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Joe Biden Is Running Backwards Against Trump

Biden, like Trump, understands the potential political appeal of "used to be," the warm nostalgia in the hearts and minds of older voters about what they imagine America was before its supposed decline.


Joe Biden still has the big smile.

He's physically smaller, the same way that Bill Clinton is these days, the way that it's hard to tell whether it's because he's in better shape, or he's shrunken with age, or it's a combination of both.

Also like Bill Clinton, the hair has moved past gray into a color approaching white. At least Clinton, unlike Biden, has a full head of it still. If Donald Trump's orange tint can evoke the late Senator Strom Thurmond, Biden's locks, color-wise, are more like those of Senator Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, a Biden friend and colleague who died last month at age 97.

In the back of a Hampton, N.H., pizza joint where Biden is campaigning in front of a largely geriatric crowd, a campaign surrogate is telling a reporter that it's about what you'd expect for a midday, midweek event. I'd been to midday, midweek New Hampshire campaign events for Beto O'Rourke earlier this year, though, that drew younger crowds.

When Biden says Republicans are "going to try to eviscerate the social safety net, Medicare, Social Security," he's talking about programs that to many in the room aren't abstract future promises. He's wearing a cardigan sweater under his sport coat, as if someone is worried that he might catch a cold.

Biden, 76, is running a campaign that from a message standpoint echoes the one that Trump, 72, ran in 2016.

"I want to restore the soul of this country," Biden says, "rebuild the backbone of this country."

Restore, rebuild. The prefix "re" literally means "again," as in Trump's "Make America Great Again," as if Biden, like Trump, somehow wants to turn the clock back.

Even Biden's economic policy of tax increases gets a "re" frame; speaking of a plan for free community college, Biden says "we can pay for this with the tax cut that we are gonna reverse."

There "used to be a basic bargain," Biden says, in which employees shared in the prosperity.

Biden understands the potential political appeal of "used to be," the warm nostalgia in the hearts and minds of older voters about what they imagine America was before its supposed decline.

He also sounds like 2016-era Trump when he criticizes the economy on the grounds that "people are being left behind," talking about a closed General Motors assembly line in Delaware.

Biden talks about Warren Buffett complaining that he has a "lower tax rate than my secretary does." Buffett is 88, which explains why he has a "secretary" rather than voicemail or a personal assistant or executive assistant. The word "secretary" isn't much used anymore in the contemporary American workplace.

Biden talks about President Kennedy's speech about going to the moon, a speech delivered in 1962, saying his favorite part of it was Kennedy's phrase "we refuse to postpone." Actually, Kennedy called it a challenge "we are unwilling to postpone," but close enough.

"We have to end it now, this administration," is what Biden says he wanted not to postpone. Whether the analogy between the moonshot and ousting President Trump makes any sense or has any resonance will be up to the voters.

The moonshot reference is part of a kind of stream of consciousness tour of the policy highlights, or lowlights, of the past 60 years. "There is a whole lot of talk about Biden and the crime bill," Biden says, referring to himself in the third person, as Biden frequently does. "That's all Biden, midnight basketball."

That's a crime bill that passed in 1994, which was 25 years ago, before some of today's voters were born.

"I said back in 1987," Biden says at one point, during a discourse that also hits on the Civil Rights movement, Vietnam, the Iraq War.

The cameras in the back of the room are from C-Span and Fox News, but it's almost as if the whole thing belongs on the History Channel.

Biden's attraction to voters seems to be that they think he can win. "Maybe the country's just not ready for a woman," is the way Shirley Sylvester, 62, a retired project manager, put it to me.

As a presidential candidate in the 1988 cycle, Biden dropped out before the New Hampshire primary. As a presidential candidate in 2008, he finished sixth in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, behind Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich, with 0.22% of the votes. Not 22%, but 22 hundredths of a percent. This time around, he's got nowhere to go but up, at least New Hampshire-wise.

Perhaps the secret to progress is to cloak it, Trojan Horse-style, in conservative rhetoric. Or perhaps, for better or worse, there is something genuinely backward-looking about elements of Biden's program that want to undo the Reagan revolution and restore Johnson-era liberalism—"consensus," Biden called it, invoking a word historians use, somewhat controversially, to describe Cold War-era America.

