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Ron Paul Has a Favorite in the Democratic Presidential Primary

"If we had to pick one of them to be our president, I think she would be giving us the best chance for bringing about peace."


Ron Paul likes at least one candidate in the upcoming Democratic presidential primary. On Thursday, the former Texas congressman (and 1988 Libertarian Party presidential nominee) singled out Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D–Hawaii) for praise.

"Tulsi Gabbard is by far the very, very best," he told RT.

Paul noted that he and Gabbard had some differences on economic policy. For example, Gabbard has co-sponsored large spending bills, such as Medicare for All, while Paul is a spending hawk. But her relatively non-interventionist views on foreign policy earned Paul's seal of approval.

"She's the most intelligent," he said. "If we had to pick one of them to be our president, I think she would be giving us the best chance for bringing about peace."

Gabbard announced her bid for president in January, and she has put foreign policy at the center of her campaign.

An Iraq War veteran, Gabbard has regularly criticized America's perpetual wars. Prior to running for president, she criticized former President Obama for his interventions in Syria. She's also worked with Republicans—including Paul's son, Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.)—to push legislation to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

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  1. ..."Gabbard has co-sponsored large spending bills, such as Medicare for All..."
    Well, that's all I need to know.
    So much for Ms. Gabbard.

    1. When all the buffet has is shit sandwiches, you pick the one that comes with the French dip juice. Or in this case, a side of pineapples.

      1. Sounds about right. From Blunt Object blog, canada votes 2015:

        The thing about elections is that the country’s basically voting on what to have for lunch for the next five years, and every option is a shit sandwich. Mostly you only get offered cat shit and pig shit and bowel-infection shit and oh god is that a tapeworm and basic pride won’t let you dignify the farce by choosing, but once in a while you’re offered a horse shit sandwich and, horrified, you find yourself thinking well at least it’s high in fibre….

      2. They have a less interventionist foreign policy in common. Domestically a freedom hating disaster. That is about as good as the democrats got. Not voting for any of them.

    2. sadly she is a hard core socialist

  2. That's great I'm bet she gets as many votes as he did.

    1. Perhaps in "open primary" states, RP's supporters will cast ballots for Gabbard? All the progs who think open primaries are the way to go - so they can foil Trump type Republicans - had better watch out because the door swings both ways. Do they really want a ton of Republican voters showing up for the Democratic primary and skewing the results away from Bernie, Pocahontas, Spartacus, Beto, and et al?

      1. I've already donated to Tulsi and intend to vote for her in my state's open presidential preference party.

        1. Wow, my respect for you went up.

      2. Politicians designed the primary process, mostly to keep power with the party insiders who mostly pick the candidates. The thing is, with tricks like getting another opponent to split your main opponent's vote, they are using it against each other. With so many candidates (20 I think) there won't be a winner via a majority, and the person who stands out often becomes the winner by plurality. Gabbard or Schultz might do that since they stick out like sore thumbs compared to the typical Democrat.

        I hope to see Democrats start complaining about it, and advocate Instant Runoff Voting, or Approval Voting for their primaries. That would be a blow to party power, and give back power to voters.

    2. I doubt she'll get that many. Ron Paul earned 11% in the 2012 primaries.

  3. It's hard to pick a favorite in the Democratic primary when the field hasn't even filled out yet. For example, if Paul supports a fiscal conservative, John Kasich hasn't declared his intentions yet. Nor has Jeb!.

  4. I don't get why she gets so much negative attention from so many Democrats. Her domestic policy is pretty much what all the other Dem candidates are proposing. Her foreign policy is pretty much the same as other Dem candidates. She must not have sucked the right dick or something. Tom Woods brought up Steven Colbert's weird interview with her (which I haven't seen, only heard his quick audio clip). Normally he would be very light hearted and ass-kissy with any other Dem candidate, and he wasn't too confrontational with her, but then he told her that the US military is a force for good in the world so we can't just go dismantling the empire and all that. Just bizarre.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0jnKb8MDks

      Here it is. Just weird to see Colbert supporting the Empire. "If we don't do it, Russia and China will."

    2. Because none of the other Dems are principled anti-war candidates. They all want war for their own reasons.

      1. Bingo! She's been consistently anti-war and doesn't seem to mind criticizing Democrats.
        The others are anti-war only when there's a Republican in the White House. And some, I think, are not even aware that there's a world outside of Washington DC.

      2. Bernie is pretty antiwar. So is Andrew Yang. They don't get the concerned look from Colbert.

    3. Her foreign policy is pretty much the same as other Dem candidates.

      No it isn't. Bernie is the only one in the ballpark and there are clear differences between them.

      1. Bernie, Andrew Yang, and Buttboy (maybe some others) have all come out and said antiwar things like pull out of Afghanistan, etc. Maybe the Dems know they don't really mean it like Gabbard.

    4. Because she opposes war in Syria. Democrats think that makes her a Putin puppet.

  5. Tulsi Gabbard is actually the worst Democrat running. This is obviously true since Russia likes her.


    1. You are an complete idiot.
      Tulsi stands head and shoulders above every other nominee.
      Being against needless wars does not make you a 'Putin puppet'
      Believing someone is a Putin puppet because they are against war does make you a pathetic, snivelling NPC

  6. Is Nobody running as a D?

  7. Would.

  8. I guess that Ron Paul is getting forgetful in his old age. All lefties run on platforms for peace, then they send troops wherever it helps left wing movements.

