Brickbat: Pour Encourager Les Autres


French prosecutors are investigating several of the "yellow vest" protesters for possible "contempt of a person carrying out public authority at a meeting." They are accused of mocking recent suicides among police officers and shouting "commit suicide" at officers policing their protests.

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  1. Call in Inspector Clouseau!

  2. Chicago Impounds Innocent People’s Cars and Soaks Them in Fines. Now It’s Jayabola

  3. Thank heaven they didn’t shout at authorities to learn to code.

  4. “Comment on dit “freedom of speech” en Français?”

    The French government seems to have forgotten the most important part of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

    1. “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” – the liberty to do the things you’re allowed to do, the equality of the grave, the fraternity of Cain and Abel.

    2. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

      Choose any two. At most.

  5. If contempt of a person carrying out public authority is a crime, shouldn’t they also make it a crime to be so damned contemptible?

  6. Go back to fucking work dipshits. Or if you have so much time to protest everyday because you have no fucking job, fill out an application at le’ McDonalds.

    1. Or just whine all day on the internet about paying taxes while someone is paying you to do something else.

    2. Do you even have a fucking clue what started these protests? It began in the French hinterlands in response to Macron implementing fuel taxes, in accordance with meeting the climate change directives of the Paris agreement. These people were already living on the margins, and Macron’s chickenshit globalist policies finally broke the camel’s back.

      These protests have been going on for something like 25 weeks now. That a bunch of left-wing groups have glommed on to it like the parasites they are doesn’t change the underlying reason why they started.

    3. The yellow vests only protest on Les Weekends, I assume they are already working and do this on their own time.

  7. I can’t believe any elected government official could have passed such a law and survived.

    Holy crap, French voters. You gotta step up your game. We’ve got a boatload of stupid voters over here, but damn, that is impressively bad. “contempt of a person carrying out public authority at a meeting.” The very act of saying it out loud should have been enough to get the proposal laughed off the stage.

  8. Maybe French police are more prone to committing suicide out of shame than American police who are trained to have no shame.

  9. >>>”contempt of a person carrying out public authority at a meeting.”

    takes France of safe-to-visit list.

    1. *off. i can spel

    2. Really? That’s what took France off your list? Not the, you know, 23 weeks of violent protests?

      1. brother was in France for most of February said it was lovely. barely noticed the Yellows … i just plain don’t like authority

        1. Well if your brother says its okay in February, then I’m sold!

  10. So Reason finally does an article on the yellow vests and their 6 continuous months of protesting… yet this is all we get.
    It’s like Reason doesn’t give a shit about the working class or want to highlight opposition to globalist social policies cloaked in environmentalism.

    1. Or maybe you just don’t read the articles that disagree with your prejudice towards Reason. I’ve read a number of articles in Reason about the Yellow Vests over the last 6 months.

      Does their new website design include a search function?

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