Biden's path to victory requires being different enough from Trump to win the Democratic nomination while simultaneously being similar enough to Trump to win a general election. If not, it could be time to dust off some other "re" words—a repeat of Reagan's 1984 reelection, with Biden reprising the role of Walter Mondale.

Ira Stoll is editor of FutureOfCapitalism.com and author of JFK, Conservative.

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  1. Why does this author think that going back to the days when the best school systems in the country were in the big cities, when anyone could walk down the street or take the subway without fear, when 90% of kids were raised in 2 parent families and a family could be raised on one paycheck, when America was proud of being a melting pot, when Americans agreed the future was bright and the government didn’t spy on Americans is a bad thing?

    That’s the way it was before the $30 trillion failure called the “War on Poverty” and Teddy Kennedy’s abandonment of 200 years of admitting only those immigrants who would not become a public burden started this country’s decline. That’s the way it was when JFK told Americans to “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”.

    Now it’s a race to see how much one race baiting group can demand the government steal from the few remaining who work for what they get.

    1. You are dreaming. America was a melting pot only for whites — not blacks, not Asians, not Hispanics.

      Crime levels are down to historic lows now. It just seems more because the lack of a Cold War threatening to go hot and nuclear has left room on the front page for crime stories, and the centralized media (three networks, no cable, no internet) made it easier to control the news. Two parent families were terrible for a lot of women who wanted careers.

      There was no Golden Age.

      1. “America was a melting pot only for whites — not blacks, not Asians, not Hispanics”

        God the shit you say is stupid.

        1. Your refutation is quite compelling. But next time, try refuting the message, not the messenger. It would be compelling to a crowd larger than yourself.

      2. “Two parent families were terrible for a lot of women who wanted careers.”

        So the key to ‘having it all’ is being a single mother? Lol. Have you ever met a woman before?

        1. No, that was poorly worded. I meant the “classic” two parent family, where papa brings home the bacon and mama cooks it. Not the two parent family where both parents work.

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        2. Where did this idea that anyone could have it all come from? It’s freaking asinine.

          1. Agreed. Life is all a series of trade offs.
            I would love to spend more time with my kids and be there when they come home from school, but I need to work to pay the bills. It is that simple. It teaches you that the most valuable thing everyone has is time.

      3. America was a melting pot only for whites — not blacks, not Asians, not Hispanics.

        Considering the way that preservation of PoC ethnic identity is now fetishized, was this a positive or negative social development?

        Crime levels are down to historic lows now.

        No, they’re lower compared to the 1990s. Compared to the early-mid 1960s, violent crime rates are 2-2.5 times higher.

        Two parent families were terrible for a lot of women who wanted careers.

        Children raised in two-parent families are shown to do better in life by every socially measurable standard.

      4. Tell it to Desi and Lucy.

      5. America was a melting pot only for whites — not blacks, not Asians, not Hispanics.

        Hispanics WERE ‘whites’ then–ask Desi Arnez–as were folks from the Middle East, such as Danny Thomas.

        You and your Marxian comrades MADE them non-white. You forced them into the racial strife you were using as substitute for class struggle.

      6. Actually, it WAS a golden age… For white Americans.

        Why exactly do we need oodles of non whites to also be happy and prosperous in our country? Answer: We didn’t. America was fucking awesome. If the black people didn’t like it, even though they were better off than any other black people on earth, they should have moved to some other country and made that what they wanted.

        In short America was amazing for the people that made up the overwhelming majority of the population, so focusing on some whiny minority groups is irrelevant. Also, FYI, I’m part Mexican and Native, and my family did just fine back in the day.

        As for women… Women are less happy now statistically. They’re also poorer, have more mental health issues, etc. Our society has fallen apart in many of the most important ways, and it is mostly due to prog brainwashing. Women WANT to have families naturally, but they’re literally told their entire lives that wanting to be a stay at home mother makes them less of a person, even though it very much does not.

        IMO the norm needs to return to being more like what we used to have, but we should leave room for the outliers to do what they want as well… Most people fall very easily into doing the “normal” thing though if it’s not actively discouraged.

    2. “Why does this author think that going back to the days when the best school systems in the country were in the big cities, when anyone could walk down the street or take the subway without fear, when 90% of kids were raised in 2 parent families and a family could be raised on one paycheck, when America was proud of being a melting pot, when Americans agreed the future was bright and the government didn’t spy on Americans is a bad thing?”

