarian mother, eyes closed and surrounded by a crown of thorns, holds her starving child in the air to give him away, while the child opens his arms as if imploring a foster family to receive him. So successful were these efforts in moving hearts and changing minds that many Belgians agreed to take in Hungarian kids ("Hongaartjes," as they were called) despite widespread racism and an erroneous belief that the kids were black.

These efforts became the blueprint for rescue efforts in Europe during subsequent conflicts, especially World War II. Throughout the Nazi period, Jewish children were evacuated to Britain and other countries. The most famous of all these operations was the Kindertransporte launched by British, Jewish, and Quaker leaders after Kristallnacht in 1938. That's the night when S.S. militia pillaged Jewish homes, stores, and synagogues, rounding up and killing hundreds of Jews. Kindertransporte organizers convinced the British government to admit 10,000 Jewish children, pointing out that when they polled German Jewish parents to ask them if they'd stay behind and send their kids alone, the parents nearly unanimously said "yes."

That turned out to be good karma for Great Britain when World War II broke out. In Operation Pied Piper, the government in 1939 relocated some 3 million unaccompanied children from British cities facing bombardments to the countryside and to Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, and even the United States.

Unlike Kindertransporte and Pied Piper, the purpose of the operation that saved Gies was to rescue children from life-threatening poverty, not imminent violence. Today, parents in El Salvador and Honduras and Guatemala—the so-called Northern Triangle countries—are trying to extricate their kids from both. El Salvador is the murder capital of the world, with Honduras and Guatemala not far behind. And it isn't mere random crime parents are worried about. Their kids are being targeted by gangs who stalk schools and homes searching for male recruits and girlfriends, beating and killing those who don't join. Kidnappings to extort ransom are also rampant.

Half of children in Guatemala are malnourished, with 25 percent of the population living on less than $1.25 a day. In El Salvador, more than a quarter of kids below the age of 5 live in extreme poverty. In Honduras, nearly 70 percent of people live below the poverty line and a third of infants are malnourished, according to the U.N.

What's more, as Princeton University's Douglas Massey has pointed out, the conditions in these countries are directly related to U.S. actions during the Cold War—such as funding paramilitary groups—aimed at stopping the spread of Soviet Communism. These efforts triggered internecine fighting and social breakdown.

President Donald Trump has scaled back even the meager programs that President Barack Obama put in place to help this population. He tightened the criteria for amnesty to specifically bar victims of gang violence from qualifying, and he scrapped the Central American Minors parole program, which gave a two-year renewable visa to a few thousand children who failed to win asylum but had one parent legally present in America.

It's ironic and tragic that a shared experience of adversity opened the hearts of Europe to the children of their enemies, while we in America have closed our hearts to those whom we've harmed but who have done us no harm.

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  1. Ow, please stop yanking so hard on my heart-strings. Anne Frank? Give me fucking break.

    1. Anne Frank was attempting to keep away from Hitler, here we are advocating sending kids directly to Hitler. The US is the most racist, sexist, evilest nation on the face of the Earth – why would anybody want to come here and why would anybody want to encourage anybody to come here? We should be shipping these people straight to Venezuela – that place is a paradise I hear.

      1. These advocates have still never explained why non-Americans want to walk into the clutches of such racist people like Americans.

  2. Well Shikha’s convinced me! The voluntary acceptance of children by foster parents into loving families willing to accept them, after the children were transported under the auspices of church or other charitable organizations that watched over them as they travelled, is ABSOLUTELY INDISTINGUISHABLE from parents sending children to hike through Central America and Mexico alone, or under the control of coyotes, to cross into America illegally in the hope of becoming wards of the state! How could we all have missed this analogy for so long!

    But she does raise a good point…why haven’t Shikha, Congressional Democrats, and the Sanctuary City crowd been emulating these Europeans and becoming foster parents themselves, taking this children into their families? You’d think they’d be the first in line to set a heartbreaking example of lifesaving.

    1. Lol

    2. “You’d think they’d be the first in line to set a heartbreaking example of lifesaving.”
      You might; I think they are lying hypocrites bent on using other people’s kids as props to further their fascists dreams of taking over America.
      (but if I really say that, I will be sent away for ‘observation’, and lose whats left of my second amendment rights)


  3. Good article SHIKHA DALMIA !!!

    All you “conservatives” listen up!!!

