Tulsi Gabbard



"We can't expect Kim [Jong Un] to believe that we won't overthrow him if he gives up his nukes, when he sees us threaten to carry out regime-change war in Iran and Venezuela."
—Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D–Hawaii) in a February 26 tweet

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  1. I’m reminded of presidential candidate promises, like Bush’s “humble” foreign policy, Obama’s “You can keep your plan”, and Hillary’s claim of no confidential emails on her server (and so many other lies).

    I don’t disagree with Gabbard’s comment, but who can trust her given little executive experience? One thing I do trust about her, she endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2016, which is endorsing socialism.

    At least Trump (and I voted for Johnson) has a record of working to keep his promises, and not acting on some of his more authoritarian promises such as deporting all illegals and starting a trade war (and frankly I thought he was passing the blame from us and what we collectively voted for, to foreigners, to help get elected).

    It seems most politicians promise to protect our freedoms, then do the opposite. I’d rather have Trump promising authoritarian action, and not doing it. Gabbard is right about Kim questioning if “we” won’t overthrow him, because it’s really Trump and subsequent presidents he has to trust. Kim knows there are elements in the US government who’d like to go to war against him. Kim also has to trust his generals, because they all know they don’t have much loyalty from soldiers and their families that are starving.

  2. I can expect anything I want.
    I have no plans to overthrow anyone.
    I have made no threats.

    Go fuck yourself, Tulsi. Leave me out of it.

  3. What “regime-change war” in Iran and Venezuela?

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