      You are proving the author’s point well. None of your fantasies about how great things used to be have any basis in reality. With the possible exception that they only spied on SOME people, since they didn’t have the technology to spy on all of us yet.

        1. You think that single parent families are so terrible that they outweigh everything else that was wrong with the Golden Age?

          1. Poor Vietnamese Alphabet troll.

          2. Poor French alphabet troll.

          3. Poor German alphabet troll.

          4. You think single parent families are so great that they outweigh everything else that’s wrong with The Current Year?

          5. And what all else was so HORRIBLE about it? People had less debt, high home ownership rates, scored happier on surveys, didn’t feel as stressed about the state of the world, on and on and on.

            The fact is people who trot out the crap you are are simply nitpicking… It WAS better in many important ways… But because the progressives literally destroyed a damn near perfect society (as far as being as close to perfect as is realistic in the real world) you feel the need to point out a few small flaws and make it out like it was horrible, because it’s gone now anyway and longing for something better that no longer exists makes your butthole twitch or whatever.

            The truth is Rome really WAS better in 20 AD than in 600 AD after it was fully collapsed and its territories ruled by barbarians. The USA was also better in many ways a few decades back. People aren’t dumb for recognizing it. America wasn’t perfect, but I’d trade this mess we have now for 1960 any day.

    3. The problem isn’t that there hasn’t been a lot of retrogression on a number of metrics. There has, clearly.

      The problem is that people like Biden caused it. So he’s got some cast iron gall there running on this theme.

      1. +100

      2. Life has gotten better despite government getting worse and hurting many parts of our lives.

        1. Some things have got better… But many things haven’t.

          You are correct that the government, and progs outside of government, are responsible for almost everything that has gotten worse though. Their social engineering has basically destroyed our civilization.

    4. Because most of the rose-colored memories you have never actually existed, there is nothing to go back to. Schools are, on average, better now than ever before, and even among the bad schools very little has changed other than perception (you only think they are worse now because you never realized they were always bad) As others have noted crime is lower now than any time in the last 50 years, and still falling. Wages are higher and cost of living lower (but iPhones and Playstations are still expensive, good thing your family doesn’t need them) As for spying, you think we should go back to McCarthyism? Was that any better?

      The few things that did exist are the equivalent of promising elderly voters to restore them to their youth, when they were in their physical prime: literally impossible.

      1. Hahaha. Schools are far worse than they were 30 years ago.

        Kids are having to take college courses to learn things we learned in High School decades ago.

        Kids used to drop out of school and could function somewhat in society. Now kids graduate college and they cannot function in society very well. If a kid dropped out of school today at 16, that kid would have no chance.

        1. Yeah I’m not sure how anyone can say that schools are better with a straight face.

          We were number 1 in the world some decades ago. Now we are what, 50th?

          1. The most recent PISA results, from 2015, placed the U.S. an unimpressive 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. Among the 35 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which sponsors the PISA initiative, the U.S. ranked 30th in math and 19th in science.
            U.S. students’ academic achievement still lags that of their peers in many other countries

            Plus, these comparisons are with the World not how smart are kids SHOULD BE. Just because we were #1 among a bunch of dumb foreign kids does the USA no good.

          2. Interesting stat is that the schools probably aren’t actually worse… It’s the student demographics that have got worse.

            White and Asian Americans still score towards the top of the world… But we have a lower percentage of white students now than we used to, which has dragged our averages down considerably. Look it up, it’s true.

            I do still think schooling has been dumbed down though, but the way it looks on paper by some metrics is skewed by the above.

      2. As others have noted crime is lower now than any time in the last 50 years, and still falling.

        That’s empirically false.

        Wages are higher and cost of living lower

        Not based on inflation. Wages have been stagnant for the last 50 years on that score.

        1. Maybe we should have decoupled the health insurance tax break from companies and shifted it so that individuals could benefit from it.

          Then maybe wages would have risen instead of just overall compensation.

          1. That probably would have helped on the front end (employers could have offered slightly higher salaries while saving money on health insurance plans), but I’m skeptical that it would have affected the overall higher costs of healthcare on the back end, since doctors still would have shifted the balance of underpayments on Medicare and Medicaid to private insurance holders.