    You are CORRECT when you say that the values of people and society in the “good old days” were MUCH better than the rotten, degenerate state that we find ourselves in today!!! (OK, socialism is rotten, I agree, but HERE now…)

    In the OLD days, people VALUED children, even children who were of a different language and religion background. TODAY we separate them from their parents and put them in large wire cages, and then lose track of which kids belong to which parents, all in the name of scoring some points, and throwing some red meat to the knuckle-draggers who hate illegal sub-humans!

    Thanks, you knuckle-dragging “conservatives” who have FAILED to preserve the values of older times!!!

    1. Even under the junta of the socialist asshole FDR, the USA did NOT separate children and babies from their parents, when sending Japanese-Americans to concentration camps! Yet Der TrumpfenFuhrer’s junta did that, and “conservatives” cheered!!!

      WHEN are you “conservatives” going to get back to preserving the values of decency in our society, as you did in the “good old days”?

      1. Wow. How grateful the wrongfully interred Japanese Americans must be that when they were interred by FDR and had their property stolen from them, they were not separated from their children!That made everything good!

        1. Well, option two was being lynched.
          Option three was being drafted and sent to war.
          Still waiting for an explanation of why ‘drafting’ Japanese and sending them to non-training camps was legally and substantively different from drafting non-Japanese and sending them to training camps and then into deadly combat.
          Other than the equality of the Japanese women – – – –

          1. White (and black, Native American, and other) American soldiers went off to fight for freedom, while knowing that their family members back home enjoyed enough freedom to NOT be in concentration camps.

            Young Japanese-Americans went off to “fight for freedom” while their relatives back home were in concentration camps!!! That is one HUGE difference!!!

      2. What the hell are you talking about? When the parents go to jail, we separate children from their parents EVERY DAY.

        Recently, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen went to prison, and they are not separated from their children. Where is the outrage about that?

        1. What the hell am I talking about? Read the above! It shouldn’t be a crime to BE somebody! It shouldn’t be a crime to be a Japanese-American! But for the “crime” of being a Japanese-American, socialist FDR did NOT separate parents and their children, but Der TrumpfenFuhrer did this kind of thing to score points with His base v/s those who committed the “crime” of being illegal sub-humans!

          Can you read and understand that?

          1. “It shouldn’t be a crime to BE somebody!”

            It’s not.

            1. In WW II America, it was effectively a crime to be a Japanese-American. In many nations today, it is still a crime to be a gay person, or a Christian (or an atheist) who WAS a Muslim. In dark ages Europe, it was a crime to be a witch. In NAZI Germany, it was a crime to be a Jew. In Der TrumpfenFuhrer’s USA, it is a crime to be an illegal sub-human.

              1. And that is how it should be: Each nation should determine these things for themselves! Why should we push Sodomite marriage on other nations who are repulsed by it?

            2. But, in his earlier post he said:

              “Thanks, you knuckle-dragging “conservatives” who have FAILED to preserve the values of older times!!!”

              Methinks he would like to criminalize us Knuckle Draggers & all who would like our border secured & a reasonable Immigration system put in place!

          2. Actually tard, Trump has proposed having family detention centers… Which libtards have been fighting… That combined with previous stupid court rulings makes it impossible for Trump to keep them detained together as families.

    2. honk honk

    3. Agreed. A country that has aborted 60,0000,000 babies since Roe v. Wade can hardly be said to value children. In fact, if you don’t bother waiting until they’re born to separate them from their parents, there’s no need for the expense of wire cages or feeding the little parasites. I hear there’s a market for OEM body parts as a byproduct of the extraction business.

      Free Marketz!

  4. I thought Shikha was gone from reason.

    The NCMEC says that there are 424,066 reports of missing kids in the USA. Why add more?

    Maybe reason will do a story on the homeless immigrant juveniles that roamed America’s city streets during the 19th and 20th Centuries. Yeah, give us more of that.

    1. “I thought Shikha was gone from reason.”

      Shikha has been “gone from reason,” and “reason” has been gone from her, for quite some time.