    Gabbard is intelligent, articulate and attractive. She won election in a state that also elected Mazie Hirono, who is stupid, incoherent and has a face flies won't land on. What do they have in common? Single Provider Healthcare, gun bans and massive tax increases.

    Don't get fooled by attractive packaging, the internals aren't very different.

    1. Right. That's what I'm saying. I don't see any real differences between her and about half a dozen other Dem candidates, but she gets some kind of cold shoulder from the DNC. I don't really give much of a shit. It's not like I'm going to vote for her or anything. It's just curious to me.

      1. In the past, Gabbard had some religious objections to gay marriage. She also showed some willingness to vote against the "official" Democrat agenda. Serving honorably in the military is another strike against her.

        She's certainly not the worst Democrat but look at her competition! ...Swalwell? It's not hard to be the least bad in that group.

        1. Also, on more than one occasion, she's acted like we can't just print enough money to go around and that the taxpayers should be getting the things they actually pay for rather than just iterative money pits.

          Can't let even minimally fiscally responsible thinking like that get a toe in the door.

    2. I guess that Ron Paul is getting forgetful in his old age.

      I don't think so. He starts out being quoted "If we had to pick one of them to be our president,"

      I'm not 100% sure he and I looking at the same menu, but I generally agree with his selection for 'tastiest shit sandwich'.

    3. Ron didn't say that HE"D vote for her. He only said that she'd be his pick out of White Biden and the 17 dwarfs.

  9. All I know is that if any of these lunatics beat Trump in 2020... It's going to be fucked. With all the talk about shit sandwiches above, I'd say all the Dems are shit sandwiches... And Trump is more like 2 week old tuna salad... Still going to wreck your shit, but surely better than the alternatives that are actually on offer.

    1. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst?

      I made certain to acquire all the "Second Amendment Items" I need or just really want, and sufficient supplies to support. Let's encourage Trump/McConnell/ Federalist Society to fill the rest of those judicial vacancies, and be grateful for the opportunity and not having HRC in the White House these four years.

      Then wait for them to wreck everything they touch and wait for the pendulum to swing.

      1. That's assuming that we don't end up with a 17 member Supreme Court with 8 new 35 year old Ruth Bader Ginsburgs on it.

        1. True enough; if the can and believe they need to do that, they will. But I expect there will be more pressing issues on their minds, like a massive economic depression arising from implementation of their misguided and ill conceived policies.

          1. It's a funny thought that they might be too busy to screw us.

  10. Anagram of Tulsi Gabbard:


  11. Per PBS:

    "Climate change: Mandate an end to the use of fossil fuels for electricity by 2050. Ban fracking.

    Education: Tuition-free community college for all and tuition-free public university for most families.

    Guns: Ban assault weapons and require universal background checks.

    Health care: Create “Medicare for All,” a universal, government-sponsored health care system.

    Social Issues: Protect abortion rights. Ban discrimination based on sexual preference, identity.

    Military intervention: Withdraw from Afghanistan and Syria.

    Saudi Arabia: End U.S. support for Saudi-led conflict in Yemen."

    Sounds like a standard issue left-wing Democrat to me.

    1. Yeah, but she says that she doesn't like war, so that make all her neo-Marxism alright!

      She'd be even better than Obama! Even! Better!

    2. Tulsi's running in the Democrat Presidential Primary. I'm not saying she doesn't support all that shit but feigning enthusiasm for it is pretty much mandatory.

  12. Tallest midget.

    That's probably offensive, but whatever.

    Smartest imbecile?

    That's probably offensive too.

    1. Tony's least favorite choice?

  13. Tulsi Gabbard? You mean the Republican who runs as a Democrat because of her lineage and her district?
    Time for Ron to worry about hoping to have another solid shit again before he dies and just shut the fuck up..... he's even more worthless than his soul-selling Russian asset son.

  14. She won't even place in the primaries because there is no anti war constituency in the Democratic party. None. Zero. The only time Trump has ever gotten a kind word from any Democrat was when he pointlessly dropped a bomb on Syria. They're determined to wage a 21st century cold war with Russia. And Bernie's anti war positions are not the reason he has supporters. It's all about free shit.
    I think we've still got a better shot with Trump if only he'd stop hiring assholes like Bolton.

    1. Your comment wins the "Sad but True" award for today Gaear.

    2. I really believe Trump hired Boulton as a distraction. He has all the Dems believing he is willing to bomb the crap out of everyone whilst in the background he is negotiating peace treaties and withdrawal agreements.
      Trump is a master of bait and switch. He has made fools out of the Dems so many countless times

  15. She is probably the least offensive, so I'll give her that.

    1. Sukie; I can agree with how you said that. If her lotto ticket comes in and she wins....... and she gets us out of "our" forever wars for regime change, cheap oil, and the supremacy of Petro Dollars, AND she's not killed for that; the country would have a few more bucks to waste on her socialism.

  16. […] Texas Congressman and three-time Presidential Candidate Ron Paul was asked in an interview this week which of the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates he liked […]

  17. Leave it to Ron Paul to find something nice to say about a socialist democrat. It's difficult (really, really difficult) to find a reason to listen to anything he has to say. Just for kicks, ask him which of the Republicans he likes .... odds are he can't find one to like.

    1. Yes Johnimo; Leave it to Grandpa Ron, "the intellectual godfather of the Tea Party movement": to acknowledge a point of agreement with anyone regardless of party. He's a great man and that's one reason why.

  18. This is a facebook post from a libertarian, saying nice things about Tulsi Gabbard and not much good about the rest of the (D)s. She deserves that- and more too. It's not easy to be an anti war democrat these days.

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