      3. Wow! A social studies major! You thinking McCarthyism was about spying shows the level of educations today.

    5. a family could be raised on one paycheck,

      What are you people doing that you can’t raise your kids on one paycheck? Is it that you won’t do overtime? That your *Studies degree only nets you minimum wage jobs and you can’t bring yourself to stoop so low as to learn to weld or grind metal and get a better job? Is the local coffee shop that prestigious? Or is it that your whole family has a current generation flagship phone, 3 cars, a motorcycle or ATV, and a jetski in the garage along with the full cable tv package and a 65 in flatscreen in every room?

      I know a couple guys that work for a well digger. They basically do manual labor and pull in $25/hour – in a place where the average wage is around $13. No college degrees, one of them barely speaks english. Its not even particularly hardwork as its mostly mechanized.

      1. One thing that I think has actually skewed things a lot is this:

        As more people decided to have 2 parents work, this allowed said people to bid up the cost of housing, which has essentially got things to the point where people are FORCED to have 2 people work because enough others do and raise costs for things.

        If EVERYBODY only decided to have one person work, the value of many things would in fact lower, but because so many people choose to be dual earners it allows them to push the market for certain things up, which then means single earners are eating shit.

  2. The history book I mentioned yesterday, “Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945” suggests that Europe turned to old farts immediately after WW II, politicians who had been born 70 years before, because (a) younger generations had been eviscerated by WW I and WW II, and (b) younger politicians had caused those two wars and were discredited.

    Here we have Hillary, Trump, Bernie, Biden — Vietnam and Watergate era politicians, as it were. The younger crowd are the media darlings, but the polls show the voters thinking otherwise.

    I don’t think it’s anything similar to post-war Europe. There’s nothing remotely similar to two lost generations of male voters and politicians. But it is interesting that all these old farts are doing so well in the polls.

    1. My generation has a weird obsession with kooky old men (Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, Rick from Rick and Morty), so long as they shake their fists and are upset with something. Old men that are okay with the system as it is are not cool for whatever reason.

      1. Ron Paul is not kooky.

        1. Oh he’s kooky, my generation wouldn’t be into him if he wasn’t.

          1. If you’re a Millennial then your Generation is also full of Sheeple. That would explain it more than Ron Paul is “kooky”.

            Ron Paul is not mainstream and his messages are disliked by the powerful. That makes Ron Paul an outsider and that can be attractive to “rebels”. I would doubt that they know much about what Ron Paul is even talking about.

            1. Every generation is full of Sheeple. Most people are sheep.

              1. Some generations have more than other generations.

      2. I’d vote for President Rick and Vice Morty

    2. At least on the left, the old farts got entrenched, and politically fratricided the next generation of rising politicians in order to secure their own positions. They’ve stopped doing that now because they know they’re aging out, but it’s too late, they left this huge hole beneath them, and it’s being filled by people who haven’t had time to become seasoned, and thanks to the vacuum are rising too fast to grow into their new ranks.

      1. Good observation Brett.

        The GOP might have done the same thing to their Gen Xer/Millennial aged politicians.

        1. I think on the right the effort was more focused on killing off the Tea party, not a general fratricide of the next generation of politicians. Same general effect, though to a reduced degree.

  3. But Biden is completely justified in campaigning to return to the way things used to be before Russia hacked our election and installed a Kremlin asset as President. After all, when Biden was VP, the country experienced its strongest 8-year economic run in history.

    1. Are you pleased that the judge granted Robert Kraft’s motion to throw out the video?

      If not, why not?

      Should not women be free to offer comfort and joy to septuagenarians, male or female or transitioning?

      Whither corporeal free agency?

    2. Get over yourself.
      Numerous investigations have proven that there is no evidence that Russia ‘hacked’ the elections. At worse, they bought a few facebook ads and there is zero evidence that these ads actually influenced anyone. Also, this ‘interference happened while Obama was president and Biden was VP and they did absolutely NOTHING to prevent it. We also have mountains of evidence that Clinton paid for the Steele dossier which was full of unverified rubbish supplied by Russians so if anyone was trying to use Russian influence it was the Clinton campaign.
      Get it through your thick head. Trump had no links to any Russians. Get out of your partisan bubble and discover that you have been lied to for the last 3 years. Pushing this lie as if it had not been debunked continues to make you sound stupid every time you push it.

