Brickbat: Coloring Between the Lines


Officials with the Pearland, Texas, Independent School District say an administrator, who wasn't named, has been placed on leave for mishandling disciplinary action. A male student showed up at Berry Miller Junior High School with an "M" shaved into his hair, a violation of the school dress code. An administrator told the boy he had three options: call his mother, receive a disciplinary action, or color it in. The boy ended up with the "M" colored in with a marker, though it isn't clear whether the student colored it in or the school staffer. In either case, school officials say that shouldn't have happened and have apologized.

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  1. Ha, permanent marker. How did this guy not know this would come back to bite him in the ass? Has he never dealt with parents before?

  2. Article would have been better with a picture or a link to a picture.

  3. Surely it depends on what the M stands for. I mean 'Miller' celebrates our wonderful school system and 'Mom' celebrates the ever oppressed yet wonderfully wonderful female.

    'Male' on the other hand should get him permanently barred from everything.

    1. In this case, I figure the school administrator figured the “m” stood for massa. As in, “Yes, massa!”

      1. might have been a poorly drawn W?

  4. A male student showed up at Berry Miller Junior High School with an "M" shaved into his hair, a violation of the school dress code.

    What the fuck does hairstyle have to do with the dress code? I thought the dress code had to do with clothes. Do they have a hairstyle code too?

    1. Do they have a hairstyle code too?
      Yes, a mullet is required

    2. they have codes (and dog whistles) for every fucking thing you can imagine and a couple that you can't...

    3. It's not unusual for dress codes (at schools, offices, or formal dinners) to include restrictions/requirements for hair, make-up, nails, and anything else that contributes to appearance.

  5. Strangely not reported in this story is the fact that the illiterate administrator thought a 'W' was an 'M'. The letter 'W' is acceptable in the dress code.
    Hell yes, we need to increase spending tax dollars on these idiots.

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  7. Thought the first: "Dumb-asses. Dumb-asses everywhere."
    Thought the second: "I can somewhat accept a school uniform, or a dress-code that stops just short of a uniform; requiring everyone to wear either a polo or button-up shirt in one of four colors cuts down on a lot of nonsense with inappropriate t-shirts. But unless it's a private school or something, it shouldn't extend to semi-permanent features such as piercings, hair styles, and so-on."

  8. kids have been making letters out of their hair probably since the invention of hair. its called school pride

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