    2. “I thought Shikha was gone from reason.”

      Why would the leading journal of open borders advocacy get rid of its most effective pro-immigration writer?


      1. Just a guess, but maybe it’s because “open borders” refers to people coming to work for and earn money from people who want to employ them. So, whether you’re a fruit picker, a programmer, or a surgeon—you are free to cross borders to offer your services to the highest bidder. A CHILD IS NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED TO WORK, so that economic liberty does not apply.

        Are you advocating for rescinding child labor laws?

    3. What was it? 60 to 90 days?
      Is there a story there?

  5. President Pantone 159’s immigration policy:

    1) Blame Democrats
    2) Never admit that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing
    3) Blame Democrats

    1. Every President so far on every policy:

      1) Blame the other party
      2) Never admit you don’t have a clue what the hell you’re doing (especially not about economics)
      3) Blame the other party


  6. General description of Trump’s immigration overhaul revealed the other day:

    “The outline’s centerpiece is a “merit” system similar to the Canadian and Australian models that award immigrants points based on age, education, employment and English proficiency. The share of immigrants admitted based on skill and employment would increase to 57% from 12% while the proportion granted green cards because of family ties would fall by half to 33%.

    Current levels of legal migration would stay the same”


    Not my immigration system, but I suspect this will be pretty popular.

    As with any enumerated power of congress, democracy has its proper place. If the nation supports declaring a war that I oppose, I don’t need to stop opposing it. I do need to face the reality that democracy has its proper place, and that means sometimes I lose and should lose when I’m in the minority. I guess I’ll just have to persuade my fellow Americans to want something better. Persuading our fellow Americans to choose more freedom is what being a libertarian is all about.

    Trying to inflict an open immigration policy on the American people over their objections and against their will, on the other hand, is fucking authoritarian. Anyone else imagine Dalmia Targaryen riding around on her dragon, burning King’s Landing to the ground–all in the name of bringing its people freedom? Her intentions are good, though–and that’s what’s really important.

    The regulars, here, are less sympathetic to open immigration now than they were before she started writing here, and I’m not sure those two things aren’t related.

    1. It’s because she’s so obviously mentally deficient, so morally sure of her dumbass beliefs, and just generally lame.

      But yes, she definitely has the Daeny vibe with her moral righteousness.

  7. This article is ridiculous!

    If there was a major war like WWII, or a major genocidal event like the Holocaust, no one would object to taking child migrants. But there isn’t anything like that going on, and continuing wartime emergency policies into peacetime is always costly and counterproductive.

    Also, should we really encourage children to travel 1000 miles across Mexico, making them particularly vulnerable for exploitation and sexual assault? Really?

    1. If there was a major war like WWII, or a major genocidal event like the Holocaust, no one would object to taking child migrants.

      Sadly, this is not true.


  8. Yeah, well, the last unaccompanied minor I saw immigrate here did so because he was on the run from a gangsters vendetta. He became quite the gangster himself, as did his kids, and went back and finished the vendetta when he was grown. Then he rose in power and corrupted judges and politicians and kept them in his pocket like so many nickles and dimes. He was always feuding with other gangsters, and scores of people in NYC and all over the country got hurt and killed.

    No thanks

    1. You’re so right! All unaccompanied minors are just gangsters in waiting! How persuasive!

      1. No, obviously, they are all Holocaust Resisters!

        1. Gee, how about instead:

          They are just people. And like all large groups of people, some are good people and some are bad people.

          To generalize about all based on the actions of a few is not right.

          1. Other than the fact that there are things called “statistics” that show people with certain qualities have different outcomes on average… And those that belong to poor, uneducated parents, tend to grow up to be poor, uneducated people themselves. Commit more crimes. Use more welfare. Etc.

            Facts are not always kind to some of our views, but they are facts none the less.

  9. From zero to Godwin in mere seconds…and what she managed to show was that in the era of the World Wars the evacuation of children was far less chaotic in comparison to what she advocates now. That’s quite a feat, by the way, advocating a child-migration procedure even more chaotic than what was used for children fleeing literal Hitler.

  10. So…. go to war with central and South America since they are evil much like the NAZIS? No. Godamnit ! Our sovereignty comes first.