      1. Open is a parody of the liberal mind. He’s hit or miss.

  4. Eh, today is the best day to be alive. I have 2 super computers in my pocket and one on my wrist, have excellent and varied nutritional sources and gobs and gobs of nearly free entertainment at my fingertips.

    The only thing I’d like to turn the clock back on is individual liberties. I’d like the 4th amendment to exist and be enforced, same with freedom of association. A return to states rights would be nice too.

    1. Funny how those are the things no one ever wants to go back to the “good old days” on.

      Also 2nd amendment rights (although progress is being made, in some places, on that front)

    2. It would be interesting to have a real time machine which would allow people to “return” to an earlier time; how many of these whiners would actually follow through? And then see how their lives turned out, and whether they actually enjoyed the terrible medicine, the bigotry, the lack of electronics, the crappy cars and appliances, the dismal food and entertainment and news choices, and everything else that was terrible.

      1. Look, life has improved on some metrics, declined on others. It’s not irrational to want the things that have been lost back, or a sign that you want to lose what’s been gained.

        Why can’t we have good medicine AND whole families? At the same time? Does having computers imply that the media have to deliberately exaggerate the prevalence of sexual deviancy? Do good cars imply panopticon surveillance?

        1. To trolls like the Alphabet troll, ALL PRIVACY IS LOST JUST ACCEPT IT

          We can never have a relatively safe, secure, educated, wealthy, and independent America again if we want cell phones.

      2. And then see how their lives turned out, and whether they actually enjoyed the terrible medicine, the bigotry, the lack of electronics, the crappy cars and appliances, the dismal food and entertainment and news choices, and everything else that was terrible.

        It’s telling that so many of your examples of how shitty life supposedly was back then focus on simple epicurean pursuits.

        “Terrible medicine”–fucking LOL at this claim. The US was not a third-world shithole in the 50s and 60s.

      3. We’ve gone backwards on appliances. Your washer takes longer to get your clothes less clean.

        1. Plus they lasted longer than 10 years. I’ve gotten over 45 years on a Kenmore washer and dryer.

          1. 19 years on my kenmore washer and dryer.

        2. This is for real! My family has owned numerous washers, dryers, stoves, fridges, etc that hit the 30, 40, or even 50 year marks. Not a single thing being made today will ever do that shit.

      4. I would go back to several different points in history before now… You know why? Because some things are more important than a smartphone!

        I would rather have a functional community that actually had a sense of pride in itself. Functional families. A society that didn’t literally hate itself for its own great accomplishments. Personal freedom. Lower taxes. Etc.

        As mentioned, we CAN have both… We just have to get rid of the prog obsession with ignoring reality because they don’t like the way it works, and just go with what works.

    3. It would be false to say everything has got worse… But it is equally false to say everything has got better.

      I like shiny shit. But if I had to choose I’d take freedom over shiny shit. I’d take having a functional society that wasn’t falling apart over shiny shit. And so on.

      What we need is to fix the stuff we fucked up over the last few decades, and keep the increased material wealth!

  5. Comrade Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez puts Joe Biden on notice: get with the program or step aside.

    AOC, at Green New Deal rally, puts Joe Biden and other Democratic climate moderates on notice


    1. Interesting, because AOC now says her harping on the 12 year apocalyptic timeline was “just a joke”.

      That woman is dumb as a box of rocks.

      1. If it was ‘just a joke’ she needs to have a better delivery.

        Here is a video of her saying that, she seemed so serious.


    2. The event’s young, energetic moderator, co-founder of the Sunrise Movement Varshini Prakash

      Look at that, another communist bindi.

  6. Biden, like Trump, understands the potential political appeal of “used to be,” the warm nostalgia in the hearts and minds of older voters about what they imagine America was before its supposed decline.

    Big difference is that Biden wants the USA to return to when Democrats openly had slaves. Biden is upset that Black Americans are moving away from the Democratic Party since being a slave to the Welfare State is not as popular as it used to be.

  7. DNC: Help us Obi Joe Biden, you’re our only hope.

    1. +100

  8. The illusory ‘good old days’ for which some people pointlessly, inexplicably, deplorably pine:

    Women constituting five percent of law and medical school classes.

    Gays getting mocked everywhere in public and beaten in alleys — by the police.

    Children taught nonsense in public schools’ science classrooms.

    Industry disposing of hazardous waste inexpensively, often with pipes emptying into rivers or creeks.

