Brickbat: Slipping the Leash


An 80-year-old woman in Bootle, England, was handed a £50 fine ($65 U.S.) by code enforcement for walking her dog on a leash that was too long. The officers who cited her warned her the fine would increase to £2,500 ($3,200) if she did not pay it in two weeks. After local media picked up the story, the local council dropped the charge.

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  1. Today’s Britain is all about the short leash.

    1. There was a time:
      I would like you
      On a long black leash
      I will parade you
      Down the high streets
      You’ve got the attraction
      You’ve got the pulling power
      Walk my doggie

    2. New Jersey is our experiment on what it would be like to had we never left Great Britain.

  2. With a shock collar. And guess who’s finger in on the button ?

  3. All laws, no matter how trivial, are backed with the threat of force. Would you be willing to shoot your nan for refusing to submit to the order to keep her dog on a short leash? Apparently some people are willing.

    1. Nobody would be willing to shoot their own. Apparently a majority would be willing to shoot someone else’s nan.

      1. Nobody would be willing to shoot anybody’s nan. Apparently a majority would be insistent that somebody else shoot other people’s nans.

        1. So
          …who does the shooting?

          1. That’s why government workers love the passive voice. “Nan was shot” avoids saying that someone shot Nan.

    2. In the US the cops would just shoot the dog.

  4. Amazing.
    The “anti social behavior crime and policing act of 2014”.

    But then, it’s only England.

  5. Are cops douche bags all over the world?

    1. Pretty much, yes.

    2. Don’t you believe in the rule of law?

    3. They were just following orders

  6. Interesting that this story has a hook because of the age of the woman with the dog.

    If it had been a 35 year old, overweight plumber’s assistant, I suppose the $3,600 penalty for not paying in 14 days would be just fine with everyone?

    The problem isn’t the cop who wrote the ticket. It is the ass-hats in city hall who wrote the law. Who the hell thinks it is OK to walk around ordering people to pay up in 2 weeks or face a 3,800% penalty? That’s just nuts.

    And to give the council hero status for stepping in and waiving the charges? Really?

    1. That’s a great point. It’s almost worse that the council waived the charges, recognizing that they can keep them and fleece the next sucker who doesn’t garner media attention, instead of changing the law.

  7. These British local councils make me think of polite but deadly Soviet worker councils, Avengers-style (Mrs Peel and John Steed).

    1. I used to believe in this joke:
      In Heaven:
      The engineers are German
      The lovers are Italian
      The cooks are French
      The cops are British
      In Hell
      The engineers are Italian
      The lovers are French
      The cooks are British
      The cops are German.

    2. Different countrys’ dictators when they enforce harsh laws:
      Japanese feel proud: “For the Emperor!”
      Russians feel vengeful: “Take that Kulak!”
      Germans feel nothing: “Just following orders!”
      English feel really bad: “So sorry old chap, but you know how it is, must follow the law and all. Would you like a spot of tea before your hanging?”

  8. There was an old woman of Bootle
    Who fined for the leash on her poodle
    She said it was crass to take all her cash
    And the law lords concurred,
    ‘Twas too brutal !

    1. There was an old woman of Bootle
      Who was fined for long-leashing her poodle
      She said it was crass when the cops took her cash
      And the law lords concurred,
      ‘Twas too brutal !

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