  11. If you want to save unaccompanied kids, adopt them and pay for it. Don’t pretend that your political advocacy and theft of other people’s property amounts to charity.


    This is Suderman-level dishonesty. Fuck you Dalmia for exploiting the war and the holocaust for your cheap, bad-faith rhetoric.

    1. El Salvador is the murder capital of the world, with Honduras and Guatemala not far behind. And it isn’t mere random crime parents are worried about. Their kids are being targeted by gangs who stalk schools and homes searching for male recruits and girlfriends, beating and killing those who don’t join. Kidnappings to extort ransom are also rampant.

      Fancylad, go live there for a few years, and then tell us again how those who flee from there, are just worthless losers and moochers, please!

      1. El Salvador’s murder rate is lower than that if many US cities.

        1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cities_by_murder_rate

          1st USA city listed here is #13 in the list, and ALL of 1 through 12 are Latin American cities.

          1. He’s comparing the NATIONAL average there to the worst places here… Which is not invalid.

            If your average El Salvadorean is no more likely to get shot than somebody in Detroit, they can fuck right off and stay there.

      2. Hold on Squirrelly, are you agreeing with Trump that these are “Shithole countries”? Isn’t that supposed to be RACIST?

        Anyhow, I spent 3 months in El Salvador as a young adult with Samaritans Purse making concrete biosand filters in villages and the San Salvador suburbs.
        If you’re not in a gang it is in no fucking way the murder capital of world. It’s not like Mexico where they go after civilians. Most of the shit is also exaggerated by agenda driven demagogues like you. That’s like saying California is dangerous because of the Bloods and the Crips and the Hells Angels.

        Anyway, you go live there for a few years, before you virtue signal all over the place telling me how I don’t know. Because you’re the ignorant, racist fuck here.

        1. If you’re not in a gang it is in no fucking way the murder capital of world.

          Ya know, I really don’t understand you people. Can you even fathom that your experience may not be representative of the statistical reality of the place? You were essentially a tourist in a sheltered part of the country doing missionary work. You weren’t living the part of a Salvadoran native living in the barrios. “I visited El Salvador once and I wasn’t murdered, therefore, everything’s fine!” Pull your head out of your ass and stop putting yourself at the center of the universe. Because you’re not.


          “Although the murder rate has consistently declined since 2015, El Salvador continues to have one of the highest homicide rates in the world.

          Argue all you want if simply having a high murder rate during peace time is morally equivalent to the death and destruction associated with wartime. That’s fair. But you can’t even acknowledge reality. And that’s just sad.

          1. Yes chemjeff you are correct about the sheltered nature of missionary work in these nations… I have a relative by marriage who did this kind of work (in construction, building trades, not just like preaching stuff), repeatedly, and he and his fellow workers were protected by native guards, any time they went off site.

            Shithole nations? Yes they are! Partly the fault of the USA and its drug wars and other history. https://medium.com/s/story/timeline-us-intervention-central-america-a9bea9ebc148 A Century of U.S. Intervention Created the Immigration Crisis

            Plenty more out there of the same kind, I am sure…

          2. SO WHAT?

            That they’re a bunch of backwards savages who shoot each other all the time has NOTHING to do with it being my responsibility to take their kids in and support them with my tax dollars. Maybe the decent people should grow a pair and go literally murder all the drug dealers and gangsters and clean their country up. Then it wouldn’t be quite so big a shit hole, would it?

  13. Gies, whose original name was Hermine Santruschitz, was born in Vienna to Austrian parents in 1909, five years before the Great War began. The Allied food blockade in 1914–1919 of the countries comprising the Central Powers meant that Gies grew up on the brink of starvation, malnourished and stunted. In Anne Frank Remembered, she recalls that when she was little, her “legs were sticks dominated by bony kneecaps” and her teeth were soft.

    Yes, the guy I know who was born in Afghanistan and fled with his family as a child during the Soviet invasion is very short. I presume food shortages caused stunting. The same reason probably accounts for the short height of the young man who spent the first few years of his life on the streets in Maryland before child protection services took him and short height of the guy I knew who lived in Albania while some of the ethnic fighting was spilling over to that side of the border.

