Roswell, New Mexico


The short-lived teen soap opera Roswell, which debuted in 1999 and launched Katherine Heigl's career, put a weird and fun twist on the boy-meets-girl high school love story. It was no X-Files, but it wasn't bad. In the show, which hopped from the WB to UPN over its three seasons, the boy was secretly an extraterrestrialone of three that had been hiding in plain sight as perpetual teenagers since their flying saucer crashed in 1947.

The rebooted series, which premiered in January on The CW Network and is now titled Roswell, New Mexico, heightens the drama by taking the characters out of high school and adding a timely twist. The girl, Liz (Jeanine Mason), is now the daughter of illegal immigrants, and the boy-who's-really-an-alien, Max (Nathan Parsons), is a deputy sheriff. As in the original, there are shadowy government agents about, threatening to expose the secret at the center of their relationship. This time, though, the secrets cut both ways. It's still no X-Files, but it interestingly reimagines what it means to be "alien" in our troubled Trump times.