    The Irish, Jews, blacks, Asians, Catholics, women, Italians, agnostics, gays, and others targeted during periodic waves of intolerance and ignorance, often precipitated by skin color, language, religion, or perceived economic pressure.

    Women dragged into houses by the sleeve, or by the hair, by husbands, plenty of whom drove home, drunken, from the bar. People avert their gaze from the occasional black eye or broken nose at the grocery store.

    Blacks knowing their place — or having it demonstrated for them by vicious bigots.

    Priests and other clergy visiting public schools to conduct religious ceremonies and to tell the children to ask their parents to take them to church.

    Victims of negligence or intentional wrongdoing discouraged from pursuing claims in court, or denied recovery even in egregious circumstances.

    Contraception and abortion criminalized.

    Children beaten on sidewalks and porches, sometimes with belts or switches.

    Defective products and harmful practices condoned or concealed.

    Abusive, discriminatory policing.

    Poll taxes, rigged literacy tests, and other voter suppression methods enforced by public officials.

    The bodies of dead employees placed at the factory gate for collection by the family or friends, sometimes with money tucked into a pocket.

    Segregated schools, the Chinese Exclusion Act, anti-miscegenation laws, Chinese laundry laws, Muslim bans, and lynchings.

    Coal and Iron Police. Lethal strike-breaking (sometimes involving the National Guard). Pinkertons.

    Women unable to own property, vote, use the front door of business clubs, wear pants in court, or use a maiden name in court.

    Book-burning. Monkey and panda trials.

    1. Wow. Your handlers must have put in some overtime putting that together for you.

      Keep on clingin’, gecko.

    2. Children taught nonsense in public schools’ science classrooms.

      Progressive nonsense like eugenics?

      1. I think he means conservative nonsense. You know, things like freedom, the US Constitution, and math.

      2. Well, the truth is eugenics isn’t nonsense… It’s absolutely scientifically accurate. Humans are animals, we give traits to our offspring… Hence eugenics is real. The only question is the morality of how it is implemented, if at all.

    3. Gays getting mocked everywhere in public and beaten in alleys — by the police.

      Children taught nonsense in public schools’ science classrooms.

      So, basically life today. And under Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc.

    4. Only like 2/3rd of that it total bullshit, but the remaining 1/3 is still blown out of proportion!

      Also, you forget that we can be more tolerant of many things… Without pushing outright bullshit that is false. First point you made, women will NEVER be equal to men in the highest reaches of ANY intellectual field… Because our IQs have different distributions, with more super smart AND super dumb men. In other words we can allow women to do what they want, but trying to create impossible artificial equality needs to go away.

  9. You know all those freedoms white men lost so that marginalized and oppressed groups could achieve equality? The marginalized and oppressed lost those freedoms too!

    1. 🙁 It’s true…

  10. Ira, like so many sufferers of TDS doesn’t understand what “Make America Great Again’ means.

    Progressives look backward, as do all leftists, because underlying all their rhetoric is a desire for familial ‘socialism’.

    Familial socialism is autocracy. With a King(father) and/or a Queen(mother) having total control and responsibility.

    They seek, to be very blunt, a political system where someone with absolute power can make everything right by declaring it so.

    Thus, they look ever backward.

    MAGA is about looking forward. It is not a call to the 50s–is it a call to the future. To the greatness that America pursued.

    It is saying let’s be great again, let’s pursue greatness again.

    It is NOT saying ‘let’s go back in time to a mythical heyday’

    Listen to what Trump proposes. However stupid they might sound, they’re not calls to the past. Space force, disease cures, better manufacturing, better housing.

    America is great when it aims for the stars.

    1. +1000000

    2. Sounds pretty fucking stupid.

  11. As I already said above, there is more to the world than material abundance.

    What was better about America a few decades ago was ALL THAT OTHER STUFF. People had more financial security, even if they weren’t technically quite as wealthy as today. They had stronger communities with more in common, they believed in more of the same things, they had stronger families, etc.

    Frankly, people care MORE about all these other things that widgets. This is something many libertarians seem to miss. People like shiny shit, I know I do. But most people wouldn’t rather have an iPhone than a happy marriage! So on and so forth. And the fact is the America of a few decades ago kicked todays ass on almost all of that kind of stuff, which is why people who were around to see it miss it so damn bad… And some people like me who never got to see it are soooo pissed that progressives destroyed it all.

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