    1. What they most definitely didn’t do—contra American immigration restrictionists—is demonize the migrant kids’ biological families as shiftless and uncaring.

      Our gay African-American neighbor who is still stuck in the 1970’s says that my friend from Afghanistan “should have worn a condom” every time he needs financial help to support himself and his two daughters. The guy even spent time in the county jail for failure to pay child support because he wanted to keep his parental rights after child protection services took his daughters. He’s worried about child protection services drugging them up.

      El Salvador is the murder capital of the world, with Honduras and Guatemala not far behind. And it isn’t mere random crime parents are worried about. Their kids are being targeted by gangs who stalk schools and homes searching for male recruits and girlfriends, beating and killing those who don’t join. Kidnappings to extort ransom are also rampant.

      His White baby-mama gave up parental rights, because she was more realistic about her ability to pay child support. She is currently living with her new boyfriend, an illegal drug-user in recovery, as far as I know.

    2. Oh, and De Blasio’s presidential campaign wants to make the “New Green Deal” national so that none of the locals can leapfrog over the Highlands (which were set aside as green space a generation ago when Rutgers professors freaked out over all the new arrivals moving into new homes there) into more affordable communities in Sussex and Warren Counties. Got to keep those pysch wards and homeless shelters PACKED to keep the system going.

      My complaint is that so many Democrats will restrict home construction, fund the gang violence in Central America when they buy illegal drugs, and neglect to legalize those drugs, but those same Democrats will scream bloody murder if you say, “We should implement the Planned Parenthood approach in Central America to reduce the number of impoverished unaccompanied minors who need our help.”

      I agree that the problems in Central America are heart breaking and unjust. Figuring out ways to help and implementing them is a worthy cause. I volunteer that we ship my mom to Mexico where she can establish boarding schools for unaccompanied minors. She fought segregation when she was young by volunteering in a freedom school and then spent half a century working in the educational publishing sector. This would be a great way for her to spend her retirement years, and her social security check will go farther in Mexico. Seriously though, even if my mom doesn’t want to be part of the project, it would be praiseworthy for people in the Northeast who feel compassion for unaccompanied minors to establish boarding schools in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez for unaccompanied minors.

      1. Yeah man thanks sharmota4zeb for the good stuff & stuff you wrote above!

  14. She dreaded that prospect for the same reason Central American teenagers living in America today do: She had built a life for herself in Holland and felt little connection to her native country.

    Exactly the same reasons, the death camps were not a factor in either case.

    Dalmia is such a dishonest hack. She’s killing the Reason brand.

    1. The editors really need to clamp down on the hackery, rhetoric and flat out lying going on lately, unless their aim is to mimic the Graunaid.

  15. We are a nation of laws.
    Obey the those laws or don’t complain when someone violates you.

  16. Was this supposed to tug at my heartstrings or something? It didn’t. All it did is make me realize how dumb and irrational most people are.

    See, the problem is I have this thing called “a brain,” and I like to use it when deciding what we should do about things. Both back then, and now, there is a FAR better solution. It would cost less money, be less of a disruption to BOTH nations, and be more kind to the kids and their families… Send food/aid to the country, and let them stay with their fucking parents.

    Not that I want the government to do that of course… But I’m all for these asshole shit libs who want to spend MY tax money supporting these foreigners sending as much aid as they want to these people. But when it comes to trying to force me to pay for 3rd world peasant children to move here so they can grow up to be dishwashers or lawn guys… Not so much.

    All these 3rd world countries are having steady economic growth for the most part. More growth in % terms than the USA… So they can stay home and do the hard work they need to do, just like previous American generations did, to build their countries into decent places. I don’t feel a need to have my taxes jacked to pay for these people just so they can skate on decades of hard work and skip straight ahead 30 years in economic development.

    Your problem Shikha, is that you’re a soft headed bleeding heart idiot. You have some irrational NEED to flood this country, which isn’t even YOUR country to begin with, with a ton of foreigners who will make it a worse place… When even if you wanted to help these people, sending aid to where they are is FAR more cost effective and humane.

    Maybe I’m just being a dick here, and you just don’t have the IQ to intellectually figure this stuff out… But now that it’s been explained to you, perhaps you can change your tune?

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